Karen's Revelations Ch. 05


Karen hesitated in her telling of the story to clasp a hand over her mouth. Nobody seemed worried and nobody asked why. Both Jenny and Sharmila smiled in satisfaction and Melanie and Trish instinctively knew that Karen had enjoyed another orgasm under the blankets. Melanie was concentrating on sliding her index finger inside Jenny's well-lubricated slit and Trish could feel the muscles of Sharmila's vagina grip her two fingers.

"Ahh, we spent..... the night together..... and made love once more..... in the morning. When she left I made sure she wore the sexy underwear, even though the thong was still soaked, and the dress. I gave her the address of The Top Hat and told her, if she wanted, our paths could cross again."

Jenny was tasting her finger. "You said she left you in no doubt that you wanted to become a lesbian. Was she your favourite?"

Karen was smiling as she looked at Jenny. "Probably. I mean they were all gorgeous women, especially Georgia who could easily have been a top class model or actress, but Brenda had a lack of self-awareness which I just found really nice. And sexy in a way."

"Have you any more conquests on the horizon?" asked Melanie.

Karen slipped a finger down under the blankets and dipped it into her own wetness. She showed her finger to everyone and smiled.

"Sooner rather than later, I hope!"

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by HiddenInTheOpen10/20/17

Excellent story!

I really enjoyed reading all five chapters of this story, and wish it were even longer. Thank you for sharing this with us!

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