Karen Ch. 09


Karen looked delicious. She stood before me wearing only the gold chain between her ringed nipples and a smile.

"Put your shoes on and then come here," I instructed her. Karen smiled at me as she obeyed. She knew that any time that I began to give her instructions, she was in for something new and exciting. I was not about to disappoint her. As she neared me, she spread her legs slightly and tilted her head in a most alluring way. Her long, dark hair cascaded over her soft shoulders and she brought her hands behind her back. My hands grasped her arms and pulling her hands in front of her, I slid the soft leather cuffs around her slender wrists and snapped the clasp closed. Karen stood in the middle of the room as I picked up her cape. She looked puzzled as I lay the garment over her shoulders and buttoned the collar.

"We're going out," I announced.

"Like this?" she asked in a very surprised voice.

"Exactly," I replied as I took her arm through the cape and led her out to my car. Her fingers clamped tightly around the front panels of her cape as she tried to hold it closed in the breeze. She was dying to ask where we were going but decided it would be better not to. Getting in, I pressed the lever and lay the seat back. Karen remembered the position and tried to get comfortable.

As we drove away, I reached over and pulled her cape open. Karen's thighs parted as she lifted her bound wrists up over her head and out of my way and I began to gently fondle her womanflesh as we made our way out of town to a private club I frequent. After parking the car, I helped Karen out of the car and made sure that her cape hung straight. It was only buttoned at the collar and Karen held the panels tightly in her bound hands, afraid they would open and people would see her naked body. She walked very carefully through the parking lot, thankful that there was no wind.

I led her through the crowded club and up the stairs to the balcony, where there were private rooms, each with curtains to close off the table area if desired. Karen bumped into several people in the crowded room and she lost her grip on the panels of the cape and it flashed open a bit as she was jostled. As we ascended the stairs, she was able to get a grip on the panels and she sighed with relief as she climbed the stairs. The small room had a large table with two comfortable armchairs on either side and enough space for the waiter to set up a tray stand to serve the meal. The curtains were heavy and they shielded the noise from downstairs. Karen was relieved when we finally got to the room. Her few brushes with people in the tavern and on the steps had opened her cape only slightly and so far no one knew.

"May I take your coat?" the maitre d. asked Karen. Karen froze and began to turn deep red.

"The lady is still a bit cold from outside," I interceded. "I'll take care of it later," I smiled at the man and he nodded. "You can open the curtain for now," I said as I seated Karen and she looked out over the bar below. It was packed with people drinking and talking. Some danced on the small dance floor.

"What do you think of the crowd?" I asked.

"This place is really nice but what are we doing here? I mean, I can't even use my hands to have a drink," she answered.

"Don't worry about that. Just look around and tell me if anyone down there interests you," I instructed her. Karen's eyes began to scan the room. Her eyes stopped a few times and then she turned to me and asked, "Why am I doing this?"

"That's easy. In the next few minutes you are going to select someone from out there and you are going to seduce him or her right on this table," I said. Karen turned white as all the blood drained from her pretty face.

"I'm going to what?" she choked.

"You heard me. Now you select one or I will," I went on. Karen was squirming in her chair.

"How will I do this?" she asked. I could see a trace of excitement in her eyes.

"You just pick the lucky person and then I'll tell you what to do," I said. Karen went back to scanning the room. She could feel her quim beginning to get wet with excitement. Her eyes came to rest on a tall man standing at the end of the bar talking to the bartender. I told her what to do.

Carefully, Karen grasped the cape and walked down to the bar, making her way towards the ladies' room. She was trying desperately to keep her balance as she continued to be bumped by people in the crowded bar and with her wrists still bound, it was difficult to keep her cape closed while she looked nonchalant about the whole thing. Her heart was racing and her body was getting very aroused.

As she passed the man she'd selected, she gently bumped him and excusing herself smiled at him. On her way back, she passed him in such a way as to rub her huge tits against his arm. Looking up at her, she smiled again and carefully spun around. She'd practiced the spin a few times in the ladies' room so it would allow her cape to open just a bit but not too much; just enough to arouse his curiosity. Did it ever.

He wasn't sure if he'd seen what he thought he'd seen but his eyes didn't leave her as she made her way up to our booth. When she got to our table, she turned and smiled at him again and he raised his glass smiling back at her. Karen nodded and then slipped behind the partially drawn curtain. I closed the curtain behind her and ducked out the small lattice door in the corner of the booth. He was on his way. The man opened the curtain and entered, to find Karen leaning against the table.

"Please close the curtain," she said and he closed the drape and then turned to face Karen.

"Would you like a drink?" he offered seeing that she did not have one.

"No thank you. I can't drink one right now," she said with a smile as she tried to gather up her courage. He eyed her carefully and she could tell he was undressing her in his mind, not aware that she was totally available to him at that very moment.

"Then why did you invite me up here?" he asked.

"Open my cape, please," Karen whispered, barely able to get the words out of her mouth.

"What did you say?" he asked.

"Help me with my cape," she said a bit louder. As he began to move towards her she said, "You'll have to open the collar," Reaching up to her trembling throat, the man unclasped the collar button and then Karen turned her back to the stranger. His hands came up to her shoulders and taking hold of the cape, he slid it off of her shoulders revealing Karen's completely naked body. As she turned to face him, he gazed down at her full breasts and the gold chain suspended between her nipple rings. His gaze followed down the lovely lines of her supple body to her soft, brown thatch and to her bound wrists. He licked his lips as he let the cape fall back onto the large table.

"What's this all about?" he asked incredulously.

"This is your lucky day," Karen tried to joke, the trembling in her voice quite evident. "You may do whatever you want with me right now in this room," she added. His hands came up to her huge breasts and he began to fondle her massive tits. He was fascinated not only by their size and firmness but by the rings that pierced her nipples and the chain that held them snugly.

Sitting on the arm of the padded chair, he continued to toy with Karen's excited nipples as his other hand slid down across her waist and between her soft thighs. He could feel the excitement in her body and his fingers dipped into her wet pussy. Karen gasped as his fingers grazed across her clit and his tongue teased her hard nipples. He couldn't believe this was happening and she couldn't believe she was letting him do it. As his hands caressed her body, he felt her hands turn and cup his balls as she began to massage his crotch.

"Please sit down," Karen said and then eased away from him and backed up against the table. "May I suck on you?" she asked and he nodded at her with a smile. Karen knelt between his thighs and raising her bound wrists to the front of his pants, opened them. Her talented fingers slid into the front of his pants and extracted his huge cock. Leaning forward, she lowered her face to his crotch and kissed the head of his ramrod. She heard him moan softly as she licked the head and then parting her soft lips, she sucked it into her warm, wet mouth. She heard him moan again and then she slid her lips down the length of his shaft as her talented tongue caressed the underside of his manhood.

Karen felt his fingers stroke through her long, dark hair but he used his hands to guide her face rather than press it to his cock. He was going to allow her to decide how to pleasure him. He gazed down as he watched this magnificent creature suck on his cock. As her mouth descended all the way onto his ramrod, he felt her fingers begin to tickle and massage his heavy balls through his pants.

As she sucked on his manhood, Karen could feel his balls begin to stir and knew that he was very close. She lifted her face from his cock as he watched its length slowly slide from between her soft lips. "Do you want to cum in my mouth?" she asked as she looked up at him.

"No," he smiled at her. She leaned forward and kissed the tip of his cock, tasting the few drops of precum that adorned it. His hands came in front of her and she placed her bound wrists in them. He helped her to stand up and then turn her to lean against the large table. Lifting her bound wrists over her head, she then lay back on the table and tried getting as comfortable as she could. She could feel the slight strain on her massive tits as the chain held her huge breasts on top of her ribs. As the stranger sat in the padded armchair, he watched as Karen lifted her long, slender legs towards the ceiling and then spread them wide open in front of his face. She then brought her feet up to the top of the chair and rested her ankles on either side of his head. Her throbbing pussy was open for his pleasure and he lost no time taking advantage of it.

Bending slowly, he drank in the powerful aroma emanating form Karen's loins. He could see the two gold rings adorning her engorged labia. Tracing his fingers across the soft skin of her thighs he lowered his lips to her seething womanflesh. Karen bit back a scream as his lips closed around her erect clit. He sucked and teased her nubbin as her body began to tremble. She had not been with many men in her life and to give herself so freely to a total stranger was terribly exciting. She could hear the muffled sounds of the people outside and realized that at any moment the curtain might open and everyone would see her. Her heart began to pound in her massive chest.

The man sucked and licked Karen's intimate flesh as orgasms began to ripple through her open quim. His tongue continued to expertly probe her supple body as her breasts heaved with excitement and cum began to trickle out of her pussy and down the crease of her thighs.

Rising to his feet, the stranger grasped his cock and Karen felt his huge ramrod graze the inside of her sculptured thigh. He traced the head of it over her swollen pussy lips and coated his cockhead with her sweet juices. Aiming his shaft at the center of her womanhood, he pressed his ramrod into her pussy. Placing his hands on either side of her chest, he leaned over her body as he wedged the tip of his cock between her swollen labia. He gazed down at her huge tits as they were held firmly atop her chest by the chain between her pierced nipples and began to thrust deep into her pussy. Karen gasped with excitement as she felt his shaft slice deep into her naked body. Her chest heaved with lust as he looked down at her huge tits. The chain across her nipples held her tits high on her chest and Karen was aware of every movement her tits made. She wanted to scream in passion as orgasms overtook her body but she knew she couldn't - not here.

He continued to pound into her luscious body as her hips thrust up to meet his every movement and her talented muscles danced over his raging cock every time it sliced into her naked body. He looked down at her as she lay on the table, her bound wrists above her head and her magnificent tits bouncing back and forth as he rammed his huge cock into her juicing pussyflesh. She watched his face and could tell he was about to cum and fill her hot love hole with gallons of hot cum. In another moment he groaned deeply as he thrust violently into her clasping love hole and Karen felt him empty his heavy balls into her writhing body. Leaning forward he sucked her nipple into his mouth and then kissed her full on the mouth.

"Why?" he asked as his cock slid out of her warm, wet body.

"Because," was all she answered. As he stood up, he felt a bit funny with his clothes on and his cock hanging out of his pants. He started to rearrange his clothes when Karen said. "Wait. Would you help me up?" Letting go of his shaft, he reached forward and helped Karen sit up and then slide off the table. Her cape remained open on the table.

"Sit down," she said softly and the man leaned against the chair arm again. Karen sank to her knees and carefully maneuvered his cock between her lips. He curled his fingers in her long hair and then eased her head up and down the length of his shaft. Karen continued to suck on him until he released her head. She reached up to his cock with her bound hands and carefully slipped his spent shaft back into his pants. Helping her to her feet he smiled at her and then continued to caress her body intimately.

"Would you be good enough to put my cape back on and button it for me?" she asked. He did so but continued to fondle her body as he did.

"Would you care to join me for the rest of the evening? I think we could find a few interesting things to do, given your apparent enjoyment of being bound," he said.

"I'm afraid I can't, I'm here with someone," she answered.

"Well, in that case thank him for me and tell him I think he's one lucky guy," the stranger said as his hand slid into her cape and caressed her pussy one last time before leaving. When he had gone, I opened the lattice door and reentered the room.

"Were you watching?" Karen asked.

"Yes, and you were marvelous," I answered as I slid my hand into her cape and noticed that it was buttoned all the way down. I frowned at Karen and she looked down at the floor embarrassed. As we left the room and went down through the bar, the man was obviously telling the bartender about what he'd just experienced because he pointed at Karen and smiled as we passed. She turned crimson, turning her eyes away quickly. The bartender knew it was true.

"I see you had him button the entire cape for you," I said. Karen had hoped that I was going to let that pass without comment. "Yes," she answered. I was afraid it would open up again," she continued.

"You shouldn't have done that," I said softly but sternly. Karen nodded. We walked to the car silently. Karen could feel the wetness between her thighs in the cold, night air. It had gotten quite dark since we'd entered the club and I noticed that my car was parked in the shadows. Walking around the car, I led Karen to the front fender so that she was facing the front entrance to the club. People were going in and out and we could hear them talking from the distance. Opening my pants, I lifted the back of Karen's cape and slid my cock between her thighs.

"What are you doing?" she demanded as she felt the cool night air lick at her warm, wet thighs.

"I'm punishing you for having him button your cape. Of course this isn't too painful a punishment is it?" I quipped as I slid my ramrod into Karen's sweet pussy. Her body lay across the front hood of the car as my cock rammed into her soft body. Karen felt the hardness of my shaft in her wet pussy and the pressure of her breasts as they pressed hard against the car and pulled at her bound nipples.

"If you're quiet, no one will know what you're doing," I whispered as I rammed deep into her gushing body. Karen was so scared and excited that she could barely keep quiet as she felt my cock slam into her pussy. Grasping her waist, I pulled out of her pussy and then with my shaft slippery with her juices, shoved my cock into her tight asshole. Karen was not at all prepared for this violation of her ass and almost howled at the invasion of my impaling tool. She felt her insides explode as I ripped into her ass.

Reaching forward, I lifted her head and she was terrified as she watched people walking only a few yards from us on their way into the club. I slammed my cock into her tight asshole as Karen's emotions were flooding her mind, the way her juices were flooding her pussy.

Feeling my balls getting ready to let go, I reached under Karen's chest and cupping her heaving tits lifted her up so that her body slid back and down onto my impaling cock as I flooded her ass with hot cum. Karen felt her entire weight supported on my shaft as it was buried deep in her ass - her toes barely touching the ground. Still buried in her ass as she stood in front of me. I slid my hands down onto the fender as two couples walked past us.

"Good evening," I said as they passed but Karen was too scared to say anything. She nodded as they returned the greeting. She didn't realize that they couldn't see what we were doing. Easing out of her body, I turned and leaned against the car. Karen sank to her knees and took my cock between her lips. I moaned in approval as I felt her lips work their magic on my shaft. Karen released my cock and looking up at me, smiled when she realized she'd redeemed herself. I helped her to her feet and closed my pants. I then helped her into the car.

"Hungry?" I asked.

"Yes. Very," she answered.

"Good. Let's go out for some dinner," I said. Karen looked at me a bit worried. I read her mind. "I have your clothes with me," I said. "You can dress at the restaurant," Karen relaxed and smiled. I slid my hand into her cape and toyed with her wonderful breasts all the way to the restaurant I'd selected.

To be continued...

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