tagFetishKaren's Toes in Silky Wet Hose

Karen's Toes in Silky Wet Hose


As I blew on Karen's toes to dry the cherry red polish I'd just applied to them, I glanced over at her other foot, also propped up on the sofa, with it's already painted toes shining brightly in the light of the reading lamp on the end table. Having used the quick-dry polish, I knew that that cute quintet of piggies had long since dried and could have the wads of cotton removed from between them.

Lying on her back on the floor, legs propped up on the sofa upon which I lay on my stomach, Karen giggled as I recapped the bottle of nail polish and removed the cotton from between the first set of polished toes. The newly de-cottoned toes wiggled their joy. When those toes fanned out and her foot arched upward, I looked down at Karen. She was smiling happily, peering up over the upper edge of her book, as she admired her newly lacquered nails. Laughing quietly, I bent back down to finish blowing on her toes. Already they were drying nicely.

"You, sir, are and artist." Karen said, obviously pleased with my efforts.

"Well, thank you, ma'am." I replied, beaming with pride. "I do rather pride myself on a steady hand and sharp eye."

We both laughed. I briefly tickled the soles of her feet. It was cute watching both feet, one still having cotton between the toes, wiggling around to avoid my tickling fingers. Then I got an idea...a kinky idea (actually, quite common for me). Those dry toenails, looking like five squirming, tasty cherries, seemed to work their way into my brain, telling it how juicy their little shrimp-like toes would be to nibble on. My brain agreed. Besides, I knew how crazy it made Karen when a hot mouth attacked her toes. It could easily make her lose control...and she's LOTS of fun when she loses control.

So, grinning, I stopped puffing on the more recently painted toes and lifted her other foot, intent on a toe meal that I knew would have Karen sweating in minutes. I smiled wickedly at her and slowly moved her toes toward my mouth. The look on her face was priceless! Her eyes grew round as saucers, her mouth hung open, and her face flushed with excitement. I could see her whole body quivering with anticipation. The closer to my mouth her toes got, the more she gasped and squirmed on the floor.

Feeling a tiny spark of cruelty, I decided to tease her. When her toes were less than an inch from my mouth, I stuck out my tongue and flicked it at the tips of her toes, missing them by mere millimeters. Her toes started wiggling like crazy, and she tried to shove her foot against my tongue. She almost made it, too, but

I caught her foot just in time, saying, "Naughty girl. I don't know if I want to suck your toes now. Maybe you don't deserve it. You're too impatient."

"Oh, puh-LEEZE," she laughed, almost wickedly, rolling her eyes as she correctly stated, "you want to suck my toes as much as I want you to suck them. Don't give me that crap."

We laughed together, playfully sticking our tongues at each other. During this childish tongue-duel, Karen quipped, "Now why don't you put that delightfully naughty tongue to some good use while my other toes dry?" She wiggled her previously painted toes - long since dried to a bright sheen - enticingly, to help convince me of the absolute good sense of her idea. But I chose to be difficult. I can tease as proficiently as she can.

"What if my tongue wants OTHER things? Man does not live by toes alone." I chuckled.

"Hmmm...well, then," she cooed in her sticky sweet way, "I think you'd have to EARN those other tasty tidbits, now, don't you? Besides, I'm sure you know that if you get down to some sensual slurping on my toes, those OTHER parts will soon want some slurping, too, right? Not to mention other...things...done to them. Hmmm....sound like a plan, honey?" Her lips curled in a sultry smile, and her eyes sparkled their eagerness at me.

"Um...hon," I asked, "what about tonight's party?"

"What about it?" she asked, looking disappointed. Her toes still wiggled eagerly in front of my face.

"Well, we don't have time to get engaged in....um....funtime, if we're going to make it to the party on time."

"Fuck the party!" she cried. "A good foot-lickin' and a hearty hump are more important! Wouldn't you agree, my studly, copiously hung, toe-boy?" She winked at me mischievously, her eyes promising the world.

"Um...yo, hon...you're receiving an award, remember? You worked hard for it."

She sighed. "Yeah, I suppose I did." She frowned. She mulled over her predicament. She looked momentarily wistful, then her eyes glinted playfully again. "But...well....just a quick toe suck then. We can hump like bunnies when we get home....okay?" She nodded eagerly at me, as if her energetic head bob would

surely convince me.

I thought that over. It seemed perfect. If I sucked her toes, it'd get her really horny. Then she'd have to wait all through the party for "funtime" when we finally got home. She'd be insane with lust. She'd be ready to do

almost ANYTHING to have an orgasm. She'd fuck me senseless. And all it would take would be a mouthful of her impish toes. Oh, what a glorious thought. And so fiendishly simple to do. Not to mention scrumptious.

I had her toes in my mouth in less time than it takes a hummingbird to hiccup. I sucked 'em good, too. I slithered my tongue all around them, between them, adding an even more recent glisten to her recently painted nails...a wet gleam that had her toes dancing with joy. I slurped those toes hungrily, making them all warm and wet. I sucked them gently, then harder, squeezing each toe between my lips and sucking up and down its entire length. I nibbled her toes, kissed them, lightly chewed them from base to tip. And all the while, Karen - eyes closed, mouth open and sighing - squirmed on the floor. God, what a sight! There's nothing in this life I enjoy seeing more than my sexy baby getting all horned out and revved up for action.

Lost in the moment, I grabbed her other foot, yanking the cotton from between her toes and shoving fresh little piggies deep into my mouth. Karen squealed, and nearly kicked me in the head with her other foot. Maybe it had gotten upset at being so quickly cast aside for these new, upstart toes? Or maybe...heh...she was already losing control. Yeah, that's the ticket.

I so love to tease. After licking and sucking Karen's cute, sensitive toes for several long, tasty minutes, I stopped the torture and pulled back. I replaced the frantic sucking with slow, romantic kisses on the tips of her toes and along her insteps. The glaze left Karen's eyes and she slowly stopped panting. She gasped out

long, hormone-squelching sighs, blowing air upwards out of her mouth so hard it made her bangs hop on her forehead. I noticed with evil glee that she was clamping her thighs together, a sure sign that her hormones had begun to flow with the force of Niagara Falls during the first spring thaws. My inward laughter sounded to me like a mischievous leprechaun who'd just found both a pot of gold and a warehouse full of Guinness.

"Oh my God," she said with still heaving chest, "now I'm gonna be horny throughout the entire party!"

"Bingo!" I thought, a smug smile plastered on my face. "Do I know Karen or what?" Oh, yeah, this was gonna be one helluva night. If I played my cards right - and from this point on I seriously doubted I could play them any way OTHER than right - she would be eating out of my hand by the time we got back home from the party. She'd probably try to rape me in the car! Heh...life can be sooooo much fun sometimes.

Looking down at Karen, I gently rubbed and kissed her feet, wickedly pointing out to her the fact that my little toenail licks had indeed made them even shinier. Then I pressed the pads of her toes against my face, just above my upper lip, allowing her to wiggle them in my soft, trim mustache. She licked her lips and wiggled her

toes in it, her face getting flushed with excitement all over again. That was when I cruelly put and end to things. I wanted her stoked for later.

Pulling her feet away from my hairy upper lip, I got up off the sofa quickly, leaving her squirming tootsies all alone on the comfy cushion. The sad look on her face broke my heart, but I knew she'd thank me later. By

way of apology - and to hint at my intentions - I grinned at her and said, "Don't worry, sexy, your gorgeous feet will be well cared for later, as will every other inch of you. I'll make it up to you, I promise. But, for now, you better start getting ready for your big night."

She stood up slowly. She seemed a little wobbly to me, but I knew that was just the rubbery consistency the muscles of her legs took on when she was horny as hell. Still, she had enough strength of will left in her to make a whispered comment that had MY legs wobbling just as much as hers. "Honey," she sighed into my ear, "the only thing I want BIG tonight is that hard, fat cock of yours all over me. First, you're going to make it up to my TOES for teasing them, and then you're going to give every bit of strength you have making me gush over and over all night long. Is that clear, sweety...honey...man of mine?" Her mouth smiled sweetly, but her eyes twinkled an ominous "Refuse me and you die" sentiment. Her words and her whispered...incentives...had my crotch throbbing in less than a nanosecond.

Dressing for the awards dinner was a dicey deal for both of us. Karen stared at the bulge in my shorts as I tried to adjust my bloated penis into a comfortable position so I could pull up my pants with a minimum of discomfort. She deliberately took her sweet time pulling up her stockings - sheer, silky thigh highs - running

her hands along her legs so overtly carnally as she raised each high into the air to smooth out the nylon, her slit dress riding high up one tempting thigh. As you might expect, additional penile adjustment was required before I could zip my pants.

With my throbbing chubby hidden behind two layers of clothing, my only hope for retaliation against her shameless stocking display lay in whatever verbal ammunition I could dredge up from my evil sexual psyche. And verbal sexual ammunition has never been in short supply in MY twisted brain, I'm proud to say.

"Mmmm," I grinned, "those legs of yours are gorgeous. And I can see those sexy toes of yours - so expertly painted by yours truly, I might add - peeking through the nylon. Makes me want to come right over there and suck those pretty piggies until you drench your silky panties."

I could see that that shot had hit its mark. I could also see Karen's brain working at warp speed, preparing its own libido-tweaking salvo. I beat her to the punch, keeping up the pressure. I was determined to get revenge

for that brain-melting, nylon smoothing ploy of hers.

"Come to think of it," I quickly added, "I'd like to yank those juiced panties off of you and replace them with my smiling face after I suck your toes. My tongue would give you a REAL reason to cream all over yourself." I

kept the pot boiling. "Of course, I could always replace my tongue with THIS little gem. Excuse me, this BIG gem." I grabbed my crotch, circling the bulge with fingers and thumb, jiggling my hardon at her through my skivvies and pants. The astonished look on her face was partly mock astonishment, yet partly sincere. Her face reddened again. Her taken aback, "O" shaped mouth quickly turned into a smile.

"Cheap shot," she said, laughing. "Well, then, since you obviously have no shame...take THIS, lover boy," she shouted, rolling back onto the bed and lifting up her slinky, slit-up-the-side evening dress and spreading her legs wide. Black evening dress, creamy thighs, sheer nylon hose, panties so silky they looked wet already (or perhaps they were?) ..all urged me to them. But Karen's display would become bolder still. With one hand she tugged down on her panties, and with the other she used two fingers to part her pussy lips, brazenly displaying the pink, wet folds between them. "Wouldn't you like a taste of THIS, baby? Or maybe shove that great big boner of yours in there all nice and tight? Right now, maybe? Hmmmm?" With her succulent ass over the edge of the bed, she wiggled it solely for my benefit, grinning a vengeful grin.

"Oh, yeah, baby," I fought back, "after I suck your toes and eat you good, I'll gobble those great knockers of yours while I pound your pussy with penis power!"

Thank God for that "p" alliteration. The silliness of it broke us both up. If it hadn't, Karen and I were about thirty seconds away from the fuck of a lifetime. And the party, along with her award, would've been a distant memory. It would've been great at the moment, but later we would've both regretted missing her big night.

So that dumb "penis power" comment - making us laugh heartily - broke the sexual tension, and salvaged Karen's award night. She sat giggling on the bed; I stood chuckling by the mirror. Both her laughter and mine were thickly laced with the nervous remains of the spell that had just been broken.

From that point on, we both seemed to know not to press the sex issue. One wrong comment or tease could've sent us both into a sexual frenzy and again, the party would've been forfeit. So we dressed quickly, quietly, engaging in only the tamest of small talk. It wasn't easy. We were primed. Our brains and bodies were on fire. One wrong move and....poof!...bye bye party.

We made it through the dressing. We did fondle and kiss each other on our way out to the car, and even inside the car, but no suggestive comments or actions were made. I did gently squeeze her right breast as we kissed in the car, and she did squeeze my ass with more than a little conviction, but we were able to leave it at that.

When we got to the party, we groped each other while we stood at the door, before entering the huge dance and dining hall. We did so furtively, shrewdly, waiting for the nosey headlights of other arriving cars to pass by us before resuming our kisses and fondlings. When other partiers began walking up from the parking area, however, our fun had to come to an end...for now. But our eyes clearly foretold of pleasures yet to come.

We were both literally quivering with desire as we took our places at our designated table. We were breathing heavily at first, and it took quite some time for our jacked up desires to subside. Still, throughout the meal and

the awards presentations, we rubbed and touched each other under the table. Despite this, however, we slowly calmed our rampaging libidos. Unable to openly grope and passionately kiss, the mood faded - somewhat - and we were able to concentrate on the festivities at hand. And when Karen received her much deserved award, she was so beside herself with pride and glee that our torrid teasing and touching was slowly forgotten.

Or...was it?

During her acceptance speech, I detected her voice cracking now and again, and her face flushed a crimson I did not believe indicated embarrassment, but rather lust. Oh, I suppose it could've all been simply from nervousness, though Karen's not the nervous type. For myself, I had hopes that those seemingly innocent symptoms were indicative of something far more...propitious...yet to come.

Karen's hormones hadn't really subsided at all. Not even one tiny, minuscule bit. But she had me thinking they had. She had me believing that her lust had been replaced by the pride and pleasure of having her workplace achievements finally recognized. Oh, she reveled in all of that, but her sexual desires hadn't been squelched in the slightest, merely pushed momentarily to the side.

After the awards had all been presented, rah-rah company speeches given and corporate mucky-mucks had orally bloated their own egos, the evening settled down to drinking, dancing and verbally abusing Karen's bosses and their obsequious brown-nosers by all those at our table. During this latter questionable pleasure, Karen's hands began exploring under the table again. My interest was again piqued.

Karen had just finished making a comment to one of her coworkers about how her boss's secretary should take out stock in a knee pad company when she immediately turned to me and whispered in my ear, "When we get home you damn well better suck my toes, you tease. And I am in such a mood for a really good sixty-nine." She giggled and kissed my shocked mouth, squeezing my crotch at the same time. I was instantly sporting a proud woody, which Karen was profoundly happy to fondle and grope.

Finally...FINALLY...the evening came to a close. Well, not completely. At these affairs, everyone always seems to wait for the first couple to leave, and then the desertions begin in earnest. Once that first couple leaves, the flood gate opens. Karen must've truly been horny, because as soon as the first brave duet stood

to depart, she quickly retrieved our coat check stubs from her purse and shoved them into my hand. "We're outta here, studly man. You've got some shrimping to do...among other things." She chuckled, proud of herself for remembering the rather odd little term for toe sucking. I laughed almost to the point of tears, leading others at our table to wonder just what had passed between Karen and I. We both took some secret, childish pleasure in letting them continue to wonder.

Now, Karen can be truly evil, an unapologetically bold, wanton vixen. I love this, of course, but not while I'm trying to drive. And even though I'd drunk responsibly, and even stopped drinking early on in the evening just to be sure, I still wanted to be careful not to do anything to attract New York's finest. The funniest part was, I wasn't so much worried about getting a DWI or DUI. In my heated state, my major worry was having my upcoming, inevitable tryst with my lady love interrupted for God knew how long if I was pulled over. Ah, the power of hormones.

But Karen was determined to make the drive home as difficult as possible for me. Well, in all fairness, that wasn't her true goal. Her true goal was to make me as horny as she could, so that when we got home I'd be all over her like cheese on spaghetti. THAT was her true purpose...God bless her mischievous little heart.

About halfway home Karen ended up sitting sideways in her seat, one arm up over the seat's back rest and the other resting on the dashboard. She leaned back against the door, lifting her long, gorgeous legs and stretching them out in my direction. Her high heeled feet plopped up onto my lap, one heel dangerously

close to the puptent between my legs. For some odd reason, my brain dredged up a cringe-inducing vision of her heel puncturing my proudly inflated penis, resulting in a long, loud hiss as the air rushed from it and it dropped humbly back down between my thighs. I would've laughed at this odd vision just from the wackiness of it alone, but somehow the idea of my penis being punctured - by ANYTHING - was anything BUT humorous. The result was a droll smile on my face, which Karen apparently misunderstood.

"Oh," she said, a look of mock pain on her pretty face, "you don't like my feet on your lap?"

"It's not that, hon. Of course I like your feet on my lap." I turned to look at her with pleading eyes. "Just be careful with that heel, okay?" I couldn't help but chuckle just a bit.

She laughed, then assured me, "I'd NEVER hurt that beautiful cock of yours, dear. I have so many plans for it...especially tonight. Don't worry, I'll be VERY careful."

"Phew, thanks, babe." I said, still eyeing that sharp heel nervously.

When I looked back at Karen to smile at her, she was grinning like the Cheshire Cat. "What?" I asked. Then, giving her a distrusting stare, I asked, "What are you cooking up in that devious brain of yours?"

"Nothing," she giggled, "nothing at all." Then, after a few moments, she added, "Well, not NOTHING, I suppose. I DO have a little surprise for you." I could see she was just beside herself with some deep, inner satisfaction. She was clearly about to spring something on me.

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