tagNonHumanKanae's Beach

Kanae's Beach


Kanae lay on her beach towel as she observed two surfers riding upon waves. This curious human activity had fascinated her for some time. She had known of humans for centuries, having first encountered them deep into her watery domain. Although humans seemed attracted to water they appear incapable of functioning in the water.

She had since learned that the ones who sank swiftly to the black cold depths over hundreds of years were called 'sailors'. It was a common curiosity for her kind as many seemed to be let down by their flimsy inedible constructions.

Kanae had found humans much more interesting in fact fascinating over the last few decades. They seemed to have acquired a somewhat limited ability to exist in the water. She had observed them from deep below sometimes even closely.

She was amazed at the humans lack of awareness in the water. Over the year's she had understood them to have two genders and identified her human equivalent form of female.

Kanae was a water animal spirit, she existed long before humanity but this young animal species 'human' fascinated her. Some of her kind accused her of being obsessed she was in fact isolated considered strange for her interest. Kanae had developed an attachment to this particular beach, which ran for hundreds of miles. It had been Kanae's home for aeons pristine and undisturbed. It was her beach and her kind left her alone here.

Kanae had spent considerable time observing the human female form. Over many year's she had practised and eventually mastered the ability to meld her form to mimic it, perhaps a little too perfectly. She learnt human movements and for some time swam amongst them learning more. She discovered to her disgust that the humans communicated via sound. This was very similar behaviour to her enemy rival species.

However, she was too curious to let that stop her and so she even learnt to imitate what she learnt was called speech and language. She soon discovered her appearance was causing alarm due to her not understanding the concept and purpose of 'clothing'. Even though a number of what she identified as male humans did not seem to mind.

Over the year's she had ventured onto land in her human form. She even travelled into the human domain called cities. She had learnt from the humans of an isolated 'city' not far from the southernmost part of her beach called 'Perth'.

She had travelled to it many times since mixing with the humans. She even gained human possessions such as the bikini she wore, and the towel and bag she had with her.

She watched the sun begin to disappear as night-time arrived, the two surfers were still in the water which annoyed her. She wondered if they realised it was now a sharks feeding time and so it was dangerous to be in the water. Being a water spirit Kanae had to return to her own domain every third night at the latest. Her body longed to be in the water but it was dangerous for her to enter it yet while humans still swam.

She chuckled as she thought about the activity she was imitating called 'Sun bathing'. The sun never burnt her skin but she did find the warmth and cool breeze strangely relaxing. The human activity was also very interesting because it reminded her of seals. She was sure humans were not closely related to them despite an uncanny resemblance in appearance and behaviour.

Her kind would be very worried about her, if they discovered she was doing something that resembled seal behaviour. In a way, she was being a naughty girl and she liked it.

She was relieved as she observed the two surfers catching a wave in and then watched as they jogged past her out of sight. One clearly failed at hiding his interest in observing Kanae's attractive human female form. She smiled as she checked the beach and water confirming she was alone, as the evening grew dark.

She untied her bikini top and stepped out of her bikini bottom. She took off her sunglasses and placed them into her bag. She shook her towel and folded it. She made hole in the sand well above the water line and placed her towel and bag in it covering them with sand.

Her curved naked human female form walked towards the water her hips swinging side to side. She was eager to finally return to her natural environment. She splashed into the salt water and swiftly swam out into deep water with surprising speed. It was a considerable distance from the beach when she dived straight down into the depths, gills appearing along her neck.

Kanae had to spend time in her animal form she also needed to feed. Her legs melded together as the human bones dissolved. Inside, her spine extended down as her feet were replaced with a tail. Dorsal and pelvic fins rapidly grew from what were her legs and lower body.

Her arms shrunk and disappeared replaced by Pectoral fins as her upper body warped to the more stream lined shape of a water creature. A triangular fin erupted from her back as triangle shaped rows of teeth appeared inside her mouth. Her top half turned a grey colour while the bottom turned white. Kanae's animal form body rapidly grew to her true size, completing her change as Kanae the 18' Great white shark glided into the depths.

It was just before dawn when Jason had entered the water of a new beach he had recently heard about. It apparently had good surf and white soft sand and was only visited by locals. He had gotten used to surfing so early due to a new job and its work hours.

He knew this time and early evening was a risk, for sharks feed at these times. But what were the odds of that happening! He pushed it from his mind and waited for a good wave. He floated on his board in the darkness just as a red glow appeared over the horizon. This gave him enough light to see the white tips of waves still building in size as the dawn breeze picked up.

Deep below the 18' shark form of Kanae circled close to the bottom watching. The dark form of Jason above floated with his legs dangling either side of his board. In the water at night especially at feeding time Kanae could not control her true nature, that of a top-level predator.

Despite her interest in humans and even care for them, she could not at these times deny her needs. She had sadly harmed and even killed humans at times over the decades despite her best efforts not too.

Jason was in fact a sitting duck completely at her mercy. She was hungry there was no malice simply a need to feed. She powered straight from the bottom directly at him reaching breath-taking speed in seconds. The sun rose over the horizon lighting Jason's form up with a bright halo, just as Jason felt an incredible impact from below.

His board snapped in two as he went flying up into the air. He screamed in surprise and even more so when he caught sight of the massive shark that had breached the water with him. He splashed down, as did the shark with one section of Jason's board in its mouth. He lost sight of it and was spinning in the water searching in terror.

He could see nothing the water was green and murky, he looked at the shore and realised he was too far out. His board was destroyed and no one was around. He could be taken and no one would ever know what happened. His heart pounded he did not know what to do, stay calm? Will thrashing attract or repel? Should he swim for it? Will that only make it attack sooner?

He did not know he threw up and expected his violent bloody end any second as this shark would easily bite him in half.

Seconds turned into minutes time slowed down as he expected it to be sudden and unseen. He worked up the courage to swim for it to shore. Just when he felt a powerful tug on his legs. He thought that is it... victims do not feel it at first. It is that fast his legs or more should be gone he will die in seconds and be consumed. Just when a beautiful brown haired girl popped out from the water right in front of him.

Kanae laughed and hugged him glad the sun had risen just in time to snap her out of her animal trance. She had indeed intended to bite Jason in half, leaving his upper torso to bleed out in seconds then consuming him.

The sun's light had freed her allowing her to regain enough sense to recognise what her target was and deflect, only destroying his board instead.

Kanae could barely contain her joy at her narrow escape from doing something that would upset her for days. She hugged the surprised and confused Jason, and said, "I didn't expect someone else to be brave or foolish enough to be here at this time" and kissed him.

Jason did not fail to notice the girl was completely naked as her bare breasts pressed against his chest.

Kanae pushed off using Jason as she turned and said, "Come on! Race ya!". Her naked female bum exposed as she swam towards the beach. Jason was a bit smitten by how hot this girl was. The shark, whereever it was in fact now took second place in his mind. He suddenly found the courage to swim to shore right behind this fantastically hot girl.

Kanae easily outpaced him and was on the beach and waiting in fact, the narrow escape rather gave her a bit of a rush. She felt a little playful a bit frisky in fact. She had noticed Jason although perhaps a little foolish, his body with its toned and hard muscles pleased her.

She had developed an appreciation for the human male over the decades. She even sometimes had relationships with them, although her secret always prevented anything but short term.

As Jason finally reached the shore, Kanae ran up to him and hugged him. She could not help but kiss him again in her excitement. She wrapped her arms around him as he did her. She whispered into his ear "Want to have some fun?" as she slid down his body and tugged his shorts down, his now hard 8" cock sprang up exposed in front of her face.

She giggled at the thought that only 5 minutes ago, he was dreading her mouth but now he could not wait to be inside it. She licked his cock underside nibbling the skin. She felt his balls and worked her way to his head.

She flattened her tongue as she swallowed his cock inside her wet mouth taking it all the way. She sucked loudly as she let it slide back out only to repeat but faster. Sometimes she stopped to look up smiling at Jason his delighted facial expression giving her great amusement.

After some time she felt it, a salty warmth entering her mouth as Jason gave out a loud grunt. She loved the taste as she hungrily swallowed it and licked the rest from his cock. She checked the beach again for any other humans and made sure his cock was clean of sand she hated getting sand inside her.

She looked at Jason and he instantly knew she wanted him to lay down. She climbed on top of him spreading her legs. She leaned back as she guided his cock into her hot soaking pussy. She adjusted her legs to allow him to slip inside. Her eyes fluttered at the fantastic feeling of penetration as Jason moaned at her extreme tightness and heat.

The two worked up a rhythm their cries and moaning growing louder and louder. Kanae pounded herself onto his cock enjoying the feeling of being filled and Jason thrust himself into her causing her breasts to bounce. Kanae fondled them with her left hand while supporting herself with her right.

Kanae loved the human form of mating; it was much more interesting than her kinds impersonal and to the point method. She enjoyed it greatly.

After some time Jason was exhausted as was Kanae, she suddenly shook moaning and then collapsed onto Jason. They continued to kiss as a mixture of Jason's seed and Kanae's juices slowly dribbled from Kanae's pussy.

She broke the kiss to lift her head and with a hint of cheekiness in her voice, she asked, "So you have a place we can go?"

Kanae was looking forward to maybe two days of enjoying her human form with this human male. She was, though concerned about Jason's surfing times. She noticed the pointed front end of Jason's surfboard had washed up nearby with a massive and obvious shark bite on it.

She thought she had better convince this human to perhaps only come to this beach during daylight. She could not guarantee another attack from her would turn out so pleasant in future if he did not.

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