tagGroup SexKaren Saw Her First

Karen Saw Her First


Karen saw her first, looking past me at the swirling line of people in Bryant Park waiting to order their lunch. She drew my attention to the girl in the periwinkle blue dress. I turned and saw a blue dress, short, over a long length of sweet, slender girl legs. I couldn't see her face or even her head from where I was sitting, but I recognized immediately what brought Karen to point her out -- a young, naïve sexuality that was not totally aware of the power of her body and her style.

Karen and I returned to our lunch, chatting about life stuff and enjoying being together on a warm spring afternoon. After a few minutes I noticed the blue dress sit down at the table next to us with her girlfriend. She was sitting across from me to my left and I had difficulty not ogling her incredibly long looking legs -- they were crossed, pointing in my direction and the hem of her blue dress lay across her mid-thighs. It was a truly delectable sight. It was distracting enough that I lost track of what Karen was saying -- and then realized that she wasn't saying much of anything, as she was also distracted by the vision sitting next to her.

Ultimately, we realized our distraction and, after a deep sigh, attempted to resume our connection together. But, all sense of focus on each other was gone and the moment hung in the air between us as a remarkable tension.

After some time, the blue dress' girlfriend excused herself to go back to her office work and the blue dress leaned back in her chair, face uplifted to the sun, eyes closed, a half smile on her lips. Her legs were now stretched out straight before her and the edge of blue crept up even further up her thighs. What a lovely sight.

Karen was the first to move. She turned to the blue dress (I never learned her name) and asked, "Excuse me, but it seems that I saw you in a play recently ... in the Village at Baskers Theatre?"

Blue Dress sat forward and looked at Karen and said "No, but I am an actor ... or at least working at it while I go to college at New School for Drama."

What followed was an animated exchange between the two girls about the theatre and who had seen what, who had done what, and so on. I just sat back and watched these two sexy creatures connect more and more.

While not wanting to, I looked at my watch and realized that I had to be back at the office for a meeting in ten minutes.

I gave Karen a long, lingering kiss and headed off. I looked back and saw the two of them back deeply engaged in conversation. I felt a twinge of jealousy as I felt that Karen had been quite distracted and we hadn't really had a good end to our rare lunch together.

Back at work the afternoon wore its way through the time as I dealt with a client who was anxious about getting approval from FDA for their first-in-man clinical study. E mails had stacked up and Karen and Blue Dress were not in my mind. At 5:30, my phone chimed the arrival of a text message, just as I was getting ready to head for home. It was from Karen ... she invited me to come over to her apartment. I almost called her to find out what was up, but just decided that I would stop off on the way home and texted her back to say that I would be there soon. While it was unusual for Karen to ask me come over unplanned, and I wouldn't have usually been able to agree to do so, I felt compelled by some strange force to agree to see her. But, I assumed it would be a quick visit.

Karen buzzed me in and I put away my IPod as I waited for the elevator and rode up to the 7th floor. She met me at the door ... I gave her a kiss and asked "what's up?"

She whispered in my ear "Do you have your Viagra?"

I was taken aback, but said "Yes" and she said "look in the family room."

I stepped into the kitchen and looked thru the door at the back of the head of Blue Dress sitting on the couch. My heart leaped into my throat and turned to Karen with a shocked and quizzical look on my face.

All she said was "get some water at the sink" and brushed her hand across my crotch as she passed by me into the family room.

I was already getting hard at the sight of Blue Dress and hadn't even taken a Viagra yet. The scenario became clear immediately. I stepped into the kitchen, poured a glass of water, and took my blue magic.

As I walked to the family room, I saw Karen and Blue Dress engaged in a soulful kiss with their arms wrapped around each other's neck. "Oh, geez," I thought, "what am I getting into here?"

I didn't stop, thinking about how attracted I had been to Blue Dress at lunch, and sat down next to Karen. She turned to me and drew me toward herself and kissed me passionately with her hands roaming over my arms and shoulders.

Karen then turned back towards Blue Dress and after kissing her, drew her towards me. I wasn't really aware up to this moment of how Blue Dress looked ... apart from the legs, which were enough by themselves to entrance a normal male for months. She was not beautiful in the classic sense, but her warm smile and fresh young appearance was remarkably erotic. Her lips were soft, warm, and as engaging as Karen's.

I could immediately feel the remarkable similarity in the sexuality between Blue Dress and Karen and understood why they were here together, and delighted that I was invited to join two beautiful women in a special sexual experience.

Karen pulled Blue Dress to her and resumed her passionate kiss and embrace. My hands initially roamed over Karen's body -- her strong, sexy thighs and up to her full beautiful breasts. I lightly tweaked her nipples through her blouse and bra.

Feeling frustrated with the number of layers of material, I started unbuttoning her blouse. It wasn't particularly easy, as she was actively engaged with Blue Dress, caressing her body all over.

Ultimately, I was able to successfully open her blouse, revealing the "pink bra". OK, this is a vision that I have had in my mind for some time ... ever since I had first seen the pink bra ... just a glimpse through the gaps in Karen's blouse. For the first time I saw the pink bra with the small ribbon bow in the cleavage fully exposed; Karen's nipples were fully erect within and pressing through the material.

I forgot all about Blue Dress. This was my fantasy ... the most amazing breasts enfolded in an erotic enclosure. I nearly came in my pants at that moment.

As I removed Karen's clothes ... blouse, skirt, and pink bra, Blue Dress was all over her. She bent over to take a nipple in between her lips ... softly pulling the nipple in and sucking on it while swirling her tongue over the sensitive tip.

Karen moaned in pleasure -- a sound I had often heard and loved. I leaned over and took the other nipple in my mouth ... while my hand slid down her thigh toward her sweet place ... and surprisingly felt Blue Dress' hand in the same move.

Instead of moving on toward my goal, I felt my hand mingling with Blue Dress' and the intimacy of intertwined digits ... we felt a connection. From Karen's breasts we lifted our heads to each other and passionately kissed.

It instantly became a common connection from that moment between us that we would together collaborate to bring Karen to ultimate sexual pleasure. Nothing was more important.

The next moments, minutes, hours, years, centuries ... time was irrelevant ... was spent with Blue Dress, focussing our attention on bringing pleasure to Karen.

At one moment it was Blue Dress licking and sucking on her clit ... bringing her one orgasm after another. At the next, it was Blue Dress impaled atop of my hard cock, slowly riding me while she sucked on Karen's nipples.

Then, it was Blue Dress stimulating Karen's clit while I was deeply impaled into Karen's wet cunt, sliding in and out at a speed that brought her orgasm after orgasm.

Karen lay on the bed with the smile of ecstasy that I know well to be the experience of sexual satisfaction. I looked at Blue Dress and saw the unsatisfied lust in her eyes.

I slowly moved over her and slid my still hard cock into her dripping, tight pussy. Oh, God. It was an amazing feeling.

I was uncontrollable. I drove deeper and deeper into her young pussy. I thought I would pass out. I heard her crying out and felt her increasingly urgent pelvic thrusts as she started cumming and I could no longer resist the pull of my balls to explode and expel their contents ... deep spasm after spasm wracked my body as I pumped volumes of cum into the young body under me.

I dropped on to the bed between Karen and Blue Dress. I could not move. I had just experienced the most intensely erotic moments of my life. All fantasies, whatever the source, had been realized. I was ready to leave this existence -- this environment. Either that or I would continue to love Karen as we were -- forever.

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