tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKathleen's Lovers Ch. 05

Kathleen's Lovers Ch. 05



Did I get what I deserved with Fraser?
Maybe. It was unforgivable to do that with my best friend's boyfriend. I still feel ashamed today.
When I got home everything would be different... wouldn't it?

I arrived home, dreading the questions my Mother would ask about the week I'd just spent in Corfu.

"So Kathleen, how was your holiday?"

I thought for a moment.

"Hmm. Well Mum, I lost my virginity, quite painfully; on my first night to a lovely young man who dumped me the following day. Then I let a man almost as old as you cum all over my boobs, then he made me masturbate in front of him and then he fucked me with the most enormous cock you could imagine. Then I got into bed with a woman who licked his spunk off my tits and she made me cum too before sitting on my face and making me stick my tongue up her bum - until she came or peed (I'm not quite sure still) all over my face. Then I watched Jenny get fucked by her boyfriend and then I sneaked off and got fucked by him too."

Instead I opted for "Good; it was really hot!" and, in true English style, we talked about the weather for the next twenty minutes. Phew, I'd got away with it!

The last day on Corfu had been awful. Jenny had clung to Fraser until the moment our bus left for the airport and then she cried all the way back to Britain. I made a point of not catching his eye but I still felt so angry with myself for having sex with him the previous night. Why did I have to do that with him? Even if the sex had been enjoyable it still would have been wrong but it was terrible. I felt so... cheap.

'Never again' I told myself.

It would be 'never again' with Karen too; even if she was still very much our leader, right up to the last minute, getting free 'farewell' drinks at the hotel bar for us all. Then standing on a chair and getting the whole place to join in that song from the 'Sound of Music' that goes 'so long, farewell, auf weidersehen, goodnight...' (you had to be there). True to her word, she never made any more sexual advances to me but I still felt a flush of panic when I saw her and remembered what we had done in her bed.

Keith, the tall blonde Scots guy with the slight stammer, had awkwardly said goodbye. He'd been so nice to me and I felt terribly guilty as he tried to ask about keeping in touch. I smiled and said yes of course and even gave him a little peck on the cheek before getting on the bus.

Keith was on my mind as we flew home. He'd been the only decent man I'd met the whole time we'd been in Corfu. No lies from him. No pressure to have sex either. Why hadn't I just stayed around a nice guy like him? I'd have had none of the heartache with Darren or the deceit from Fraser ...or the shame of Karen. The more I thought about the holiday I began to regret the whole thing and I wished I was still virgin and had 'saved myself' for the man I would marry. By the time we landed I'd made my mind up: No sex ever again.....not until my Wedding night, not even with myself; definitely not.

My good intentions didn't last four hours.

As I lay in bed my mind went back to Corfu; dreaming about being tit-fucked by Cliff and before I went off to sleep I was fingering myself to orgasm, mumbling that I was a 'dirty girl.'

I reassured myself the next day that masturbation didn't count and that I would still be a good girl if I just avoided actual sex with a boy (...or girl).

Yes, that made much more sense. No sex with boys

By the time the Friday came a few of the girls had been in touch and not only had Jill given me a new hairstyle (I now had tumbling curls of red hair instead of the long, straight biker-chick look I'd had in Corfu) but had also been invited me along on their Saturday night out. This was to a Pub-Club called the 'Albert' (the club behind it was called the 'Victoria' – geddit?) where they regularly went and no boyfriends were allowed!

I had made a point of buying some new clothes as soon as I'd got paid to go to the nightclub in, as opposed to the awful old-fashioned outfits I'd taken on holiday. My Mother had not been impressed when she saw me as I was leaving, shaking her head at me dressed in heels and a tight peach mini-dress that not only showed off my curves but also gave the illusion of me having a real sun tan (it was more sun 'burn' than 'tan'). I went via Jill's, one of girls from the Salon who'd done my hair. She was in her early twenties, only about five foot tall and had raven black hair – she also had big boobs like mine and I remembered looking at them while she sunbathed: probably double-D's like mine but with much darker areola and nipples too (why am I always comparing my boobs with other girls?).

"Wow"" she exclaimed when I took off my coat and saw my new dress.

"VPL!" She laughed, before pointing to my very visible underwear lines. I looked in the mirror and agreed. She was right; it was another fashion disaster.

"Oh that's nothing." My friend laughed as she stroked my arm to reassure me, " Just pop into the bathroom and take your bra and knickers off, it'll look ten times better." She said.

Seeing me flinch she added "Good God Kathleen, don't worry about it. Loads of girls don't wear any undies if it's gonna spoil their clothes."

Unconvinced I tottered out of the bathroom a few minutes later feeling very self conscious, VPL –less and my knickers and bra in my handbag. It didn't help when Jill's Dad gave me a very noticeable 'double-take' as we left.

It was great to meet all the girls again, even though we'd only been apart for a week. They were just as much fun as they'd been on holiday and had lots of stories to tell and photos to show. Some had been in touch with the lads from Scotland and others hadn't heard from guys who'd promised to 'stay in touch' and were now calling them all the names under the sun.

Karen turned up late and immediately took control of the evening's events. After several rounds of drinks in the pub she negotiated us all into the Nightclub behind the Pub for and I almost forgot the night I'd spent in her bed as she brought guys flocking around us all.

Within minutes of getting in, Jill was being chatted up by a guy with absolutely dazzling blue eyes. I was stood alongside her as another guy came along and handed the blue-eyed fella a pint. They were friends and he introduced himself as Jim. He was very tall, way over six foot, with brown eyes and dark hair and soon the four of us were chatting away. They bought us drinks (and then more drinks) and I was enjoying myself so much I had to promise myself that this would be as far as any night out would go – no kissing, no snogging and absolutely no sex!

As we were chatting Karen called over to us asking whether we wanted a lift but Jill gave me a 'tell her NO'-stare and I told her we were 'okay thanks'.

"But how are we going to get home now?" I whispered to Jill, watching our ride home wave goodbye.

"With these two of course; you stupid cow! Vince is gorgeous... and he's got a car outside." She replied as he led her onto the dance floor.

Jim continued talking to me and as the second 'slowie' started, he asked me up for a dance. I felt a little anxious as we began to move to the music, his hands going around my waist. He held me pretty close and I wondered if he could feel my bra-less boobs squashed up against his body. He was a good-looking enough guy but I kept telling myself 'not tonight.' My hands were on his arms as we danced but almost without thinking they went around his shoulders and I snuggled my head into his chest. I looked over at Jill and Vince and they were kissing away on the dance floor, oblivious to everyone around them. Feeling the heat off Jim's body, I began to think where the night was leading to.

The lights came up and soon we were getting into Vince's car: Jill in the front and me and Jim in the back. Jill whispered something into Vince's ear and I saw him smile and nod before driving off. Jim sat close to me and put his arm around me. I didn't mind, it was only a cuddle after all, and feeling a bit tipsy I shuffled a little closer to him too. It was then I realised we weren't going back to our part of town. I went to say something but Jill quickly turned around and gave me a 'SHUT-UP' look, making me stop in mid-question.

'So where are we going?' I thought to myself.

Vince carried on driving for another five or so minutes before pulling into an industrial estate and parked up in an unlit corner far away from the road. He turned the engine off and there was silence.

Jill and Vince lent towards each other and immediately started kissing again.

Jim was next to me and I felt his hand on the outside of my uncovered thigh. He leaned towards me for a kiss.

All manner of thoughts raced through my mind.

"Do I want to do this? Shall I say no? If I do; what then? Jill will go mad won't she? Jim's quite good looking though isn't he? If he kissed me I don't suppose it'd be so bad and it'd only be a kiss. Its not like I've changed my mind is it? Okay then, just a kiss and then we'll all stop and drive home."

Jim's lips met mine and I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, his soft tongue finding mine. Gosh, he was a good kisser. I felt myself sliding down the vinyl seats as Jim moved over me, his hand now creeping up the outside of my thigh, under the hem of my mini-dress.

"Should I stop him? Should I put my hand on top of his to stop him going any further?" I thought as we kissed. I wanted to be a good girl, I really did, but now I was also enjoying kissing him. "Maybe he won't go any further?"

He did.

As we kissed and I continued to slide down until I was almost horizontal on the back seat. Jim's left hand swiftly moved up under my dress to grasp my bottom. He soon found his way under me to cup the cheek of my pantyless arse. While he did this, his other hand moved around and took hold of my unfettered left boob, gently squeezing it through my dress.

"Oh no" I thought "I'm not wearing any panties or a bra am I?" My good intentions were fading fast as I responded passionately to his kisses. This was all so confusing; as my alcohol-befuddled mind wrestled with what to do next.

"We're only snogging though aren't we? As Jill's only in the front seat, its not like we're going to have sex with her watching us is it?"

I opened my eyes and looked over at Jill. She had put the front seat back and she was lying almost flat against it, her top was pulled up and her big soft boobs pulled out from the cups of her bra. In the dim light I could make out her dark nipples against her white skin. Vince was kneeling on the seats, his shoulders pressed against the car roof and pulling down his trousers. Still kissing Jim, I watched with my heart thumping as he got out his large erect cock in front of her. He held it in his hand, moving up and down its length. Fuck it was big, almost as big as Cliff's, and I felt butterfly's in my stomach as he rubbed it against Jill's smiling lips. She flicked her tongue out, licking the little hole at the top. Fuck, this is so sexy and I squeezed my legs together as I felt my pussy moisten.

I realised Jim had stopped kissing me. He had opened his eyes and seen I was looking elsewhere. He turned and saw the show I'd been secretly enjoying. He smiled and slid his hand up from my bottom, pulling the hem of my skirt up as he went, and then brought it down over my now uncovered pussy. I tried to stifle a gasp as he effortlessly sunk two fingers into my soaking hole but in the silence of the car, everyone heard me and the squelching noises his fingers were making. Jim was looking deep in my eyes, only inches from my face as he fucked me with his fingers. I wanted him to kiss me again, even if only to muffle me little whimpers but when he lowered his face it was to whisper in my ear.

"You were watching them two?"

I nodded and looked. Jill's mouth was full of Vince's cock as he held her black hair in his hands and worked his hips back and forth, fucking her face. She gave little moans as it slid between her lips, her eyes shut tight as he thrust it into her.

"Do you want some too?" Jim asked in a hush over the noises of Jill's sloppy cock-sucking.

"Oh yeah" I breathed back.

I'd never sucked a cock before. The thought had repelled me before, but after watching Jenny on holiday and now Jill in front of me, I really wanted a boy to do this to me too.

Jim slipped his fingers from out of me and raised himself up onto his knees. I was laid out in front of him, legs spread wide apart and my dress was rucked up to my waist exposing my pussy which was now aching for even more attention. I glanced over to Vince as Jim fumbled with his belt. He was looking at me; at my exposed pussy. I felt a flush of embarrassment and quickly looked back at Jim, as he undid his trousers and pulled them down. He hooked the waistband over the bulge in his boxer shorts and his hard cock sprung out. It looked different to the others I'd seen, curving inwards like a banana and the head looked funny, covered in skin rather than the plum-shaped head I'd seen on the other cocks.

I automatically reached my hand out to touch it. It wasn't particularly big (it was actually quite meagre compared to what Jill was enjoying) but I didn't mind – I was ready to put it in my mouth and so this was going to be fine. I gently wrapped my fingers around it and moved my hand down its length. I let a little yelp of laughter as the skin around the top moved down with my hand, revealing the familiar dark-head beneath it.

"What a funny looking cock?" I thought, fascinated by my first experience of the uncircumcised variety. Jim must have noticed the unintentional entertainment value his penis was giving me and shuffled himself down the seat (I think he was a little uncomfortable at my reactions). I had been expecting him to position himself like Vince, to bring his cock up to my mouth, but instead he was moving himself down between my thighs. He wanted to fuck me.

His body pressed against mine as we kissed and I felt his hard cock press against the slit of my pussy. He wiggled his hips a little and then, oh yes, the tip of his cock found the entrance to my cunt. He held it there a moment. Was he teasing me? I pushed my hips up, wanting him inside me. I looked up into he eyes, silently pleading him to give it to me. He grinned then slid his cock into me, filling me wonderfully. I moaned into his mouth as we kissed, his hands gripping my bottom as he thrust deep into me. It was impossible not to make a noise and I was aware of the wet, squelches my pussy was soon making as he pumped in and out of me and that Vince and Jill must be hearing them too.

My eyes were closed as we kissed but I could hear the movement of the other two shuffling about in the cramped confines of the car. It was so incredibly exhilarating being there: the heat and the condensation on the windows, the smells of perfume and aftershave and the musky scent of our turned-on pussys but, above all, the excitement of raw sex - and sex with another couple literally next to me.

I opened them to see Jill lying back in her seat drawing up her legs as Vince, now on top of her, began to fuck her. She certainly wasn't shy about the noises she made and while Jim continued to drive his cock into me, I listened to her urge Vince on.

"Oh yeah... oh fuck yeah... fuck me... oh fuck me Vince... oh yeah, that's it... "

It was so sexy listening to her, listening to her getting fucked. I was so turned on too and I so wanted to cum but I needed my clit to be touched if it was going to happen. Even though I was enjoying what he was doing to me, he wasn't making contact with my clit. So; I wondered......

"Would it be okay if I..."

We were still kissing as I slid my right hand between our bodies, finding my little clitoris with my fingers as his cock pumped into my ever-so wet cunt. He broke away from our kissing and, almost nose-to-nose, he looked at me with his cock deep inside me while I rubbed myself.

"Oh don't stop" I breathed desperately "I need to cum"

He smiled, looking down between us to my circling fingers and nodded.

"Oh fuck yeah.... go on girl..... play with it...... make yourself cum." he panted into my ear and holding my bottom to pull himself deeper into me.

I began to feel the onset of my orgasm and I brought my left hand up to my chest and squeezed my left boob through my dress. That was enough.

"Oh yeah" I moaned, "Oh fuck yeah..." as I felt the wonderful warm waves of my orgasm roll through me.

I don't know if he was holding back - waiting for me - or it was just the excitement of seeing me cum, Jim started to breathe more heavily and I knew he was going to cum too.

While my head spun in the afterglow of my orgasm, I managed to whisper "not inside me".

I wanted to see Jim cum, see his spunk fly out of the end of his cock like Cliff.

I forgot for a moment that Vince and Jill were there watching as Jim obliged me.

He pulled his cock out of my cunt and it hovered over my body.

"Go on then Kathleen, do it for me. Do it all over you!" he hissed.

I wrapped my fingers around his cock that was slick with my juice and wanked it. Working my hand as fast as I could and my eyes were fixed on what I was doing, waiting for his spunk to shoot out.

"Oh yeah!" he groaned and I felt my hand get sticky.

"Is that it?" I thought; feeling anxious that this might be it just before a line of his spunk shot out, landing in a thick gooey line from my belly and up my dress to my boobs. A second line followed, doing the same; landing on my new dress. I carried on pumping his cock as little splats of his cum covered my tummy until he put his hand on mine to stop me. I looked up, beaming at the sexy show he'd just given me. He was smiling too and I suddenly realised we weren't alone. Vince and Jill, still locked together were laughing to themselves, obviously having witnessed what had just happened. I suddenly felt a little self conscious and despite having just been fucked in front of them I nervously pulled my dress down to cover up my modesty; making Jim's gooey cum smear across my belly as I did.

The car rocked as we all squeezed ourselves back into our clothes and seats and then set off for home. Everyone was laughing and feeling good but nobody mentioned what we'd just done.

Outside my house, we all kissed again – Jim giving my boobs a good firm squeeze while he was at it – and we swapped phone numbers. I remember the shock of the cold air as I left the steamy car and made my way to the front door. As I fumbled for my keys, I panicked at the thought of my Mother waiting up for me. Thankfully she'd gone to bed and wasn't there to see her drunken, sweaty, spunk-stained teenage daughter waddle in the door. I crept up the stairs and as I crawled into bed, I promised myself I'd be a good girl next time instead.

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