tagCelebrities & Fan FictionKara and Diana Ch. 03

Kara and Diana Ch. 03


Author's Note: While I am aware of current continuity in the DCU, I am not going to be slavishly bound to it. Thus, my versions of Supergirl, Wonder Woman, et al are my own, although I do acknowledge a debt to the works of Jeph Loeb, Michael Turner, Jack Kirby and others. Hope you enjoy these romps as much as I enjoy writing them.


Kara Zor-el rose from the water, naked, the droplets falling off her glistening form. Ipithime handed her a robe, which she put on. The Amazons had no concepts of false modesty, Kara was quite comfortable being naked in their presence.

"Did the waters help you relax, Lady Kara?" Ipithime asked.

"Yes, very much. Ipithime ...?"

"Yes, Lady Kara?"

"Why do you keep calling me that? Lady Kara? My name is just Kara."

Ipithime shook her head. "Oh no, Lady Kara. You are the loved one of Princess Diana, her chosen consort. Thus, it would be improper to call you anything but Lady Kara, Lady Kara."

Kara sighed. Amazons were also well known for being stubborn, both her beloved Diana and Artemis had proven that. She decided not to fly the short distance back to the palace she shared with Diana, it was a lovely night for a walk and she needed to keep her head clear.

It had been over 3 months since all the men had been taken, there were still no answers coming as to what had occurred. In some regions of the world, it had fallen into chaos, people blaming the "cursed Americans" and some of the superheroines had been forced into establishing a tenuous Martial Law. Diana herself had not stopped working on solutions, it was the Ambassador in her nature. Kara loved her for it, loved her dearly, but wished Diana would take some time for herself. The person she loved most in the world was working herself to exhaustion.

She came upon Diana lost deep in conversation, she kissed her softly on the cheek and behind the ear, putting her hands on Diana's shoulder. "Diana, you have to stop now. Barbara, please, tell her she has to relax."

From the other end, Barbara Gordon spoke. "She's right Diana. I've given Dinah a night off, you need to relax. Everything is under control – for now – eventually, the JLA and the JSA will get to the bottom of this. I'll talk to you later." The video-screen went blank.

"Kara, dearest, I know you're concerned, but I ... "

A look of steely determination came into Kara's blue eyes. "No, you listen to me, Diana. It's time for us to stop being Wonder Woman and Supergirl, superheroines, tonight I want to be Diana and Kara, lovers!"

Diana stood up and pulled Kara to her, she was a fraction taller and Kara reached to kiss the woman she loved. The kiss was full of love, passion, which Kara had been missing so much lately.

"Tell me, pretty girl, how did you get so smart?"

Kara took Diana by the hand and began leading her to the bedchamber. "You'd be surprised what you can think of when you're inspired."

Zatanna Zatara said "Sehtolc ffo!" and her garments were immediately removed, even the fishnets were hung neatly over the chair. It was a spell she'd perfected quite a while back, for getting naked in a hurry. Zatanna enjoyed her own body, she was a hedonist and not at all ashamed of it. Zatanna enjoyed the sensual arts almost as much as she enjoyed the magical ones.

"Retaw No" was the command that turned on the luxurious shower in her en-suite bathroom. Normally, Zatanna liked to luxuriate in the bath, but she was feeling very aroused at the prospect of sharing her new lover and didn't want to waste a lot of time. "Ton Oot Toh!" she added as the warm water splashed over her naked form. She lathered herself good, her body already tingling at the thought of a night of passion. It had been far too long since Zatanna had shared her bed, and the playmate waiting for her there was someone she had long found very alluring.

"Want some help in there?" her playmate called out from the bedroom.

"No, I'm just about done!" Zatanna called out. "Lewot, yrd em ffo – yltnet!" Zatanna commanded. The soft linen towel glided over her body, she was almost purring in delight. Zatanna always surprised herself by how nicely magic could be applied to her sensual side as well. She padded naked into the bedroom and smiled at her companion, resting on the bed.

"Seldnac, no. Tfos cisum, no." Jasmine-scented candles lit themselves, light music trilled into the bedroom. Zatanna sat on the bed and took her friend's hand, gently placing it on her own skin. "You're nervous?" she said to the other beautiful woman.

Dinah Lance sighed, smiling a faint smile. "I am, yes. I've never been with another woman before, Zee."

Zatanna placed her hands on Dinah's cheek, stroking it gently, running her hands through Dinah's long, blonde hair. "It's hard to believe the Black Canary is nervous. Don't worry Dinah, I'll make it --- oooh, I can't believe I'm saying this – magical!" Dinah laughed along with her friend.

Dinah's pale blue eyes looked into Zatanna's sensual, green ones. "You've been with other women before, Zee?"

A slow, satisfied smile came over Zatanna's face. On her own since she was young, Zatanna had never limited her pleasures. She'd had encounters with people she found sensual, intriguing. Men and women, even some from other dimensions, passion was something Zatanna lived for.

"Yes Dinah, more than a few times. Women have a special delight men don't have. Heck, one of my male lovers once asked me to turn him into a man so he could see what he was missing."

Dinah giggled. "And what happened?"

Zatanna smiled again. "He's now working as a Showgirl in Vegas."

Dinah sat up on her arms and stared at Zatanna. "You're kidding?" Zatanna shook her head.

"Okay, I'm dying to know – have you slept with anyone I'd know?"

Zatanna smiled slyly. "Oh yes, a few people."

Loving gossip, Dinah wasn't going to let that go. "C'mon girl, give. I have to know, don't play coy!"

Zatanna twirled a finger in Dinah's long, blonde locks. "Oh, I don't know. Okay ... well, of course, Diana!"

Dinah's eyes went wide. "You did it with DIANA? Wow, how was it?"

Zatanna's face took on a dreamy look. "Wonderful, better than almost anyone. Of course, the Amazons don't have prejudices against women loving women."

"Who else?"


"Bea?" Zatanna nodded, so Dinah asked the question she was dying to know. "Are Brazilian women as ...?" Again, Zatanna nodded, adding "And yes Dinah, she was totally shaved down there."

"Ooooh, naughty, naughty Zee. Keep going!"

Zatanna smiled and kissed Dinah on the lips. She could see from Dinah's nipples under the sexy negligee she was wearing, the playful talk was getting to her. Why not keep fanning that flame? Her slender, manicured hands traced the sleekness of Dinah's body, from her arms and down her legs, she ran her fingers over the black, lacy panties that matched the negligee. Dinah was soaked. Zatanna marveled at how someone who had taken on some of the toughest combatants in the world, like Bane and Shiva, could feel so soft. She could see Dinah melting under her continued caresses, so she just kept up.

"Of course, the Enchantress."

"The one from the Shadowpact?"

"Mmm-hmm. Oh, when she's good, she's good, but baby, when she's evil, she's TERRIFIC!" Zatanna practically purred at that. "Two women of such powerful energies sleeping together, oh Dinah, it's amazing."



"Yes. When she was modelling, Mari had a lot of experience with women. She may have been the most skilled, certainly, she was the most flexible."

Dinah didn't doubt that for an instant, but she was getting hotter by the minute, listening to Zatanna's erotic escapades.

"And Karen."

"Power Girl? Why am I not surprised at that one?"

"Now Dinah, you're being judgemental. Karen can be very tough, but she's hiding a lot of pain. She also can be very tender and loving and vulnerable. She's had a hard life, and she does like men. She had a boyfriend at one point, you know?"

"Really? What happened?"

Zatanna sighed. "I don't know, she won't talk about it. We still see each other, from time to time."

"I'm glad." Dinah reached out and held Zatanna's hand. "We all need to be loved."

"Yes, we do. Oooh, nearly forgot. Selina."

"CATWOMAN? Migawd Zee, does Bruce know?"

"No, and I promised never to tell. It was a long time ago, we were both much, much younger." Smiling a wistful smile, Zatanna knew she had to lighten the mood. "Yxes Eiregnil raeppa!" In an mere instant, a flowing white negligee covered her form, a near-perfect contrast to Dinah's own black one.

"Wow. If everyone could do that, Victoria's Secret would be out of business."

"Rof erus!" Zatanna said with a giggle. "How about you Dinah, no women?"

Dinah smiled, sighing ever-so-slightly. "No, not even in college. Tempted, once or twice. I've noticed you at the JLA meetings, I notice your legs. You've got terrific legs."

"So do you, Dinah!"

"IT'S THE FISHNETS!" both women said at the same time, then broke out laughing. They hugged each other and kissed, just gently.

"Ollie said it was why he noticed my legs, because of those. Men. They're distracted so easily!"

"Why do you think I wear them in the show? And heels."

"Well, I must admit, I like the way I look in heels."

"So do I. On me and on other women. Okay, you've got to tell me. Ollie always struck me as so – rugged – he's got to be good in bed."

Dinah grinned. "Oh, he is. But Hal's better."

This time, Zatanna's jaw dropped. "You slept with HAL?"

Dinah nodded. "Yup, a while before I hooked up with Oliver. Hal had played the field, so to speak and he was cute and I was single, so ... "

Zatanna shook her head, tossing back her long, black hair. "Oh wow. Hal."

"And of course, Bruce is better than either one of them."

Zatanna turned to her friend and said "Oh, don't I know THAT." Both women laughed, Bruce Wayne's reputation was far from mere exaggeration. As they shared their stories, Dinah's tension melted away, vanishing easily. She let Zatanna draw her into a loving embrace, her face now close to Dinah's. Soft, full lips pressed against her own, her pulse began to race. All she could think of was the softness, the sweetness and the subtle scent of jasmine that filled the room.

Zatanna lowered herself down to the bed, sitting beside her friend. The lovemaking would be exquisite, Zatanna would see to that. She stroked Dinah's face, trailing her fingertips across the Canary's skin, kissing where her fingers had just been. Dinah was so fair, so lovely, like a princess. She kissed Dinah again and her lips parted to meet Zatanna's invading tongue. Dinah sighed, it felt very nice to kiss her friend, the softness was quite alluring, in its own way. She just let herself go with the flow, Zee smelled so nice and she really was so exotically beautiful.

Zatanna could see the last of Dinah's resistance fading and joined her on the bed. "Sthgil mid" she said and the room became sensual, a bit more conducive to love-play. She ran her slender hands all over Dinah's sleek frame, touching her breasts, her nipples, even stroking her ribs and the side of her body. Soft coos from the Canary let the lovely sorceress know she was pleasuring her friend a great deal.

She gathered up Dinah's soft, round breasts in her hands and kissed both nipples through the lacy negligee, Dinah giggling softly as she did. She could see that Dinah found her attractive, she was paying rapt attention to Zatanna's every move, so she could return the favors later. From time to time, Dinah would run her fingertips over Zatanna's own slender frame, lightly exploring her own attractive figure.

Zatanna was in no hurry, there was no rush, if they had an orgasm, they could simply have another. It was one of the bonuses of loving women sexually, she knew, one had the benefit of taking one's time. She parted the negligee and noticed Dinah had a piercing on her navel, a tiny Tweetie Bird. She kissed it gently and tugged playfully.

"Gift from Babs. She dared me to have it done." Dinah smiled.

Zatanna grinned. Barbara was another conquest she would have loved to make, but the woman was impossibly straight and very loyal to the man she loved. Oh well, can't win 'em all.

Dinah was wriggling on the bed, satin sheets scrunched up in her hands as Zatanna continued her oral massage. Her eyes were closed, but it was evident she was enjoying Zatanna's favors very much.

Zatanna's touch was feather-light as it trailed over Dinah's skin, sweet tingles where traveling throughout her entire body. It was as if Zatanna were performing yet another feat of magic, yet Dinah knew it was merely Zatanna's instinctive gift as a lover. Every touch illicited a louder, more satisfied sigh of pleasure from Dinah.

"Would you like me to remove the lingerie quickly or slowly?" Zatanna smirked at her playmate.


"A small spell and it's gone!"

"Oh. No, slowly please. I'm rather enjoying this."

"Are you now? Good." The raven-haired magician began working down Dinah's body, liking the delicate scent that wafted from Dinah. Her kisses became a bit more ardent as she saw Dinah's eyes close again and her hands ball into small fists. She untied the lacy ties of the negligee, baring Dinah's breasts, topped with coral-pink nipples. Each one needed a loving kiss, so Zatanna bestowed one, then two. She let her long, black hair trail over Dinah's skin as she kissed down, down towards the hidden treasure. Sliding off Dinah's black panties, she slid them down silky, long legs. She kissed up again, from calf to inner thigh, loving that Dinah's pubis was totally bare.

"You shave!" Zatanna exclaimed in delight.

"Mmm-hmm." Dinah murmured. "Bottle blonde, remember?" This was true, Dinah's own natural color matched Zatanna's. For years, she'd worn wigs, but they had proved impractical.

It was time for the seduction to turn into passion. Placing her lips over Dinah's pink, wet pussy, Zatanna's tongue snaked out and she began to lick. Light at first, but soon she was in there deep, tasting, feasting, devouring Dinah's sweet cunt.

"Oh FUCK, that is amazing!" Dinah squealed, her body arching up on the bed. Zatanna held her own, feasting, supping on the sweet juices that were flowing from Dinah's body, using her tongue to lick and her slender, practiced fingers to stimulate, to bring Dinah a new kind of pleasure.

"Eat me, oh fuck, eat ME!" Dinah yelled as a powerful climax rippled throughout her entire body. Rarely had she cum this fast, or this hard. Zee was a master of sexual arts as well.

"Wow. Lemme catch my breath!" Dinah gasped, panting for air. "Oh girl, that was wonderful. Now I have to see if I can make you cum!"

"Why don't you give me a massage, Dinah? I'm sure you've got wonderful hands, I can't wait to feel them on my body."

Dinah nodded, reaching over and taking Zee's face in her hands, kissing her softly. She undid Zatanna's negligee, it was almost drifting away as she moved her strong, yet gentle hands all over Zatanna's form. Small circles, kneading gently, occasionally stopping to plant a kiss, or a lick, or even a love-bite. Zatanna was making a low, almost growling noise, this let Dinah know she must be doing something right. She moved on, nuzzling Zatanna's slightly-darker skin, seeing the fire in Zatanna's dark, sultry eyes. Dinah probed and explored, intent on making the most of this new experience. Zatanna had told her just to trust her instincts, so she was doing precisely that. She removed the white panties Zatanna was wearing, unlike herself, Zee had a little "landing strip."

"I let some of my lovers shave me" Zatanna explained. "It can be quite sensual and erotic."

"Maybe we can try that – later" Dinah replied and went for it. She put her face into Zatanna's pussy and began to eat her out, just passionately devour the younger woman. Not quite as adept as Zatanna, Dinah made up for it with a savage, ferocious approach to lovemaking that Zatanna found incredibly erotic.

"Oh God, Dinah lover, that is just so .... fuck, that's ... " Zatanna found herself at a loss for words as Dinah continued her oral pursuits. Dinah's tongue was in deep, her hesitating a thing of the past. She was fully committed to the sexy passion she was enjoying with the seductive enchantress.

While not a full-time lesbian, Zatanna knew full well she could have swung that way, she knew it was now inherent in Dinah's makeup as well. She hoped this would not be a one-time thing, but if it was, she knew it would be a memory she would cherish. Having her friend bring her such bliss was a rare gift.

"Lick, lick, lap, lap, slurp" went Dinah's tongue as she tasted her first pussy. It was nothing like she expected, somewhat spicy, the fluid viscous, not altogether unpleasant. She hoped she and Zee could try this again, with no men around, this was a wonderful way to distract oneself.

"Dinah, darling, baby, stop, oh please, stop!" Zatanna squealed. Dinah sat up, face gleaming with juices. "What's wrong, was I ...?"

"Oh Gods, nothing wrong at all! I just thought you might like to try a little of what the French call soixante-neuf?"

Dinah knew what that meant, and she swung her body around. Again, she felt the exquisite pleasure of Zatanna's tongue swabbing her cunt and again, she put her face into the sweet, lovely pussy she had come to enjoy. She felt Zatanna's nails raking across her inner thighs, raising goosebumps, so she fingered Zatanna's clit in response. The little squirm her new lover made informed Dinah that had been a smart move.

Dinah was glad she was open-minded, or she might have missed out on this wonderfully erotic, exotic, exciting time. Her body responded to every caress, kiss and lick that Zatanna gave, in return, she tried to bring her friend to equal heights of joy. She hoped that she was returning, in some small measure, a bit of the passion she was feeling.

The sweet kisses of tongue-to-pussy continued for well over an hour, until both women collapsed, utterly exhausted, bodies glistening from the glow of their lovemaking. "Eniw dna sessalg, won!" Zee commanded, and a beautiful bottle of wine and crystal goblets appeared at the bedside. Zatanna poured a glass for Dinah, one for herself, clinking them together in a toast.

"Here's to – trying new things!" she said with a giggle.

"Here's to – seconds?" Dinah asked with a slightly raised eyebrow.

For that evening, and a few more to follow, the crisis outside was forgotten. The cares of the world were set aside, in a wave of steamy, intense erotic bliss.

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