tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKathleen's Lovers Ch. 04

Kathleen's Lovers Ch. 04


Did my night with Karen surprise you?
Did you ever think I had been with another woman?
Are you shocked? Or did you suspect?
There was still more to come on that holiday.
Things I'm not proud of but they happened...

Chapter four -- Fraser

It was Karen's loud snoring that woke me (Poor Terry, no wonder he had to get out!). I gently lifted her arm, slipped out from under it and crept away, getting dressed and making my way back to my own room. It was empty? No Jenny or Mandy, though the beds had been slept in.

Memories of Cliff and then Karen filled my mind.

"What was I thinking?" I thought "What have I done?"

Only a few days before I'd been a virgin, innocent and content. Now I'd given myself not only to two guys I hardly knew but slept with a woman too. Am I a slut? Am I a Lesbian? What will people ever think of me?

Thoughts of what had happened with Cliff, his big cock covering me in his cum, calling me his 'dirty girl' and making me masturbate in front of him, made my heart beat faster recalling them. They were tempered though with guilt. I had only just met him and yet let him do all those things to me? What made me do that?

And then Karen. How could I have been so stupid? Getting into bed with her, letting her touch me ...letting her go down on me ...bring me to an orgasm. God, I didn't want that, did I? And then what I did ...licking her pussy ...sticking my tongue up her arsehole ...letting her pee over my face! (I wasn't convinced by her explanation of that was how she had an orgasm) Did she make me do that? Did I let her? Did I want to? Oh no, what if I really am a Lesbian. I don't want to be. I'm normal aren't I? I like boys, not girls ...don't I?

After showering and getting changed, I went down to breakfast, finding Jenny and Mandy at a table.

"You're never going to guess what?" asked Jenny, her eyes sparkling "A whole coach load of these Scottish Rugby players arrived last night! Oh my God, they're the fittest looking blokes I've ever seen! I was chatting to one of them -- his name's Fraser -- and God, do I want to have his babies!"

Mandy interrupted Jenny's enthusiastic outpouring...

"So how was last night?"

I told them about Terry and Cliff, not going into too much detail, but admitting Terry and Karen had paired off in the bedroom while Cliff and I were on the sofa. I was just about to describe his massive cock when Mandy nipped in again.

"Oh no, I've got to sleep on that tonight!"

We all laughed. She went on...

"So where are they now then? Are they all still asleep?"

"No" I replied "They left about three-ish I think?"

"So what happened then?"

It suddenly dawned on me that Mandy was quizzing me. She was a fair bit older than me and Jenny, in her late-twenties, not particularly good looking or that friendly towards either of us. Did Mandy know? She was Karen's room mate after all. Did she know what she was like? I tried to stay cool, acting casual.

"I just went to sleep on the sofa. Karen's snoring woke me up this morning so I left"

Mandy pulled a face.

"I don't like her. There's something not right about her, you know?"

I stared back with a blank face and gave a dumb shrug, hoping I was being convincing.

"Did she come out with all that 'oh, it's a double bed, shall we share' routine? And 'ooh, I like your top -- take it off, let me try it on.' I've met girls like that before, fucking lezzer. I'll sleep on the couch Karen, thanks very much."

I nodded thoughtfully back across the table at her. I could feel myself starting to sweat. Mandy turned to Jenny, who was sat next to me.

"What did you reckon when you stayed there the other night. Did she say anything like that to you?"

I turned to Jenny. She'd gone quite pale.

"No... no, nothing ...nothing like that, like what you said I mean" she stammered "Look I have to go... to the room okay, see you later okay?"

She left the table without making eye contact and hurried away. I looked to Mandy and said.

"Sorry, when was Jenny in your room then?"

"Oh, on the first night. I stayed out with Jill, Tina and Christine (three other girls from the Salon) all night around these guys apartment. Your mate Jenny was looking around for you when we left and Karen was with her. When I got back this morning, Jenny was coming out of me and Karen's room. I didn't say nothing to her but asked Karen why was she there and she said 'she'd got pissed and didn't even know what room she was in, so I told her she could crash out in our room'." Mandy raised her eyebrows. "See what I mean. I think you had a lucky escape Kathleen."

I feigned shock at her story and then pretended to dismiss it saying she couldn't be sure.

"I'm telling you Kathleen, you watch yourself around her. She ain't like us, it's all a front. She's the same at work in the Salon. All 'I fucked him' and 'I sucked him' but then, come the end of the day, she's always offering the junior girl a lift home or telling them to stay late and help her, stuff like that."

Mandy left, leaving me to mull over her words. So Jenny had spent the night with Karen while I was with Darren. Why hadn't she said anything? Had she also gone through a night like mine with Karen? Drunkenly getting into bed with her, then 'having a bit of fun' as Karen described it? Did Jenny feel like me now: embarrassed, ashamed, nervous, worried...

Jenny avoided the subject when I tried to discreetly talk about it later around the pool. We were best friends and I desperately wanted to know if she'd gone through the same experience as me but she ignored my questions.

Instead she - and every other girl in the Hotel it seemed - got to know the new arrivals. Fraser, the guy she'd spoken to, really was as good looking as she's said. Tall, broad-shouldered with chiselled features -- a real man's man. Jenny was fawning all over him and he seemed to be into her too as she lapped up his equally attractive Scottish accent.

I, on the other hand, got to know Keith -- tall, blonde, skinny and wearing glasses, he was the least interesting guy in the whole group. Just my Luck! While Jenny laughed and joked with the wonderful Fraser, I was stuck in the shade (I'd already started to peel on my shoulders) with the equally pale-skinned Keith who told me all about the dangers of sunburn, skin cancer and factor fifty! He was a nice enough guy but just not much fun.

Karen eventually came down, giving me a nod and a smile but nothing more before making herself the centre of attention and organising the night ahead for both us and the Scots lads. I looked over to Jenny and watched to see if Karen's arrival got a reaction from her but instead I found myself catching the eye of Fraser. He really was a good-looking man and when I got a sly little grin from him, I felt butterflies in my tummy. I turned away, returning to Keith and the dangers of ultra-violet rays or something, but he stayed in my mind. Was there something in that smile I wondered?

That evening we all went together, doing the bars and clubs with Karen matching the Rugby boys up with the girls - Jenny with Fraser, me with Keith (thanks Karen!) - in drinking games and getting barmen to give us great discounts. Ridiculous cocktails got served to us with huge measures of vodka and liqueurs, with Karen telling us all to drink them as quickly as you could through a straw. After three of those and my head was spinning, really spinning. Days of non-stop partying finally caught up with me and I rushed off to be sick. Poor Keith was very considerate and walked me back to my room, leaving me at my door without the hint of wanting to come in or even a kiss goodnight. I flopped into bed and fell asleep almost immediately.

It was dark. I heard a noise at the door. A voice. It was Jenny. Another voice. A Scottish voice...

"Shh, be quiet... she's sleeping" whispered Jenny.

"Ach, she's fuckin' sparkled, dinae worry aboot hur" It was Fraser's assuring her.

I kept my eyes closed as the hallway light came on and pretended to be asleep. Sounds of two people passed me, Jenny giggling. The dim light from the hallway stayed on and I realised they hadn't closed my bedroom door as they passed. I opened my eyes and went to get up and close it so I could get back to sleep when I noticed the reflection of the full-length mirror in the hallway was of the sofa in the main room. The sofa that Jenny and Fraser were now kissing on!

Could they see me I wondered? I was pretty well covered up by the sheet with only a slither of my face showing. I kept watching.

Fraser's hands roamed around Jenny's body as they kissed passionately, her cute face turned up to his. He moved, his weight pushing her so she was lying beneath him, his back to me. His right hand squeezed her small boob through her top then moved down, resting on her hip before slowly dipping down between her legs. I heard Jenny gasp and watched as his hand made small movements through the fabric of her shorts, massaging her pussy. Her arms were wrapped around him, sliding the length of his back down to his bottom.

My heart was beating fast now as I watched this all unfold in front of me. It was so weird seeing Jenny, who I knew so well, in such a private moment. "Should I turn away?" I thought to myself "This is so wrong watching Jenny doing this. Be decent and give her some privacy". I didn't though and snuck down deeper into the covers, watching intently.

Fraser pulled back, disappearing from my view for a moment. Jenny lay back, breathless and looking upwards at him. He said something I couldn't catch but she nodded and pulled her top off from over her head, revealing her black push-up 'wonderbra' (Jenny had loads of them, describing them once to me as "the greatest invention of the twentieth century!"). Fraser's body returned to my little window of the sofa - he was naked! And what a body. Wow, his back was turned to me but his big muscular shoulders and tight buttocks were enough to send flutter through me.

Jenny gazed up, smiling and nodding again. Without taking her eyes off him, she brought her hands down and wiggled out of her shorts, leaving her in a pair of matching black panties. Her hands stayed covering her pussy, her upturned face blushing with embarrassment.

"Aye... take them aff... keep on yer bra" was all I could make out from Fraser's broad Scot's tones.

Jenny slid her panties down her thigh's and over her toes. I could see a little of her sandy-coloured muff before Fraser moved down over her, his sexy tight bum nestling in between her legs that were spreading to accept him.

This was so bad. How could I be watching this? I couldn't take my eyes off them now as Jenny's body was covered by his, only her face now visible behind his powerful body. His buttocks tightened, pushing towards her and I saw Jenny's eyes close, her face tense and a sigh leave her mouth. His cock had entered her. He was fucking her.

I felt my own pussy contract a touch as I watched, putting myself in Jenny's place, wishing it was me lying there, thighs spread, taking his cock into my wet hole. Slowly, my hand crept down, fingers slipping between my own hot, sticky folds.

Fraser's tight buttocks ground in and out of Jenny, his hands moving from her hips to her bottom as he thrust deeper into her. Her pretty face was a picture, screwing up with pleasure and then relaxing before his next plunge into her caused her to tense again. They were being very quiet. I could hear only tiny gasps and sighs from Jenny and nothing else, other than the occasional squeak off the sofa.

Fraser said something to Jenny and she again nodded, mouthing a 'yeah' and smiling as she did. He moved back, withdrawing from her and again leaving my small field of vision. Then Jenny got up, giving me a tiny glimpse of her wet, pink slit before turning her back to me. Fraser moved around, taking Jenny's position on the sofa. My eyes darted to his erect cock, sticking up, its head slick and shinning from the wetness of Jenny's pussy. It wasn't anywhere near as big as Cliff's but it certainly wasn't small and caused my heart to beat a little faster as I looked at it.

Jenny's back was to me and Fraser beckoned her onto him. She moved her legs over his hips, positioning her pussy over him. With her hand holding his hard cock, she squirmed her bottom and I could just make out the thickness of him as she sunk herself down on his length. Slowly at first, then faster, her small bottom making little circular movements on him. Fraser looked up at her, occasionally smiling, saying inaudible things to her to which her head would nod, with his hands drifting up to her boobs - still inside her bra -- before drifting down to hold her gyrating little hips. Jenny's gasps and groans increased in this position (which I watched thinking I must do this too) and she started to bounce a little on him, her bottom now rising and falling giving me tiny glimpses of Fraser's cock as she slid up and down on it. He held her hips and she bounced up and down and I could see him look at her, urging her

"Go on girl... oh yes... fuckin magic... go on... fuckin do it... that's it... that's fuckin it"

Jenny's body started to shake as she flopped down a little, her arms resting on Fraser's shoulders as I heard her quietly gasping, his hands on her bottom, pulling himself deep into her. It was so exciting to watch. Sex. Real sex. Happening before my eyes! Jenny, my best friend, cuming on top of this big handsome guy with me watching the whole thing without them even knowing.

They kissed, his cock still inside her as he whispered in her ear. Still out of breath, she nodded and got up again. My eyes again made for his cock as Jenny slipped from him. It slapped his belly as she got off, still hard and erect. She stood for a moment, then muttering a few words I couldn't make out, she reached for a cushion and placed it on the cold, tiled floor before kneeling down on it. Kneeling in front of Fraser's cock. Oh my God, she was going to suck it!

I felt myself blush now and felt my fingers quicken from the leisurely circles they'd been making until now. "Oh God" I thought "Jenny, you're going to put his cock in your mouth!"

She was so pretty I thought. So small, only five foot tall, and with a dainty little body I could only dream of but it was her cute little face that everyone loved. Naturally curly blonde hair, bright blue eyes and a little button nose, Jenny could have been from Sweden. So naturally pretty, she never even needed to wear make up. Such a lovely girl. Such a good friend. Now she was going to perform something I could never have imagined her doing.

Fraser's cock was erect, pointing up towards his belly button as he lay back, watching Jenny. She looked at his cock then brought a hand to it, then, holding it upwards, she slowly brought her face towards it. I watched, heart thumping, as she opened her mouth and closed her eyes, taking the pink tip between her lips. For the first time, Fraser made a sound, quietly groaning as she wrapped her lips around his cock and moved her head, letting it slide into her mouth.

Fuck, this was so sexy. So wrong. "I'm playing with myself watching Jenny suck a guys cock! Stop. Shut your eyes. My thoughts went back to what Cliff had said to me. "Am I a dirty girl?" I wondered "Was he right? Could he see something in me that I didn't even know myself? Look at me. I'm so dirty doing this."

Oh course, I didn't stop looking.

Jenny carried on, delicately moving her head backwards and forwards on his hard cock, her little hand holding its length, her lips around the head, her cheeks sucked in as it entered. I had been concentrating on Jenny so much I had hardly looked at Fraser. I glanced at him, lying back watching her... only he wasn't. He was watching me!

I froze.

"Can he see me? If he can, does he see I have my eyes open? That I've been watching them?"

He didn't respond at all, though I felt our eyes were on each other. Can he see me, lying here in the dark, secretly masturbating?

Instead, he brought a hand to Jenny's face and stopped her.

"Oh no" I thought, petrified now "He's going to tell her they have company. That I've been watching them, like some dirty peeping tom!"

He got up and motioned for Jenny to swivel around. She was still kneeling but now he was stood in front of her, his cock directly in front of her face.

"Good, he hasn't seen me" I thought and felt relief.

They were both side-on to me now, Jenny on her knees in front of his, his stiff cock waiting to be sucked. She brought her hand up and held his cock, bringing it to her mouth once again. No sooner was it back between her lips than Fraser put both of his hands behind her head, slipping his fingers between the curls of her beautiful blonde hair. Her pretty face moved slowly back and forth as before and, no longer in a whisper, Fraser began to talk

"Oh aye, that's fuckin gud... you fuckin suck it... fuckin suck ma cock"

His buttocks began to make little thrusting movements, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth, his hands holding her head, stopping her from backing away. She made a moaning sound, her mouth stuffed with his cock, before pulling back, releasing his cock and gasping for breath. She looked up, her pretty blue eyes watering and looking at him with anguish on her face.

"I'll do it" she whispered "I can do it, just don't make me"

Fraser nodded but didn't apologise as she lowered her head and took his cock in her mouth again. Her pretty face, eyes closed, lips stretched around his smooth, hard penis was a wonderful sight and, with Fraser no longer looking -- he couldn't have seen me looking I decided -- my fingers began to rub my wet clit once again.

His hands returned to the back of her head. His hips began to move again, pushing his cock into her mouth again. Jenny will stop again I thought and his movements brought little moans from her again but Fraser moved first, taking her hand off his cock.

"Put yer hohn's behin yer back" he breathed.

To my surprise she did, clasping them behind her back, thrusting her chest out and leaving her mouth totally vulnerable to his thrusts. He took advantage straight away, gripping her blonde hair and thrusting he cock deep into her mouth. She moaned with every thrust, gagging as he pushed further, her eyes bulging as the whole length his cock seemed to go all the way into her tiny mouth. This wasn't right. Why wasn't she stopping him? She wasn't enjoying this, was she? This was Jenny, my best friend, and he was brutally fucking her mouth, stuffing his cock down her throat whether she liked it or not. I should have been horrified. This wasn't love. This wasn't like me and Darren. This was like... me and Cliff.

Instead of turning away I started to cum.

Watching him hold poor Jenny's head, fingers twisting and pulling her lovely blonde hair towards him as he cruelly pumped his cock in and out of her mouth was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen and I bit my lip to stop my own groans as waves of bliss rolled through me.

I remember lying there, coming down from my orgasm, my mouth open trying to breath as silently as I could, while watching Fraser reach his.

"Oh fuck aye... fuckin take it... fuckin take it ya wee bitch!"

His thrusts stopped and he held himself deep in Jenny's mouth, her face pressed flat against his belly as he muttered those dirty words to her.

Jenny, her mouth full of cock, finally brought her hands up and pushed herself away. He took his hands from her head and she took a huge gulp of air before getting up and dashing towards the bathroom -- towards me! I got a glimpse of her face as she turned, her chin wet with saliva, her lips tight together. She looked like she had a bad taste in her mouth... literally!

I shut my eyes as she approached, pretending to be asleep as I listened to her hurried footsteps pass by and enter the bathroom.

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