tagBDSMKate's Test Ch. 02

Kate's Test Ch. 02


Kate knew that she was very lucky in that Claire hadn't pressed herself on her while she was in that vulnerable state; instead Claire had just given her a look, a look that was cool and very calculating. Kate could feel the heat of Claire's eyes as she drank in the image of her, and in the end, she had to look away, her eyes downcast, wishing for Claire to leave. Eventually she heard the door close and she was alone again, left with the certain knowledge that she had taken the first step upon a journey, and she had no idea where it was leading.

As she started to put away all her toys and makeshift equipment, Kate realized that her new breasts, well not new exactly, but reshaped breasts were going to take a little getting used to. No longer did they gently bobble as she walked; they remained firm and full, jutting stiffly out in front of her. As Kate stood in front of the mirror, turning from side to side, her eyes took in her new look. Her breasts were a fetching shade of ruddy pink, contrasting against her pale skin. They stood high on her chest, a bit higher than normal, the nipples sticking straight out, like two little buttons.

Kate tried jumping up and down and wasn't surprised to find that they remained firm and unmoving, at least, she thought, she could run without needing a sports bra, one good thing she supposed, not that she ran for fun anyway.

It wasn't until a few days later that Kate realized that maybe she'd gone too far with her fantasy. Her clothing was the first of her problems that she had to address. She tried on one of her t-shirts, but all that did was attract attention to her reshaped breasts. The material clung snugly to every enforced curve, no longer reaching her waist. Her banded nipples tried to poke holes through the material, and it didn't take too much of a close look to see the bands that encircled her nipples. She tried on top after top, some tighter than others, but all they did was to attract attention to her breasts, and especially her nipples.

Having said that, Kate had to admit to her secret self that the image she saw looking back at her in the mirror was sexy, in a very skanky way. As she turned round and round, viewing herself, she couldn't help but feel the first stirrings in her pussy. She could feel her labia start to swell, pressing against her waking clit. Standing in profile, looking at her jutting breasts, she watched her face colour in a heady mix of embarrassment and arousal as she imagined walking through the mall, letting all the horny teenagers get a good look at her.

"Not just yet" Kate thought, not really ready to go out dressed like, well she wasn't quite sure what, but it certainly wasn't decent.

After the tighter tops, Kate tried on her loose ones, shirts that could just be tied at the waist, old, loose jumpers and the like. While they had the desired effect of hiding just how firm and high her breasts were, they brought their own problems. As she walked around her room, getting used to the new feelings coursing through her, she realized that the material ever so slightly shifted as she walked. The effect of that little movement on her heightened nipples was electric. Every shift in her top brought the feel of each individual thread as it rubbed across her taught nipples. It felt like her pussy and nipples were connected to the same electric circuit.

The more she moved around, the more her nipples were rubbed, and the faster her pussy flooded with her juices, and the more turned on she became.

In the end she settled into a routine, although settled didn't adequately describe her situation. While at class, she wore her loosest tops, trying to hide from her classmates her changed breasts, although this had the effect of distracting her. By the time she walked from the dorm to the class, she could feel the tops of her thighs slick with her juices, and her clit would be throbbing with an aching need to make it. She soon found that giving in to that need was a mistake. Kate could remember her first class and the desperate need she had to orgasm by the time she managed the walk to class. She could barely sit still, listening to the lecturer drone on and on, all the while her mind was distracted by the sensations flowing from her breasts to her aching pussy. Eventually the class ended and she almost ran to the restrooms, eager to find an empty stall, eager to relieve the ache between her thighs.

Closing the door with a slam, Kate slumped down onto the seat and quickly hoisting her skirt up around her waist, she exposed her swollen pussy to her quick and eager fingers. Resting the index and ring fingers on either labia, she let her middle finger slip between her swollen lips. Kate bit down on a moan as she felt her finger make contact with her clit, a clit so swollen that she was sure she could feel the ridges on her finger as she lightly ran the tip over her button-like clit. It only took a moment for her finger to work its magic. She let out a low, shuddering groan as she came hard.

Letting herself make it turned out to be a mistake though, after she came down off her high, Kate realized that her body was even more sensitive, the slightest touch almost being too much to bear. The brush of her top against her breasts and nipples changed from an arousing caress to the most exquisite torture. Every shift sent shivers through her as her body tried to respond to the caress of the material. But she was spent and even that light touch was too much.

After that, Kate had to settle for being permanently turned on in class, always trying to sit alone, so that her classmates wouldn't get too close and realize just how aroused she was. If class was bad, then sharing her room with Claire was worse. She couldn't remember Claire being around so much before but she hadn't paid too much attention to Claire's comings and goings. Now it seemed that Claire was up and around before her, and she was there when she got back from class. It seemed to Kate that Claire didn't want to leave her alone for a moment, and that was damn frustrating.

The only thing that made the situation bearable was the fact that, although Clair couldn't take her eyes off her breasts, she didn't make a move on her. Instead, Claire just let her eyes do the talking while Kate was uneasy with what she saw there. It got so bad for her that Kate started to avert her eyes, usually fixating on a spot on the floor, anything to avoid that predatory look.

In her heart she knew that such behaviour, instead of putting Claire off, would in all likelihood attract her even more, but she couldn't seem to break herself of this newly forming habit. It was so much easier not to look at her when they talked than to see that desire.

As the days passed, Kate's thoughts couldn't help revisit the self bondage session that had gotten her into this state. Although she was finding it tougher than she thought she would, she found that she really did enjoy the feeling of near permanent arousal. She could feel the need to be restrained building up in her again, if only Claire would leave her some time alone.

The desire for some serious self-bondage was becoming almost unbearable, when Kate had a lucky break. Returning to their rooms, Kate found a note from Claire, telling her that she had been called away on a family emergency and that she'd be back tomorrow. Claire ended the note with, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do." Kate couldn't decide whether this was a challenge or a dare. She decided that she would risk this being some sort of a set up. After all, she knew that Claire had designs on her and didn't put it past her to fake the note so that she could come back and surprise her again. Nevertheless, she had been turned on all day and here was an opportunity to indulge herself, albeit a somewhat risky indulgence.

Deciding that she had no time to waste, she dashed into her room, and feeling a little bit daring, she quickly put on her ball gag. There was something helplessly decadent about the feel of the cool rubber as it forced her jaws apart, making her salivate uncontrollably. Just this tiny act set her heart racing and her clit was throbbing, hard. Her mind racing ahead to what she could manage. Kate guessed that Claire would be gone for a good few hours, and maybe all night, but assuming an all-nighter might be a terrible miscalculation.

Working deftly, she took her string and the keys to her wrist cuffs, and went into the kitchenette, and she set about freezing the key into a block of ice. She'd carefully marked out on the plastic container how much time it would take for the ice to melt and for the key to drop, and not wanting to tempt fate, she regretfully poured only enough water for an hours time. She wished it could be longer but she didn't want Claire to find her helpless again.

While the ice froze, she quickly assembled the rest of her bondage gear, the spreader bar, the butt plug, the ankle and wrist cuffs, chain, and her clover clamps. Nodding to herself as she checked off all the toys she needed, she cursed when she realized that she'd almost forgotten her vibe, briefly turning it on, checking the batteries.

Her first task was to thread the chain through the eyebolt that she had found when she first moved into the room, taking care that the chain slid freely. To one end of the chain, she attached the wrist cuffs; to the other she attached the clover clamps.

Walking quickly back into the kitchen she saw that the rapid freezer had done its work and her key was safely frozen in its block of ice. She deftly tied the free end of the string to the eyebolt so that the ice hung freely. Now all she had to do was wait an hour and her key would drop into her hands.

Stripping, she wasn't surprised to find that the tops of her thighs were coated with her juices. She had been trying to ignore the hard, insistent ache that demanded release; she wanted to draw this out as long as possible, well for about an hour actually, before she came. Her clit was hard, throbbing in time to her pulse and Kate felt so turned on, so naughty. The threat of Claire's return was adding a dangerous edge to her play.

Stepping into the spreader bar, she bent down and quickly did up the ankle restraints. She would have smiled but for the gag, as she felt the strain in her thighs as the bar held her legs widespread.

Pausing only a moment, she turned on her rabbit vibe and slowly slid it along her slightly parted inner lips. The feel of the vibrations passed to her clit through her labia, almost, but not quite, tipping her into an orgasm.

She let the tip tease her, feeling the head as it swirled in its circular motion, before slowly sliding it deep in her. She let out a little moan as the vibe filled her completely, diving deep into her wet pussy. A little twist and she could feel the ears of the rabbit nestle against her demanding clit, sending a fresh source of vibration through her.

Tensing the muscles buried deep within her, she gripped the vibe to keep it from falling out. She knew that this would be a challenge but if she used her panties to keep the evil toy in her, then she would make it all too fast. Taking a breath, she reached round and slid the plug against her ass. This part always made her feel naughty and decadent. The cool steel as the tip of the plug pressed against her tight sphincter sent a shiver through her, almost distracting her from keeping the vibe buried deep within her.

She pressed just a little and groaned in pleasure as the plug forced its way into her ass, adding to the full feeling. She could feel the vibe pressing against the thin membrane that separated her two toys, and the movement as the vibe swirled in her was almost too much. She desperately needed something to distract her mind a little, or this would be one of her shortest sessions. She could feel her orgasm building, insistent and demanding immediate relief, but she wanted to ride this sexual high a little while longer.

Taking the clover clamps, she opened the jaws, and settled them onto her nipples, as near the base of each as the rings around them allowed. She let out a sharp hiss of pain as the clamps bit, temporarily setting her orgasm back. Kate knew her own body too well though and she knew that soon, the bite of the clamps would transform into exquisite pleasure, adding to the building heat between her thighs.

After a quick check that she hadn't forgotten anything, she raised her arms, and slipped them into the awaiting cuffs. Now her arms were held high above her head, held there by the chains that attached them to the clamps. Any lowering of her arms now would tug on the clamps, squeezing and tugging on her nipples even further.

As she swayed there, concentrating on keeping her muscles taut, holding her vibe deep in her, she could feel the ache in her breasts and nipples slowly change, transforming into a new sexy feeling.

Experimentally, she lowered her arms a little, seeing just how the clamps would respond, and immediately raised them again, as they bit into her tender nipples a little too hard. Instead, she concentrated on the play between the vibe and her butt plug, revelling in the sensations that were coursing through her.

Lowering her arms a little, she rode the fine line between pain and pleasure, always edging a little closer towards her long awaited relief. She could feel her juices slipping past the vibe and coating her thighs where they cooled in the slight draft of the air conditioning.

Closing her eyes, she let herself go, and let the insistent need take over, carefully juggling her arms to bring the right amount of pressure on her aching nipples. She could feel the ears of the rabbit caress her clit, taking her towards what she was sure would be an explosive orgasm.

Just as she reached the point of no return, the rabbit let out a shudder and slowed right up, barely moving in her, its movements not enough to give her that final push. Kate's mind raced, "This shouldn't be happening," she thought, "I put in new batteries last week and I haven't used it that much since." It was damn frustrating; her vibe had gone from a source of increasing pleasure to a demon toy that was keeping her on edge without letting her make it.

She raised her head and looked at the ice, and saw that her key was almost free, she'd only have to endure this for a couple of minutes longer, then she could free her arms and use her hands to bring herself to the long awaited release that she so desperately craved.

Try as she might, the thrice damned vibe was keeping her just on edge enough, horny enough that she knew it wouldn't take much to bring her off, but not enough to allow her to make it in her current situation.

Finally, the key dropped and Kate pounced on it, eager to free her arms from the chains. She was looking forward to burying her fingers deep in her aching pussy, quickly stroking and circling her clit until she made it.

Grabbing the key wasn't too difficult and she slid the key home, eagerly awaiting the welcome click that would announce her freedom. Try as she might, the key wouldn't turn! Puzzled, Kate tried the other cuff thinking that this was just a temporary setback, but the key didn't work in the other cuff either. Desperately, Kate racked her mind, trying to make sense of the situation, but she couldn't. She kept the keys secure, clearly marked, so that this sort of accident couldn't happen.

The ringing of the phone broke her introspection and her heart dropped like a stone when she heard Claire's dulcet tones as the phone switched to voice mail. "Kate, not sure if you're hearing this, but I thought I'd give you a chance, that is if you weren't too eager to make use of my absence." Kate heard a wicked giggle as she continued, "I was a little naughty. I swapped your keys around. See you soon, bye."

Kate's head swam with the news, Claire had sabotaged her keys, setting her up for who knows what and in her haste to take advantage of her absence, and she'd fallen right into her trap.

Kate didn't have long to wait until she heard a key in the lock and that, in itself, was very suspicious. It was as if Claire had been watching her all along, waiting for the right moment to strike.

She could only stand there as Claire entered the room, a wicked grin on her face and a set of keys in her hand. "My, my, what's this?" she asked as she stopped in front of Kate. "I see that you couldn't resist after all." With that, she reached out a hand, and slowly, slid the vibe part way out of her, before sliding it back and then whipping it out. Kate couldn't take her eyes off Claire's hand as she slowly brought the vibe up to her mouth and parted her lips, letting her tongue slide slowly along the length of the vibe tasting Kate's fresh juices.

"Hmm," Claire said, "pre-orgasmic, if I'm not mistaken. It seems that I'm just in time." With that, Claire causally tossed the vibe to the floor. Kate couldn't believe her eyes or ears; her mind, also, was racing with Claire's comment. Kate struggled to comprehend how Claire could tell from just a taste that she hadn't made it. As if she was a mind reader, Claire added, "Don't worry pet, you'll learn in time to tell the difference."

With those worrying remarks, Claire disappeared into her own room, returning after a moment, holding in her hand something small and shiny. She stood close in front of Kate, well inside her personal space, almost threateningly close.

Her eyes tracked Claire's hand as it brought the shiny object close, and Kate recognized it as a ring, a ring that matched the ones she currently wore around her breasts and nipples. Seeing the dawning realization in her eyes, Claire added, "That's right. This tiny ring is to complete your set."

With that, she stepped back, turned and disappeared into Kate's room. In a mater of moments, she returned with one of the heavy clamps Kate had used earlier, and the vacuum. It became obvious to Kate that Claire had practiced this moment and she watched as Claire attached the ring to the tip of the vacuum nozzle, and then to the clamp. Adjusting it slightly, Claire pointed the nozzle right between Kate's widespread legs, the ring and vacuum pointed straight at her clit. Kate couldn't take her eyes off the ring, and the threat that it promised. She knew by experience that having her breasts and nipples permanently bound was tough enough, but if her clit were bound the same way, then she'd be a slave to her clit, an engorged clit that would demand relief almost every waking moment.

Shaking her head, she tried to convey to Claire that she wasn't going to play, but the gag muffled all intelligible communication. Claire raised her hand and patted Kate on the cheek, "Just remember the choice is all yours," she said, before lowering her hand and raking her nails along to top of Kate's right breast.

The shock of the touch made Kate start and she felt the vacuum press into her sex, almost trapping her before she had a chance. With a jerk, she thrust her hips back, freeing her clit from the lure of the suction.

Kate watched as Claire settled onto the sofa and slowly slides her left hand up and under her t-shirt. She couldn't believe it; Claire was going to use her predicament as a way of getting off.

Kate could not take her eyes of Claire's hand as it slowly disappeared under her shirt. The way the material stretched to accommodate her hand as it made it's way towards her breast was hypnotic. She felt herself starting to respond to this sexy sight. She tried to take her eyes off Claire, but every time her gaze shifted, Claire would let out a little moan, attracting her attention again.

Kate wasn't too surprised when she saw Claire undo the tops of her jeans and slide her other hand between her legs. Kate felt slightly ashamed to be used this way, as a living image for someone to get off. Even as she thought this, her body betrayed her with a fresh stirring in her loins. It seemed that her clit had a mind of its own, and it so desperately wanted relief, even if that relief brought consequences.

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