Karaoke Nights


I am a self-confessed sing -along junkie. I am so addicted to it, that I have my very own magic-mike karaoke system at home, that allows me to sing along to literally hundreds of songs at a push of a button. My karaoke system is also special, in that it has a built in scoring system that rates your performance from 0 to 100 and, therefore , lets you know whether you did the song justice, or should keep your day job and forget making a career out of singing.

For all you other karaoke aficionados out there, I'm sure you're no doubt familiar with the fun and joy of singing the night away together with friends in drunken get togethers , competing in impromptu singing contests , where the winner is determined by the highest score. However, little did the inventors of the magic-mike karaoke foresee, that their scoring system could be used for other, much less wholesome purposes. . . Strip Karaoke. As my poor hapless GF found out to her extreme embarrassment one night.

About six months ago I hosted a small party at my house. Aside from H who was my hostess , there were five other guests, two guys and three girls. They were my very close friends whom I knew and hung out with since college, even before I started going out with H. In fact, one of the girls Karen was even my ex GF in College and a member of the sister sorority of my fraternity. Fortunately, we were able to part amicably and have remained the best of friends thru the years. I sometimes feel though that she somehow would like us to get back together again .

As for my other guests, the two guys were Mon and Jim. They were my batch mates when I entered the fraternity and we have remained inseparable since then. The two other girls were named Suzy and Jen. Like Karen, they were our sorority sisters and are currently seeing Mon and Jim respectively. So you see, my guests were really more of my friends than H's, whom I met only later after graduating and is a bit younger than us.

Like me, my friends were addicted to karaoke. Since we met at school, we have spent countless times singing the night away in drunken abandon. It was a wonder we were able to finish our schooling at all , considering we spent most of our time partying and having fun than hitting the books.

Anyway, going back to the party, after everyone had had their fill of free food and drink at my expense ; we gravitated towards the den were my karaoke system was set up for the customary party entertainment. Now, although H honestly did have a lovely voice, she really was not into karaoke singing , but merely tolerated this seemingly rabid obsession of mine. Being rather demure in nature and quite shy , she hardly ever sang during parties and mostly preferred to sit appreciatively listening at the back, since in her own words she really would not like to make "a fool of myself" in front of others. (Little would she know that exactly was what was in store for her later in the evening.)

After taking our seats around the coffee table, I passed around the accompanying song book to my system to enable my guests to chose the songs they would want to sing. As the others were rifling through its pages and jotting down the access codes of their songs, I think it was one of the guys who jokingly suggested that we play a stripping game instead of the usual community singing. Now, my friends and I had played a few games of strip poker in school so the idea was not really new nor outrageous to us. Although H's face did sport an initial shocked look when the proposal was made.

While the rest of us were still contemplating what to do, Suzy commented that it may indeed be fun if we would be able to make a stripping game of Karaoke , to liven up tonight's entertainment more. Her comment was heartily well taken by the rest of the group who enthusiastically agreed to join in , with the initial exception of H, who at first did not want to play but , in the end reluctantly agreed to do so as well, as a favor to me and in order to fit in more with my friends. Of course, we must never forget to thank all the margaritas she had drunk for allowing her to come to this decision, as they undoubtedly did more to shape her thinking process than anything else.

Following a brief and very animated discussion, we agreed to adopt the follow rules :

1.Each player gets to pick three songs from the song book. One to be sung bythemselves. The second, which either sex must be able to sing, to be mixed together with the others in a pot and drawn , to see who would have to sing it. And, the third, again to be sung by another player, this time drawn before hand by lot.

2.The players would then, alternately, sing one song till everyone has had his/her turn at the mike.

3.After each round the scores of the players would be compared and the one with the lowest score would have to strip an item of clothing. In addition, the one with the highest score gets to choose a player to strip an item of clothing, who may or may not be the player with the lowest score.

4. Finally, after everyone has sung, each player's scores would be added up and the one with the lowest cumulative score would have to remove two items of clothing and the one with the highest score, choose someone to strip two items of clothing. Again, this may or may not be the person with the lowest cumulative score. .

Before we began, I think it was Karen who raised the question of what would happen if the one who had to strip was already naked and had no more clothes to lose. It was then that Suzy suggested that that person must do a forfeit for every article of clothing that should have been removed, to be determined by the winner of the game. Everybody agreed.

It was also pointed out that since there were seven of us, there would be a problem pairing up for the third round. This was easily resolved when it was universally agreed that since I had generously forked the bill for tonight's festivities, then I should gain a bye in the third round and automatically be awarded "95" points. It should have been a perfect "100" points in my book but my two buddies hemmed and hawed a bit.

Other last minute rule changes adopted were:

a.In addition to having to take something off, the loser of each round would have to down a shot of tequila; and the winner thereof do a body shot on any of the other players, or direct somebody else do it .

b.Anyone who fails to score at least a "90" per round would again have to strip an article of clothing, while those with a score less than "75" must remove two. The stripping to be done immediately after the score is displayed.

c.It was further agreed that anyone with a total cumulative score of less than "250" must strip three items of clothing, regardless of whether they are the lowest or not. However, if it is the one with the lowest score that is less than "250", then he/she Must remove three more items in addition to the two for having gotten the lowest cumulative score.

After finally agreeing to the rules, the six participants for the third round were made to draw the name of the player who would be singing the song of their choice. No doubt, having foreknowledge of who will be made to sing his choice, gives a person here the actual power to manipulate the other's performance for the round, depending upon how easy or hard his song is to interpret. song of choice is to interpret. Of course the same cannot be said for the one who has to do the actual singing, since he has no idea whose song he has to sing until its actual performance itself. The players sneaked surreptitious glances among themselves as they silently marked the person whose fate in the round rested in their hands.

All of us then picked two songs each from the songbook , the title of one we wrote down on a piece of paper and put in a bowl for drawing in the second round. We also proceeded to draw lots to determine the order in which we would be singing.

Before we started, we all took stock of each others clothing and determine the number of items to remove. It was decided that we each could lose a maximum of six (6) items , including jewelry and clothing accessories, which only counted as one.

For tonight's affair, both Karen and Jen came stylishly dressed in pants and long sleeved tops which greatly accentuated their long svelte figures. As such, they had their jewelry, shoes, pants, blouse and underwear (bra and panties) to lose, if ever. Suzy on the other hand came prettily attired in a matching blouse and skirt, which together with her shoes, stockings and panties and bra, similarly gave her six items to discard, in case she fails to perform well this evening. For us three guys, well we all seemed to be identically dressed in long-sleeved button down shirts and pants, and therefore could remove our shoes, socks, shirts, pants undershirts and underwear if needed.

As for H, she came exquisitely attired in a sleeveless one-piece dress in which she looked utterly beautiful and made her look smashingly sexy. Though she was more petite than the other girls, the swell of her breasts appeared more pronounced, most probably due to her size. Anyway, in addition to her dress, H had on her jewelry, shoes, stockings, strapless bra and panties, which she hoped she wouldn't have to part with.

The contest was kicked of by Karen who chose a song from the musical "Cats" which she sang flawlessly and to the thunderous applause of her audience. She earned a perfect score of "100". She was then followed by Jen who chose a jazzy number made famous by the Polish singer Basia, and was equally rewarded with another perfect score. As a rule, players in this round tend to choose songs they are most familiar and comfortable with, since this would allow them to really pile up the points to cushion whatever unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the succeeding rounds. Thus, it really should come to no surprise that there would be a lot of perfect scores in this round, it being more the rule than the exception.

Mon attempted to duplicate the impeccable performances so far by dishing out one of the more popular tunes by The Calling. Unfortunately , he came up just a point shy and was given a score of "99". He was thereafter followed by Jim who sang an old Rupert Holmes classic, for which he garnered a "98".

It was now H's turn . Like Jim, she chose a slow sentimental number by the Brazilian chanteuse Astrud Gilberto. Although the song itself was quite simple and perfect for her voice, , her timing was a bit off, due most likely to her nervousness, and she missed a few of her intros. As a result, the machine gave her a score of "89" for her efforts.

When H's score flashed on the screen, the boys started cheering and chanting "FIRST BLOOD!!!" to the accompaniment of slight giggles from the other girls, who tried unsuccessfully to maintain a straight face and sympathetic look on them.

Since under the rules, H would now have to remove an article of clothing, she nonchalantly kicked off both her shoes and insouciantly stared back at all the grinning faces around her, bravely determined to carry on the fight in her stocking feet. If she only knew what the rest of the night had in store for her.

It was my turn after H. Being a little distracted by the loss of H's shoes, I lost my concentration for a second and was really lucky to get away with a score of "97". The first round ended with another awesome performance by Suzy, whose jazz number was awarded a perfect score as well.

So pursuant to the rules , H had to once again remove an item of clothing, having scored the lowest in the round. What is more, to the utter enjoyment of the guys, she was likewise told by Jen to remove a third item.

When H tried to protest, it was pointed out to her that since the three other girls had gotten the same scores, then they are all considered the winners of the round, therefore allowing any of them to choose who is to do the stripping. Or, would she prefer that all three of the winners be allowed a choice each, which may or may not be directed to only one person. Realizing that she may find herself worse off, H wisely shut up and said no more.

If at first H had doffed her shoes with nonchalance , the same could not be said now as she nervously removed each and every piece of jewelry on her and slowly rolled her stockings down and off her legs. This therefore left her with only three pieces of clothing on. Her dress, bra and panties.

Following her removal of the required number of clothing, it was now time for H to take a shot. She quickly gulped down the fiery liquid handed her, no doubt in an attempt to calm herself , which immediately caused her face to take on a flush complexion. Or maybe this was due to the feeling of dread inexorably building up inside her for the next round.

As for who was to take the body shot, the winners of the first round shortly conferred among themselves and for a change, directed me to take it. And, to my delight, I was to do so on the neck of H. So upon the instructions of Karen , H was made to sit perfectly still while a briny mixture of salt and lemon juice was smeared right along the side of her neck where it connected to her right shoulder. And could do nothing but squirm helplessly beneath me, as my flickering tongue suckled against her and hungrily lapped off all traces thereof from her delectable neck. I'm proud to say too that my ministrations caused her to let out an appreciate moan or two, which to her embarrassment, did not escape the others' attention.

The second round was again dominated by the girls. In fact, for most of us , it was not much different from the first, except perhaps for H, as it proved to be much more disastrous for her.

In the same order as in the first round, the second was started off by Karen with Jen immediately following thereafter. Being fortunate to have drawn songs that they were both very well familiar with, they drew identical scores of "98". They were followed by Mon and then Jim who, though giving their all, came up short, only achieving scores of "97" and "95", respectively.

When it was H's term, she drew a ballad that was first sung by Tracy Chapman and later remade for a popular boy band to perform. Unfortunately for her, the song was too low for her voice range. Needless to say, her performance left much to be desired and was given only a score of "74".

You could almost here a pin drop when H's score flashed on the screen and all eyes in the room turned on her. In reaction, H just seemed to collapse on herself. Like an ostrich hiding its head on the ground, H bent over and completely covered her face with the palms of her hand, slowly shaking her head from side to side, seemingly in disbelief of her endless misfortunes.

Although under the rules, she should have now taken off two pieces of clothing as a result of her score, I tried comforting H by requesting the others to instead allow her to do so after the end of the round. Taking pity on her, the others readily agreed.

It was my turn after H. After giving her a reassuring hug and tap on her back, I took the mike and belted out the song I had drawn. I scored a "97". The second round ended with another sterling performance from Suzy who scored a "98", the same as that of Karen and Jen.

With the lowest score of "74" in the round, H was now required by the rules to remove her last remaining three items of clothing. This would leave her with absolutely nothing on and utterly naked before the others, who still have yet to shed a single piece of clothing. Again as a consolation to her plight, H was allowed to drink her shot first before having to strip. In addition thereto, the winners of the round again after a brief consultation, allowed her to do the requisite body shot, this time on my neck.

In exact replica of what had happened at the end of the first round, H immediately gulped down the shot of tequila that was handed to her. She likewise just swallowed the contents of the shot glass given her for her body shot, quite forgetting that she had to lick that salty concoction daubed along my neck. She eventually remembered and did so after the lapse of a few seconds. Though her tongue and lips felt terribly dry and clammy as they brushed against my neck, this did not repulse me, but made me even love her more, as her seemingly endless plight continued to endear her to me.

After H had had her drink, it was now time for her to take of her remaining clothes. With a dazed and lost look on her face she slowly walked to the center of the room and stood before the others. Like an automaton, she reached back behind her and slowly, oh so slowly drew her zipper down till it could go no further. She then shrugged off the straps of her dress from her quivering shoulders and down her arms, moving its descent down her body with gentle pushes from her hands, till the dress lay in a puddle at her feet.

With the loss of her dress, H was left standing in only her strapless bra and thong panties. Again, with a lost and forlorn look she reached back to unclasp her bra and immediately draped her other arm in front of her chest, as soon as the cups of her bra started to fall. After dropping her bra, H hesitated for a second before she moved her free hand to the side of her thong. Blushing terribly and hoping no doubt for the earth to suddenly open up and swallow her whole, H slowly turned around to avoid having to give the people around her a direct view of her pussy and woodenly tugged down at the sides of her thong till they reached the middle of her thighs, and she had to lift her knees one at a time, to be able to pull her last remaining item of clothing free from her. I don't know whether she was aware of it, but by doing so, she gave us all an unobstructed and panoramic view of her luscious ass. I doubt whether the other guys remained unaffected by the awesome sight of my GF's stripping herself naked, since I sure was.

With her panties finally pulled free, H slowly turned around to face the rest of us. In the classic ENF position, she stood before us with downcast eyes in all her nakedness. Her stance brought to mind the image of the main subject in that Renaissance masterpiece The Birth of Venus by Botticelli , who was similarly posed but had the benefit of strategically placed wisps of hair, to help hide her nakedness.

For a time ,the room remained as quiet as a tomb as the people around her, at least the guys present, continued to savor each and every detail of H's nudity. But then the spell was finally broken when one of the girls, I think it was Karen, told H with a gloating tone to her voice, that since she had been picked by them to remove another piece of clothing , she would now have to do forfeits for the rest of the evening. This elicited an outbreak of cruel suggestions from the other girls who vigorously nodded their heads in complete agreement. As for my two buddies, though they were not as vocal as the girls, I am sure they too were looking forward to relishing the latest predicament H found herself in, though you would not be able to tell from the sheepish grins pasted on the faces. Just like mine.

Upon hearing Karen's latest pronouncement H finally snapped. With her arms wrapped around her and eyes desperately averted to avoid the taunting gazes of the people around her , she ran pell-mell away from the den and into my room, slamming the door loudly in her wake. Caught by surprise by the suddenness of her move, I was unable to immediately react and follow her to her refuge.

Thinking that she had locked herself in, I was just about to kick the door in, when by chance my hand providently turned the knob and found it unlocked. Upon entering the room, I found H cowering behind the bed sobbing inconsolably.

Looking down upon the pitiable state of H, my mind was filled with no other thought , and that was I had to hold and comfort her. So taking her into my arms, I drew her tightly against me and tried to offer solace by whispering heartfelt endearments in her ear, in order to soothe her broken spirit. Although at first she showed no sign that my efforts was having any effect on her, as her body continued to convulse with each and every sob, she eventually was able to calm down, and lie immovably against me.

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