tagSci-Fi & FantasyKara Lofts and The Five Idols Ch. 02

Kara Lofts and The Five Idols Ch. 02


Kara woke some time later in a cell, naked and on a wooden cot, a simple blanket pulled over her body, her head resting in the lap of her cell-mate who stroked her long, bright red hair. She sat up, the blanket falling around her waist, revealing her huge, firm tits and looked at the woman who'd been stroking her hair, her eyes going wide with shock.

"Jennifer?" she cried.

Her ex-friend and lover, Jennifer Raven, sat smiling at her. The last time Kara had seen her, Jennifer had been in the cargo hold of a plane that had been falling to the ground, its engines on fire and with no parachutes. That had been a month before and while the plane's wreckage had been found, no sign of Jennifer had been seen.

Now Jennifer sat almost unchanged from her ordeal, her long black hair pulled into a ponytail, her expansive chest barely hidden by the ripped khaki shirt that was tied together below her big jugs, all the buttons missing. The matching shorts were held up by a piece of string tied through the belt loops, again the original fastenings having been ripped off. Her long, smooth legs and her feet were bare.

The was one change: she now had a single, emerald coloured eye, the other being lost and now covered with a patch.

"Hello, my love," Jennifer said. "Surprise!"

Despite the animosity that had built up between them over the years, Kara couldn't stop herself from giving her a huge hug, their big tits squashing together.

"Oh my god, I can't believe it," Kara said, feeling Jennifer wrap her arms around her back. "I thought you'd died in that plane crash."

"I would have if not for the Taxlcoatl idol," Jennifer said. They broke the hug but sat close to each other, holding hands, Jennifer's gaze occasionally dropping to Kara's still naked breasts. "The world's changing, Kara," she said. "You've seen the creatures this Quetlana has under her control? The green skinned things? They're not the only manifestations of magic I've seen over the last year."

"What do you mean?" Kara asked.

"The Taxlcoatl idol wasn't the first of the Five Idols I recovered, it was the third," Jennifer said, actually managing to look a little guilty. "Even before I found the first one, weird things have been happening around me, things which only a few years ago I would have laughed at."

"Like what?"

"Magic, Kara. Mythical creatures coming to life. Magical weapons that can cut through anything, a cloak that lets you fly, glass balls that really do let you see the future and - - a golden idol of a Central American god that can teleport you out of a crashing plane." Kara stared at her in amazement. "That's how I escaped. Of course, I wasn't quite quick enough," she said, tapping her eye patch.

Kara reached out and stroked her cheek below the patch. "Magic?" she whispered. "If I hadn't seen those green things earlier, I'd swear you were making it up. But what are you doing here?"

"Chasing the next idol, of course. My - - sponsor sent me here to find the idol of Coatltainu. Trouble was, some spirit or goddess calling itself Quetlana was already awake and here. It had already captured Dex, as I'm sure you know, and it caught me and my assistant, Conchita. It left the body of the woman it was using and possessed Conchita, giving her admittedly already fantastic figure a bit of a boost."

"I don't understand," Kara said.

"Quetlana's incredibly vain. She altered Conchita's body, giving herself bigger tits, a smaller waist, a tighter ass." Jennifer sighed. "In all probability, she'll be keeping us to use as sex slaves during her hibernation."


"That's why those green things are bringing so much stuff into the pyramid. She plans to sleep for a thousand years or something, sealing us all inside."

"Then we have to get out of here," Kara said, standing up and heading to the door, looking out through the small barred window. Jennifer stared at her friend's naked ass and legs. "Have you tried to escape?" Kara asked her, turning round. Noticing Jennifer's gaze, she looked down at her own naked body and giggled despite the situation. "I don't suppose you've any spare clothes?"

"I'm afraid not," Jennifer said, "though I have to say I'm not sure I'd give you any even if I did. It's been too long since I've seen you naked." She lay back on the cot, spreading her legs and tugging at the knot that held her shirt together. The sides fell away as she cupped her big tits, staring at Kara all the while. "I've missed you, Kara," she said.

"And I've missed you," Kara replied. "But Dex is a prisoner of that woman and I've got to rescue him."

The briefest flash of annoyance soured Jennifer's face before she smiled again. "I know and I have a plan now that you're here. The jailer will be along soon to entertain himself with me. When he finds you, we can overpower him and then get out of here."

"Why haven't you tried that already?" Kara asked, a little suspicious.

"The jailer's a big brute and on our own we'd never manage it. Together, we may have a chance. In the meantime," Jennifer lifted one of her huge melons up to her own lips, dipping her head and licking at the stiff nipple, watching Kara all the while. She sucked her own nipple into her mouth, purring with pleasure, sliding her other hand down her smooth belly to the piece of string holding her shorts together. That came free with a slight tug and Jennifer eased her fingers into her shorts, sliding them along the already wet and slippery lips of her pussy.

"Oh bloody hell," Kara whispered to herself, feeling her own body respond to the show her ex-lover was giving her. She stepped over to the cot and knelt on it, bending over Jennifer and kissing her tits, gently sucking at her other nipple before swapping to the other. They kissed around her tit, Jennifer letting go of her own mounds to firmly cup Kara's huge jugs. They kissed, tongues darting into each other's mouths as they remembered happier times together.

Kara moved a hand down, joining Jennifer's in her shorts, easing a finger into her slippery twat alongside her friend's, making her moan as she pushed it as deep inside as she could, constrained by the material. They paused for a moment, giggling as they worked together to get rid of the tight shorts, Jennifer finally spreading her legs as wide as possible once they were gone. The pair of them kissed as Kara eased two fingers back into Jennifer's eager cunt, sliding them in and out as Jennifer gently strummed her own clit.

"Fuck, I've missed you," Jennifer moaned, feeling her pussy tighten around Kara's fingers as she slid a third inside, moving them faster, making the pleasure build. Jennifer rubbed her clit, her head moving from side to side, her single eye closed as she felt her orgasm approaching. Kara moved her head down and sucked hard on her nipple, biting it gently, the slight pain bringing a gasp from Jennifer. "Oh fuck - - fuck - - cumming!" she groaned, her body shaking as she came.

Kara moved down her body, sliding off the cot and on to her knees between Jennifer's spread legs, her fingers still moving in and out of her cunt, finger fucking her as she slowly came down from her cum.

"Oh Jesus - - oh fuck that's good," Jennifer moaned, running her fingers through Kara's bright scarlet hair as her lips and tongue joined in with her fingers, Kara licking and slurping around the hard nubbin of her clit. The cell was filled with Jennifer's gasping breath and the liquid sounds of her sopping twat being fucked and licked by Kara. Jennifer reached down and grabbed her legs behind the knees, pulling them up and apart, tilting her hips up. Kara took the hint and while she continued eating her pussy, she slid one of her fingers out of Jennifer's cunt and moved it lower, sliding it around the tight ring of muscle around her asshole.

"Mmmm - - still like - - your arsehole fucked?" Kara mumbled, her mouth full of Jennifer's twat.

"Oh fuck yeah - - oh Jesus - - fuck my ass - - fuck my pussy," Jennifer groaned, feeling Kara slide first one then her little finger inside her tight ass, both her holes now being finger fucked with two digits. "Uunnngghh! Fuck - - fuck - - so good!" Jennifer cried as her friend licked, sucked and fucked her. "Oh God - - Kara - - fucking cumming!" Jennifer squealed, her pussy and ass contracting around Kara's fingers as she slid them deep into her holes.

Jennifer slowly lowered her legs, making Kara move back up the cot, pulling her fingers from her body. They kissed, Jennifer grabbing Kara's hand and sucking all her fingers clean, sharing them with her as well.

"Good God, Kara," Jennifer gasped. "You still know how to fuck me."

"I should. You taught me." Kara said, taking hold of Jennifer's hand and moving it between her own thighs. "Feel how wet I am?" she asked, gasping as Jennifer slid three fingers deep inside her sopping cunt.

"You always did get real wet, real fast," Jennifer said.

From outside the cell door came the sound of heavy footsteps and they instantly paused, looking over at the door.

"The jailer," Jennifer whispered. "He's stupid but he's big. If we fuck him, we can get the keys when he's distracted," she said quickly.

"What?" Kara asked.

Jennifer smiled up at her and pushed her fingers back into her pussy, making her groan. "Come on, it's not the first time we've fucked someone to get out of a sticky situation," she said. "Prague, a few years ago. Remember? Not to mention Rome, Kabul, Adelaide, Buenos Aires,"

"All right, all right, I remember," Kara groaned, pushing back against Jennifer's fingers. "Just promise me, once we're out of this, we try and patch things up,"

"Sure, baby," Jennifer said, fingering her faster, the pair of them looking over at the door as it opened, the jailer stepping into the room. "Whatever you say,"

Kara gasped, but not because of Jennifer's fingers. The jailer was big, as her friend had said, but he also wasn't human. Standing perhaps seven feet tall, the creature made Kara instantly think of a troll; completely bald with a squat, pig like face minus the snout, leaving just two holes where a nose should be, its big eyes seemed unintelligent to say the least. It was muscular, though, and wasn't carrying any surplus fat, and wore a simple loin cloth down to its knees and nothing else. In one of its hands, both of which had three thick fingers, it held a large key which it placed on a hook near the door. It was also a pale blue colour.

"Bloody hell," Kara muttered as the thing seemed to notice her for the first time.

"Hurrr - - two pretties," it growled, a big smile spreading across its wide mouth.

"I call him Brute," Jennifer said. "He was quite rough at first, tearing my clothes off, but I've taught him to be nicer," Jennifer pushed her friend off her, sitting Kara on the bed. "Brute, this is Kara. She's going to be nice to you as well, but remember you have to be nice back."

"Me remember," Brute said. "You nice to Brute. Brute help you."

"Help you do what?" Kara whispered to Jennifer.

Jennifer shrugged. "You know, extra food, a blanket for the bed, that sort of thing." As Brute wandered over to them, Jennifer took her hand and pulled her on to the floor, the pair of them kneeling on the smooth stone. They each took a hold of the waist strap of the creature's loin cloth and slowly pulled it down his thighs, Kara's eyes widening as Brute's cock was revealed.

"Bloody hell," she said again. "That's as big as my arm,"

"And it's not even hard yet," Jennifer said, reaching out with two hands and hefting Brute's thick, heavy, blue cock. She pointed it towards Kara. "Suck it," she said, stroking the shaft. "He really likes that,"

"Yar, Brute like," the monster said, his huge cock thickening under Jennifer's hands. Kara didn't think twice but moved forward and began to kiss the spongy head of his prick, licking around the large hole at the end of the knob. Brute may not be human, she thought, but his big dick seemed to like the same thing all the other men had.

Brute reached down and cupped the back of her head with one of his enormous, three-fingered hands, making her worry for a moment, but he gently pulled her forwards, letting the bulbous head and the first few inches of his fuck meat ease into her mouth. Kara eagerly began moving her mouth back and forth on his prick feeling it harden on her tongue. Still stroking his shaft, Jennifer moved forward and sat down on her ass, leaning up to lick and suck at his ball sack, taking as much of the huge orbs into her mouth as she could.

Brute bent over a little and moved his hands, running one down Jennifer's smooth belly and between her thighs, the other over Kara's back and between her ass cheeks. Jennifer groaned around his balls as he pushed his thick middle finger deep into her pussy, fucking it back and forth slowly. Kara, meanwhile, squealed as he tried to push a finger up her asshole.

"Ow! Christ, Brute," she said, after taking his prick out of her mouth. "My arse is too dry for that."

"Remember - - what I taught - - you, Brute," Jennifer gasped from beneath his balls, his finger still fucking her cunt.

"Brute sorry," the beast mumbled. Before Kara knew what he was doing, he coughed up a huge wad of saliva and spat it on to the small of her back, the warm, slimy liquid oozing down the crack of her butt. He rubbed it in, running his thick finger up and down her ass, smoothing it over her asshole. To her surprise, Kara found the liquid heating gently, soothing her, sending a tingling sensation through her skin.

"It's gross, but that stuff - - feels fantastic," Jennifer said. "Give me some, Brute," she said to him.

"Hurr hurr," Brute laughed and spat another big hunk of clear phlegm, this time towards his other hand which still worked between Jennifer's wide spread legs. She purred as the warm, sticky fluid was spread around and inside her.

As Kara sucked again on the monster's big, flared knob she felt his finger once more probe at the tight opening of her butt. This time, the thick digit covered in the slippery spit, she was ready and willing to receive it, pushing back as Brute eased it inside bit by bit.

"Mmmm," Kara purred happily, stuffing as much of his big length in her mouth as she could while Brute crammed his thick finger deeper into her asshole. Jennifer reached over and ran her fingers through Kara's neatly shaved pussy lips, easing two then three inside her soaking wet cunt. She gasped, taking Brute's cock out of her mouth, groping at her own big tits as she was finger fucked in both holes.

"Oh God - - oh fuck - - I'm cumming!" she moaned, leaning against Brute's huge thigh as the pair of them fucked her faster, bringing her off quickly, their fingers working in her pussy and ass. "Nnnggg - - ahhhh - - fuck," she gasped, her legs shaking as she came. She slowly toppled forward, Jennifer moving out of the way, and ended up on her elbows and knees, her head laying on the floor, her big tits squashed beneath her, her ass high in the air.

"Pretty," Brute grunted, taking his finger out of her ass and moving behind her. Once again he spat a big blob of saliva out, this time on to his hand, and spread it over her drenched pussy.

"Mmmmm, feels good," Kara sighed.

"It's about to feel a whole lot better," Jennifer said, kneeling next to her and facing Brute, spreading her friend's butt cheeks wide.

"No," Kara said weakly. "He's too big for my arse,"

"Don't worry, baby," Jennifer said, "not even I would take this thing in my butt." She looked up at the beast as she grabbed his huge blue cock. "Remember, Brute: gently, okay?"

"Gently," Brute said, nodding and grinning as Jennifer lined up the flared knob of his prick with Kara's sopping twat. He moved forward slowly, Kara's pussy lips parting as he inched his meat inside her.

"Uhhhnnggg! Fuck - - fuck that's big!" Kara groaned as the thick tube of flesh spread her wider than she'd probably ever been. Brute's warming, numbing saliva eased any real discomfort, though, and as he followed Jennifer's directions to start moving slowly in and out, Kara felt her pussy reacting to the pleasure. "Oh Jesus - - oh bloody hell that's good!" she sighed as Brute started fucking her with long, slow strokes.

"It looks good, too," Jennifer said, watching their jailer's big blue dick slide in and out of her friend's cunt. "More spit, Brute," she said, holding Kara's ass cheeks apart. The monster did as she commanded, coughing out another wad of thick saliva, dropping it on to Kara's butt. Jennifer ran her fingers through it, sliding them over and around Kara's asshole before easily slipping two fingers inside in time with Brute's slow thrusts.

"Ahhhhh yes - - fucking hell, yes!" Kara moaned, feeling her ass invaded as Brute's huge cock worked in and out of her twat.

"So you still like your ass fucked, too?" Jennifer asked with a laugh. Kara simply gasped and pushed back, the slippery spit allowing both her lovers to fill her holes time and again. Jennifer had introduced her to anal sex, along with many other variations, years before and she had never had enough of it.

"Oh God -- I'm going to cum!" Kara groaned, her hands clawing at the stone floor, her big tits squashed beneath her. She cried out, eyes closed, her orgasm rippling through her loins as the pair of them fucked her. She almost passed out, panting hard as the pleasure overtook her, Brute's enormous tool still working in and out of her cunt.

It took her a moment or two to realise that Jennifer was no longer beside her. She turned her head towards the door and saw her ex-lover and ex-friend, now wearing her tattered shorts and shirt again, heading out of the cell door, the key in her hand.

"You be gentle with her, Brute," Jennifer said.

"Hurr - - gentle, yeah," Brute grunted, still shoving his big fuck meat into Kara.

"Jen - - Jennifer?" Kara gasped.

"Sorry, Kara. Things to do, idols to steal, that sort of thing," Jennifer said with a smile, her single emerald eye glinting. "You should be okay with Brute here, though. That tight pussy of yours will have him cumming in no time. I'll say hi to Dex if I see him."

And with that, she was gone, locking the door behind her.

Kara couldn't believe it. She'd done it again. Wormed her way into Kara's affections, used her body and their time together to get her where she wanted and left her to fend for herself.

"Fuck!" she spat, more out of anger than pleasure, despite Brute's continued thrusting, his big prick sliding effortlessly in and out of her well lubed twat. She looked over her shoulder. "Come on, Brute," she said, pushing back at him, forcing his tool even deeper. "Cum for me - - I want your cum,"

"Hurr, hurr," the thing laughed. "Pretty want cum, pretty get cum." He pushed her forward, grabbing her pert butt cheeks in both hands, and slid his big dong out of her pussy. For a moment Kara worried that he would try and stuff it into her asshole, but he simply moved back and sat on the bed, his legs wide, his cock sticking straight out at her. "Pretty come get cum," he said with a dopey smile.

Kara turned round and crawled over to him, sucking and licking at the big, blue knob as she reached it, the taste of her pussy and his spit surprisingly good. As she gobbled the end of his prick, she used both hands to jack off the rest of his length, wondering just what it would take to get him to cum. As it was, Brute provided the answer by reaching over and pulling her closer, his dick springing up between them and laying in the valley of her huge tits. He grabbed them and squashed them around his dick.

"Ow! Gently, Brute, remember?" Kara said, kneeling up with his cock between her tits.

"Sorry," Brute mumbled. She pushed his hands away and took hold of her own mounds, wrapping them round his cock, sliding them up and down.

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