mama may disown me
i have a story to tell you
'bout a girl that i once knew

a girl i'd like to know, you know?

see, i've been having daydream fantasies
about kalese
sugar sweet caramel
almond brown
hold me down
i'm getting distracted by her
tacit implication
that i might get a taste
of her lusciousness

see, kalese was a dancer
strong and sure on that stage
like a page of poetry
she knew what to do
to make you
everything she
had to offer

kalese made love to the rhythm in the room
mistress of seduction
she drew me in
possessed me
intoxicated me with her
honeysuckle skin

she pulled me apart from the crowd
and sat me down
fingertips on my lips
a steady hand on my hips
as she proceeded to
exceed my expectations
20 bucks never felt so good
this girl owned me with her eyes
coffee-colored thighs
became mine for the taking
as they warmed my skin

and somehow in the midst of that
dusky room in front of
all those men jealously watching
i found myself high on her perfume
glitter from her neck made its way to
my lips
and with a smile
and a nod
she gave me permission to explore
so much more
than the johns at the bar would ever see

velvet skin and seeking lips
found their way to
full contact
she attracted me like
static electricity
but warm and soft and
and wet
and hot i became
my breathing fast
she claimed me for her own
and then
with a soft moan
so low that i alone
she rose to return to the
she had to lead
and i returned to my seat
at the bar
making no secret of my
as i buried my face in my own skin
to taste her again

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