tagGroup SexKaren's Sexual Flowering

Karen's Sexual Flowering

byRed Hugh©

Karen was not happy in her job. She wasn't all that happy at home either. She had loved her husband Ken but regretted the promise she'd made to him when they married about having his children. She had no maternal feelings and wanted to continue in her career, even if, perhaps with a different employer.

She worked for a bank and was still regarded by many of her colleagues as "The Girl".

She was twenty-seven and had worked her way up to management from a teller position. She was tall slender with blue eyes. Being slim her breasts were not very big but she was firm all over with tight buttocks which showed not the slightest hint of a droop. She was a bottle blonde as was evidenced by her black pubic hair. She was a beautiful woman.

Her sister, a nurse, who was a year younger didn't dye her hair but was otherwise almost a mirror image of her older sibling.

A so called 'young hot shot' turned up at the office one morning. He'd been hired straight out of university making those who had 'worked their way' a bit tense and stand-offish.

He strolled in, his well built 6'3" form moved across the lobby. Karen was first in that morning and booting up the computer system for the day's work.. She noticed him and went out to ask if she could help him. He introduced himself as Dave and shook her hand. He seemed nice enough for a dreaded 'graduate'.

He looked older than she had expected. He would be working to one of the senior managers and would have a desk near Karen and the other junior managers.

The months passed and Karen discovered that he wasn't from another planet but a very nice guy. He was 30 and had been at University for 13 years. He had more letters after his name than in it! He told her none of this but his age. She found out the rest from a friend in personnel.

The occasional young woman would appear to be escorted to lunch but as he and Karen became friends she learnt that he didn't have steady girlfriends.

Karen and Ken's relationship hit a bit of a rough patch when Ken began to insist on a baby. Meantime Karen's sister Samantha - "Sam" had broken up with her boyfriend and come back home to work at the local hospital.

One Friday evening when the office drinks cabinet was open Karen mentioned that she should introduce her sister properly to Dave. They'd seen eachother when Sam came to see Karen from time to time.

Dave being unattached and in need of some feminine company said he'd like that. He suggested that he take Sam to lunch next Friday when she wasn't working and he could get back to work late. All was arranged and lunch went so well that they arranged to go out the next night.

Sam was just as stunning as Karen but with dark ringlets. Strolling to a taxi rank arm in arm from dinner Sam asked whose flat they should go to. Dave didn't give away his surprise and answered that wherever she felt comfortable would be fine. Sam gave the driver directions to her flat which was the front section of a big old house.

Sam asked him if he was able to stay the night or had to be somewhere early the next morning. Maybe it was her job that made her so matter of fact but it was refreshing. Taking Dave's hand as they exited the taxi she walked him up to the door, opened it, and showed him in.

"I'll get some more wine and we can get really silly. Make yourself at home." She smiled.

Dave sat down and Sam reappeared with a couple of bottles, glasses and a corckscrew.

"Let's really get comfortable. I hate first nights don't you?"

Dave just nodded. He didn't want to be so drunk that he was impotent so he asked which bottle she prefered and just opened that one. Sam dropped the tailored trousers she'd been wearing. Leaving her top on she came and sat beside him on the sofa, folding her legs under her. She was wearing a pair of high cut ivory coloured panties with a lacy front through which her jet black pubic hair was quite visible.

The fact that he was onto a sure thing did quite a bit to ease Dave's first night nerves. He kissed Sam and she responded sending her tongue into his mouth. Breaking the kiss she took a sip of wine and kissed him again undoing a couple of buttons on his shirt and stroking the hair on his firm muscular chest. He meanwhile was running his hands over Sam and despite the constant flow of alcohol his cock was filling with blood.

As his hand moved to cup a breast through Sam's top his suspicion that she hadn't worn nor needed a bra was confirmed. She had really firm little breasts which he was very interested in seeing. They made out on the sofa for a good hour and quaffed most of a bottle. Sam was now on her back with Dave on top of her. She had her pantied crotch against the big solid hard-on in his pants and was humping against him.

"Let's get you into bed." She said breathlessly.

They clambered up and she led him by the hand to her room. There he hurredly undressed as she removed her top and climbed into bed still in her panties. She had just the sort of body he liked. At the same time he couldn't help thinking that that was what Karen would look like also.

Sam matter of factly asked him if he thought he'd last long if he fucked her now. His cock was rigid and drops of precum were flowing from its tip.

He confessed he wouldn't.

"Well you just let Nurse Sammy show you her bedside manner and then you can take your time fucking me. Because more than anything I need a really good 'seeing to'".

With that he was gently pushed back and and his cock disappeared into her mouth. Her tongue went around his big tip on each upstroke and she plunged again as far as she could. Dave's hand was busy at her panties or rather inside them. He found her wet seam and slid a finger into her. She gripped it and bore down. Dave had had more than he could stand. His cock had been hard on and off all evening and then for the enire time on the sofa.

"Sam, I'm going to cum." He warned.

She nodded and smiled at him.

"I'm serious." He continued only to be greeted with a muffled "OK".

His recent conquests hadn't let him cum in their mouths so he hadn't expected this. He let go a load that felt like it came all the way from his scalp. He felt Sam swallowing around his cock and gently cleaning him.

She rose up from his cock with his hand still in her pants and his finger inside her.

"Happy boy?" she asked grinning.

"Delerious." He replied. "I'm sorry I didn't realise you'd swallow or even let me cum your mouth."

"Sometimes I like to. I do it for someone I like and when I'm horny which, my Dear, is a warning that I expect something from you while you recover. How about I get rid of these ?"

Disengaging from him she rolled onto her back raised her legs and displaying all of herself to him calmly pulled her silk panties off.
He pulled her to him and kissed her. She was lying on top of him and lifting her slightly he moved his kisses rapidly down her body until she was sitting on his face. He got his first taste of her sex juices and knew he'd be back between her legs as often as possible.

He genuinely liked to get between a womans legs and explore with his mouth and tongue. Sam had jet black hair between her legs which she obviously tended regularly. It was shaped and her lips had just the smallest soft hint of fuzz on them.

When she'd flashed her entire rear end he'd noticed that the hair made it just to the bottom of her lips -yumm. Her slit was a pink flesh coloured contrast to the dark frame of her hair. Dave was hard at work on her fleshy little treat. Sam's little clit had moved out of its hood and the small tip sat like a tiny pearl awaiting his attention. She was dripping wet and beginning to breathe heavily, her stomach flexed each time he sucked her clit.

He moved to concentrate on it and craddling her buttocks took her little button between his lips and ran his tongue softly back and forth across it as she built to her climax. He didn't rush her and she had to strive for her release which when it came nearly broke his neck. She fell onto the bed and he placed his wet face to hers for a kiss. Unlike some women she didn't flinch and in fact licked his face clean of the most obvious moisture.

"I've always thought I didn't taste too bad. What do you think.?"she asked.

"I like the way you taste.It's very mild but I can't quite discribe it beyond saying anytime you want me down there I'm ready"

"Thanks, yea, a few women are pretty funky aren't they?" She replied.

"Talking from experience are we?" he laughed.

"Could be!" she said with a wink. "Now how's my friend down there doing?"

She glanced down to see that Dave was re-inflating nicely. Her last few comments had helped. Dave asked if she wanted a condom. She told him not to worry as she couldn't get pregnant but didn't elaborate.

"Can I be on top?" she asked "You're pretty big"

How could Dave refuse such a polite and flattering request. She cast a leg over him took hold of his cock and positioning it at her entrance pushed herself onto him.

It took a while to get down him and adjust to his girth. Her last boyfriend had only been about 4" long and thin, Dave was about 3 inches longer but it was his thickness that distinguished him. It had taken all her skill to blow him and now she felt him touch and fill her in a way she had long forgotten.

She reached around pulled up the bedcover and settled in for a long slow fuck. She would raise herself only a half inch or so and then come back down on him. She showered Dave in kisses and enjoyed the feel of his arms around her. She liked a slow fuck with cuddles and was delighted she'd swallowed his first load. He would last a good long time and she could savour his proximity and the delicous intrustion at her sexual core.

They kept up their rhythm for about an hour by which time she was sitting up with her hands on his chest moving right up and down along his shaft. Dave warned her that he would cum if she kept it up. She wouldn't have minded because she'd had a number of small orgams over the last hour. She told him just to let go and fill her up. She came down on him and rubbed her clit aganst the base of his cock. As she did this his first spurt entered her.

That set her off and as he pumped into her she fell onto his chest with a cry.

He stayed in her as his cock deflated and pulling the cover back around them drifted off with her into a contented sleep.

Sam was on the phone to her sister the next day soon after Dave left.

"So how was he?" his colleague asked.

"I'm bandy!"

"Really? Is he big or did you guys just screw a lot?

"He's big, not too long but Rob was a sparrow by comparison. I can take the length but the thickness is going to take a bit of getting used to."

"So you intend to get used to it little sister?"

"Yep, I think so. If I recall you'd handle him pretty well." She chuckled referring to the time she and Karen fucked Ken as a Christmas present and other ocassions.

"So he's about Ken's size?" Karen said wistfully.

"Think so. It's been a while mind you. I've always envied you that cock."

"Yea, but what it's attached to is being a bit of a prick at the moment. I think he might leave if I don't give him a child soon"

"I really wish I could help Karen."

"I know and don't think I'm not sorry about all of that but let's not dwell."

Karen explained that she would indulge in a bit of gentle teasing on Monday morning. She did and Dave took it well saying that he owed her bigtime for the introduction. Things rolled along for a few months with Sam getting used to a good sized cock and continuing to drop hints about possible experience with women. One day Dave was going to call her bluff.

One weekend Sam's cellphone went off. She was at Dave's in bed. It was her sister. Ken had left her for a woman who wanted a baby as badly as he. She was upset but reasonably composed. Sam asked if she wanted to grab a taxi and come over. She and Dave had both been drinking and couldn't drive. She gave Karen the address and about twenty minutes later a red eyed Karen knocked on the door. Dave realised it was better to make himself scarce. He made for the kitchen and rustled up something to eat and brought Karen some of the wine he and Sam had been drinking.

Karen and Sam talked away not quite ignoring Dave but, Karen being a colleague, he was happy to keep a bit of distance. About midnight he made up the sofa for himself and told the sisters to use the big bed. He kissed Sam goodnight.

He slept alright and in the morning rose early as usual. He decided he'd make Karen and Sam breakfast in bed. He secretly hoped he might see a little bit more of Karen than usual as he took the tray into the bedroom. The sisters were fast asleep with one of the bedside lamps still illuminating the room enough for him to see that Sam was cuddling Karen.

Nothing odd about that but Sam and Karen clearly had no tops on. He could only see Karen's back but he could see all the way down her back to the swell of her buttocks. He looked around and noticed two sets of underwear on the floor. One he didn't recognise.

Split second decision. He slipped from the room with the tray. He made a very loud noise in the kitchen and then came back down the hallway to the bedroom door whistling as he came. Both sisters had T-shirts on. He served breakfast and left them to it.

Later that morning he gave Karen a lift home and before she got out of the car she thanked him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She seemed a lot better. He wondered whether what he had seen had anything to do with it.

Back at his place Sam was in just a T-shirt and panties doing a bit of tidying. As she bent over he noticed that they were the strange pair from Karen's side of the bed. Sam caught him staring with a puzzled look on his face.

"I thought so.You did see didn't you?" she asked quietly.

"Is it any of my business?" he asked in reply.

"It is I suppose because I don't want any secrets between us. Karen and I didn't do anything last night. I just held her but we've done things in the past and that's why it seemed normal to be naked and now I see I'm sprung wearing her undies."

"Am I supposed to have a problem with that because I don't really. I feel pretty strongly about you and it would be crazy to feel threatened by your sister. Frankly if you had got it on last night I wouldn't mind - not with Karen anyway." He added.

"Do you fancy Karen at all?"

"Well she looks like you so of course. To be honnest when I look at you I sometimes think about how Karen would look with her clothes off."

"She's got a mole on her right breast and a little scar on her bum from a bike accident when she was little." Sam laughted.

'Why do you ask if I fancy her?"

He got no response to that question but Sam explained that Karen had sobbed in private most of the night and was much more cut up than she let on. Dave would have to get used to being around Karen for a while if he was seeing Sam. Sam was not going to let her sister go through this alone.

Dave's only problem was that Karen was a colleague but Sam let him in on the new job offer Karen had had which had played a part in the split. She was taking a job with a Finance House across town. Problem solved.

"I'm going to give up my flat and move in with Karen for a while and if you can cope I'd prefer that most of our sleepovers were there just for the moment."

Dave had been wondering about the future of Sam's flat for a while
But had not seen this as the solution. Nevertheless he'd heard and seen enough to know not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

"If you come here sometimes you don't have to leave Karen. She can come too." he added explaining that fancying her and jumping her bones were two different things.

If she and Sam had some sort of physical thing going he wouldn't interfere -"unless invited!" he chuckled.

"Never know your luck Banker Boy" Sam retorted. "I'm sorry our weekend has been disrupted but I need to move a few things to Karen's place. Want to help? At least we'll be together."

Sam showered and dressed leaving Karen's panties either accidentally or deliberately at Dave's. They collected some of Sam's clothes and a few other things.

At Karen's Sam calmly stowed her belongings in Karen's bedroom. Dave was certain he'd enjoy staying over even if Sam and he would have their own room for conjugal visits. Dave left about 2pm. It would be like old times, kind of.

The sisters got out a bottle of wine. Sam told Karen about Dave catching them out and Karen said she didn't care but was pleased she was going to be his friend thanks to her move. The wine flowed and they decided to have a soak in the spa bath.

Dave was at his flat madly beating off with Karen's panties. They were cotton and not a type Sam ever wore, except that morning.

Relaxing in the spa jets Sam asked Karen if she wanted her to share Dave with her as she had done Ken on special occasions. Karen did fancy Dave and now felt free to act on that so she said that she would like to. She asked Sam where she thought things were heading with him.

"Oh, we love eachother. I don't think we'll bother to get married but I want to spend my life with him."

"Does he mind about the baby thing?"


"Lucky you." Karen sighed adding, "Sorry you know what I mean. How much does he know?"

"You and me? I told him that I've made love to you and made no secret of moving into your room but the other business I don't like to discuss. I just told him the facts."

"Fair enough. Do you think he would fancy me?"

"He's said so!"

"Well let's get hm over here next week after my farewell and see what happens."

The sisters went off to have a late afternoon nap and for the first time in three years Sam made love to her sister. She didn't ask for or want anything herself. Karen lay back and sobbed her orgasms as Sam fucked her to cum after cum with a nice fat strap-on Karen had bought a few months back just in case Ken did a runner.

It had been months since she had willingly submitted to a plowing from anyone she loved and as she lay semi-upright on a pile of pillows her legs wide open an head back crying her pleasure Sam's buttocks tensed and rippled, the sweat flowing off her as took no care of her own pleasure and rejoiced at being back between her sister's legs.

The farewell party went well. Karen was happy to be shot of most of the shits she'd had to work with. Nobody thought much of how friendly she was towards Dave. They had always got on and he was going out with her sister.

About 9pm things wound up and she and Dave headed towards her house. Sam would be waiting to fuck Dave and although he didn't expect it her sister as well. During the week they had really re-connected and not just on the end of rubber penises. One day they would have to explain the basis of their relationship to Dave if he was still around. For the moment they reasoned he wouldn't complain.

The travellers arrived and parked in the garage coming in through the kitchen to the smell of something nice cooking. They'd had the usual party fare of drinks and snacks so could do with something more substancial. Sam sat them down and served dinner. They talked about their plans for the weekend and Sam asked bluntly if Dave would mind an extra body in the bed. Karen looked at him and winked.

"No problem, do you want to have sex with Sam or both of us just so there's no misunderstanding."

"Well we don't work together anymore and I don't think that Sam and I are really very bi-sexual."

Dave raised an eyebrow.

She continued, "As far as women go we've only ever known each other. I'm happy with that. It's a bit complicated but if you can cope for the moment you've got us both until I'm swept off my feet again and even then you never know your luck. If I hadn't been married and we working together who knows what might have happened."

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