tagBDSMKate Gets a New Boss Ch. 02

Kate Gets a New Boss Ch. 02


It was early in the morning and Kate was getting ready for work. Her new job was waiting and she had not given much thought overnight to what new requirements were involved. She was avoiding that inner conflict which was sure to come. It would center around her drive and pride and professionalism as a career woman, and the submission to her new boss and his special demands on her body. She was on remote control because she knew she could not be late. At the same time she had to be mindful of the special instructions that she needed to follow.

Kate had emerged from the shower, done her hair and makeup and then went to her dresser to select her undergarments. He said he would allow either a thong or nothing at all and she looked at the flesh colored thong and then decide to start looking for a bra first. She immediately went to a very sexy Frederick's bra that she had purchased recently. It was a 'plunge' bra that allowed her big breasts to be very exposed through the entire cleavage while still offering some good support. It was certainly eye catching. She put on this black lace bra and looked at the dramatic effect it had in accenting her very obvious assets. Turning in front of mirror, she liked what she saw. Looking at herself reminded her how he had handled and used her body yesterday. Her freshly shaved pussy looked so smooth, bare and exposed. She felt a tingle run through her as she made the decision to go without the thong today. She had already decided that she would wear a pink summer dress that clung to her figure and allowed her shapely legs and full cleavage to be on display without looking unprofessional. She liked how this dress looked as she slipped on her black strappy heels which matched the wide belt around her waist. The belt seemed to be the perfect accessory because of the dramatic contrast between her trim waist and her big tits. Examining the look, she knew that she had dressed with both taste and more importantly, exactly as she had been instructed. Her final touch was the sexy pink lipstick that seemed to bring the entire ensemble together. Her body seemed to have an electric feel about it and she knew that she already had moisture between her pussy lips. It felt good. She was already aroused.

Kate arrived at the office at 7:45 and saw that Mrs. Gray was already there. She looked up at Kate and smiled. The smile took Kate off guard because she viewed this woman as austere, all business and unfriendly.

"You look good today, Kate. Mr. A is going to like that dress," she said as she appraised the younger woman.

"Thanks, Mrs. Gray, I am very nervous about this first day. What is on the agenda," she asked.

"We all have a team meeting at 8:30. He will give us our weekly project assignments and reviews. As far as anything else is concerned, well, that is up to him," she said looking back down at her computer screen.

"Is he in yet," Kate asked.

"Oh, yes, he usually gets in by 6am," she said without looking up.

"Does he know I am in," she asked with anticipation.

"If you weren't in before 8, he would fire your pretty ass and send you packing," Mrs. Gray told her without looking up. "Security always tells him when his staff comes through the front gate."

"How long have you worked for Mr. Armstrong," she asked.

"About 12 years on his personal staff and 20 years with the company," she replied looking across at Kate.

"I know everyone calls you Mrs. Gray, but are you still married," Kate asked and then wondered if she stepped over a line with the attractive older woman.

"You do ask a lot of questions, Kate. But, yes, I am still married and have been for 24 years. I think those are probably all the personal questions I will answer for now," she told Kate as she turned back to her desktop screen.

Kate's intercom buzzer went off. The sudden sound was alarming and she felt like it almost knocked her out of her chair onto the expensive carpeting beneath her. Quickly recovering, she grabbed her phone.

"Yes, Sir," she said into the receiver.

"In my office, right now," he barked and then the connection went dead.

Kate was nervous as she rose to walk to the private oversized oak door. She almost stumbled as she approached Armstrong's office. This was all new to her and she had no idea what to expect once she entered and was confronted again by the dominating presence of Mr. Armstrong. Pushing the door opened, she walked in with as much poise and resolution she could muster.

The first thing she noticed was that the boss was on the phone and pacing around the room as he talked. Seeing her, he pointed to a spot in front of his desk and Kate understood and went to stand there and wait. The call ended and he turned to her.

"The weekly job assignments team meeting will be in a few minutes. Your assignment will be to do some competitive market research about our three largest competitors. I sent you an email with our previous research on them all. I want to know everything about them and your assessment of their capacity and capabilities," he told her.

"Yes, Sir, but why are you telling me my assignment before the meeting," she asked innocently.

"Because when the meeting starts, you will be under my desk where no one can see you with my cock in your mouth. Now come over here," he demanded.

"But, Sir," she babbled trying to understand how he was going to hold the meeting with Kate under his desk. She also was a bit ashamed of how he planned to use her.

"I didn't ask for any comments. Now do as you're told," he barked at her.

Kate walked slowly around to his side of the desk and stood cautiously in front of him.

"Pull up your dress," he told her. His eyes were looking directly into hers.

"Yes, Sir," she answered meekly as her hands reached down and pulled her hem up to her hips.

"No panties today. I can tell that you follow directions. Tell me, Kate, are you wet," he asked as he looked at her shaved cunt.

"Yes, Sir, I am wet," she confessed as she stood there with the dress held up for him.

He reached out and very lightly pressed one finger into the slit.

"Spread your legs wider," he told her and she did so immediately.

His finger moved between her lips and he could tell how saturated they were. His finger moved along the full length of her and lightly rubbing her clit.

"Oh," she gasped as he continued to caress her like this. Then pulling his finger out, he raised his hand to her face and began to rub the fluid onto her pink lips. This made Kate shudder.

"Now take the dress off and go hang it and the bra in the closet and come back here," he ordered. Kate missed the wonderful feeling of his hand on her sensitive cunt. She walked to the closet and began to undo her belt as she faced away from Armstrong.

"Face me when you undress. I want everything off but the heels," he said as she spun toward him and continued to strip. As the dress was pulled open and then taken off, he looked at her body.

"I like that bra," he commented as her hands reached around to unclasp it and then pull it away so that her full breasts were totally exposed. She hung it in the closet with the dress.

"Thank you, Sir," she replied as she walked back toward him. She stood directly in front of him and was anxious to feels his hands on her naked body again. He reached up and took hold of both breasts with his hands and squeezed them and found her nipples. Pulling the nipples out and pinching them caused Kate to emit a deep guttural moan.

"If I had more time, Kate, I would fuck you right now," told her as his hands moved on her excited tit flesh.

"Oh, yes," she breathed softly as he leaned down and sucked a nipple into his mouth and teased it with his tongue. She felt her cunt gush when he did this and a groan escaped her lips. His finger entered her wet pussy again and she was lost in his sensuous assault on her naked body.

"Bend over the desk," he ordered.

Kate walked the few paces to the big desk and then lowered her body face down over the top. Then his cock head was at her entrance and forced itself into her tight, hot cunt. He pressed hard into her and she let out a deep primal moan. Then just as suddenly, he pulled out of her and pulled her back up by her hair.

"But right now I want you under the big desk on your knees," he told her. Kate was stunned and incredibly aroused as he propelled her around the desk and forced her on her knees under the huge desk. He sat down trapping her in position as he pressed forward. He then rolled his chair to almost under the desk. His wet cock was out and almost in her face when she heard his growl.

"Suck it, slut."

Her mouth opened and her face moved forward until the head was at her full lips and her tongue reached out to swirl over the fat knob. She tasted her own pussy juice along with his pre cum as she worked his cock head. Her hand moved to her soaked cunt as she sucked his full cock head into her mouth and fingered herself under the desk.

"Send the team in," he barked into the intercom.

Kate knew that he was going to hold a meeting while she sucked him off. She wondered if they would know she was there under the desk. She was almost sure that Mrs. Gray would know. She was aware that Kate had gone into the office and never had emerged. Kate's senses were alive with all these thoughts as she took more of his cock into her mouth. A hand reached up to grasp the base of his cock as her mouth and tongue pumped his big hard dick.

Kate heard the door open and the people file into the room. He told them all to be seated and she heard the chairs move and the sound of people adjusting themselves in those chairs. The desk came all the way to the floor so she knew they would not see her black heels pointed at them from beneath his desk. But even if they could, Kate could not stop her hungry mouth from devouring his hard cock. She could never have imagined herself in a position like this; yet here she was. Just one day on her new job and she was naked, on her knees and giving her boss an enthusiastic blow job right in the same room as his entire personal staff. She was afraid of being discovered and still she continued. She was humiliated by being used like his personal whore but at the same time she was overcome with need for his cock.

The meeting was short and lasted only about fifteen minutes while he gave out the assignments and explained exactly how he wanted each job accomplished. Having completed his remarks he asked for comments and then released the group.

"Mrs. Gray, please stay behind for a few minutes," he said as the group exited the room.

She turned and moved back to the front of his desk.

"Do you know where our new team member, Kate, is right now," he asked her as Kate continued her oral task. Hearing the question she wondered if Mrs. Gray thought she had left the office before the meeting.

"Yes, Sir, I do," she replied.

"Where is she, Mrs. Gray," he asked. She heard the faint movements of the older woman's steps on the carpet and then saw her expensive heels beside Mr. Armstrong's chair.

"She is under your desk, sucking your cock, Sir," she replied as if she were telling him where the latest accounting report might be found.

He pushed himself back from the desk and Kate was suddenly very visible as her head moved forward to keep his cock lodged inside her mouth.

"Pull your dress up and bend over the desk beside me, Mrs. Gray," he told her as Kate's talented mouth continued to work on him.

Kate could see that when the hem of the dress was above her hips, Mrs. Gray wore no panties either. She did however have on a black lace garter belt. Her sheer, black stockings were hooked to them. She bent over the desk and waited. Reaching back, he started to spank her sexy ass. The sound of the slaps resounded in the room as Kate continued to nurse his cock. Mrs. Gray did not move at all but stood there and accepted his hard blows. Then, Armstrong pulled Kate's mouth off his cock using her hair. Kate was reluctant to yield her treasure but had no choice as it popped out of her full lips.

Armstrong stood up and moved to the side and placed his cock at the entrance to Mrs. Gray's shaved cunt. He pushed forward and Kate saw him sink deep into the beautiful older woman.

"Oh, yes," she moaned as he began to pump his cock into her repeatedly. This was the same cock that just 15 minutes ago he had pushed into her.

Then he pulled out and turned to Kate again.

"Suck it," he told her and watched as Kate again moved her mouth onto him and tasted the juice from Mrs. Gray. Her lips were going down on him with a renewed frenzy until once again she was forcefully pulled off his hard cock.

Again he turned away from her. He plowed deep into Mrs. Gray, gripping her hips and moving into her with a powerful urgency. Kate watched and waited as he drove into the sexy older assistant with brutal, deep strokes.

"Oh, yes," she cried out and Kate watched Mrs. Gray reach a shattering orgasm as Armstrong used her.

"Oh, Oh, please, fuck me hard," she pleaded as she became overwhelmed by her climax. He rode her through it completely and watched the beautiful woman pump her hips to meet each thrust. When she dropped her body down onto the desk, he pulled out and turned to Kate.

"Take my cum," he groaned at her and Kate knew he was on the verge of cumming.

She took his cock and felt it expand in her mouth, seeking her warmth.

"Oh, you slut," he moaned as his cock began pumping his warm cum down Kate's throat. His hands griped her head and continued to use her face and mouth for his pleasure.

Kate swallowed his seed as fast as he gave it to her and her hand on her own clit allowed her to cum as well. Looking up she also saw Mrs. Gray watching them both orgasm right beside her. The older woman moved to her boss and they kissed deeply as Kate drained him of all his fluid. Her own climax began to subside. Watching them kiss was incredibly sensual for Kate as she held his cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the sensitive head and making sure he knew she was taking his pleasure seriously.

As the kiss broke, Mrs. Gray moved away and he nodded to her and she disappeared into his bathroom to freshen up.

"On your feet, Kate," he told her and she reluctantly released his deflating cock and stood in front of him.

"You are a talented cocksucker, Kate," he told her. "Now get your clothes back on and get to work. I may need you again later on, so be available."

"Yes, Sir," she replied as she walked to the bathroom. She watched Mrs. Gray emerge, fully dressed and leave the office.

The rest of the day was what Kate would have expected from a full work day. But her mind was never far from the desire and need that seemed to be a permanent and growing part of her. She was wet and anxious and on edge as she methodically worked through her task of gaining competitor information. The time flew by as she dedicated herself to her assignment and became totally engrossed in doing it thoroughly and completely. As she was developing her Excel spreadsheet to quantify her findings thus far, her phone rang and she reached over and answered it.

"This is Kate, can I help you," she said into the receiver as she continued to enter her data.

"Get in here, now," was all she heard before the phone went dead.

Kate rose immediately and glanced at the clock on her desk. It was 5:30 and she didn't realize where the day had gone. Pushing his office door opened, she saw him sitting on the edge of his desk waving her to him.

"Come here, Kate," she said as she approached to within a foot of him. He reached out and pulled her into his arms. His hands moved on her back and then felt her firm ass. He squeezed.

"You have done very well for your first day and with all your assignments. I couldn't be happier with how well you have adjusted to this job," Armstrong said into her ear. Then lifting her face he kissed Kate. For whatever reason, she felt this was even more intimate than anything he had done before. It was just the two of them and he kissed her deeply and she met his tongue with her own. Her body trembled from the power of this man's arms around her and the tenderness of this passionate kiss.

"Are you happy with this new job, Kate," he said as the kiss broke but with his lips lightly against hers.

"Oh, yes, I am very happy here," she almost moaned back to him.

"I'm glad because I want you to enjoy your work here. I like having you here. I think you will work hard for me and I love the way you look. I like your body." His hands softly stroked her face and one finger ran across her pink lips.

"I am happy I was hired by you," Kate responded in a very soft whisper. She loved this intimacy.

"Turn around, Kate," he told her and she slowly turned to face the door. She felt him pressed tightly behind her. She pressed her ass back so she was molded onto him.

Armstrong took her hair and swept it away from the right side on her neck. His lips and tongue caressed the naked flesh while his hands reached up to take her full tits in his hands. His touch was caressing and gentle and Kate was highly aroused by his mouth and hands.

"Your tits are so big and firm, Kate. I love the feel of them in my hands. Do you like me touching you like this," he asked her.

"Yes, I love the way you touch my breasts," she admitted.

"Your nipples are so hard I can feel them through your dress," he said.

"Yes, they are very hard," she moaned.

"Good," he said, "now you can go home for the day."

"Sir?" she said in surprise as her head half turn to him. He did not answer but gently kissed her full lips.

"Goodnight, Kate, I will see you again in the morning."

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