Karen Ch. 07


Karen - Pierced and Pleasured beyond belief

This is the seventh in the Karen series - check out the others and don't forget to vote.

* * * * *

When Karen awoke she took a long luxurious shower and made herself beautiful for her two lovers. I'd prepared a hearty breakfast for her; she was going to need her strength.

Coming into the kitchen wearing my robe, she smiled at both of us and Steve pulled her into his eager arms and kissed her deeply. She responded by thrusting her tongue into his mouth as his hands caressed her warm body. He opened her robe and let it slide to the floor. Karen stood before us naked and beautiful. Steve took her hand and led her over to the counter.

"Bring me your breasts," I said and Karen stepped closer to me and brought her pendulous breasts to the edge of the counter in front of me. I picked up a small plastic cone with a rubber bulb on the end of it. Holding the clear plastic cone over her nipple, I squeezed the bulb, forcing the air out and then the strong suction held the cone in place over Karen's large nipple. I placed another cone over her other nipple.

"That feels pretty weird," she said as she looked down at her adorned breasts. She could feel the suction working on her nipples, arousing them almost as if one of us were sucking on them.

"If you watch them, you will see your nipples get even larger as the suction pulls on them. Be careful not to knock them off," I instructed and Karen nodded. By the time she'd finished breakfast, Karen's nipples had grown considerably and she was feeling quite aroused.

At the bar, Steve and I had set up a sturdy bar stool and attached a medium sized dildo to the middle of the front edge of it. It stood up straight and Karen laughed uneasily when she saw it. Karen could see that it had been greased with some form of lubricant and figured she was going to have to sit on it. She was right.

Steve lifted her in his arms and she locked her thighs around his body. Carefully he guided her body above the dildo and gently lowered her onto the plastic prick. Karen thought it was meant for her warm pussy but we wanted it up her sweet ass.

"Wait. I don't want that in my ass," she protested but Steve held her tightly and gently prodded her ass with the dildo. Karen bit her lip and then slowly descended onto the plastic prick, realizing that it was not very thick and with all the gel on it, it did not hurt the way she thought it would. Steve smiled at her and she smiled back. She was okay.

Tapping her thighs just above her knees, Steve felt Karen release her grip on his hips and she tried to adjust herself to sitting on the edge of the stool with the dildo shoved up her ass. To ease the strain, we lifted Karen's feet onto the rung of the stool and then Steve slid in behind her and leaned up against the bar. She felt the hardness of his cock as it pressed against her warm ass and decided she'd rather have his cock in her ass than the plastic one. Karen leaned back against him as she tried to keep from sliding off the chair.

Karen's nipples were still feeling the pull of the suction as I set a large mirror in front of her so she could see herself as Steve weighed her heavy breasts in the palms of his hands. The cameras were once again in place as we prepared Karen for her next experience.

Stepping up to Karen's soft body, I kissed her deeply and she returned the kiss passionately. I slid a gag between her lips and pulled the elastic in place. Karen wanted to protest but could not. I teased her tits and then released the suction cups. Karen felt the cool, fresh air as it bathed her distended nipple. I handed Steve two small blocks of ice and he held them to Karen's distended nipples. She felt the coldness against her passionately hot skin and a shudder ran through her body. She then felt something cool and wet move across her hard nipple and then saw the pistol shaped device I was slipping around her nipple. She recognized it immediately. It was a device for piercing holes for earrings.

I slid her nipple into the slot and before she could react, Steve's grip tightened on her legs and chest and she felt the sharp, gold spike of the earring pass through the base of her most tender and sensitive nipple. Karen felt the hardness of the spike as it passed through her nipple but because of the intense cold, her tender nubbin was numb. Her scream was more from surprise and terror than pain but it was muffled by the gag. With a twist of the clip, I closed the small gold stirrup shaped earring around her nipple.

Karen looked in the mirror and saw the new piece of jewelry that adorned her body. She waited, frightened as I prepared to pierce her other nipple. Karen knew that once the numbness of the cold wore off, she would really feel the pain in her tender nipples. Karen looked down at her frozen nipples in fascination and shock.

I dabbed her nipples with alcohol against infection and then sucked her ringed nipples into my mouth as Steve massaged her huge mams. As I sucked gently on her huge breasts, Steve began to tease her clit, in an effort to focus her physical sensations between her legs. His fingers trapped her clit and he teased it gently as she started to moan and her legs trembled.

Pulling up a chair, I sat down between Karen's legs and lifted her feet onto the arms on either side of me. Steve went back to caressing Karen's tits and nibbling on her neck as I began to caress her oozing pussy. Steve's legs came up over Karen's legs, pinning them down. When she felt the coldness of the ice against her tender pussy lips, she started to fight and thrash about.

"I want to get it in the right place the first time, so be still!" I threatened Karen in a soft voice and she calmed down as I removed the ice pack and my fingers began to pull at her frozen pussy lips. I pulled and probed her sexual opening and though Karen could feel the movement, she could not feel the touch. I lifted the device to the center of her pussy lip and as I squeezed the trigger driving yet another spike into Karen's lovely body, Steve kissed her on the nape of her neck. Her body shuddered. In a moment, I added another ring to her other lip. Karen was shaking from fear as she envisioned explaining these adornments to her husband or anyone else for that matter.

"It's all done," I whispered as I leaned forward and kissed her clit as Steve caressed her breasts. Karen began to calm down as she realized that she really wasn't in any real pain and that either way, we were done with the piercing. Steve continued to fondle her body but eased his grip as I began to gently massage Karen's legs. She was okay. I held up the mirror and Karen was shocked but fascinated by the gold rings adorning her sexual assets.

"Why?" she asked softly.

"You'll see," I answered as I kissed her gently.

"As for now, just relax and we can go for a swim and you can nude sunbathe in the backyard," I said. Karen smiled and went out to the pool and Steve went to continue editing the tapes.

I knew Karen had to go to work in the late afternoon but I wasn't sure of the exact time.

"How long do you work for today?" I asked.

"From 3:00 to 6:30," she said.

"It's getting kind of late, I think you'd better get ready," I said.

"I really wish I could stay with you a little longer. It's been a most exciting and wonderful day," she said a little embarrassed.

"I know. You can come again next weekend," I told her.

"Promise?" she teased as she lifted her beautifully bronzed body off of the chaise lounge. I watched her as she walked into the house, her magnificent breasts bouncing and swaying with each step as she walked.

"Yes, but before you go, we have a few going away surprises for you," I said. Karen smiled excitedly and then a look of concern came over her for a moment. I smiled at her. "Don't worry you'll enjoy it. In spite of yourself perhaps, but you'll find it exciting," I said. I followed her into the house and took her into my bedroom. Karen took her jeans and a blouse out of her bag and began to put on her bra.

"Uh, uh," I said, "no bra."

Karen looked at me. "What do you mean no bra? I have to go to work. Do you know what I'll look like leaning over customers without a bra?" she asked.

"I can imagine," I said with a smile. Karen's face cracked into a smile. "Tell you what, we'll make you a bondage bra," I said. Karen looked a bit puzzled. I called Steve.

"Karen may not wear a bra but she feels she needs one at work. Think you can rig her up a bondage bra?" I asked.

"Sure," he said with a smile and picking up a length of cord, he raised her arms and then proceeded to carefully bind Karen's huge breasts. The cord ran over under and around her huge tits. He tied it snug enough for her to feel it but not tight enough that it would restrict her blood flow in any way.

Slipping her blouse over her arms, she buttoned it up and was surprised to see that the "bra" was invisible under her top. It may have been unseen but it wasn't unfelt. Karen began to brush her long hair and touch up her make-up. She reached for her jeans and started to slide them up her long legs. I could see they were very tight.

"I have another present for you," I said as Karen tried to pull her jeans up over her flaring hips.

"Oh?" Karen asked in anticipation.

I held up a box. "Sit down on the bed," I instructed. Karen sat down on the edge of the mattress, her jeans still stuck around the middle of her thighs. "Lean back," I said and Karen lay back on the firm mattress. "Lift your legs," I instructed and with her legs held together by the jeans, Karen bent her knees and then lifted her legs up over her chest. Oh, did she look good. I ran my fingers across the backs of her legs and then sliding my finger into the crack of her magnificent ass, heard her gasp. My finger slid under the waistband of her panties and I pulled them up, exposing her ringed pussy lips. Karen could not see what I was doing as she lay still on the bed. I opened the box and took out a small penis shaped vibrator and slid it into her warm, wet pussy. Karen gasped as she felt the intrusion into her sensitive love hole.

"What is that?" she asked as I began to pump the vibrator gently into her excited pussy.

"It's a vibrator I bought for you," I said as I turned the motor on low and Karen shuddered as she felt the vibrations churn softly in her body. I stepped to the side so she could see her ass in the mirror that still leaned against the headboard.

"Oooh," she moaned as the vibrator rushed her body. I slid it all the way in and as her pussy lips closed around the vibrating penis, I slipped a small padlock through her pussy rings and locked it. Karen could feel there was something there but couldn't tell what it was.

"What did you just do?" she asked.

"See for yourself," I said as I turned the mirror. Karen could feel the vibrator in her body but could not see the end of it. She could see something dangling from her pussy rings and quickly reached down below her ass and felt the lock. Karen's face turned to sheer panic as she realized that this plastic penis was churning in her pussy and she could not remove it or even turn it off. I reached up for her panties and slid them down over her churning love hole. As the motor purred in her insides and the sensations washed over her body, the fear in her face changed to lust.

"Now pull your jeans on and I'll drive you to work," I said as I started to walk away from the bed. Karen tried to get up but as she did so, the vibrator moved in her body and she creamed herself right there.

"How will I get it out?" she pleaded. "I can't walk around like this all day. I have to go to work. What will my husband say if he sees this?" she continued to babble.

"You can't get it out until I decide to remove it," I said. "What's more, you can't even reach the controls to turn it off. You'll just have to get used to it and hope that no one catches on to what happening inside of your luscious body," I said teasingly. Karen was beet red. She was embarrassed but excited as the vibrator continued to churn in her insides. She realized how helpless she was.

"Call me when you get off of work," I said, "Now zip up and let's go," All dressed, I led Karen to the door. "This thing is going to drive me crazy," she said as another orgasm rippled through her body.

"That's the general idea," I quipped.

Once in the car and driving, I turned to Karen. "You know you are an amazing lover," I complimented her. Karen smiled as she felt the vibrator still churning. "Open your blouse," I instructed her. Karen hesitated.

"What if someone sees me?" she asked. The previous times she'd been bare-breasted in the car it had been dark.

"They'll enjoy the view of your beautiful body and seeing your tits the way they are bound, will know that you are into bondage," I answered. Karen opened her blouse and I admired Steve's handiwork as I played with her truly magnificent breasts.

As we entered the freeway, I placed my hand behind Karen's head and as I pulled gently on her neck, she bent over and opening my pants, retrieved my cock and started to suck on me. Once again the dildo shifted in Karen's loins and her pussy flooded with cum. As Karen's mouth was doing wonders on my cock, a van pulled up beside me and the driver watched as Karen pleasured my manhood. The driver smiled as I held Karen's head down and she swallowed my load. As she sat up, he winked at her and Karen turned deep crimson as she tried to close her open blouse.

"Pull it all the way open," I said softly and Karen blushed deeply as she pulled the top open. The van driver looked down and could see the cords binding Karen's breasts and the gold rings adorning her nipples. He started to motion to me to pull over but as a look of terror came over Karen's face, I waved him off, winking at Karen and gently squeezing her ringed nipple.

"You can close your blouse now," I said softly with a smile. "I am very proud of you. You obey me even when you are afraid," Karen smiled at me.

Karen called me after work to tell me that her husband would be out of town for the rest of the weekend and probably most of the week.

"How's the vibrator doing?" I asked teasingly.

"It's been driving me crazy all day. My jeans were soaked with cum and the smell was so obvious I thought I would die," she said. "People kept looking at me and asking me why I looked so different."

I laughed. "Is it still running?" I asked.

"Yes, damn it. Please tell me how to stop it. I can't think straight. I can't even walk straight!" she complained.

"Look in your purse and you'll find a small key. Use it to open the lock and you can shut it off," I told her. "Be careful not to hurt yourself," I added. I could hear her fumbling in her purse as she tried to talk to me and after finding the key, I could hear her struggling to pull her jeans off. They were even tighter now that the entire crotch was soaked with her cum.

Putting down the phone, I could hear her curse as she tried to open the lock and then I heard the vibrator crash on the floor as it slid right out of her juicy quim. I started to laugh and Karen could hear me. She picked up the phone and yelled. "Very funny!" at me as I continued to laugh.

"Think about it. It really is funny," I teased. Karen was so relieved to have her loins not churning out of control that she eased up and started to laugh.

"Get some sleep and I'll see you at dance class," I said.

"Listen, if my husband is still out of town on Wednesday can I come over again?" she asked.

"Sure. I'll see if Steve can make it also. We have some more interesting things in mind for that wonderful body of yours," I said.

To be continued...

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