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Kate Does it Again


It seems that ever since my wife Kate “broadened” her horizons on our Caribbean cruise this summer, she has turned into a real tigress in, and out of bed. In the past, her conservative nature prevented her from wearing revealing clothing around the house, and especially in public. Our experience on the cruise apparently awakened a side of her that she nor I, have ever seen. She has taken to wearing tighter, more revealing clothes in public, and has pretty much given up wearing a bra around the house, much to my delight.

For those of you just joining in, Kate is 43 years old, has given birth to three children, though you would never know it to look at her body. She has a nice, round, sexy ass, which is complemented by medium sized tits accentuated by silver dollar size aureoles and large nipples. For some reason unknown to me, she has never had much faith in her good looks, until recently. Her newly found self confidence with regard to her sexuality has paid off in spades for me. In the past, I have encouraged Kate to flaunt her sexuality, including the occasional flirtatious behavior. Though she refused at the time, that has now changed.

Kate owns a clothing boutique at a local strip mall, and pretty much operates it single handedly during the week. She had been telling me about an insurance agent a couple of doors down, who had been coming on to her lately. Mike, who is about 31 years old, is not your typical insurance agent, as he is about 6’4” tall, has a very muscular upper body, and obviously takes good care of himself. It began with him dropping in one afternoon to try to sell her some life insurance, and subsequent visits when the store was empty, just to “chat“, though it was obvious that he had more on his mind. She admitted that she too, engaged in some light flirtation, though it was completely innocent on her part. Kate had told me of his strategically planned visits, though at first, she never made the connection. Finally, it occurred to her that he might be interested in more that just selling her insurance.

After this revelation, she began to play along with my “fantasy scenario“ that we often employed during our lovemaking, when I would weave a third party into our lovemaking. It was obvious to me that Kate was intrigued with Mike, as she would experience and explosive orgasm each time during our sexual adventures involving him. I told Kate, on more that one occasion, that she should lead Mike on when the opportunity arose, to see how far he would take it. I, like many other men, fantasize about my wife fucking other men. What Kate has failed to realize over the 19 years we have been married, is that I would be willing to do just about anything to ensure her sexual pleasure, and am comfortable enough in our relationship to know that it would endure. As the occasional fantasy games concerning Mike continued, Kate stopped mentioning his visits, and I didn’t give it another thought.

Kate often stays after store closing, to work on the books or inventory, so her arriving home an hour late was not uncommon. I had planned on catching up on some “honey-do’s” around the house that evening, but decided instead to stop by the boutique to see if Kate needed any help closing. The Closed sign was in the door, and the door was locked as well, but Kate’s car was still in the parking lot. I decided to let myself in using my key, and surprise her by popping in. I figured she would be in her office in the back of the store, so I slipped around the clothes racks, quietly making my way back to her office. The door was ajar about half way, so I peeked in before making my entrance.

Yep, you guessed it. There she was, stripped down to her very sheer bra, stockings, and leather miniskirt, giving Mike what appeared to be the blowjob of his life. Kate loves to suck cock, and it was apparent she was enjoying Mike’s. She was sitting in her desk chair, and he was standing in front of her, his hips thrusting to meet her every move. Mike was already completely nude, and his cock must have been every bit of ten inches, because it was all Kate could do to get a third of it into her mouth. If it was half as good as she does for me, then he was in for a ride.

I must say, I was intrigued by all this. I couldn’t be mad, because I had done nothing but encourage this behavior between her and Mike. Due to the lights being out in the store, and on in the office, I was able to find a secluded spot close to the door, behind a rack of dresses, and still have an unobstructed view of Kate’s office. She had apparently been sucking his cock for a few minutes, because by the time I settled into my hiding place, Mike’s knees were starting to buckle as he began to cum in Kate’s mouth. I must admit, she looked sexy as hell, as she swallowed every drop of his semen.

As soon as he recovered, Mike sat Kate up on the edge of her desk, making it obvious that he planned to return the favor. He leaned her back, place her stocking clad legs and feet over his shoulders, and buried his face in her bare, sopping wet cunt. She had apparently shed her panties during their earlier foreplay. Mike began to tease her by flicking his tongue around her labia, and then working upward to her clit. Kate began to moan and pull his head closer to her pussy, but Mike continued to hold back. During all this, he was slowly stroking his cock, bringing it back around to it’s former hardness, in anticipation of the upcoming finale.

Finally, Mike impaled his long tongue into her now wet and flowing pussy, grabbing her ass and pulling her closer to the edge of the desk. He finished her off by ramming two fingers up her cunt, and flicking her clit with the tip of his tongue. Kate began to buck her hips and moan loudly in anticipation of her impending orgasm. Unknown to Mike, was Kate’s ability to literally squirt cum out of her pussy during an orgasm. As she continued to thrust her hips forward, her pussy suddenly began shooting cum right through Mike’s fingers, and into his face. He was obviously caught by surprise, but didn’t miss a stroke, as he continued to thrust his fingers in and out of Kate’s pussy, prolonging her orgasm, all the while licking up all of her cum he could get.

Following her gusher of an orgasm, Kate leaned back on the desk to gather her senses, while Mike moved around the desk and began to suck and lick Kate’s luscious tits. It was when he began to lightly bite her nipples and stroke her pussy with the heel of his hand, that Kate started to show new life. “I want that huge cock in my pussy” was all Kate said. Mike moved back to his former position, and slowly flicked the head of his now hardened cock in and around Kate’s engorged pussy lips. She suddenly reached down, grabbed Mike’s cock, and stuffed it into her cunt, thrusting her hips upward to ensure maximum depth. As she did this, she moaned loudly, wrapped her nylon clad legs around Mike’s ass, and pulled him to her, begging him to fuck her.

As Mike began to fuck Kate, she moaned loudly again, telling him to “pound my pussy hard”. As they increased their tempo, it was obvious that neither of them would be able to hold out long. Kate began to moan loudly. “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me hard! I want that cock deep in my pussy!”, she said. As they began to enjoy a simultaneous orgasm, I thought my own cock would explode. I had no choice but to pull out my cock and stroke myself to an intense orgasm. I went to my knees as cum began to erupt out of my own cock, and on to a couple of dresses hanging on the rack

By the time I cleaned up what I could, Mike had begun to dress, telling Kate what a great fuck she was. He didn’t have to tell me, I knew it already. Kate was still sitting on the side of her desk as Mike finished dressing, kissed her on the lips, and slipped out the back door, telling her he would very much like to repeat the events of the evening.

Now my dilemma: should I stay or should I go? My horniness dictated my decision, so I walked into Kate’s office before she could dress. She looked at me with a shocked expression, but her tension seemed to ease some when she saw the smile on my face and the obvious bulge in my jeans. “How much did you see”? she asked meekly. I just went to her, hugged her closely, and told her I saw enough of her performance to make any husband proud. “Was this the first time?” I asked. “Yes”, she said.

“It looked as if you enjoyed yourself thoroughly”, I told her. All Kate could do was pull me to her and kiss me hard. “Now”, I said, “what could I do to compete with that?”.

She looked at me and said, “I want you to lick Mike’s cum out of my pussy, then I want you to fuck the hell out of me”.

She leaned back and presented her cum filled pussy to me, as I kneeled and began to lick between her soft, wet thighs. At first, I hesitated, but then sensing her horniness, began to lick and suck her pussy with vigor. I couldn’t believe how full her cunt was, as it seemed to pour an endless flow of salty, but sweet tasting cum into my waiting mouth.

All this seemed to get Kate going again, as her hips became active again, and she soon grabbed me by my head and pulled me upward, telling me she wanted to fuck. I rammed my rock hard dick into her still sopping pussy and began to fuck her as hard and deep as I possibly could. I usually have better self control, but this time it was not the case, as I lasted only a couple of minutes. As I began to refill her cunt with my cum, she began another orgasm of her own.

As we gathered our clothes and headed home, we talked very little, both reflecting on the amazing event that just took place. I knew that our night was only just beginning, and, following a nice, soothing bath together, we soon renewed the emotional bond that held us together by enjoying each other once again, with another intense, but subtle session of lovemaking.

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