Katherine of the Amish


We decided to get some fresh air and go for a walk through a close by park. Even though the sun was setting, the park was full of people having fun. After a while, we sat on a wall and watched dogs being walked, children being played with, and lovers holding hands. Katherine leaned into me and took my hand in hers.

"You've gone all quiet, are you okay?" she asked. "No regrets?"

I put my arm around her and pulled her in tight, "Nope. I'm just worried that someone will come and take you away, or that you might not want to stay with me."

"Don't be worried." Katherine replied. "I'm here because I want to be with you. I prayed every night after I first laid eyes on you that you would come and take me away. You're my knight in shining armour."

"But won't you miss your family and friends?"

"Maybe, but I've always known that I wouldn't spend the rest of my life on the farm. The world is too big, and I've always wondered what went on past those farm gates."

"Aren't you afraid?"

Katherine thought about my question for a few seconds, "Not for the long term, because I know that we'll be together forever."

"What about the short term?"

She blushed, "I'm a nervous virgin Andy. I'm worried that you won't like my body, or that I won't be a good lover for you."

"We don't have to have sex now; we can wait awhile if you want."

Katherine looked up at me with her big eyes and smiled, "I'm twenty one years old Andy. It's time I was a woman, and besides, we Amish have been brought up to ensure that our men are well looked after. So you see, you have very little choice in the matter."

This Amish thing was starting to look pretty good I thought to myself.

And what about you Andy, have you made love to many women? Or is it none of my business?"

"A few." I replied, which was a little understatement.

"Well, at least one of us will know what to do."

We both laughed.

"Does it matter that I will be the only woman that you are going to love for the rest of your life?"

"No, it doesn't." I replied. "In fact it feels kind of good. You're the most beautiful girl in the world, and I'm very much in love with you. So, forever sounds pretty good to me."

Katherine got to her feet and looked down at me, "That nice to know Andy. Let's go home, there's something I want you to do for me."

I stood and took Katherine in my arms, our lips touching and exploring with little pecks. For a short time, we ignored the smirking smiles of passer-by's. We were content to let our tongues explore and play until Katherine pulled away in embarrassment. I would later find out that Katherine practiced her kissing techniques with another Amish girl who was in the first stages of courting, and wanted to perfect the art.

It was dark by the time we got home. We had walked quietly hand in hand, both nervous of what we were about to do. My heart fluttered erratically in excitement and anticipation. I suggested we shower together when we got inside, but Katherine wanted to shower alone and make herself ready for me. I went first, and broke the record for the shortest shower in history, the horrible thought of Katherine not being there when I got out briefly flashed through my mind. After putting on a robe, I exited the bathroom and found Katherine looking out the ranch slider to the thousands of lights below. She smiled and turned to me as I made my way to her, and then leaned into me and kissed my neck. I was kind of embarrassed of my arousal, but I think she chose to ignore it.

"Mmmmm, you smell nice." she whispered. "Wait here while I have my shower, and you have to promise that you won't run away."

"I'll try and be brave."

She smiled lovingly up at me, "Make sure you are."

Katherine made her way to the bathroom and removed her clothing. The shower controls were foreign to her, but after a few seconds worked it out. She slowly cleansed her body under the warm jets of water and smiled at her obvious arousal. Her nipples were erect, and between her thighs warm and sensitive to the touch. She climbed from the shower and dried herself with a soft towel, then stepped to the large mirror over the hand basin. She gazed at herself in the mirror for the last time as an innocent woman; for the next time it would be as a woman who had been loved. She ran a finger over her nipples and sighed at the pleasure it brought. She allowed a hand to stray downwards and through her triangle of un-kept curls to find herself wet with anticipation. She gently explored that little button that had brought her so much pleasure while alone in her lonely bed. She had dreamed often about this moment, how she would prepare herself for her first time with a lover. She watched herself in the mirror as her finger slipped back and forth between her lips, and shuddered. She guiltily removed her finger and washed her hands of her scent, and then wrapped a towel around her trembling body.

I stood waiting beside my bed, the sheets turned down in anticipation of her arrival. Our eyes met as Katherine stepped to where I was standing, and then let the towel drop to the floor. Her hands automatically moved towards her breasts and pubic area, but she stopped herself and stood so that I could take in her magnificent Amazonian figure.

Her pale body was full and curvaceous, her shoulders wide from hard farm work toil. My eyes slipped to her breasts and took in their perfection, large and heavy with dark nipples contrasting her smooth milky skin, her waist narrow and her stomach flat as a board. My eyes moved downwards to her round shapely thighs perfectly dissected by a thatch of dark curls, her legs were long and melted down past toned claves to thin ankles. What a stunning girl my Katherine was.

Katherine smiled at my reaction to her nude body, "Am I to your liking good sir?"

My reply was simple; I removed my robe and tossed it aside. Katherine's attention was immediately drawn to my proud standing erection bobbing gently before her; a look of some concern adorned her face.

"Oh my, I don't think this is a good idea anymore." she commented. "Maybe I should go home."

She then laughed heartily as my face fell in fear, "Andy my love, you should see your face. You'll soon learn that we Amish have a fine sense of humour."

I made a playful lunge for Katherine, but she rolled across the bed easily out of my grasp, and chuckled as she eased herself down onto the sheets. Her playfulness turned to arousal as I lay down beside her and took her into my arms. We kissed tenderly as we lay side by side, our hands gently exploring. Her thighs opened slightly to allow my protruding erection between them for the first time. I explored her breasts, first with my fingers, and then my mouth. Katherine sighed deeply and rolled onto her back as my hand slipped downwards over her waist and hips.

Her fine legs opened invitingly as my hand slipped between her thighs, and she sighed deeply as my fingers explored her thick curls and slippery wet lips beneath. Her clitoris was raised and easy to find, and experience had taught me that this indeed was a nice place to play. I toyed with her clitoris, stroking it gently, or massaging it between two fingers. My playfulness was rewarded by deep sighs and little cries. I then explored further and allowed my finger to enter her. Remembering that Katherine was a virgin, I took care to be slow and gentle, she raised her hips against me as my finger slipped inside her. Her hands held me tightly, but I cared not her fingernails pinching my skin. For the next few minutes, I toyed with her warm pussy as it became sopping wet with arousal while my mouth continued to torment her nipples.

My tongue began working downwards causing Katherine to squirm as I tickled her flat navel, and then I rolled between her submissive legs. She squirmed nervously when I began to kiss her inner thighs.

"Nooooooo, Andy." she pleaded. "Please don't do that."

But I hurried my attack and slipped my tongue between her wet pussy lips. She froze as I found her clitoris and sucked it into my mouth so that my tongue could flick quickly over it. But the pleasure was obvious and her body relaxed slowly, it wasn't long before her pussy was pushing back against me. And once I'd won her approval, I then began to attack her pussy with every trick I knew. She was invitingly warm and wet, and tasted slightly of soap, her large soft lips hugging my cheeks tightly. In the gloomy light, I couldn't see much, but I was content to explore her with my fingers and tongue.

For Katherine, it had been a nervous few minutes. It was the first time that someone else had touched her down there, and her pleasure was unbelievable. But when Andy had slipped his face between her legs, she felt ashamed and embarrassed, but that too soon turned into the utmost pleasure. She could feel herself moving involuntary against his efforts and briefly wondered how much she would have to pray for forgiveness. She could feel the lips of her most private place being suckled and kissed, and her clitoris lovingly licked. In the end, she allowed her taut body to totally relax.

It wasn't that she had never heard of this supposedly dastardly act. One of her close Amish girl friends, a little older than her had provided some sordid details of what happened between the sheets with her newly acquired husband. Katherine had listened with morbid interest as her friend told how her husband would often seduce her with that particular technique. Katherine cheekily asked if she enjoyed it, her friend smiled and confessed to playing hard to get to ensure she receive a good licking. And the first night after that first confession, Katherine lay back in her bed with her fast moving fingers between her legs while fantasising that a fine looking and debonair lover was providing her joyful pleasure. It was a fantasy that was repeated many times before this very night.

But for all Katherine's fantasies, she never imagined that it could be so good, and lay contently in all her naked splendour with her legs spread unashamedly wide. Her elation increased as the first inkling of an orgasm seeped into her brain. She gripped the sheets tightly between her fingers as it approached, and hoped that that her usual small ejaculations would be unnoticeable to Andy.

But her orgasm was the most intense that Katherine had ever experienced, its slow build up belied the sudden explosion that ripped through her body causing her to cry loudly. As her body shuddered wildly in pleasure, she sensed the warmness of her ejaculation running down her thighs and buttocks. As her orgasm slowly retreated, she could still feel her lover's warm tongue exploring her special place as little tremors continued to ooze through her.

Katherine raised her head from the pillow and smiled down at me as I peered up at her from between her wide spread thighs. My face was sopping wet from her ejaculation and I knew she felt a little embarrassment for my predicament. Taking me by the shoulders, she coaxed me upwards so that I could kiss her passionately.

For the first time Katherine felt a hard cock slip upwards between her thighs. She sighed with deep arousal and lay back on the bed pulling me down on top of her. Her hand eagerly sought my hard cock and guided it impatiently to her wet pussy. With some trepidation, she bravely braced herself for the pain that was supposed to accompany the loss of virginity.

"Please be gentle." she whispered.

Katherine felt her hymen tear as Andy's tenderly pushed into her, but felt nothing more than a slight burning sensation before pleasure overtook her. With gently little pushes, she felt Andy's warm cock slide inside and fill her with his size. She uttered a small cry as her emotions abandoned her, and then gripped her lover tightly as he began to ride her.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Ohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeees." she replied seeking his mouth to kiss.

For the next few minutes, I gently rode Katherine taking the time to kiss and nuzzle her where ever I could. I tormented her lovely breasts with my tongue, and licked and kissed her shoulders and neck. I felt intense love for this woman, and would never forget how her tight wet slippery pussy hugged my hungry cock for the first time.

As Katherine became more relaxed, she began to experiment with her legs. She found that placing them in different positions altered the angle of Andy's cock which in turn provided slightly different sensations. Her favourite quickly became the legs high around the waist, although she knew that it could painful if her lover was anything but gentle. She gathered her thoughts, and smiled at her pleasure. Before this day, she had known that she was a sensual woman, and hoped that sex would be an enjoyable act. Now she knew, and for the first time realised that this wonderful act would be a major part of her future. Her tears began to flow as she realised she was now a woman and a lover, and life would never be the same.

I sensed Katherine's salty tears, and kissed them gently from her cheeks as she hugged me tightly. She took my face in her hands and pulled my lips to hers, her tongue stabbing me deeply to find mine. By this time, Katherine had mastered the act of rolling her buttocks to meet my every stroke, and I felt the unwanted stirrings of an orgasm approaching. I reluctantly eased myself from her and smiled down at her.

"Sorry, but I'm gonna cum if I keep going." I muttered as I lay down beside her.

Looking down at the sheets for the first time, I noticed the dark stains of blood.

"Oh shit, you're bleeding." I whispered.

Katherine raised herself to her elbows and looked down between her thighs with a grin, "So now you know I was a virgin."

I returned her grin and gave her a peck on the cheek, "In some countries, men hang bloody sheets on the balcony to prove to the world that a lover's virginity has been lost.

Katherine looked up at me with her big eyes, "In some counties yes, but not in this one. And certainly not this balcony." she added with some conviction.

"Spoil sport."

A smiling Katherine reached down and took my rigid cock in hand, "In some ways maybe, but not others."

After a few seconds a playing, I went to the bathroom and returned with a warm facecloth and a towel. Kneeling between Katherine's thighs, I gently cleansed her thighs and pussy of blood.

"Not hurting?" I asked as I patted it dry.

"No, it feels quite nice, do you do this for all of your virgins?" she asked.

"Most of them; but there's been too many to count." I lied humorously.

"Well, you'd better enjoy it this time, because I'm the last virgin you're getting."

I responded by running my tongue up the inside of her thighs and between her warm lips, resulting in a deep sigh. For a short time, I gently licked her and her juices began to flow once again. I then rolled over onto my back and made my cock dance in the air.

Katherine reached over and took me in hand, "Quite small isn't it?"

She then smiled at the look of concern upon my worried face, "We've got bulls and stallions on the farm, and they're much bigger than this. But I suppose that this will have to do."

"Maybe I should send you home to the farm."

"Oh no, you won't want me to go, I can assure you of that."

I eased Katherine over me and manoeuvred her into a sitting position. She caught on quickly, and raised one leg so that she could guide my cock between her triangle of curls. A look of discomfort came over her face as she tried to sit down on it, and I wisely stopped her.

"We need lube." I suggested reaching for a bedside cabinet drawer.

From it, I took a tube of KY and dribbled a little on my cock and a dash between her pussy lips. I rubbed it over my shaft and then guided Katherine back over it. The added lubrication took Katherine by surprise, and she took my shaft fully to the hilt with one push causing her to gasp loudly and promptly raise herself. Then with calculating little movements, she began to ride me slowly.

"Ohhhh, this is nice." she whispered after a short time.

I let my hands explore her lovely body, her smooth thighs and her curved waist. She smiled as I cupped her heavy breasts and tweaked her nipples. I pulled her forwards so that her breasts were within licking distance. For the next few minutes, Katherine let me suckle upon her nipples as she slowly rode me.

"They say some men like breasts more, and other men like legs, so what sort of man are you?"

"A greedy one." I answered between kisses. "Both are good for me."

Katherine chuckled loudly, "That's good I think. So, what else are you going to show me?"

I rolled Katherine over onto the bed and positioned her in the doggie position with her buttocks high in the air. My cock was soon slipping between her pussy lips, and she groaned loudly as I pushed deep inside her. She allowed me to continue for a few seconds before pulling away.

"That hurts." she suggested as she rolled over onto her back and spread her thighs wide. "I like it like this; then we can kiss lots."

I lowered myself over her lovely body, a helping hand guided my cock to that special place, and I slipped inside her. Her legs were soon around my buttocks hugging me tightly as I rode her. It was soon obvious to me that I wasn't going to be able to restrain myself, and pregnancy entered my mind causing me to stop. I raised myself onto my elbows and looked down at Katherine's beautiful face.

"Are you safe, or are we going to make a baby?" I asked.

She looked up at me and smiled, her gentle fingers tracing the outline of my face as she considered my question.

"To be truthful Andy, I don't care. I just don't want you to stop."

We kissed as I then resumed my carnal activities. I slowly began to pick up speed and rhythm, and Katherine met my every thrust.

"I'm safe at the moment." Katherine muttered after a few seconds of deliberation.

I began to experiment a little as my orgasm approached and found that the entrance to Katherine's pussy was a little tighter than deeper inside. I shortened my stroke so that the head of my cock and the glands below were hugged tightly by that special little spot at her entrance. The sensation was incredible, and I slowed my pace once my orgasm was assured, and then I fired deep inside Katherine. It was the most intense orgasm I can ever remember having, and the pleasure rocked me from head to foot. Katherine held me tightly as my cum flooded her insides resulting in a squelching noise loud enough for both of us to hear. As my orgasm waned, I allowed my cock to slide into the hilt and felt the warmth of my cum engulf me.

"Mmmmmm, I could feel you squirt inside me." Katherine whispered. "It feels nice and warm."

We lay for a short time in a tangle of arms and legs kissing and cuddling, only my cum leaking from Katherine and onto the sheet below forcing us apart. For the second time that night, Katherine lay with her legs wide spread as I cleaned her with a towel. We then cuddled up and stared up at the ceiling.

"That was nice; I'm going to like sex." Katherine commented after awhile.

"That's good to know, cause you're going to get lots of it."

She laughed and kissed me on the cheek, "So was I any good, me being a virgin and all?"

"Well, if that how you start out, the future's gonna be a real blast."

We eventually drifted off to sleep and I woke up in the early hours to find Katherine gone from the bed. I climbed from the bed and wandered into lounge. Katherine was sitting on the couch looking out the window with a duvet wrapped around her. She smiled up at me when she saw me.

"Climb in here with me." she said while lifting the edge of the duvet.

For the next half hour, we sat and watched night turn into day. It was quite spectacular as all the colourful lights disappeared as the sun slowly rose over the hills. With Katherine leaning into me, I slowly stroked her lovingly under the warmth of the duvet.

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