byChris Payne©

When I look back at how the whole business started I blame Karenkay. She is the prolific Literotica writer whose work is usually to be found on the Interracial pages. If not her, then it was the fault of my wife's little white poodle. Then again maybe no one was to blame. Maybe it all worked out as it was destined to do.

I was sitting at my computer reading, and enjoying, the latest Karenkay offering when my attention was broken by the most God awful barking and yelping from the garden. I leapt up and rushed to the window. There was my wife Tanya's poodle being well and truly screwed by the neighbour's large black Labrador. (I apologise, dear reader, for the rather predictable metaphor).

I raced for the back door, stopping only long enough to collect the garden hose from the deck and turn on the water. Then it was full speed to the fucking dogs there to spray them with water. It did nothing. Why should it? Have you ever fucked in the shower? Exactly.

My next door neighbour, Jim, was far more successful. Ignoring the stream of water I was rather haphazardly aiming, he rushed in and grabbed his dog by the collar, and by just brute force pulled the copulating creatures apart. Of course after such an accomplishment there was nothing left to do but hoist a cold one, which Jim who went into his house, dragging his unhappy wet Lab, brought back from his beer fridge.

Halfway through the refreshing Bud I had a terrible thought. I had left my computer with the latest Karenkay Interracial story filling the screen. My wife Tanya was in the house and if she went into the office could not fail to see what I had been reading. Tanya and I enjoy a busy and regular sex life, but any thought of kinkiness was not something which I believed she would either understand or accept. Offering hurried excuses to Jim, I gulped down the remainder of the beer and ran for home. Too late!

There at the computer sat my beautiful Tanya. It was clear she was reading the story. Before I could say anything she turned to me and said "What is this?" Nonplussed is an inadequate description. What could I say? It's a story about twisted couples where the woman likes being fucked by some black dude who's hung like a horse while her pathetic husband looks on. I didn't thing that would gain many points, so I followed Woody Allen's great advice, "when in doubt mumble." So I mumbled.

"Eh I'm not sure, what have you got there?"

"Jesus! Do you think I'm stupid? You know exactly what I've got. It is something you were reading before you tore out of here. So what is it."

It was time for some imagination. "I don't really know. I was just surfing and came across this story. It's clearly only somebody's idea of an impossible fantasy. It's only fiction."

"Keith, sometimes you really are full of shit. While you've been hanging out with Jim I've been reading this story. I also took the time to check the log-on history, and guess what? almost every day you go onto this, what is it? Literotica? site. So now I'm going to read some of these stories and see if it helps me get inside what passes for your mind. So just clear off and leave me to it. Go and have another beer with Jim."

It sounded like good advice so I, let's be honest, I slunk away. Hoping that Tanya would quickly get fed up with the stories and that after a cooling off period it would become a forgotten incident. Boy was I in for a surprise!

Jim and I shared a couple more Buds. Then I mooched about the garden. Then got the dog lead and took Tanya's poodle for a walk, which generally got rid of the entire afternoon. Eventually I decided that I would have to go an face Tanya sometime, and now was as good as any other time, so I returned home. Nothing. Dinner was ready. Tanya served it and nothing was said about the days earlier events. I may not be the brightest apple in the barrel but in four years of marriage I have learned when it is best not to say too much. Tanya made it easier by chattering about everything other than the thought that was pre-occupying my mind. "What was she really thinking.?"

The next day was Monday and so I was off to work and therefore out of any searching or embarrassing questions. Dinner that night was again a period of amiable conversation about the normal trivialities of our respective days. Tuesday back to work again. Tuesday evening the beginning of the bombshell. Dinner was over when Tanya switched the conversation. "Keith I want to ask you about that Literotica site." Here it comes I thought, now I'm in trouble. Just keep calm, don't lose it, I told myself.

"Yeah." I answered

"Would you like to see me in bed with a black man.?".

Nothing in our backgrounds could possibly have prepared me for that question. Again I dissembled. "Eh, look Tanya, it's just fiction. It's just the, you know, it can never happen in real life."

"Yes but supposing it could, what then? Would you get off on seeing me with another man, a black man?"

She was not about to let this go so I took a deep breath.

"Yeah, if it was possible, which I'm sure it isn't, I would get off on seeing that. That was why I enjoyed the Interracial section. So are you happy now?"

"Yes," she said, "I just wanted to be sure."

"So what happens now?" I asked.

"Nothing. I just wanted to know what you thought about the idea."

"Well now you know."

I went down to the den and settled down to watch the Toronto Maple Leafs lose another heartbreaker.

Life settled down to its boring routine. Never a word was spoken about black cocks, black fucking, Literotica or even that doyen of black cock cravers Karenkay. So I assumed yet another marital crises had been navigated.

It was on a Monday. I had arrived home at the end of a days work. I had barely time to get my coat off and hung in the closet when Tanya came dashing out of the kitchen. Dashing? Did I say. She was almost floating. Before I could ask the reason for this apparent elation she almost shrieked at me "Guess what?"

"What am I supposed to guess,?" I reasonably replied.

"Guess what I've found.?"

"I give up. What have you found.?"

"I've found a black guy who is interested in fucking."

Have you ever been hit between the eyes with a two by four? No neither have I, but it doesn't matter because I now know what it would feel like. I seem to recall that I staggered a little and grabbed at the cupboard door for support. My legs felt week, but there was just a glimmer of excitement as well.

"Wh...what do you mean?"

"What part don't you understand? I've been working through a bunch of interracial sites and been chatting to some other couples and I've found someone who is interested."

"This is crazy, you can't just go out and meet up with someone you met on line. The Internet is full of arseholes. You could get yourself killed. Who is this guy? What do you know about him? Where's he from?"

"He's from Toronto, and I've been chatting with him for almost two weeks. He says he would be happy to help us with our fantasy as long is it is really what we want. So my question to you is; is it?"

God how had this happened. Of course it was what I had fantasised about during all those hours on Literotica. But wasn't there a difference between fantasy and reality? Was I really ready to see Tanya being taken by another man, a black guy yet. The doubts were all too ready to leap into my brain, but my prick was telling me another story. It was stiff and I could feel it leaking pre-cum. This was the eternal dilemma of man through history. The head says one thing but the prick something else, and like countless men before me I was going to follow my prick.

"Well, yes it is what I want." I told Tanya.

She smiled, then dropped one more surprise. "Good, His name is Al, and before he will agree to a meeting he wants to hear from you so that he knows he has your permission. So he wants you to phone him this evening and confirm that you are ok with the situation. Then he suggests we set up a meeting somewhere public and take it from there."

That news eased a lot of my safety concerns, and if he wanted to hear from me, I guessed he was on the up and up.

"What's his number?"

Tanya handed me a slip of paper with ten digits. "He wants you to phone this evening."

"Well I suppose there's no time like the present. I'll give him a bell." I walked toward the garden.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to call on my cell from the garden."

"Can't I hear it?"

"No. This will be a private chat just between the guys." Which just goes to show how little I knew.

I punched in the number Tanya gave me and listened to the ringing tone. I had just about decided that Al was not there, when the phone was answered.


"Er, is this Al.?"


"Al this is Keith."

"Keith. Keith who?"

"Um I'm Tanya's husband. I understand you've been talking to her and she said you wanted me to call."

"Oh yeah. So?"

"Er, well," this was proving a bit more difficult than I had imagined, and I certainly wasn't getting much help from Al. "Er Tanya said I should call and tell you I am cool with the idea."

"What idea's that?""

"You know, that you and her it's ok with me."

"I'm having a bit of problem following this. What's ok with you?"

"You know you and Tanya making love."

"Man you sure have got the wrong idea. Where did you hear this. Making love? I don't make love. I fuck. Specifically I fuck white bitches who need a good dose of back cock."

My major thought was gratitude that Tanya was not hearing this exchange. Inexplicably that gratitude was tinged with a raging hard-on and an incredible dose of sexual excitement. My reverie was broken by the phone disgorging another homily from the chosen black God.

"I know you're both new to this so let me explain a few things. Clearly the two of you are submissive. Tanya has decided that the idea of submitting to a black cock is a great turn on for her. You agree with that turn on but your motivation is different. You get off on the humiliation. I've seen this many times before. You are not the first, nor will you be the last couple to follow this path. Trust me, the deeper you get involved, and you will be involved, the greater the sexual release you both will have. Your wife will get all the black cock she can handle and then some, and you will get deeper humiliation than you could ever possibly imagine. This is where fantasy ends and realism takes over. Now decision time has arrived. Do you shit or get off the pot? Are you ready to beg me to fuck your slut wife?"

I was silent taking in all I had heard. Al certainly believed in laying it on the line. I thought about what he had said. I couldn't be absolutely sure of Tanya's wants, but I knew deep inside that I did want humiliation.

"Are you still there?" That was Al telling me thinking time was over.

"Er, yes Al I er, want you to, er, screw Tanya."

"Listen you're still fighting this. This isn't about screwing it's blatant flat out fucking. Get it?"


"Then lets hear it?"

I took a deep breath. "Al I want you to fuck my wife." There, I had crossed the Rubicon. Nothing would ever be the same. The first change came quicker than I could have imagined.

"Ok," said Al, "That's a bit better. I probably shouldn't expect too much from you, after all what sort of an excuse for a man would ask some stranger to fuck his wife? Clearly this means that you recognise me as the Alpha male around here, and you are about to become a cuckold. "From here on in, that's what you are and that's going be your name, 'Cuck' that's what I will call you. You will call me 'Sir'? Understand Cuck?"


"Yes what?"

"Yes Sir." It was done and the rest of our life was just beginning.

"Jesus Cuck, you made that hard work You'd better sharpen your ideas up from here. Now today is Monday, let's set up a meeting for Friday evening. We'll meet at the Holiday Inn, in the bar, and get this under way."

Well that wasn't too bad Friday was still four days away. Time to get adjusted until Al went on.

"Friday won't give the two of you a lot of time to get ready."

Get ready, what was that all about? I wondered. I didn't wonder for long.

"Is Tanya shaved?"

"Er, no"

"Ok first things first I don't like hairy cunts, so you need to shave her. Don't leave it to her. You do it and make sure there no hair left. Probably be best if you do it after we finish talking then shave her again on Friday before we meet." There was a pause that lasted so long I wondered if the connection was broken. No such luck.

"Cuck," his deep voice came through the handset. "Cuck, you there?"

"Yes," I paused for a beat then continued "Sir."

"You got a speaker phone in the house?"

"Yes Sir," no hesitation that time, perhaps I was accepting my humble status.

"Go inside and call me from the speaker phone. Cuck, have Tanya there. No sense in me repeating everything twice." He disconnected the call.

Into the house I went. Tanya could not contain her curiosity. "What did he say?"

"He wants to meet Friday, but I have to phone him now on the speaker phone so he can talk to both of us."

I called Sir's number, for such I now thought of him. The phone rang and rang. "You must have dialled the wrong number," said Tanya. I could see from call display that the number was correct. What could be the problem? Then as I was about to hang up the phone was answered. He said nothing so hesitantly I said "hello"

"Who's there?"

"It's me and Tanya."

"Who the fuck is me? I don't know anybody called me."

I swallowed hard. "It's Cuck, Sir."

"Oh yeah. How are you Tanya? Excited about the big meeting?"

"I just hope I can wait until Friday." My wife sounded inordinately keen for this encounter.

"Well the time will go pretty quickly because the two of you are going to be busy getting ready. In fact Cuck will be starting the preparation as soon as he hangs up, wont you Cuck?"

I agreed. Then the humiliation began in earnest as Sir told me to explain to Tanya what our first task would be. Haltingly I explained that I would be shaving her pussy.

"See Tanya, I just don't like hairy cunts. When I start to tongue fuck your white cunt I don't want to be getting a mouthful of cunt hair. It gets stuck between the teeth and is a bitch to get rid off. So is that all clear?

Yes, we both replied, Tanya with much more enthusiasm than I.

But Al or Sir was not finished, not by a long way.

"Now I'll explain what else you have to do to get ready for the big day."

To be continued...

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