tagInterracial LoveKaiesha's Second Visit

Kaiesha's Second Visit


A year after our first sexual encounter, Mark came back to Meadville. This time, there was no question as to what was to go on. The odd thing was that we sat on my bed for almost an hour, talking, like we were complete strangers. Let me tell you, it was a very awkward situation.

Eventually we got around to the good part. Mark stood, pulling me up with him. Without speaking, we both decided to leave the light on this time. (The first time, we did it in the dark because I was ashamed of my body.) I had a small lamp that I left on, and we used the light that was coming in through my window-it was early on a Sunday afternoon. We looked into each others' eyes, and finally he kissed me. At first soft and slow, then more demanding. At the same time I was working on unfastening his pants. Once that was done, I broke the kiss and got down on my knees in front of him. I was anticipating what I'd see once I worked his pants and underwear off.

I really didn't get to see his dick before it slapped me on my face lightly as it was released from the confines of his tighty-whities. I immediately took it in my right hand and stroked it while I rubbed the head of his dick against my lips, tasting the saltiness of his pre-cum. I planted feather kisses all along the length of his dick before gently sucking on the head while running my tongue along the underside. Mark moaned and told me, "God Kaiesha, you do that like you really love my cock. It feels so good." Rather than respond, I looked up at Mark and stared into his beautiful blue eyes as I worshipped his beautiful white dick with my mouth and tongue, literally driving him crazy.

As I took more and more of his thick white dick into my mouth, I sucked harder and got it even wetter. When I could take no more in, I hesitated before I pulled back a little, and then Mark took over for me. Gently holding my head, he drove his cock in and out of my mouth excruciatingly slow, not letting me have any real control (and I loved it). He'd withdraw until only the head was in my mouth and let me lick it, and then shift back in until he touched the back of my throat. The only sounds in the room were my soft, muffled moans and him saying, "Oh yeah, Kaiesha. You are the best at sucking my cock." After some time, my knees and jaw were getting tired so I resumed my stroking. As I looked into his eyes again, I could see that the feel of my soft hands on his dick, now drenched with my saliva, as I stroked it was causing his lovely blue eyes to roll constantly. He quickly grabbed my hand to help me up and told me, "If you'd jerked me any more, I would have ended up shooting my cum on your face. But I have a better place to put it instead."

Once I stood up, our lips met in a feverish kiss and our faces mashed together. He was naked but I was way overdressed in my shorts and white t-shirt. We quickly resolved that issue-I finally undressed for him. The moment my breasts came into view, Mark took one into his hands and literally attacked the nipple, knowing how sensitive they are. I felt my knees buckle at the first touch, and somehow he managed to hold me up long enough to get my shorts and panties off. Releasing my nipple, he led me over to my tiny twin-size bed, got in and lay on his back. His white rod was pointing to the ceiling. I wasn't so sure about the prospects of getting on top of him. After all, I was a big girl and he was like half my size. But he assured me that he wouldn't break and to get over there before he came to get me. I looked at him with another question on my face. He wasn't wearing a condom. When I inquired, he told me, "Don't worry, Sweetie, I have one to wear. But first, I want to feel that sweet black pussy on my cock and get it ultra wet before I slip the condom on me."

Satisfied with his answer, I climbed aboard and assumed the cowgirl position. This was a first for me for I had no idea what to do. Mark was so sweet and patient with me. He had me lift up just enough to aim his dick at my opening and said, "Sit down. Slowly." It had been a long while since I had sex with my boyfriend, so I was incredibly tight. Once I started to lower myself on him, I realized how wet I really was. It wasn't until then that I learned just how excited I'd gotten from sucking Mark's dick. I could hear Mark moaning beneath me and I was exhaling the whole way down. When I hit bottom, I felt our pubic hairs mingle. And I almost came right then. His dick was touching places I never knew existed in me. Once again, my pussy felt full unlike it ever did. I placed my hands on his chest and seeing the contrast between our skin colors turned me on even more. I began to rock a little and getting used to the size of his pale invader. Soon I was bouncing on him while he was holding on to my breasts, rubbing his thumb across my nipples. That drove me so damn wild. Suddenly, he stopped me. I thought that I'd somehow hurt him, but that was not the case. He told me that he didn't want to cum in me, and definitely not so soon. I started to tell him that I was on the pill but decided to keep it my little secret. At least for now. So I eased myself off of him and watched as he quickly put on a condom. I lay on my back and he got in between my spread thighs. I stared into his eyes and then looked between us as he eased his dick back in me. The sight of that sent me into an almost constant orgasm. There was no way for me to muffle it then, so Mark began to kiss me to keep me as quiet as possible. I locked my legs around him as he began to move with long, slow strokes. I was wild beneath him, meeting him thrust for thrust, trying to make him move faster. But he kept his slow pace. He obviously had other plans for me. He teased me until I was crying and practically begging him to fuck me hard and fast and deep. "OH MY GOD Mark, your dick feels so fucking good in my pussy. Please fuck me. Fuck me harder, baby. Stop teasing me with that dick."

I was relieved when he did. He put my legs on his shoulders and began to fuck me with wild abandon. I could feel his hard dick slamming into my cervix. I could hear the sounds that we made: our moans (and my gibberish), our skin slapping together as his balls hit my very wet pussy, and the squish of my juices with every thrust. I could feel my orgasm approaching quickly-it started in my feet and went straight to my head. I didn't want to scream, so I either bit Mark's shoulder or buried my face in his neck. I did anything that I could do to avoid alerting my neighbors. And came HARD. Mark wasn't too far behind me though. After hearing a loud moan from him, I felt his dick expand and get harder and then all I felt was heat as he filled the condom. He collapsed on top of me briefly before pulling out to dispose of the condom. He rejoined me on the bed and we talked a little bit and watched part of a football game, naked as jaybirds. He told me that he was enjoying our talk and how we got along like best friends who'd known each other for years. We continued watching the football game but every time they would break for commercials, we'd end up kissing and working up our horniness.

After maybe an hour or so, when the game went off, we kissed again, and I stroked and sucked Mark until he was extremely hard again. He stopped me suddenly and said, "I don't have another condom. We can't do this." I looked at him lustfully and countered, "Don't worry about it. I'm on the Pill. Just fuck me with that big white snake of yours." To make my point, I lay back on the bed, spread my legs wide, and opened my pussy so that he could see the deep pinkness inside. I didn't have to ask twice. He pulled me to him and kissed me as we settled in for a nice, slow missionary fuck. Even though the pace was slower and we had more inclination to look into each others' eyes, the sensations were just as intense. Just looking into Mark's beautiful blue eyes and feeling that white snake pistoning in and out of my wet black pussy sent chills throughout my body. The sex a lot different then than any other time because we somehow lasted a longer time together-maybe an hour or so. And every time he'd come close to cumming, he'd stop us to change positions. All that I know is Mark was somehow hitting my G-spot in just about every position he's put us in. It was like he was driving me up the walls. "Fuck me harder, Mark. Damn baby, FUCK MEEEEE. I'm cuuuuuuummmming," was the last thing that I remembered saying to him. I was lying on my stomach as Mark rammed his great white dick in and out my wet pussy from behind. Then it happened. I felt his dick begin to expand more and get harder than ever as he continued slamming it in my pussy. And he came with such force that caused me to nearly pass out. I felt the warmth of his cum flood my pussy and it set off a massive orgasm of my own. And when we orgasmed together, I was more satisfied than I had ever been in my entire life.

Unfortunately and much like the last time, he didn't stay too long after that. He wanted to get back home before it got too late. We both said that we had to hook up again, but it never happened. In fact, I moved back home before we could even make plans and eventually married my boyfriend. On top of all that, he was struggling with depression (but not over me-he had his own issues). When last I heard, he's happily married as well. Occasionally, I may see him online but that's about it. All we have now are the memories of the best sex of our lives.

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