tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKara, Amanda & Greg Ch. 01

Kara, Amanda & Greg Ch. 01


Kara entered her new bedroom, turned on the fan and flopped on her soft bed. She wasn't complaining but the heat of the afternoon sun made it nearly impossible to spend more than a few minutes outside. She shrugged herself out of her short shorts and lycra top until she lay in just her black g-string. She looked at herself again in the full length wall mirror next to the bed, wondering who had put such a tacky thing in and why. She wasn't in bad shape she thought, flat stomach and her skin was turning a mahogany brown. Pulling the string tie she dropped her bra-top and looked at her full breasts. Thank god she could sunbathe topless most of the time. They were as brown as the rest of her and her aureolae were a rich chocolate colour. Her nipples were hard. The heat made her horny all the time, she'd have to get a man soon or she would go crazy. If only Greg wasn't with Amanda she thought, guiltily. Amanda was her friend after all but she couldn't help how she felt about Greg. Just the thought of him in swimming trunks sent a quick warm throb between her legs. She jumped up and turned on the TV. She would watch a movie to ease herself out of her state of arousal. She began to fish around in her movie collection, a comedy would be good, she thought. She hit the eject button on the machine to insert her selection only to find a disk already in the machine. It was a blank white recordable disk with only the number "13" written on it in green ink. Curious, she closed the drive door and hit the play button, wondering if the previous tenant had left it there.

The screen sprang to life. It was some kind of home movie. The picture quality was good but the motion of the camera clearly showed that it was hand held. The first image was of the outside of the town's local clinic. A man came into the frame walking past the camera and up the steps of the clinic. Kara realised with a start that the figure, in shorts and a short sleeved shirt was her flatmate Greg. What was this all about? The picture changed. Now it was inside the surgery itself and the picture seemed to come from the corner of the room. A wall-mounted camera, Kara guessed. Greg was sitting in a chair in the surgery before a desk. Rising from behind the desk was a female doctor in a white medical uniform. She stood up and siad, "how can I help you today Mr. Jones?." Kara noted that she was slim and of medium height. Her white uniform clung tightly to her narrow waist showing off her trim curves. Her very blond hair was tied up tightly in a pony tail and behind her round metal glasses and businesslike expression her large pale blue eyes sparkled prettily.

"I haven't seen a doctor in ages," replied Greg, "I'd like a full medical please, Doctor, if you can spare the time."

"Certainly, I can fit you in now if you like," replied the doctor with a hint of a smile. "And call me Annette please, we're not that formal here. If you'd like to undress to your underwear behind the screen there and lie on the couch. When you're ready we can begin."

Mixed feelings raced through Kara's mind. What was this movie doing in her room? Who had left it there? Who had filmed it? It was clearly a breach of trust to film a medical visit and she probably shouldn't be watching. However the hottest guy she had seen in ages was currently being ordered to strip and she was damned if she was going to turn off now. The warm feeling between her legs came back with a vengeance as she resumed her viewing.

From the angle of the camera Kara could see behind the screen where Greg was shedding his shirt revealing a tanned, toned torso. Next he unbuckled his belt and slid off his shorts. Kara stifled a gasp as he turned and she saw the meaty bulge in his black briefs. Glancing back at Annette she was surprised to see her surruptitiously undoing the top press-stud of her uniform to reveal more of her healthy cleavage and a tiny glimpse of what looked like white silk underneath. Hardly a professional approach thought Kara with a hint of Jealousy. She was obviously not the only woman who felt attacted to Greg. She noticed also that under her crisp medical uniform the doctor wore white stockings. Greg then emerged from the screen and reclined on the bed with no sign of embarrasment at his near nakedness. The doctor pulled a green file from a filing cabinet behind her desk and made a few notes. Then she picked up a stethoscope from her table and walked over to the bed. She leaned over Greg and delicately laid her hand and the stethoscope on his chest and listened for what seemed like a very long time. Greg couldn't fail to observe the rich swell of her breasts down the front of her uniform but after an initial glance he gentlemanly averted his gaze.

The Doctor began to Ask Greg questions about his general health. Did he do sports? Did he exercise regularly? Did he suffer from any allergies. He replied absent-mindedly in his soft, deep voice and she jotted more notes. She took his temperature and then his blood pressure. All the time she worked efficiently but Kara couldn't help noticing that her fingers lingered on his skin when she touched his arms, his back, his face. It seemed like she had developed a touch of red in her cheeks as well. What a job, thought Kara. She crossed to her desk and bent over to place some equipment in the bottom drawer of her desk. Greg and Kara followed her and both started as she bent over when her tight uniform rode up over her thighs to reveal the lacy tops of white hold up stockings. The cotton fabric rode on up over creamy thighs almost to the base of her rounded ass and just for a second there was a glimpse of white silky material. She got up and smoothed her uniform back down as if nothing had happened. Greg was now looking at her, Kara saw with alarm, with a decidedly hungry expression on his handsome face.

Annette now cleared her throat and said, "And you don't suffer from any problems sexually do you? You know, like impotence, painful erections, anything like that."

"No, never," laughed Greg with a casual glance down at what seemed to be the beginnings of a hard on." Annette followed his gaze to his growing bulge and involuntarily her pink tongue appeared between her parted lips.

" I, need to do a last check on your Prostate to make sure that everything is OK there. Could you turn around and bend over please." Greg glanced at her and, shrugging, turned around and leaned over the bed. The doctor methodically took out a pair of surgical gloves and put them on. The white rubber ran almost up to her elbows. Then she brought out a tube of lubricant.

Kara could hardly breathe with excitement. All thoughts of what this movie was or where it had come from fled from her mind. She snaked a hand down to her hot pussy and idly began stroking her mound through the filmy fabric of her bikini briefs. She couldn't wait to see what would happen next.

Back on the screen Annette approched Greg. She reached out with both gloved hands and slipped her fingers inside the elastic of his briefs. Gently she pulled them down over his ass until they were at mid thigh level. She seemed to pause for a moment and then lowered them all the way to the floor.

"Spread your legs a little please Greg."

He opened his legs wide and leaned further over the bed. From the angle of the camera Kara saw Greg's firm and muscular ass cheeks and hanging between his legs a large thick cock and pair of balls. As the doctor applied lubricant to her hand and then gradually inserted one finger into Greg's ass he let out a little gasp and she could see his cock twitch and harden. She probed deeper and began to move her finger around slowly. Then unexpectedly she withdrew. She paused for a moment as if coming to a decision.

Then with one rapid motion she pulled the press studs of her tight uniform completely open and let it fall to the tiled floor. She now stood in a white silk chemise which did little to conceal the hard points of her nipples and her firm upright breasts. She also wore a pair of silk bikini briefs and sheer white stockings covered her shapely legs.

"I think I'm going to have to probe you a little further," she said. This time she pushed two of her fingers into Greg's ass and with her other hand she reached between his legs and grasped his balls.

Kara reached frantically into her bedside drawer and pulled out her vibrator, a large cream coloured multi-speed model. Pulling aside the thin strip of her g-string she plunged this false cock into the hot depths of her cunt and began to fuck herself in rhythm with the doctor's steady fingering of Greg's ass.

The doctor withdrew her fingers and buried her face in Greg's rear. The camera had a great view of her licking all around his ass and then greedily plunging her agile pink tongue into his tight hole. With a free hand she reached around and with a firm grip started to pump Greg's, by now rock hard, cock. Acouple of minutes of this was almost more than Greg could take. He turned around and, grabbing the doctor's hair, guided her head down over the engorged head of his cock. The doctor fell on his fine prick with abandon. She circled the end with quick strokes of her tongue and then fell on the shaft, deep throating it. With her free hand she reached down to her soaking panties and flicked frantically at her engorged clit.

Seeing this Greg took pity and drew her up. He kissed her in a long tongue-swirling encounter and taking a firm hold of both of her shapely ass cheeks he lifted her onto the bed. Annette was now a totally different creature from the polite, efficient doctor. Her blue eyes sparkled with lust, her hair was in disarray and the crotch of her pants glistened with moisture. "Come on then, fuck me," she growled. "I've wanted that prick inside me for ages".

"My pleasure," Greg replied, "But there's no hurry." He deftly pulled off her panties as she pulled off her silk top. Greg stepped back to survey her naked form. Her pale skin set off the hard pink nipples of her large firm tits. Her long shapely legs snaked apart to reveal the beautiful pink petals of her pussy under a tiny thatch of blond shaved hair. She was soaking wet. Feeling she deserved more attention he climbed over her prone form, his muscular thighs moved astride her face and his face over her pubis. He plunged his tongue deep into her cunt making her moan with delight. He thrust into her again and again, tasting her fragrant juices as his hands grasped her ass cheeks in a powerful grip. She took his heavy balls into her mouth and swirled her tongue around them. Her still gloved fingers probed his ass again, making him cry out. In turn he began to flick his tongue over her clit, building up a rhythm, whilst plunging two fingers into her tight, wet hole. This was too much for Annette, her pussy contracted and she shook as she was shaken by her first orgasm.

She paused for a moment before taking his straining cock back into her mouth. She sucked hungrily, occasionally taking him to the hilt. Greg felt his orgasm approching and pulled out.

"OK, now there's a hurry," he said. "Turn around and bend over please". He watched hungrily as Annette leaned over, spreading hers legs to show off her lovely curved ass and wanton waiting pussy.

It was all too much for Kara. She flicked the switch on her vibrator and was instantly shaken into a state of fevered orgasm. Hot juices ran from her pussy over the smooth brown skin of her inner thighs. She moaned loudly and watched on.

Greg approached the blond's splayed legs and thrust hard into her wet cunt, once, twice, three times and then he withdrew. She looked around in surprise. Greg picked up the jar of lubricant and smeared some over his thick rod. Then he pushed the engorged head of his cock against the tight opening of Annette's tight little rear hole. She whimpered with desire as she understood his goal, and nodded.

Slowly, giving her time to get used to it, he pushed his cock into her ass, inch by delicious inch. Annette cried out and she leaned further over the bed. At last he was embedded fully in her ass. Very slowly he began to thrust in and out, glorying in the smooth tightness of her secret tunnel. She began to make a soft "oh, oh, oh" cry in rhythm with his fucking. He upped the tempo and power of his thrusting until, as he began to lose control, he slammed into her again and again, his balls beating against her ass cheeks. With a great shuddering cry Annette came again and this was finally too much for Greg. He withdrew from her and spouted huge quantities of hot cum over her ass cheeks.

Kara's attention was reluctantly drawn from the TV by the sound of the front door banging. "Kara, are you Ok?," called a female voice and footsteps bega to climb the stairs. Jesus! It was Amanda, Kara's flatmate and, more importantly, Greg's girlfriend. Kara frantically grabbed the remote control and hit the stop button, killing the image of Greg wiping his satisfied cock over another woman's ass. In a frenzy of guilty embarassment she hid her vibe under a pillow and pulled on a filmy nighgown just as Amanda knocked on the door and entered without waiting for a reply. "Everything Ok?," she asked as she entered the room. "I thought I heard you shouting."

"I.. was.., I was just having a nap, must have had a nightmare," she stuttered.

"Oh well, you're awake now," replied Amanda, looking at her with a smile. "You look a bit flushed. Do you want to chill out and watch a movie or something? It's too hot to be outside at this time of day"


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