Kate & I


I had posted a version of this story about 10-12 years ago on a different website, but I think they have gone the way of the Dodo. Anyway, I couldn't find that website anymore and I seem to have lost my copy, so I am re-writing this for Literotica. This is a true story with no real embellishments. Hopefully, I can remember everything, but probably not.

Back in the mid-eighties when I was in college in Florida, I had a girlfriend who was very sexually accommodating. She was full-figured, but sexy, with big tits and a great ass, and dark auburn hair. Her name was Kate. Today she would be called a BBW, but she wasn't fat at all, just very robust. She was a few years older than me, but was very adventurous. I had an old two-door Ford Fairlane with a bench seat and sunroof, and she had a VW Beetle.

When we first met we were camping at a medieval reenactment function. She was dressed in a middle-ages barmaid/wench outfit that really pushed her tits up and out, exposing everything down to just before the top of the aereolas around her nipples. She had huge tits, so there was a lot to see. I am a tit man, so I was instantly attracted to her and struck up a conversation over the weekend. We did not get a chance to do anything but talk that weekend, but managed to strike up a friendship. When I went back to college on Sunday evening I told my best friend, Mike, about her.

A few weeks later she came up to visit me and Mike. We hung around for a while and Kate and Mike really struck up a close bond. The next thing I know, they are an item. I am pretty sure that they had sex that first weekend they met. While I was very sexually adventurous even back then, I am still somewhat conservative when it comes to putting the moves on a woman, preferring for her to initiate the relationship, not wanting to push myself on her. Mike had no reservations whatsoever and could charm a woman naked in no time.

I thought I was out of the deal for good, relegated to a simple friendship-only relationship. But, that summer, I hurt my back and had to stay for summer semesters. I needed someone to help me since I couldn't completely take care of myself. Kate had moved to town to be closer to Mike, so she volunteered to help me out (cook meals, do laundry, such as that), until I could get back on my feet. Mike went back home over the summer and was coming back in the fall, so she and I got to spend that summer together. I was flat on my back or in a wheelchair for over three months, until my surgery, and Kate took care of me the whole time. About halfway through that summer we started getting closer. I think she had visited Mike or spoken with him and was getting disenchanted with him. Something was happening there and their relationship was folding.

I have always been very sexual and jerk off a lot. Kate exuded sexuality, and would generally dress to highlight her assets (read that "ass" and "tits"), so I stayed turned on a lot. I lived in a single dorm room on campus, with no air conditioning, so I was usually in a pair of loose short shorts (it was the eighties, after all...) and a t-shirt. Kate would wear something similar, and went without a bra many times. The other guys living in the dorm loved for her to come by each day since they were getting an eyeful and the dorm room was usually open when she was visiting. This would leave me stimulated all day by the eye candy, with my hard-on showing the whole time she was there, and I would jack off almost every night. By the end of summer, we were conducting mutual masturbation sessions, watching each other masturbate. I would get hot watching her moving around with those great swinging tits and hard nipples, then I would start jacking off. She would get hot watching me jack off, then she would start jilling off while facing me until we both got off. This lasted a few weeks.

One evening I was lying in bed watching TV when she came over and laid down next to me. Having her wrapped around me was really turning me on and I eventually started playing with her big tits. Soon, we both stripped naked. She was trying to stay "faithful" to Mike, but was still turned on by me and felt sorry for me being in pain all of the time. She said she wouldn't fuck me, but we could still fool around. She scooted down in the bad and started giving me a blowjob. Now, I was somewhat experienced, and had seen my fair share of porn, but had never had someone go down on me so enthusiastically or expertly. She took about 4-5 inches of my seven inch cock, but stopped short of deep-throating me. She didn't use her hands, only her mouth. After a while she knelt up and wrapped her tits around my cock and I tit-fucked her until I came. She used her fingers to scoop up the cum from between her tits and swallowed it all. This was definitely a first! I think I fell in love (or at least lust) that night...

Later, Kate called this a "mercy fuck", even though we didn't really fuck, but I didn't care what she called it, I was happy to get it and wanted more. In addition, remember, these rooms weren't air conditioned, so the windows were always open and folks outside could hear everything. Having this full-figured, sexy woman with big tits, who also dressed for exposure and loved sex...I was in hot pursuit. I pressed my case the rest of the summer and got a few more blowjobs and titfucks, but could never completely close the deal. When fall came around, Mike came back and I was cut off. I still jacked off regularly, but no more sessions with Kate.

That fall I had my surgery and got back on my feet, re-established my active lifestyle and got back into the medieval reenactment. Mike was doing this with me, too, so I still got to be around Kate on those camping weekends. She was fairly vocal during sex and I could hear her and Mike in the next tent, but not see anything. During the days and evenings she would be moving around in that wench outfit with her tits spilling over, keeping lots of guys horny.

Toward the end of fall, Kate and Mike broke up. Since I was "monkey in the middle" I somehow seemed to inherit Kate as my new girlfriend. That was OK by me, since I was looking forward to having a great sexual relationship with her. The rest of this story won't be in chronological order, since it was too long ago, but will be presented as a series of vignette's, just great things I remember happening.

Sex & nudity at home: Kate had her own place off-campus, so I spent a lot of time there. She developed the practice of deep-throating all seven inches of me. She never used her hands, believing that doing so would be cheating. She wanted me to cum in her mouth by oral alone, so she worked hard to get me off. Generally, oral alone wouldn't do it, but sometimes it did. Kate never let me cum down her throat, she wanted to taste my cum, so she would always pull back enough to let me cum in her mouth. She always swallowed.

One time early in our new relationship as I was fucking her she asked if I wanted to fuck her ass. I jumped on that in a heartbeat. She knew I loved anal because she had seen my limited porn collection (this was in the old days, when books and mags were all we had). She lifted her legs, I pulled my ciock out of her pussy and started working it into her ass. It took a little work and a lot of spit, but I got in and we started fucking away. I blew my load in her ass and we became addicted to anal that day. Kate said that she couldn't do anal with Mike because his cock was too fat, but mine was a perfect fit.

After that, anal play became a common thing. Usually, Kate would stick a finger in my ass during a blowjob, increasing my chances of cumming in her mouth. Sometimes, this was simply part of sex, sometimes, she was really wanting that cum and we would be done when I shot my load. I would suck her off, playing with her ass and tits, until she came and we would be done. A few times when we were clean we would even rim each other. I remember once when she was sucking on me, then she had me get on my knees. She got behind me and was sticking her tongue up my ass while jerking me off. That felt unbelievable! When I started cumming she scooted her face under my cock real quick and took my whole load in her mouth, swallowing it all. Lots of times she would kiss me with my cum in her mouth or still on her lips. This didn't bother me, just made things sexier.

She had a bed with slats on the frame and no box springs under the mattress. Once when I was pounding her ass in doggy position the bed slats came off the frame and the bed came crashing down. Her rental house was an old wooden house with no air conditioning, so the windows stayed open. It was daylight and there were no real curtains on the windows. We wanted air flow and light so everything stayed open. She was telling me to keep fucking her ass and I was answering her back. We were making a hell of a racket, then the bed crashed, making even more noise. We kept fucking until I came in her ass. She came at the same time. I'm sure the whole block could hear us, and anyone wanting to could have looked into the windows and seen us.

When I got done cumming in her ass, I walked out of her room naked, with my cummy cock still hard and walked into the shared bathroom in the hallway. Kate stayed on the broken bed, naked and fully exposed, with cum leaking out of her ass. Kate's good-looking redhead roommate was staying in the next bedroom. She was still home and her door was open. They shared the bathroom in the hallway, so she saw me come out. I went into the bathroom to wash my cock, leaving the door open. She came out of her room and watched me wash my cock in the sink. She told me that she had been jilling off while I was butt-fucking Kate, turned on by hearing us through the windows and walls. She told me that she wanted my cock in her ass someday, too, but she was nervous about putting a move on me with Kate in the picture. Unfortunately, she and Kate moved apart and I never did get her or her ass. Too bad, she was hot.

On numerous occasions I would visit Kate and we would stay naked in the house the whole time. We would come out in the mornings and would walk around naked making and eating breakfast with her roommate seeing us in all of our glory. The curtains were never closed in Kates house and anyone outside would be able to see us walking around naked inside. After a while, Kate's roommate started dressing down some too, showing off her great "assets", though she never got fully nude. Again, neighbors must have loved these ladies, since there was so much good stuff to see.

Highway dildoing: On another occasion, Kate and I were driving south on the Turnpike in my Fairlane. Evening had come and we had been on the road for a while. It was still warm weather, so the windows were open, as usual. I was bored, so I had Kate strip out of her clothes and lean back against the passenger door, spreading her legs toward me. I stayed in the right lane and slowed down so everyone would have to pass me on the left. Kate started rubbing her cunt and tits while cars and trucks started passing on the left. I was only doing about 5 mph slower than the flow of traffic, so it took a while for cars to pass. Many passengers in those cars looked over at Kate and watched her play with herself while she was naked.

I took out my cock and played with it while she kept touching herself. I turned on the dome light so I could see her and I told her to use our 8" cock vibrator on herself while I drove. Kate started using it on her clit. When she got turned on even more, she finally started thrusting in her cunt, taking all 8 inches. By this time it was fully dark outside and I could not see the people in the passing vehicles, but I knew they were there because lots of them would slow down when passing me, staying with me for a while until too much traffic built up behind them and they felt pressured to move ahead. Kate was leaning back against the passenger door, slouched down on the seat. She had one leg on the dash and one on the back of the seat behind my head. She was fully exposed to me and to passing traffic, jamming the 8" cock vibrator in and out of her cunt with increasing speed. Finally, she came, making a lot of yelling noises and thrashing around in the seat with that vibrator jammed all the way up her cunt. She looked drop-dead gorgeous like that, with the windows open, the dome light on and her hair blowing in the wind.

After Kate came, she pulled out the vibrator and rested for a few minutes. She leaned over to me and started sucking my cock, still naked, and still lit by the dome light. She was laying sideways on the seat, so someone would have to look down into my car to see what was going on. However, the Fairlane was a low car, so every truck, van and minivan could see into it (this was before SUV's became common). She sucked on me for a while, then I suggested that she use the vibrator on herself and cum again (I absolutely love to watch a woman cum). She leaned against the door again, and repeated her earlier performance. This was staying hot. Neither one of us was losing our ardor for this sexual occurrence.

Kate came again, again with that cock vibrator jammed in to the hilt, on full display for all passing traffic to see. When she calmed down she got on her hands and knees and came over and started giving me a blowjob as we drove down the road. Her ass was sticking up in the air, her big tits were hanging down, and she was thrusting her head up and down my cock, wanting me to cum in her mouth. The dome light was still on, and I was using my free hand to play with her hanging tits or elevated ass, dipping my fingers into her sopping wet cunt. I was turned on, but it takes me a while to cum from straight oral sex, with no hands. She needed one hand to keep herself up and able to bob her head for all to see, but she eventually used the other to play with my balls and asshole, finally getting me to cum in her mouth.

After I came she lifted her head up, kissed me on the lips, the settled back in all of her naked glory and swallowed my cum for the car beside us to see. This made her hot enough to start using the vibrator again, but I was done. With the size of the load I shot into her mouth, I had nothing left to give for another round anytime soon. Kate settled back and jilled herself off again with the vibrator, then spent the rest of the trip naked, only slipping on her braless shirt and pantiless shorts when we arrived in south Florida. We closed the windows when she started getting cold, but they were not tinted, so she stayed visible to all. The only time she was dressed was when we stopped for gas on the turnpike and she was in that outfit, tits swaying and nipples poking thru for all to admire.

Campus head and cumwalk: On a separate occasion, Kate met me on campus between classes. She wanted some cum and I wanted to give it to her. We didn't really have anywhere we could go, so I pulled her behind some vending machines in a big thru-way of one of the busiest buildings on campus. Hundreds of students were walking by and many were stopping for snacks and drinks. I pulled Kate behind the machines, had her drop her top so I could play with her tits, and we started feeling each other up. Soon, I dropped my shorts and she got on her knees to suck me off. She tried hard, deep-throating me and bobbing her head for a while. I only had a 15-minute break, so I finally had to use my hand to jack myself into her mouth. She played with my balls and ass, keeping suction on the head of my cock while I jacked off. Shortly, I started cumming. I pulled out of her mouth a little bit, and got some cum on her face and tits, but most landed in her mouth. When we finished, I told her to leave the cum on her face and tits, simply to put her t-shirt on over the cum on her tits, leave the cum on her face, and walk back home that way.

There was still a lot of people moving thru this breezeway and getting stuff from the vending machines when Kate and I walked out from behind the machines. Her t-shirt had gone transparent where the cum got her tits wet, giving a very interesting show of braless tits. But, even more striking was the cum around her mouth and on her cheeks and chin. She walked out of there acting like nothing was wrong and simply strolled away, leaving a wake of astonished young guys and gals staring at her. Kate wasn't a student, so she had to walk all the way off campus to get back to her car and drive home. Kate said that she drove home like this and was playing with her cunt all the way home in the car, finally cumming in her car on the street outside her house when she got home. She was so turned on by this experience that we had great sex that night. Of course, I lasted for a while because I came earlier that day, so Kate got her rocks off a lot that night.

Road head: Another time Kate and I were driving down to south central Florida to visit my parents (my Dad liked Kate because of her great tit displays, but Mom wasn't too happy with her). On the way down there was a long stretch of straight road through forest with only two stops and one slow-down. I typically had Kate naked before we even got to this stretch, keeping her open for display much of the time. One this particular trip she was one her knees giving me road head when I drove up to one of those stops. Her ass was up in the air and my fingers were in her cunt for anyone on the right side of the road to see. As I was at this light an older couple drove up on my left to wait for the turn signal. Kate's head was bobbing up and down on my cock and they looked over and saw her doing it. I told Kate that we had some viewers and she looked up, then sat up and played with her monster hooters until the light changed and those folks drove on. This was incredibly funny to us and we laughed about it for the rest of the trip.

Road anal: On another of these trips and I had borrowed my Dad's truck and we were driving back to return it. As usual, Kate was naked. I had her sitting next to me so I could play with her tits while she played with my cock and balls. About half-way down this forested stretch of straight road mentioned above, I decided to pull over so we could fuck. I pulled into this little dirt access road, but immediately got stuck. We had been on this dirt road before, having fucked just off the road behind a few trees in the past. Unfortunately, it had apparently rained a few days earlier, leaving a big mudhole right between two trees, just at the treeline in full sight of the road. We were stuck in full view of traffic and not going anywhere.

Not one to give up, I told Kate that I was going to fuck her anyway. I open both doors, stripped naked, and told her to bend over on the seat because I was going to fuck her in the ass with everyone watching. She was laid over facing the passenger door and oncoming traffic, with her ass sticking up for me to plow. I told her to sit up and be proud of her tits and ass, that I wanted folks to see that she was enjoying this ass-fuck. She propped herself up on her hands so her tits would sway and kept her face up. I was naked behind her. I got the vibrating cock and started working on her pussy from the back, and tongueing her ass at the same time until she came. By then she was good and wet. I knelt behind her with my ass on display and feet sticking out the door and slipped my cock into her ass. By this time her ass was loose, so I plowed right in with no resistance or hesitation.

Kate was making lots of noise and passing cars were seeing her swaying tits and my upper body and I pumped her ass. Cars coming from my side could see my feet and ass and upper body while if fucked her hard and long. I love anal and can usually come quick, but I wanted this to last, so I kept slowing down to increase time and exposure. After a short time I had Kate slip that vibrating cock into her cunt so she could experience some DP while I fucked her and she could bring herself off again. We fucked like this for about 20 minutes, during which over a dozen cars passed from her side. After I came in her ass, I pulled out, she got out of the truck naked and squatted beside the truck to drain my cum out of her gaping hole. She was still naked and completely visible. We had nothing to clean up with so we simply slid our shorts and t-shirts back on as we were.

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