tagLoving WivesKarli's Birthday

Karli's Birthday


Hi my name is Duncan. Now I have to start by saying that Karli, my wife is seven months pregnant, and this has been a very emotional time for us. Firstly I managed to knock her up -- it seemed that was the easy part because now we have to deal with morning sickness, moodiness and all the girlie talk that comes with having a pregnant wife. Having said that, there is a plus. Our Doctor told us that Pregnancy often causes women to be increasingly horny, and boy was she correct. Secondly as her belly grows, creativity plays a big role as we discover new positions and try new things to accommodate the change; and Thirdly her once small tits have become huge. I know that won't last so I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

It was after one particularly hot afternoon session as I was lying on my stomach that I felt my wife's warm breath on my arse. "Fuck yes!" I groaned as I felt her touch my sensitive arsehole with her wet tongue. Now I must admit that this came as a complete surprise but I defiantly didn't want her to stop. As she started moaning into my arse, as I reached back and pulled her face into my hairy bum. Slowly; her licks went from tentative flicks of the tongue to hard thrusting as she pushed her tongue into my bum hole. Even though I'd only cum about five minutes before I knew I wouldn't last very long.

"Oh my god Karli, I'm gunna blow!"

Quickly she turned me over onto my back. She put her beautiful red lips over the mushroom head of my cock & started jacking my dick faster and faster. My hand grabs a hold of her hair and pulls as my body shudders shooting creamy white fluid into her mouth.

"Wow" I said "are you going to tell me what inspired that little display?"

She looked at me, smiling.

"I feel so dirty for having these thoughts." She said

"That's okay, what do you mean?"

"Well, I've been thinking about something. I'd like to try you, me, and another guy."


"Having all my holes filled."

"you mean..."

"Yes. I've thought about two guys, both fucking me at the same time."

"And you're into that?"

"Well, I never really thought about it, but the thoughts got me so wet!"

I lay back and think about it.

"Are you saying that you want to try that?" I ask.

"Only if it's okay with you."

"Well... your birthday is coming up soon..."

She jumped on me right there and then, thanking me as she covered me with kisses.

"Oh thank you Duncan, thank you, thank you!"

I push her over onto her back and start kissing her round pregnant belly.

"No." I say as I slide my cock over her beautiful full tits. "Thank you."

* * *

Karli is driving home on the afternoon of her birthday when I called her on her mobile. She picked up the phone & I almost got a hard on from hearing her beautiful voice.

"Hurry up and get over here!" I said. I explain to her that I've found someone to help fulfil her fantasy. My cock gets harder as she listens with anticipation. I ask her would she like to do it this evening & she responds by telling me that she'll be home right away. After I hang up the phone I tell out guest that he should jump into the shower. I want both him & me to be ready when my wife gets home

Ten minutes later she walks through the door. The house is silent, as she makes her way towards the bed room. When she gets there she will see James & I sitting on the bed in out matching black undies. I wanted us to look like a team. A tem who will work together to give her an evening she'll never forget.

"Oh, hey!" she said cheerfully after noticing the presence of the third person in our bedroom. I like the matching outfits" I stood up to embrace her. "Happy birthday babe. This evening is going to be wonderful, but we can stop any time you want." She smiled at me and laid down on the bed. "I love you" she said "thankyou for making this possible.

I just smiled and moved to join her on the bed. Slowly I started to kiss my way down Karli's neck, softly pulling at her skin with my lips. James who looks as excited as a little boy on Christmas eve begins to unbutton her shirt and kiss Karli's stomach. He runs his tongue across her belly, his hands reach upward to softly pinch Karli's beautiful brown nipples.

Once her shirt is undone all the way I decide we should focus on her skirt. Undoing it I slide it over her hips & toss it to the floor. James pulls down the sides of Karli's knickers and follows their path with his tongue as he exposes her pussy. He rolls the pretty pink pants down past Karli's feet and removed her feet one at a time as she placed them on the bed. Karli's legs are spread and her pussy was wet from excitement. James places two fingers on Karli's pussy and spread the lips exposing her luscious pussy, he takes his rough tradesmen finger and tenderly starts rubbing it against her clit. Karli's clit becomes swollen with excitement and juices ran from her pussy making it glisten with anticipation.

James had wanted to taste my wife and feel her wet pussy against his face. He slowly licked her lips and teased her with his tongue, running it along the sides of her clit but never really touching it. He enjoyed the feeling of my wife pushing her hips up towards his face wanting him to lick her pussy. James moved his tongue in circles around Karli's clit, ever so often licking and sucking her clit inside his warm mouth. Watching James eat her pussy made Karli moan with pleasure.

Karli enjoyed the feeling of James's warm, moist mouth suckling her clit, as a newborn baby would do their mothers's breast. The sensation of him sucking her clit was sending her into a climax that was beyond any she had experienced before. Karli's body shook with pleasure. Oh Fuck se said let me repay that favour. She then slipped her finger under the elastic of the leg oj James undies to release his cock, Once she had access to it she lowered her mouth onto the man's cock, taking deep into her throat as he guides her with his hand. He looks at me and nods hello, before turning his attention back to her as her mouth slides up and down his fat cut cock.

"This is James." I say, pulling her mouth from his cock once again.

With a big smile James nods. He seems quiet, although it may be the fact that he seems focused on the spectacular blowjob he's receiving form my wife. He is short and solid looking with dark hair and dark eyes. Visually, he's the opposite of me. I'm tall and fair with a thatch of ginger hair on my chest, arse and groin. The only thing similar about us is we're both circumcised - as I know my wife detests the look of a foreskin.

I climb behind her as she kneels infront of James. Softly yy hand touches her soft pussy lips, and then slides up inside her. Her hole is so wet, I'm able to put three fingers right up inside her as my thumb rubs her tiny arsehole. I can't take it. I need more.

I lower my face and begin to kiss her creamy white arse, I notice her sucking James's balls. His hand is holding her head down as if forcing her to do it. I can hear the moans escape her mouth as I push a finger back up her pussy and touch her arsehole with my tongue.

Subconsciously, I reach down and rub my crotch as my tongue travels back and forth up her crack. From her wet, willing pussy to her tight, puckered arse, my tongue roams, leaving a glistening trail of saliva in its wake.

Suddenly she is pulled away from me, as James rolls a condom over the head of his prick as he coaxes her up onto his lap. She climbs aboard eagerly, grabbing his face and kissing him deeply. Her kiss is not the long, loving type that she and I share, but a frenzied, lustful face fucking with their tongues. He pulls her bra off and devours her tits, sucking hard on each nipple as her arms lock around his head.

Reaching down she grabs a conhis cock and point it upwards towards her waiting hole.

"Yeah," James moans. "Get on my cock!"

I see the lust in her eyes, as she lowers her body onto his dick. I see her tender pussy lips part as they are invaded by his turgid shaft, forcing its way into her depths.

"Oh My God!" she exclaims. "Your cock feels so good!"

I take my time removing my underpants as I watch her fuck this other man. Her hips are gyrating on him, swallowing up his dick. I can see her arsehole clenching and unclenching, just begging to be filled. She then turned and looked into my eyes.

"Put that cock of yours right up my arse Duncan!"

I notice the bottle of lubricant that I have set out on the bedside table. I take it and squeeze a good amount into my palm as I notice her begin to finger her own arse.

The site encourages me to hurry, and I start lubeing up my cock, eager to get inside her.

I walk forward, and gently pull her hand away from her arse. Her lean forward on James's body and I get into position. She stops gyrating as she feels the slippery head of my cock touch her sensitive rim. She pushes her head into James's chest, moaning like a whore as her arsehole opens up and my dick begins its ascent into her tight little hole.

"Oh yes Duncan! Fill me up baby!" She gasps. "I feel so dirty!"

The fit is tighter than usual due to the cock in her pussy, but I manage to force my way into her bum hole. As she starts to move again I can feel James's cock through her internal walls, invading her cunt just as my cock invades her arse.

"Oh my fucking God!!" Karli screams. "I'm going to fucking cum! Fuck me you bastards! Fuck my pussy and bum!"

Her body quivers and shakes as James and I pound her holes mercilessly with our dicks. I wrap a good portion of her hair around my hand and yank her head back as her climax.

"Fuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkk!!" her scream at the top of her lungs.

I can feel her pussy and arse convulsing at the same time, as her hands claw at James's chest. Suddenly James bucks forward violently, groaning in pleasure.

"Yesss", he hisses as his cock dumps a load of hot cum inside the condom.

I can't believe another man just came inside her (all be it inside a rubber)! I start to fuck her faster, plunging her arse with long, deep strokes. I can feel it coming. For a second I wonder what I should do. I then grab a hold of her hips and fill her arsehole with my cream, coating her insides with it so much that it begins to leak out from around my cock.

As I pull my softening dick from her anus, I feel an intense drowsiness come over me. I sit back and watch as her give James one more kiss before dismounting her sweaty body from his. I grab a drink of water before retiring to her bedroom to sit in the arm chair with my feet on the end of the bed. Before I know it, I'm asleep.

I awake feeling of the bed shaking violently. Slowly, I open an eye looking to my side.

"Yeah, fuck me! Oh yeah, yes! Right up my arse!"

Her sweet voice shouting such obscenities pulls me from my sleepy haze. I glance to my side to see her lying on her side with James lying behind his cock firmly embedded in her arse. His hairy arse is rocking back and forward with short jerking thrusts causing the bed to shake each time. He has one of his hands rubbing her round pregnant belly while the other id rubbing her clit. His face is right beside hers as he talks into her ear.

"Her like that huh? Her dirty little whore! Do her like my cock in your arse?"

"Yes I love it! I'm such a little slut! Shove her cock in my dirty little arsehole!"

He's treating her like such a worthless slut and she loves it! I sit there examining the scene as my dick begins to go hard. Her eyes are closed in ecstasy, although there is nothing passionate about this. I wonder to myself if he's hurting her, and if she even cares.

"I'm going to cum slut! Where do her want it?"

"On my tits! Cum all over my tits!"

Suddenly, James pulls his cock out of her arse as she turn onto her back. She tooks at him with a naughty grin as he throws the condom from his dick onto the floor and positions his prick between her beautiful enlarged tits. As he rocks his hips inn an athletic fashion she smiles. James groans as a stream of sticky white cum explodes from the tip of his dick all over her face and neck. "Oh fuck" he cries, as he continues blasting his spunk at her.

"Suck it!" he demands shoving her head back down on his cock.

My pregnant wife obeys, eagerly sucking his dick into her willing, cum-filled mouth. I see her look up at him in admiration as she milks the last of his cum from his dick.

The End

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