tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKatherine Ch. 06

Katherine Ch. 06


Ch. 06: Public Exposure Again

This is one of a series. I suggest you read them in order.

Once I was seated in the car, S closed the door and went around to the driver's side. As she began to drive, I opened the sun roof and off we went. Katherine had driven with me before but always in the front seat when I'd had to pay attention to my driving.

"I didn't know you had a chauffeur," she said, "and such an attractive one at that." she added.

"Not jealous, are you?" I teased her. "S is on loan for the weekend. I'm sort of looking after her for a friend while he's away. Besides she's a pretty good driver." I explained as I placed Katherine's hand on my crotch. She stroked me as we drove to her apartment.

"I'll pick you up at 8:00." I said as S opened the door for her. She smiled at me as she got out. As she slid out of the car, I held her hand and she turned to face me.

"You know the dress you wore to Stacey's party?" I asked.

"You mean the one without the back?" she teased. I smiled as I nodded.

"Yes. That's the one. Wear it tonight with these." I said as I handed her a flat box that I pulled from a pocket under the console.

"Thank you." she said as she accepted the gift. "See you at 8:00." she said as she stood up looking at S. As she rose, the eggs moved in her body and she felt herself flush as a small orgasm rippled through her body.

"Bring your other gift in their box." I said as she left to climb the steps, her legs shaking as she walked and the eggs arousing her insides.

"Home." I said to S and she closed the door and climbed into the driver's seat. I watched Katherine as she tried to control her body as she walked up the stairs with some difficulty.

Katherine was pleased to see me in a tuxedo when I arrived at her door. She stood before me wearing a simple but elegant evening dress. It had puffy sleeves, a high neck and the body was made of a smooth material that clung to every curve of her magnificent body. The hem came to just above her knee with a stylish slit over her leg that ran all the way to the edge of her lovenest. In back, it buttoned at the neck and from her waist a sash ran over her hips on either side crossing at the base of her spine. The entire back of the dress was open. Her hair was beautifully brushed and she wore a beaded clip that accentuated her beauty. She was breathtaking as she stood before me.

"You look incredibly sexy." I complimented her as I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply.

"Thank you." she said. "I wore your gift." she said. "Talk about convenient." she teased me.

"How do they fit?" I asked as I sat down on the sofa.

"Good." she replied. "I hope the tops don't show. I feel positively scandalous."

"Let's see." I said. Katherine stepped back and modeled her dress for me. She looked wonderful. Her long hair cascaded over her shoulders and her bare back was unbelievably sexy. As she turned slowly, she reached down and pulled the hem of her dress up over her satiny thighs. She was wearing a pair of crotchless pantyhose that left both of her holes completely available. Smiling, I motioned her forward and she stepped up beside the sofa as she let the dress fall back into place. Katherine gasped as I slid my hand into the slit over her thigh and ran it up the inside of her leg. She sucked in her breath as my fingers reached her naked pussy. I stood up and kissed her as I let my hand slide from between her thighs. She took my arm and we headed for the door.

S drove us to one of my favorite clubs. As we left the car, I looked at S and said sternly, "Don't forget." S nodded. As we walked into the club, Katherine wondered what that had all been about. During dinner she asked me.

"S has a very promiscuous nature - especially, with what in the old days were called, domestic help; gardeners, chauffeurs, maids, maintenance people. Her master has been trying to break her of that bad habit. When she misbehaves, he punishes her but she seems to do it so that he will punish her. He's asked me to do the punishing and perhaps that will get her to stop. I'm sure she is out there fucking one of the drivers or attendants." I explained.

As we dined, I did not tease Katherine as I had done the other time but when we danced I did caress her back and at times slide my fingers into the back of her dress, cupping her firm asscheeks as we glided across the dark dance floor. Whenever I did this, I could feel her grind her pelvis against my cock. When we returned to the table, Katherine slipped her shoe off and teased my cock with her foot under the table.

I excused myself for a moment and went to check on S. As expected, she had someone in the front seat of the car. I returned to Katherine and we finished our coffee. Katherine remembered back to our last dinner out and her loins began to get moist.

At the end of dinner, we went out to the driveway. S drove up and the attendant opened the door for us. I looked at S in the rearview mirror and she looked like the cat who had just eaten the canary. As we drove off, I told S to turn into the alley behind the restaurant.

"Stop the car and get the door." I instructed. S slid out of the car and came around to open my door. As the beautiful, young chauffeur stood next to me on the pavement, Katherine could not see S's face but only her body, from her huge chest, down. She watched to see what was going to happen.

"Open." I said and S lifted her foot up and placed it inside the car on the seat next to me. Her thighs were parted and she reached up to the hip of her briefs and undid the lone button. Her leotard briefs opened and Katherine could see that S wore a pair of crotchless stockings like the ones she was wearing. Katherine sat awed by how this beautiful woman stood outside in the open, her pussy bared as she and I sat looking at her. S was trembling as the sweet scent of her cum drifted into the car.

"Would you like to feel her pussy?" I asked Katherine but she shook her head. I slid my fingers into S's warm pussy and her body stiffened as I probed deep into her love hole. Katherine sat transfixed as I probed the young woman's body. She'd never seen someone else being caressed, except for make-out parties back in high school and they were always dressed.

"How many?" I asked demandingly.

"None." came the reply, a bit too strenuously to be the truth. I pressed my fingers back into her pussy and repeated my question with a sharper tone in my voice.

"None. I swear." she gasped as my fingers hurt her.

"You're very wet." I informed her.

"I was playing with myself - to relieve the frustration." she lied weakly.

I brought my thumb to her clit and with my nail began to apply pressure. As she tried to pull back I pulled her forward with my fingers still buried in her seething pussy. "How many?" I hissed as my nail scored her pussy and her legs shook.

"None. I swear." she cried, the pain noticeable in her shaky voice.

"Are you sure you wouldn't like to feel her body?" I asked Katherine but again she declined.

"Close yourself up." I said to S with a note of disgust in my voice. Her fingers trembled as she pulled her leotard briefs back into place and buttoned them up. As S returned to the driver's seat, I wiped my fingers on a towel I kept under the seat for such occasions. She was relieved to have gotten away with her little escapade and smiled to herself.

"Take us back to the club." I said and S turned pale, her smile disappearing quickly. S drove around to the front of the club and as she entered the drive I said, "To the limo-park." and S knew that the game was over. Silently she drove to the area where the other drivers waited with their cars. I let myself out and called over the other drivers.

"Did any of you guys have the pleasure of sampling my driver tonight?" I asked as I pulled S out of the car. She stood frightened in front of them as several of the drivers looked at her with real lust in their eyes. I heard a few comments about what this one or that one would do with her if given the opportunity. S felt like a real piece of meat and that gave her a bit of a thrill. No one admitted to any contact with S and as she looked around, she was relieved that the guy she'd fucked was gone. She sighed with relief, hoping she'd actually gotten away with it. I released her arm and she sat back down in the car. As I walked around the car, I caught the eye of a woman driver standing on the edge of the group. She was quite beautiful and I recognized her as a driver for one of my associates. As I opened my door, she held her hand to her ear like a telephone and I nodded to her.

"Let's go. You can drive us through the park." I said as I closed the door and turned my attentions to Katherine. The sun roof was still open and the night was warm, so I helped Katherine to stand up and we stood up through the open sun roof as we made our way through the traffic. I held Katherine in front of me as we drove slowly and the streets were crowded with window-shoppers and cars. Several convertibles and people standing up in limos were around us and it was a pleasant night. I slid my arms around Katherine's waist and then slipped one hand through the open back of her dress and fondled her breasts. She knew that no one could really see her but it excited her to know she was being touched so intimately in such a public place.

I slid my palm down across her firm stomach and then down further to her seething love nest. She tried to spread her thighs a little further apart as she felt my cock press up against her firm ass. I slid my fingers between her swollen labia and began to fondle her pussy. Katherine reached down and slid her dress up a bit so that the top of the slit was above her mons and now she could lift her leg onto the seat and part her thighs for me. S watched in the rear-view mirror as I fondled Katherine's sweet pussy. She herself was horny as hell and started to caress herself as she drove.

Katherine moved her arm around behind her and cupped my cock in her palm. I slid my hand out of her dress and she turned around to face me as we drove. We kissed deeply as she ground her pussy against my cock. S turned into the park and we left the traffic behind. Just then the phone rang.

"Excuse me a moment." I said as I lowered myself back into the car. Katherine remained standing as I answered the phone.

"Hello." I said as I picked up the receiver.

"This is Anna." the voice at the other end said. "I drive for Mr. Binghamton. I just saw you at the club." she said.

"Yes, I remember." I replied.

"You wanted to know if any of the drivers had been with your chauffeur tonight." she said.

"Yes, do you know something that I should know?" I asked.

"Jeff, one of the rental agency drivers was with your driver tonight." she said.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yes, first I saw him at your car and then he was bragging about it to some of the other drivers. He said she was a great fuck." she said. "Oh excuse me. I didn't mean to use that word." she apologized.

"It's OK. Would you please repeat the entire thing to me. I want to make sure I got it right." I asked. I turned on the speaker phone so S could hear it.

"Yes. I know that Jeff, from one of the rental agencies screwed your driver tonight in the parking lot." she repeated. S turned white. I shut off the speaker.

"Thank you. And please thank Mr. Binghamton for me. I will remember your integrity and if I can ever do something for you, please call on me." I said and hung up. I made a mental note to follow up on Anna. She was a beautiful woman with a very nice body. It was a shame that Binghamton was so stuffy and kept her so modestly dressed all the time. That could be remedied.

S looked up pleadingly in the mirror. "Just drive." I said with a heavy threat in my voice.

As I looked up, I could see that Katherine had again lifted the front of her dress a bit, exposing her sweet pussy for my pleasure. I ran my hand over the back of her leg and lifting her foot, I removed her shoe and placed her foot on the seat beside me. She leaned against the edge of the sun roof as she shifted her weight. I removed her other shoe and placed her foot on the other side of me. I gazed up at her spread thighs as she stood above me, her upper body still outside the car. I pressed the button and the sun roof began to close until it trapped her beautiful body and it was impossible for Katherine to lower herself back into the car. I slid between her open thighs and turned to sit on the small "jumpseat" that folded down from the back of the front bench. I slid my palms up the backs of Katherine's open thighs and pressed my tongue to her sweet pussy. I could feel her body tremble.

"Take us out of the park, but slowly." I instructed S but Katherine could not hear me. I squeezed her asscheeks as my lips sucked on her love button. Katherine's body began to buck and her hands pounded the roof of the car as her body shook with a powerful orgasm.

S watched in the mirror as I buried my face in Katherine's seething womanflesh. Her own hand descended between her thighs and then slid into her briefs. She played with herself as she watched me suck on Katherine and thought about how I was going to punish her when we got home.

As we neared the edge of the park, we got into some light traffic and Katherine began to panic as we mingled with other cars. She tried to smile nonchalantly as her insides gushed with her sweet love juices. A limo pulled up beside us with some high school prom-goers standing up waving to people through the sun roof of their car. I saw them and went after Katherine's clit with my tongue. She gasped and pounded the roof of the car as her insides exploded. The kids looked over at her as they heard the sound of her fists on the roof.

"Hi, how are you doing?" the young girl in the next limo asked. Katherine smiled at her and tried to answer but lost it when my tongue flicked across her erect clit and again her body convulsed. She slammed her fists down again as her body flushed out of control.

"What are you doing?" the girl asked innocently. Then she looked down through the window of my car and realized that Katherine was not alone in the back seat of the car. "Oh, OH!!" she exclaimed as yet another orgasm rippled through Katherine's body.

"Stop it." she hissed down at me as the other limo pulled behind us in the traffic. "Let me down." she screamed under her breath as she realized that even though it was dark, the headlights of the limo would silhouette her spread thighs and my head buried between them. I kept her up there for a few more moments and then opened the sunroof to let her back in. As Katherine tried to lower her body back into the car, I held her ankles firmly so that she had to squat across my lap. Quickly I held my finger to her lips to keep her from speaking. Her hair was wind-blown and her face flushed with passion.

"You have no idea how incredibly sexy you look right now and how much I enjoy your magnificent body. You are so responsive." I complimented her. I could see she was pleased with the compliment but still a bit agitated by the way I'd again pleasured her body in public.

"Don't worry about the kids - you may have provided them with a real education or at least an inspiration. Besides, I've always felt that teens should be guided into the pleasures of sex by someone older and more experienced, whose body knows how to respond and give pleasure." I said. Katherine looked down at her split thighs as she squatted across my lap.

"I need you inside me - NOW!" she said. Sliding back on my legs she opened my pants. Reaching in, she retrieved my cock and stroked it gently, tickling it with her long fingernails. She adjusted her dress slightly and then able to fully spread her firm thighs, she slid back toward me, guiding my shaft between her swollen love petals. She reached up through the sunroof and grasped the edges for balance. Raising her hips slightly, she lay her head back and slid her tight pussy all the way down my rigid shaft. I placed my palms on her open thighs and teased her firm flesh as I stroked my thumbs down the insides of her thighs to her open pussy.

Katherine slid her feet under the seat back and started to ride my cock. As she pumped her pussy up and down my rod, her head continually bobbed out of the sunroof. Her muscles grasped at my rod as she fucked me. Her face was filled with lust as she plunged over and over again onto my raging cock. I teased her clit as I felt my cum start to boil.

Seeing me smile, Katherine redoubled her efforts as she impaled herself on my cock. Feeling my cock about to explode, I thrust up hard into her twitching pussy, raising her head out of the car as I filled her seething cunt with my cum. Katherine's insides flooded with her own sweet juices as she realized we were in the middle of traffic and her face was a mask of sexual lust as her body convulsed uncontrollably with a powerful orgasm. I lowered her back into the car as I came to rest on the seat. Only the top of her head was out of the car as I wrapped my arms around her panting body. She bent her knees alongside of me and ducked into the car. She wrapped her arms around my neck, kissing me lustfully as I caressed her back and she ground her pussy on my cock.

"Home." I said to S and she turned the car for home. Katherine remained impaled on my shaft for the short ride home. When we arrived, S opened the door and Katherine eased her body off of mine. She reached out to close my pants, but I eased her body to sit beside me.

I turned to S. "Clean me." I said and she bent into the car. Katherine watched as the beautiful blonde knelt in front of me on the floor of the car and licked my spent tool for several minutes as her head bobbed up and down. Katherine could hear the sounds of her slurping as S was forced to lick our cum from my spent tool. She then lifted her face from my crotch and guided my cock back into my pants and zipped me up. Katherine wasn't sure if she like the idea of another woman sucking on my cock, let alone watching it happen, even if it was fascinating.

S stood up and held the door. I helped Katherine out of the car and then turning to S said, "Park the car and go to your room. Wash yourself out and wait for me." S nodded silently as Katherine and I entered the house.

To be continued....

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