The ringing doorbell caused James to break his concentration from the football game he was watching. His team was winning by a close margin in a back and forth game. He stood up and straightened his denim shorts and sleeveless undershirt before walking to the door. He looked through the peephole and saw two of his good friends standing outside. He opened the door, smiling and greeting them warmly.

Kara walked in first. She had on a thin purple and black-plaid blouse and a black pleated skirt that came down midway to her knees. Kara wore the blouse with the top buttons unfastened, allowing her very ample cleavage to be seen filling her black bra. On her feet she wore black open-toed heels. The color of her blouse complimented the shade of purple that she used to color her hair, as well as the matching polish that James could see on her toes. Her entire outfit looked good on her very-light brown skin. Kara always knew what to wear. James gave her a hug and a kiss on her cheek as she walked in. Elias followed behind Kara. He was wearing a blue t-shirt and denim jeans. On the front of his shirt was a picture of a Japanese schoolgirl, with a sailor-style shirt, blue skirt, white stockings, and blue shoes. She was bent over with her ass facing the viewer, showing just a hint of her white panties under the skirt. James smiled at Elias and they touched fists, their normal greeting.

As James closed the door behind his friends, Kara went to the kitchen with the plastic bag she was carrying. She placed it on the counter and pulled out a big bottle of vodka. She smiled at James, "I figured we could have a few drinks while watching the movies" James joined her in the kitchen and got some glasses out of the cabinet. With the glasses and bottle in hand, they joined Elias on the couch.

The three of them began pouring drinks and James popped in one of the DVDs he rented from the store. Kara sat in between James and Elias as they talked, drank, and watched the movie. By the time the first movie was over, a little more than half the bottle of vodka was gone. Elias stood up off the couch and went to use the bathroom. Kara took this opportunity to slide down to the end of the couch and, after taking her shoes off, leaned back and placed her feet on James' lap. Not really thinking about it, James began rubbing Kara's feet.

"Mmmmmm, that feels good. I haven't had a good foot rub in a long time," Kara said.

"Well, you know I like doing this. All you have to do is ask," James replied, a smile on his face. As he continued rubbing her feet, James took in the image of Kara's nice legs and thighs. Kara's skirt had ridden up a bit, and he could see the a peek of her black thong. This sight caused James' heart to beat a little faster. Kara leaned her head back and closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of James rubbing her feet. An idea popped into James' head, making him smile. He lifted Kara's foot up and, before she even knew what was happening, he placed her big toe in his mouth, gently sucking on it. The slightly salty and tangy taste of Kara's toes filled his mouth. Kara let out a brief yelp.

"James, you know having my toes sucked makes me incredibly horny."

"Yeah, I know," he replied. He continued, rubbing Kara's feet and ankles with his hands while he gently sucked and licked on her toes. Kara began moaning and breathing a little deeper. James felt his cock getting hard in his shorts as he watched Kara react to the attention he was giving to her feet. The two of them were so lost in what was happening that they didn't hear Elias return from the bathroom.

"And what's going on here?" he asked, a smile on his face and his eyebrow raised.

"James is sucking my toes and if he doesn't stop, you're going to be in trouble," Kara replied in a breathy voice.

"Maybe he likes the kind of trouble I'm gonna get him into," James said, a twinkle in his eyes.

"A little trouble never hurt anyone," Elias said. He stood in front of Kara and unbuttoned her blouse. As James watched, Elias pulled down Kara's bra, exposing her big D-cup tits and light brown nipples. Elias began playing with them, causing them to get erect. Kara began moaning deeper, shivers flowing down her spine. Her entire body tingled, as if every inch of her was being stimulated. Kara reached down and shoved her hands underneath her skirt. James could see her hand underneath her thong as she rubbed herself. Elias leaned down and sucked on Kara's hard nipples. Knowing what it would do to her, Elias lightly bit one of them.

"Oh yes," Kara began moaning. James continued sucking her toes as Kara began rubbing her pussy faster and harder. Her back arched as she climaxed, letting out a long moan. She pulled her hand out from under her skirt and placed a finger to Elias' lips. He winked at her and sucked her finger into his mouth. He twirled his tongue all around the digit, lapping up her juices.

"Mmmmm, now let me taste you," Kara said, smiling. She reached up and unzipped Elias' pants. Elias was not wearing underwear, and James saw his long semi-erect cock emerge as Kara pulled the pants down. Elias stepped out of them as Kara brought the head of his uncut cock to her mouth. She looked up into Elias' eyes and began stroking and sucking on his cock. Elias' rod became hard immediately, causing Kara to smile and moan in pleasure.

"This is what I like to see from a man, a hard cock," Kara said. She slowly moved her head back and forth, sliding Elias' cock in and out of her mouth. Elias pulled off his t-shirt and let it drop to the floor before he began stroking Kara's purple hair. James stopped sucking Kara's toes and stood up to take his clothes off. As soon as he pulled out his hard black uncut dick, Kara smiled at him. James sat back on the couch and began sucking Kara's toes again. As she continued sucking and licking on Elias' rod, James started kissing up her thighs. When he licked the sensitive part of her inner thigh, Kara let out a long moan. Kara spread her legs further and James reached up under her skirt. He grasped her black thong and lightly pulled on it. Kara shifted her weight so that James could pull the thong down her legs and off. James nostrils were filled with the scent of Kara's pussy. He dropped the thong on the floor and lowered his head between Kara's legs. Using his fingers to spread her shaved lips, James began licking at her inner walls. The sweet taste of Kara's cum flowed into James' mouth. James reached under Kara and began playing with her asshole while he licked her pussy.

Elias' cock grew very hard and stiff as he watched James please Kara orally. Kara used her fingers to lightly massage Elias' scrotum. Elias began moaning Kara's name repeatedly. Kara stroked and sucked his rod harder and faster, building up the momentum. Kara's moans from being licked by James added to the pleasure Elias felt as his dick filled her mouth. Elias grabbed the back of Kara's head and held it in place while letting out a long, animalistic grunt. Kara felt his hot seed shooting out of his rod and flowing into her mouth. She continued sucking and stroking, wanting to get every drop from him. Elias shuddered a final time as his cock stopped spitting. Kara smiled at him before swallowing his cum. Kara began to say something, but her first words were turned into an orgasmic scream as her body tensed and she climaxed all over James' mouth. Her warm juices flowed freely, dripping down his lips and chin. Kara finally relaxed, collapsing on the couch.

"Sweet nectar," James said as he sat up. His hard rod was pointing straight at him.

"And you know I can't let you be left out of the fun," Kara said, winking at him. She lifted her feet and placed James' cock in between them. She started moving her feet up and down, using them to stroke James' stiff rod. James watched Elias' kneel in front of Kara and begin kissing her while he played with her wet pussy. James let out a deep sigh as pleasure began flowing all over his body. His chest started heaving as his breathing got faster and faster. Kara began moaning from Elias' attention to her pussy and James started moaning with her. Their breathing started forming a pattern, with the two of them seemingly in sync. At the same moment, they both let out loud moans of ecstasy. James' hot cum flowed out of his hard cock all over Kara's feet and toes.

Kara looked at James and smiled. "I'm glad you enjoy my cute feet so much."

"What's not to enjoy about them?" James asked in reply.

"I think I should go wash them off in the shower," Kara said, a wide grin on her face. She stood up and, grabbing Elias' hand, walked towards the bathroom. James followed closely behind them.

Kara turned on the shower and the three of the stepped in. The hot water flowed all around them. Kara stood in between Elias and James. The two men began playing with Kara, rubbing all over her body. Kara moaned and reached down, grabbing their dicks.

"Now what's a girl to do with all this attention and good dick?" she asked playfully. She started stroking their cocks, feeling them get hard in her hands. With a mischievous smile on her face, Kara knelt down in the shower facing both men. With their cocks right in front of her, she began stroking and licking them. She alternated between the two men, stroking one's dick while sucking the other. Both Elias and James relaxed, Kara's skilled tongue and hands sending waves of pleasure throughout their bodies. Steam from the hot shower filled the room, causing all three of them to sweat a little. James' and Elias' began moaning. James started clenching his hands into fists and then opening them again, his body filled with sexual energy. He let out a growl tossed his head back. Streams of cum blasted out of his cock, landing right on Kara's wet tits. Kara kept stroking, feeling his cock jump in her hand with every spurt. Elias followed closely behind, his orgasm accented by a loud "Oh shit!" as his cum flew out and landed on Kara's tits. Kara used on of her hands to rub their cum all over her ample breasts as the water washed it away.

With Kara's job done, the three of them got cleaned up and left the shower. They headed straight to the bedroom where the three of them collapsed on the bed, with Kara laying in between James and Elias. Their three warm bodies pressed together as they fell asleep, the bliss of the night imprinted on their faces.

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