tagCelebrities & Fan FictionKathy Wolf of HSN: Venus Arising

Kathy Wolf of HSN: Venus Arising


It was raining. Hard. It was difficult to see and the roads were starting to wash out. I figured that I had better find a place to stay soon or I might not make it home again. I had been trying to make a 45 minute trip and it had already taken me 4 hours of driving in this to get this far. I swerved around a large pothole, that could have bad.

About a mile up the road I could see flashing lights. “What now?”, I thought. As I got closer I saw that it was a car that had broken down.

Usually I won’t stop because of safety concerns but I figured that I might as well see if I could call for help for them. As I pulled over I saw a lone figure come running over to the car. It was obviously a woman. Obvious because she was topless. As she drew closer I realized that she was not topless but braless while wearing a thin white top that had become soaked to her skin. I was glad I stopped.

“What’s wrong.”

“Two flat tires. I hit a fucking pothole back there and the fucking thing gave me two fucking flats.” Wow. Not only was she nearly nude but she talked like a fucking whore. “I tried to get the auto club but they say they can’t make it out here, wherever here is, until the rain lets up. They suggested that I find a place to stay and call them from there. They’ll meet me there when they can get out here.”

“I know there is a motel a little way up the road. Grab your things and I’ll take you up there. I was planning on stopping soon anyway.” “Thanks. I just be a second.”

I watched as this Venus, who had arisen out of a rain storm, ran back to her car. What I could see looked good. Slightly plump ass, but good. She wasn’t long and came back with a bag and got in beside me. She was soaked. Her hair was plastered to her head and as I had already noticed her nipples and entire tits were on display for the whole world to see. I glanced back at them. They looked good. Not huge but really nice. She saw where I was looking.

“My husband likes me braless. I almost never wear one. Besides in this weather it probably would not have helped.” With that she pulled the wet shirt over her head and tossed it in the back. “No since of sitting here in wet clothes.” As she removed her top I noticed her armpits were hairy. “My husband likes me hairy. I do shave them sometimes, along with my legs, but he won’t let me shave my cunt.”

Here I was sitting in a car with a good looking topless married woman. This was really getting interesting. My cock was rock hard by now and was actually painful. I watched as she slipped out of her wet jeans. She wasn’t wearing panties. “Fuck, that feels good.” Her bush was huge. It actually looked like she was wearing furry underwear. The hair extended a good way down her thighs. I noticed that her legs also had a coating of fur on them. While usually an all natural woman doesn’t do much for me I was really getting turned on. Maybe it was that I was really horny before any of this happened and this had to be the most unbelievable thing ever to happen to anyone. She rubbed her fingers through her pubes.

“God, I’m really wet. My cunt that is. Mind if I cum?” It was like she was asking me if she could smoke. “GGGGoooo right ahead,” I stammered out.

“Thanks.” With that she reached into her bag and pulled out a huge dildo. It was as big around as my wrist. She began rubbing it around the outside of her pussy lips, which were just visible though her hair. What I could see looked good. They were pink and plump. She brought the toy up to her lips and licked it. “Fucking good.” This was too much for me. I unzipped my pants and started stroking. She continued to play with her toy and then I watched as she jammed the object into her cunt. “Yesssss! Fuck yes! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeee.”

I could smell her juices as she came hard. She pulled the cock out of her and licked it some more. I reached over with my free hand, at this point I did not care if she was married or not, and started to finger her. She was soaked with her cum and soon my hand was also. I brought my hand up to my mouth and licked her cunt juice from my fingers. She did taste good. Husband or no husband I had to fuck this bitch.

She looked up at me and smiled. “My husband doesn’t mind who I fuck. Why don’t we go get a room and really fuck up a storm. By the way, my name is Kathy. Kathy Wolf.”

I recognized the name from somewhere but could not place it. Then it hit me. When I put everything together I realized who this was. This was a HSN hot hostess. She had admitted on the air that her husband didn’t like her to wear a bra and that she often didn’t. She had also talked about not shaving her legs and about putting on weight. She was one of the most open hostesses they had when talking about her personal life and I was going to fuck her. “At first I didn’t recognize you but finally I realized who you were. I never expected to meet you.”

“M-E-E-T me or M-E-A-T me?” she spelled.

“Either one. You know I still remember some of your stories about your personal life”

“Which did you like the best?”

“I think the funniest was when you told about not wearing a bra and the woman came over with the two 12 year old boys to get something and how you tried to hide your tits from them.”

“Yeah. Sometimes my husband gets me into trouble with not wearing a bra. Enough talking. Let’s get going so we can fuck. Hey, stop stroking that thing. Save your cum for me. I love eating cum.”

This was going to be fun.

If you want to hear more of this story let me know.

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