tagIncest/TabooKathleen's Family Saga Pt. 02

Kathleen's Family Saga Pt. 02


NOTE: I have written this version after receiving many emails from readers. They were unhappy about the distraction of ethnic dialect in "Shanu's Wedding". This is same story with different names and no dialect problem. I didnot think that putting translation in parenthesis would be the best solution. I will try to do the same with "Back Home for Good". I have tried to keep each posting relatively shorter [i do not believe in one page postings]. Will like to know if my efforts are appreciated. I have desisted citing accurate ages but all characters involved sexually are eighteen or above.

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Kathleen and her twin sister, Patricia were eagerly waiting for their birthday as their parents always made it so special for both of them. Though outwardly always behaving like mature teenagers, at heart girls were always excited about their birthdays. The girls' happiness was clouded a call from their mother, Reema's, father. There was a change of plan as their mother had to go their parents' house to help her father with her mother's hospital admission. They all agreed that the girls should go as well and could celebrate their birthday with their maternal grandparents. Patricia was more eager than Kathleen over this change of plan. Both girls were extremely pretty and physically precocious. Kathleen had her father's temperament and was calmer of the two.

Patricia was definitely closer to their mother but that was very subtle to be noticed by anyone but their parents. As the day for packing arrived Kathleen softly requested her parents that she should stay with her father so he is not alone on his birthday and both girls can have their birthday celebrations. Her parents always reasoned and there was no reason to disagree. By Friday her mother and Patricia left by car.

Kathleen and her father pretended to be free spirits and went out for a walk where she was shone various specie of plants and trees. He was an amateur ornithologist and botanist. They were both tired and sweaty on return. Kenneth suggested a quick shower before they prepared dinner.

Kathleen waited for her father to enter his bedroom and when she heard sounds of shower she softly moved inside her parent's bedroom and took her clothes off. Her body belied her teen years. She even then had a large pair of breasts and her pussy was already had a soft growth of hair nearly covering her cunt lips. Kathleen politely knocked on the door of the shower-complex. Her father turned the shower off and opened the door. He peeked around the door to hide his lower half of the body. If he was surprised to see his beautiful daughter naked he hid it very well.

Kathleen asked in her best voice, "Daddy, may I take my shower with you as we used to sometime ago?"

Ken paused for a while and knew any stupid hesitation could mar his young daughter's opinion of him; he smiled and opened the door fully. As Kathleen entered the huge shower room both father and daughter looked at one another as two adults would.

Kathleen saw what she had built up with her memories of childhood and hidden peeks at her parents. Her father was just under six feet tall and built big, really big. He was very broad and big heavy muscles ran across making him look more like a body builder rather than a mild mannered academic and sharp, intelligent entrepreneur that he was. He was extremely handsome. His massive chest was covered with thick growth of hair, which ran onto his belly and became even denser closer to his groin. The hair over his lower belly merged with his pubic hair. Kathleen saw what she had seen from far as she peeked into parents' bedroom. Her father's penis, if that was the right word, was humungous. It was as thick as a champagne bottle and hung way below his large balls ensconsed in an equally big lax hairy scrotum, hitting his thighs as it swung with his movements.

Kenneth Burns was blessed with an enormously thick penis. In those precious moments when Kathleen was running her eyes all over his body her father quickly assessed his fast maturing daughter. Kathleen was well ahead of her years both in physical and mental development.

Ken broke the spell and chided his daughter, "Kathee, I hope your old and ugly father has not made you change your mind about the shower."

Kathleen shook her beautiful head and said complainingly, "My daddy is not old and he is the most handsome dad in the whole wide word."

Ken bent down and kissed his daughter on her mouth. He turned the shower on and pulled Kathleen closer to him. Kathleen by now recovered her initial awe of the giant man that her father was. She rubbed her tiny hands all over his belly and chest to help run the water over his body. Ken gently rinsed her hair. Her father put shampoo in her hair and expertly rolled her long hair into a bun so that they would stay out of her face.

He then used a gentle sweet smelling body wash on a natural sponge and gently soaped his daughter's already voluptuous body. He ran the soapy sponge over her neck and chest including her breasts. He continued over her belly. Ken then soaped her back including her bottom. He then knelt down on the shower floor and continued to soap her soft hair covered pussy and then soaped her legs from thighs to all the toes. Her father then turned her around and soaped her buttocks. He gently separated her ass cheeks and ran the soapy hand across her cleft including her anus making her gasp.

Ken then whispered to his daughter, "Kathee, I will gently clean your front as mum has taught you." He ran soapy fingers all along Kathleen's vaginal lips and gently separated them to clean the inside of his daughter's cunt lips. He could hear and feel his daughter catch her breath once again.

Ken got up and said cheerily, 'Kathee darling, we will leave the shampoo for few minutes in the mean time I will soap myself."

Kathleen by now had recovered her wits and chimed, " Daddy it is my turn to wash you."

Kathleen used the same soapy sponge and soaped her father's huge body as he helped her by kneeling on the floor. Once done, he stood up. Kathleen now diligently soaped his lower back and went to his massive hairy thighs leaving his hips and genitalia alone. Ken thought his daughter had become self conscious and smiled inside. Kathleen sat on the floor and soaped her father's feet and all toes carefully. Then she got up and dropped the sponge on the floor. She rubbed soap on her tiny hands and rubbed soap on his massive buttocks. She rubbed each buttock vigorously. She finished by running her tiny fingers in the deep cleft of her father's bottom and she rubbed gentle soap all along the cleft. Her fingers lingered for many moments over her father's anus. Kathleen gently traced her father's anus with her index finger as she soaped his ass. She could feel her father tense up his ass cheek muscles.

Then she went in front of her father with more soap on her pretty hands and rubbed it in his thick pubic growth. Then she ran her soap filled hands all along his colossal penis. Her tiny hands were dwarfed by its monstrous girth and length. She lifted her father's heavy circumcised penis in her left hand and cleaned his glans assiduously and ran her fingertip all along the groove beneath his gargantuan glans and finished by running the same fingertip all along his large pee hole. There was no doubt in both of their minds that her father's penis started to grow heavier and harder as she ministered to it. Kathleen smiled when she finished, "Daddy now you will also be the cleanest as well as the most handsome daddy in the whole world."

Both father and daughter laughed heartily and then her father washed shampoo out of Kathleen's hair. They both washed the soap off each other their hands not missing their private parts anytime. They were not self-conscious any more. Ken towelled Kathleen gently. He wrapped her hair in a towel to dry at the end. Kathleen dried her father taking extra time and care over his wide massive ass and groin.

Ken could not but notice the wild sway of his daughter's already large soft pendulous breasts as she towelled him vigorously. He towel dried his daughter's hair in the end. He insisted on brushing her hair.

"Kathee, shall we get the dinner going," Ken suggested as he donned a loose tee shirt and cotton shorts.

Kathleen instead of going to her room picked up a white tee shirt of her father. She could not have looked more mature and beautiful in any other garment. Ken noticed that his daughter had not bothered to put on panties.

Both father and daughter had fun and laugh as they both prided themselves as good cooks. The simple but tasty dinner was ready by eight. Both sat down on the dinner table. Ken was not surprised at the maturity of conversation that he could have with his daughters.

Kathleen poured her father a stiff scotch.

"Kathee, what does the birthday girl wants to do tomorrow. I have a plan but I would rather you decide," Ken wanted to really make his daughter's birthday special.

"Daddy, you too are the birthday boy. I would rather we stay at home and plan something that is equally special for both of us." Kathleen for the first time faltered in her speech. Her father picked up on that.

"Daddy, can we open a champagne today?" Kathleen asked nervously like a child standing on a ledge of a high building.

Ken looked at his daughter thoughtfully and said cheerily, " Sure, if you do not mind watch me finish it."

"OOnnnn....," Kathleen pouted.

Her father got up and brought vintage champagne and uncorked it. Kathleen had tall champagne flutes ready. Ken allowed his daughter a quarter flute as a taster.

Kathleen clinked her glass with her father's and both cheered to health of their whole family. Kathleen was chewing on her lower lip without being aware.

Ken put his glass down and pulled his daughter around and on his lap, "Kathee sweetie, what is the matter. Something is on your mind!"

Ken kissed his daughter on her mouth and then over her damp hair to emphasise his love.

"You would not get angry with me Daddy?" Kathleen chewed on her lip as she asked.

Ken smiled and hugged his daughter close to his body, "Have I ever?"

"Daddy I have seen you and mummy have sex for nearly two years now. I cannot help myself. I try to sneak every night if I can just in case you both will fuck,..oops..sorry Daddy." Kathleen blurted it all out.

Ken waved his hand to forget about the f-word and said quietly, "Is there more that you want to add."

Kathleen was now more composed, as she had wanted to be, " Daddy, I can not help but think about you all the time. I think about your...your..er...huge cock when I am in classroom. I dream about it and you. I dream that you have come to my room and made love to me."

Ken was quiet. He knew his children were not immature kids like some who could be brushed aside and would forget the issue. He believed in reasoning and wanted Kathleen to take responsibility of her views, "Kathee, what do you suggest or think we do to deal with this situation?"

"Remember tomorrow is our birthday. Daddy you could give me a gift that will be most precious for rest of my life. I would like to hope that I could reciprocate. I agree my gift may not match yours but it will have my sincere love for you as my father," Kathleen had collected her wits by now and was her usual confident self. She turned around in her father's lap and held his face in her hands and kissed him.

Ken pondered for a while and then said, "Kathee, you have yet not clarified enough for me to respond."

Kathleen took a deep breath. Her father could see the difficult struggle going on in his daughter's mind and his heart ached to hold her. He knew he would fail as her father if he did not see this conversation through intelligently.

Kathleen looked straight in her father's eyes, "Daddy I would be forever grateful if you were to agree to make love to me and have sex with me as you do with mum. I would like you give me that experience as your gift on my birthday. I would give myself to you as your woman and do anything that you wish. In fact I insist that you demand all that you would demand from mum, from me. That would be my gift, to you."

Amazingly both father and daughter did not even bring the issue of incest or social taboo. Both were too intelligent for that nonsense. Ken weighed all that his daughter had said for few moments and then asked, "Kathee, I gather you want it as a one off event."

Kathleen was caught short here, she hummed for few seconds and made up her mind, "I would like it to carry on but I know I am asking for too much and would let you decide whatever you think would be best."

Ken sat silent and true to himself made decision quickly but thoughtfully, "Kathee, you would be the best gift any father could dream of. I understand your dilemma. I will offer you both of us for the next four days until your mother and sister return. I would agree for anything that both of us want. If both of us want us to do something, then only I will agree to do that. If one of us does not want to do something i.e. something that you or I find dislikeable than simple refusal would suffice. No question asked. There would be no 'both of us' as man and woman after that. You would not intrude into our privacy again. If that is acceptable to you, I agree."

Kathleen shrieked as a little girl who got a unique present on her birthday and hugged her father, " I agree, I agree."

Ken kissed his daughter and said, "Whatever happens from now on I still want to be your father and I still want to have you as my most beautiful lovely daughter."

"Daddy that would never change. That would not have changed even if you threw the whole thing out," Kathleen kissed her father few times and then added with a glint in her eyes, "we are not going out for the next four days. I want you with me every second. Is that fair Daddy?"

"That is fair," laughed Ken and mussed his daughter's damp hair, "in that case our gift to one another starts right now."

Kathleen jumped with joy even more and for that short time she appeared her age. Ken filled his glass and after some hesitation filled Kathleen's glass as well.

He moved with Kathleen to the living room and soon he was reclining on the divan with Kathleen clinging to him under his right arm. Ken decided to enhance his daughter's excitement and anticipation even further.

"Kathee sweetie, do you know what all I have in my mind that I will do with you? I am going to fuck your tiny cunt until you beg for mercy."

"Daddy tell me everything," Kathleen gushed as she drank her champagne quickly, "Daddy, may I take your cock out?"

Ken allowed his daughter to open his shorts and unzip them with her tiny hands. Kathleen got up and pulled her father's shorts off him, he helped her by lifting his massive bottom. Kathleen pulled her father's shorts off his heavily muscled hairy legs and threw them away. She lifted his father's tee shirt and he allowed her to take it off by lifting his arms. Before Kathleen could turn away her father pulled her impatiently towards him and lifted the bottom of her tee shirt and soon she was as naked as her father. Ken emptied his glass. Kathleen quickly brought the bottle and filled first her father's and then her glass. The champagne was finished.

Kathleen sat down with her father in his snuggle. She used her free hand to gently rub her hand all along the massive girth of her father tremendously long cock.

Kathleen asked her father in a husky voice, "Daddy, what else would you do with me?"

Ken had succeeded in conveying the fun and sensuality of anticipation to his daughter who caught on to the idea quickly, "Kathee, after ripping your tiny pussy with my cock I will fuck your tiny ass. Have you seen your mother getting her ass fucked?"

Kathleen could barely speak but she nodded her head suggesting she had seen her mother being buggered.

Ken gulped his drink down and Kathleen followed suit. Kathleen was definitely now tipsy, she had only tasted wines in her young life. Three chutes, even half full, of champagne affected her brain just enough to heighten her senses.

"Kathee, I will fuck your ass again and again until it is completely covered with your shit. After I have finished with your ass you are going to suck and clean my dirty cock covered with your shit. I will lick your shit-covered ass. I will then drink your sweet pee," Ken was getting excited himself as he heightened his daughter's senses by describing some of the sexual escapades.

Kathleen was now rubbing her hand more firmly over her father's colossal penis. She realised that her hand could only manage to go around her father's shaft as much as it could go around the champagne bottle. Her father's cock was barely hard.

Ken put the glasses on the table and kissed his daughter with an open mouth. He pushed his tongue deep inside his daughter's mouth. Kathleen quickly learnt and she duelled with her father's tongue with her own. Her father slowly massaged her breasts with his large hands making her gasp with ever increasing lust. Ken asked his daughter without removing his mouth from hers, "Shall we go to bedroom?"

Even before Kathleen could answer her powerfully built father picked her up in his arms as he had picked her up thousands of time before -- however today it signified a seismic change in their relationship. Ken carried his precious precocious daughter up the stairs in to his bedroom. Kathleen kissed her father with saliva filled mouth continuously all along. Ken kissed her back. He waited for few minutes alongside the huge bed. He flung his daughter without warning on to the bed. Kathleen first screamed and then giggled loudly as she landed on her back on the super soft bed. She was still giggling when her father jumped on to the bed and stood above her. Kathleen would remember that sight forever. Her father looked a giant with his massive frame. Her giggles slowly died down as her eyes were fixed on her father's colossus of a penis, it was nearly fully hard and stood straight from her father's loins almost as if the champagne bottle, they shared a little while ago, had taken root there.

Ken fell close to his daughter and soon crushed his mouth over hers. Kathleen was now in no doubt what she was in for. Her father was going to take her as he suggested with his inhuman cock in her all natural orifices for the next four days and five nights including tonight.

Ken massaged his daughter's large soft breasts and continued to kiss her mouth. He let his saliva drool inside Kathleen's mouth. Kathleen soon learnt to keep on kissing her father and still manage to swallow his saliva before she choked.

Her father moved his hand over her belly and soon was covering her wet soft cunt barely covered with soft light coloured hair. Kathleen gasped as she felt her father's finger trace the contours of her cunt softly. He made no attempt to enter his daughter's pussy. Ken' finger soon found his daughter's clitoris. Kathleen jumped as if touched by a live wire. Her father rubbed her clitoris gently making her squirm and raise her hips as an invitation to do something more.

Ken freed his mouth from his daughter's and moved between her open legs. He first knelt and soon lay down between his daughter's legs to kiss her tender, virgin pussy. Kathleen moaned loudly as she felt her father's lips on her cunt. Ken pried his daughter's cunt lips apart with his fingers and ran his tongue all along the slit of her vaginal entrance. Kathleen lifted her hips to push her cunt onto her father's mouth. Her father soon used his hands to hold his daughter's hips and nudged her thighs to flex her hips. Now he had unhindered access to his daughter's fragrant, sweet tasting cunt.

For the next few minutes Ken licked his daughter's virgin cunt. He used his tongue to lick the whole cunt from bottom corner to top and sometime he would concentrate on her clitoris. He soon reduced his beautiful daughter into a moaning, squirming mass of hot flesh. Her orgasm when it her took her by surprise and Kathleen screamed, "Daddy...aaahhhh....DaddeeEEE,"

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