tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKatherine Ch. 15

Katherine Ch. 15


CHAPTER 15: Sandy Likes It Rough

I awoke to the feeling of someone's lips wrapped around my cock and looked down to see that Sandy was busy sucking it back to attention. After she got me hard again, I rolled her over on her back and slid into her seething pussy. Taking hold of her wrists, I pulled her hands over her head and clipped her wrists to the headboard. With her arms pulled over her head, her huge breasts were pulled tightly against her chest and I was able to try out my theory about her.

With her arms bound this way, I moved between her legs and pressing her knees apart, I slid my cock all the way into her tight pussy. As my cock filled her to the hilt I looked down and watched her nipples. They were unbelievably hard. As I pinched her nipples she moaned loudly. The harder I pinched them the louder her moans got and the tighter her love muscles grasped at my cock. Lowering my mouth to her breast, I began to bite her tender nipples. They got even harder and her pussy clenched that much tighter. As I had thought, Sandy liked being abused. I was more than happy to oblige her. I fucked her thoroughly, ramming hard into her body as she relished her abuse. It did not take long for me to fill her pussy with hot cum once again.

The movement on the bed awakened Katherine, who lay quietly watching me fuck the shit out of her friend. She was a bit concerned by the force of my fucking but also saw how Sandy was responding to it. When I finished cumming in Sandy's body, I felt Katherine roll over and reach down between my thighs and caress my spent balls. I moaned as she caressed me and then sliding out of Sandy's body, I rolled over onto Katherine's and gathered her into my arms. She nestled against my chest and we drifted back to sleep.

In the morning we left Sandy tied to the bed and Katherine and I took a hot shower. We soaped each other's bodies and I told her about my earlier relationship with Sandy. She was amazed.

In the daylight Sandy looked pretty fucked out. Katherine decided to clean her up and to make us breakfast. First she ushered me out of the bedroom and then untying Sandy, took her into the bathroom and removed her blindfold. Sandy looked at herself in the mirror and was amazed at how fucked out she looked. It had been one hell of a night. She smiled. She stepped into the hot bath feeling the hot water envelop her spent body. Then she heard Katherine lock the door.

Sandy bathed herself and reminisced about the sexual escapades of the previous hours. She could not imagine who her new lover was but she felt satisfied, both with how she'd been fucked and with pleasures she'd given and gotten from Katherine. The sensation of being fucked by a man she could not identify was a new and powerful one for her.

Katherine finished cooking breakfast and served me at the bar. She took a tray into Sandy but again locked her in the bedroom. Returning to the breakfast bar, Katherine and I ate our breakfast.

"You were pretty rough with her that last time." Katherine commented.

"Yes, I know. I wasn't sure, so I decided to play a hunch." I explained. "I had a feeling that Sandy liked to be abused, so I decided to test out my theory gradually. She does. Her body responds most passionately when she is being abused. Her nipples are the hardest and her love muscles get even stronger."

"I see." Katherine said quietly. "What would you like to do next?"

"I want to fill her ass but I think we should bind her breasts also." I said.

Katherine nodded. "Are you really pleased?" she asked.

"You have no idea how pleased I really am. First, you gave me the gift of a new lover in a menage a trois. Second, it turned out to be someone who really enjoys bondage and abuse and lastly someone whom I've always wanted to fuck and have never been able to get to." I said. I drew her into my arms and held her tight. I could feel Katherine melt in my arms.

Katherine returned to the bedroom and saw that Sandy was just finishing her toast. Meanwhile, I started looking around for some "toys" to use on Sandy.

"He wants to fuck your ass and to bind your breasts." Katherine said and she saw Sandy smile.

"He really knows me, doesn't he?" Sandy said.

"Better than you imagine." Katherine answered. "Now put on the blindfold." Sandy stood up and brushing back her hair once again placed the blindfold over her eyes. Katherine stepped behind her and pulling her wrists together clipped the cuffs together. Sandy felt her pussy start to moisten.

Katherine opened the bedroom door and called down the hall, "Ready." As I entered the bedroom, Katherine presented her friend to me. My hand slid between Sandy's warm thighs and I raised my fingers to her moist pussy lips. I slid one finger into her tight love hole and then removing my hand momentarily, I slid my thumb into her pussy as I forced my finger into her tight asshole. Sandy bit her lip as she felt her tight asshole invaded. Soon she felt both of her holes being fucked by my fingers as she eased her legs a bit further apart. She was so tight.

I removed my fingers from Sandy's loins and then reaching up to Sandy's huge breast, I pinched her nipple and started to twist it between my fingers. I could see that it was painful to her but that she was excited by it. I released her nipple and then slapped her huge tit hard with the palm of my hand. Sandy screamed as my hand hit her naked tit. I began to abuse her nipples and slap her tits as Katherine watched.

Once her nipples were hard enough, I pulled forward and down and Sandy bent her body forward. Her huge tits hung heavily in front of me. Reaching down to the table beside me I picked up one of the thick rubber bands I'd found in the desk. Stretching it wide, I slipped it around Sandy's huge tit and then snapped it tightly around her dangling breast. Sandy winced in pain as she felt the snap of the rubber band and then she felt the tightness as it surrounded her huge mam.

Taking another rubber band, I snapped it around her other tit. I added several more bands to each tit and then pressed Sandy's body back to an upright position. She could feel the tightness of the bands around her massive tits and she could feel the sensation leaving her breasts as the blood flow was restricted. It wouldn't be long before her breasts would start to get cold and then fall asleep. She'd only experienced this sensation once before when she'd had her breasts tied with cords but she knew what it would feel like. The discomfort now was nowhere near as bad as the pain she would endure when the circulation returned. She was excited. Katherine stared at Sandy's huge tits as they stood grotesquely away from her body.

Pinching Sandy's nipple, I walked her around to the foot of the bed. I released Sandy's wrists and then bent her body over the footboard of the bed. Her hands rested on the mattress as she tried to support her upper body. Her huge tits hung down as she felt all sensation begin to leave her massive tits.

I nodded to Katherine and we pressed Sandy's body forward until her elbows rested on the mattress and her long legs dangled over the footboard of the bed. Reaching down to her ankles we both bent her legs back and then clipped her ankle cuffs to the cords I'd attached to the posts of the bed. Sandy's thighs were pulled wide open and the tender flesh of her inner thighs was turned out. Her pussy rested on the hard wood of the footboard as her upper body rested on her elbows. Her nipples barely scraped the sheets on the huge bed.

I left the room and returned with a paddle I'd seen hanging on the wall. It had Greek letters on it and I assumed it came from Katherine's college sorority. It was about 20 inches long, about 4 inches wide and a half inch thick.

"Ask her if she wants a gag." I whispered to Katherine.

"He's going to paddle your ass. Do you want a gag?" she asked.

"Yes." Sandy said softly. Katherine opened one of her dresser drawers and pulled out a bandana. She handed it to me. I walked into the bathroom and found Katherine's hamper. Opening it, I retrieved a used pair of her panties and then approaching Sandy, held the bandana to her lips. The young beauty opened her mouth wide and before tying the bandana in place I turned Katherine's panties inside out and forced them between Sandy's teeth. I then tied the bandana in place as Sandy tasted Katherine's used panties. I moved behind the bound woman and caressed her beautiful ass with the smooth side of the paddle. I nodded to Katherine.

"Ready?" she said. Sandy nodded. I brought the flat side of the paddle down across Sandy's smooth white asscheeks and the girl's head flew up as she screamed into her gag. I bright red mark appeared on her smooth skin as her pussy began to gush. I hit her again on her ass and her body lurched again. Her ass was really red now. Katherine watched as I hit her friend several more times across her sweet asscheeks with the same result each time.

Stepping to the side I hit her with moderate force across the soft, tender skin of her inner thigh. Sandy howled into her gag as her thigh turned deep red. I placed another stroke on her other thigh. Sandy collapsed onto the bed, her huge, bound tits mashing hard against the smooth sheets. I stepped directly behind Sandy and with the edge of the paddle rubbed her hard between her beaten asscheeks and then let the rounded corner of the paddle slide between her swollen labia.

I motioned Katherine to my side. Taking a chair I turned it to face away from Sandy's open thighs and had Katherine straddle the seat and sit down, her tits hanging over the back of the chair. I leaned down and whispered in her ear.

"When I fuck her ass, she'll only be as loose as you make her." I said. Katherine looked up at me and then down at her friend's beaten ass. She realized that up until now it had been Sandy's mouth caressing her pussy. Now it was her turn. She looked down at Sandy's spread ass and gently kissed her friends bruised asscheek. The results were instantaneous. Sandy creamed with a deep moan. Katherine was encouraged. She lowered her mouth to Sandy's abused ass and began to lick and kiss her friend's bruised cheeks. Sandy's pussy began to spasm and she ground her mons against the footboard. Katherine could see cum begin to ooze out of her friend's pussy and she was fascinated by how Sandy's ass spasmed each time her tongue touched anywhere near that tight sphincter.

Sandy's hips began to rotate and flex as her moans got louder and louder with each moment of licking. Katherine was amazed at how responsive Sandy's body was as she pointed her tongue and raked it across the bound woman's asshole. Sandy went rigid and with a loud gasp, she flooded her lovehole with hot cum. Katherine could smell the sweetness of the flow and licked at Sandy's swollen labia to taste her cum. She was also amazed at how moist her own pussy was as she licked her friend's oozing lovehole.

I looked down at Sandy's bound tits and realized it was time to remove the bands. As Katherine continued to lick and prod Sandy's tight asshole, I moved onto the bed and lifted Sandy's chest up and helped her set her hands on the mattress. All sensation was gone from her tits. They felt cold and had darkened in color.

I reached down under her chest and hooked my fingers under the bands on each tit. With a powerful tug, I ripped the bands from around the young woman's massive tits and she screamed in pain and surprise. I reached out and caressed her hanging titflesh. Her mams were cold and that meant that circulation had been really restricted. To help her regain her circulation I held one tit firmly in my hands and began to massage it.

The pain Sandy felt in her chest was unbelievable. It'd been a long time since she'd felt this sensation and she'd forgotten just how painful it was. She felt like her chest was a giant pin cushion. I cupped her other tit and massaged it. The pain in her chest and the pleasure in her loins consumed her body. Katherine slid her finger into Sandy's dripping pussy and coated it with her sweet flow. Then she started to press her finger into Sandy's tight sphincter. She knew that she had to open Sandy up or the size of my cock would rip her apart.

As Katherine prodded and probed Sandy's asshole, I slid my cock to her lips and Sandy began to suck on my cock as her huge chest ached. She knew that there was nothing she could do about it but relish the pain and wait for it to end. She sucked on my cock as she felt it grow in her mouth and she realized that soon it would be rammed all the way into her tight asshole. She sucked hard as Katherine continued to open her asshole with her fingers and tongue.

I slipped off the bed and moving around behind Katherine, I lifted her hips off the seat until she stood bent over the back of the chair, her mouth still probing Sandy's sweet ass. Katherine stood with her legs straddling the seat and I knelt on the seat pad and prodded her pussy with my hard shaft. Katherine moaned as she felt my cock graze the lips of her moist womanhood. Reaching down to her flaring hips, I pressed my cock into her tight lovehole as her tongue thrust deep into Sandy's tight asshole. She was drenched. I thrust several more times into her sweet pussy as I looked down at Sandy's ass. I was ready.

Easing out of Katherine's loins, I pulled her away from Sandy's body and had her sit back on the chair. I stepped up to the bound woman and raked my fingers gently over her recently beaten thighs. A deep shudder ran through her body. I pressed my cock between her thighs and eased it into her tight pussy. I pressed forward and filled her pussy completely. Slowly I began to rock in and out of her loins as I felt Katherine's fingers close around my balls. I moaned deeply.

As I rocked into Sandy's pussy, my fingers began to probe Sandy's open asshole. I could see that it would be tight - real tight. I would need a lot of lubricant and Sandy's cum was just the stuff. I thrust gently into her oozing pussy several times until my shaft was fully coated with her sweet flow. Pulling from her tight pussy, I slipped my cock head against her tighter asshole.

Pressing forward, I felt the tip penetrate her tight sphincter and then she squealed as the head moved further into her asshole. Sandy's head flailed back and her hair was thrown from side to side as she felt her tight sphincter stretch around my thick shaft. I eased in slowly as she grunted and groaned with each inch of my shaft as it filled her tight asshole.

Finally I felt my hips touch her smooth asscheeks and we both knew I was all the way in. Katherine saw it also. I remained motionless in her tightness for a moment. Then placing my palms on her beaten asscheeks, I slowly began to withdraw from her tightness. I could feel her sphincter grasp at the thickness of my shaft as the ridge passed her asshole.

Leaning forward, I slid back in and felt her tightness get even tighter. Then a deep moan escaped from my bound lover and I knew she was ready. Methodically I began to pump in and out of her tight ass as I felt Katherine's fingers tease my balls. My strokes into her friend's ass were long and steady as the tightness teased my impaling ramrod.

As Sandy's sphincter adjusted to the size of my cock, I was able to increase the speed of my fucking and to vary the angle of my thrusts. Sandy's clit kept rubbing over the hard wood of the footboard as my cock ravaged her magnificent ass. She was grunting and groaning with passion as I fucked her ass. I felt both of Katherine's hands down between my thighs as I continued to thrust into her friend's body. The pain in Sandy's tits was equaled by the pleasure in her tight ass as I felt my balls about to explode. Katherine felt my building climax and slipping her finger into my own tight asshole, she pushed me over the edge as my balls exploded and cum gushed out of my cock and filled Sandy's bowels.

As I stopped my motion in Sandy's body, I felt Katherine kneel behind me and then her talented tongue slipped into the crack of my ass. I moaned deeply as my cock still spurted into Sandy's ass and Katherine licked at mine. True pleasure.

Finally I eased out of Sandy's tight ass and came around to sit on the bed. I slid up in front of her face and then Sandy swallowed my cock as she wanted to pleasure the instrument that had given her so much excitement during the past several hours. I let her suck on me for some time as I stroked my fingers through her long, silky hair. I motioned to Katherine and she climbed onto the bed and straddled my face as I buried my tongue in her seething pussy. Katherine moaned deeply as she felt my tongue caress her sweet pussy and she watched her bound and blindfolded friend and recent lover pleasure my cock. I felt her body begin to writhe on my face as I pleasured her oozing quim.

Katherine leaned forward and kissed Sandy's cheek and she licked the side of my shaft as Sandy teased the head with her tongue. I moaned deeply as the two women pleasured my cock and moved it back and forth between their hungry mouths. Finally slipped my cock from between their lips and Katherine lifted her dripping pussy from my face. As she turned her body she could see my cheeks wet with her juices. She leaned over me and licked her sweetness from my face and lips. I felt her tongue probe between my lips as she sucked my tongue into her mouth. I finally eased off the bed and taking Katherine in my arms, I hugged her and then walked her into the living room. It was late and I needed to get moving.

"I want to thank you for a marvelous night." I said to her as I smiled. "I have to go but I suggest that you two spend some more time together since I hope to enjoy you both again and again." I dressed and then caressing her beautiful breast once again, I kissed her and took my leave.

Katherine returned to the bedroom and released Sandy from her bindings. The two women showered and then stretching out on the bed, Sandy introduced Katherine to some of the other wonders of lesbian lovemaking.

To be continued...

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