tagGroup SexKathy's Pool Party Ch. 03: Kelly

Kathy's Pool Party Ch. 03: Kelly


As I felt myself drifting off to sleep, a combination of sleepiness, depression, and a few drinks, I wondered how things had gone so wrong so quickly.

I'd come up here with Hanna as the party was just starting downstairs. She'd grabbed a bottle of... something, and we'd locked the door to Kathy's parents' bedroom, giggling, passing the bottle back and forth, and getting undressed. We hardly ever got a chance to be together like this, because both of our moms are home during the day. We go to one another's rooms after school, of course, and we kissed and messed around some, but actual sex? Too risky. Even being caught in bed with a boy -- which happened to Didi a few weeks ago -- wouldn't have had as many consequences as being caught in bed with a girl.

Hanna tossed her blouse in one direction, her bra in another, and her skirt in yet another, and leapt onto the bed in just her panties She's usually the quieter of the two of us, but I've seen a couple of drinks make her a bit loopy.

I stripped down to my panties as well, leaving my clothing on the floor next to the bed.

We started out as we usually did, first kissing and then playing with one another's breasts, and then peeling off one another's panties and sucking one another's vaginas and clits.

I came twice. I'm pretty sure she did, too.

I don't know whether Hanna feels the same way, but ever since we started having sex about a month and a half ago, I just haven't been able to get enough. When I haven't been able to have Hanna go down on me, or at least finger me while we're supposed to be doing homework, I've been fingering myself two, maybe three times a day.

When we were done, we lay side-by-side, lazily stroking one another's pussies, more asleep than awake. Well, I thought, the door's locked: if we drifted off for a while, our naked bodies entwined, that would be lovely.

Hanna started pressing her finger harder against my vagina, to the point where she was almost finger-fucking me. "Ni-i-i-ice," I said dreamily.

"What are you thinking?" she asked me.

I let the question sit for a minute, caught up in Hanna's finger thrusting in and out of my vagina. Then I said "Thinkin' what it would feel like having a penis doing that to me."

All of a sudden, she pulled her finger out. "What? Who?"

"Nobody. What's wrong? I meant hypo... uh..." I was trying for "hypothetical," but was too sleepy to come up with the word.

Not that it would have mattered: Hanna was convinced I was cheating on her with some guy, or was thinking about cheating, or in any case didn't like girls anymore, or she wasn't enough for me, or something... I didn't follow. I have a feeling her brain wasn't working on all cylinders either.

Next thing I knew, she was throwing on her clothing, and then slamming the door behind her. I was going to call after her, at least to tell her she'd left her bra on top of the bureau -- imagine if Kathy's parents came home tomorrow and found a strange bra on their bureau! -- but I was so tired, and just wanted to sleep...

I woke up with a start, vaguely aware that somebody was shouting or screaming or something. I turned to my side and saw Berni and Paul in bed next to me, naked. Fucking.

Before I could process it, I screamed.

My head still wasn't clear enough for me to remember I was almost naked myself.

And then two total strangers, kids around our age, came running into the room, followed by Davy, followed by Didi and Rob. "What happened?" Davy asked.

Berni and Paul scampered under the blankets. I suddenly became aware that I was wearing only my panties, and I crossed my arms over my breasts to cover them. Then I realized that Didi, Rob and the other couple were completely naked, and Davy was "overdress" in a pair of boxer shorts that were wet and dripping on the floor.

I have to still be dreaming, I thought. I'm sure if I try, I can fly around the room right now.

Didi had another theory: seeing the three of us naked in bed together, she smiled and gave Berni a thumbs up. "Girl, I'm impressed. I didn't know you had it in you."

"What?" she said. "No, wait, no, we weren't..."

But nobody was really interested: now that they were satisfied that nobody was in danger, they all left the room, presumably to go back to whatever it was they'd been doing. And I could guess what that was.

I no longer thought I was dreaming, only that all my friends had gone insane.

And I was still almost naked, so I slipped under the blankets and covered myself to my chin.

That took care of anybody seeing my breasts, but there was still the fact that my body was pressed up against Paul, who was completely naked.

I kind of liked it, and I suspected he did as well. And I knew a pretty good way of finding out.

"Well," Berni said. "that was awkward."

"Still is, kinda," Paul said. "We thought you were, ah..." he glanced at the bottle on the nightstand.

"Passed out drunk? No, just asleep. A bit zonked, but -- obviously -- wakeable. But forget that. What the hell happened down there? How did the party turn into Naked City?"

I realized how odd a discussion this was, among three people lying in bed naked together.

Paul shook his head. "Honestly? I can't tell you the point where it all went crazy. But I think it was your girlfriend who started it."

"My girlfriend?"

"Hanna," Berni said.

"Uh... you know?"

"Kelly," Berni said, "everybody knows."

"Well," I said, "it doesn't matter, because it's over."

As we spoke, I rested my hand on Paul's leg, just above the knee. He turned on his side, facing me, probably so Berni wouldn't see him react.

"Sorry to hear that," Berni said. I thought there was a little something off in the way she'd said that, and didn't find out until afterward that she's seen Hanna sucking on Rae's breast in the water. For now, I was concentrating more on Paul. I'd moved my hand just an inch or two higher on his thigh, and he clearly didn't know whether to ask me to stop, letting Berni know I'd had my hand on his bare leg, or letting me continue. And wondering what "continuing" actually meant.

Not that I was sure either.

Bernie filled me in on what I'd missed: Mindy's cousin's wet shirt, followed by Didi's bikini malfunction (which apparently nobody believed was an accident), Hanna raising the stakes with her strip tease, and then how once a few girls were topless, everybody else just went with the flow.

In the meantime, since he was making no move to stop me, I'd moved my hand to Paul's hip, and began moving it in toward his penis. He had a lot of thick pubic hair, which was kind of new to me: both Hanna and I are clean-shaven there.

But of course the biggest thrill was closing my fist gently around his penis. My first penis, but even I knew they weren't always this hard. I wondered whether it was because of the story Berni was telling, or because he was in bed with two girls, or because he knew my hand had been working its slow way to his penis. All three, I guess.

I began stroking him, very gently so that Berni wouldn't know what was going on under the blanket. Paul looked at me, almost pleadingly, and I don't think even he knew whether he was begging me to stop before we were caught, or begging me to make him cum.

Well, unless he did something to stop me, I was going to keep going until I made him cum. I thought about how it would feel to feel his cum splash against my belly, and the thought made me so hot, my other hand went down to my vagina. And I'm sure Paul could tell what I was doing.

Then suddenly he turned around, put an arm around Berni and pulled her close, and started to kiss her hard. After a few seconds she pulled away and said "Paul! Kelly's right there."

"So what!" Paul said. "Fifteen minutes ago, she saw us fucking."

"True," I said. "Fucking. And naked. Fucking naked."

"And if you keep poking me with that thing," Berni said with a nervous giggle, "She's going to see us fucking again." And then a moment later, "Mmmmm. Seriously, Paul, you have to -- oh."

Was Paul really inside of her? I was dying to see, because I hadn't really seen them fucking earlier: I'd just seen them when they were done, and even that was kind of hazy at the time.

Paul rolled over on top of her. Yeah, they were definitely fucking under the blanket.

So of course I grabbed the blanket and pulled it completely off the bed.

Paul stopped for a moment, when he realized they were both naked in front of me, but then Berni growled "Nooo," and he went back to fucking her. I was sure they'd never done this in front of an audience before.

I stripped off my panties, and sat cross-legged alongside them, watching them. Sitting this way I knew my shaven vagina was completely exposed to them; but fair's fair, right?

Of course no boy had ever seen me like this.

And nobody, not even Hanna, had ever seen me slide my own finger into my vagina, while frantically rubbing my clit with my thumb -- but if I didn't get myself off, and soon, I was going to explode. And knowing that Berni and Paul were watching me -- and they definitely were watching me -- just made it hotter.

And of course watching them fucking... I was fascinating and aroused by the sight of Paul's penis driving into Berni's vagina; and of course I'm still into girls first and foremost, and Berni was beautiful. I knew I'd spend many nights rubbing myself off, thinking about her naked, sweaty body.

For most of the time they were going at it, Berni was making moaning and gasping noises; but as she got closer to orgasm, she started shouting "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!", louder and faster until she gave a sharp little scream as she came.

"No more," she gasped, trying to catch her breath. "Please, I'm sorry, I'm just, my pussy's so sore."

Paul slid his penis out of her. It was still hard, and covered with her girl juices. He looked miserable: obviously he hadn't cum. "Come here," Berni said uncertainly. "Put it in my mouth. I'll, uh, suck it."

She gave his penis a very tentative suck, and he pulled away abruptly. "Ow! Your teeth."

"I'm sorry," Berni said, almost crying. "I never--"

"I know," Paul said. "It's okay" (though clearly it wasn't) "It's just, it's really sensitive right now."

"Let me help," I heard myself saying.

They both turned their heads to look at me, having almost forgotten I was there. I couldn't believe I was saying this. "Paul can finish in me," I said. "Berni? Is that okay?"

It clearly wasn't, but she knew Paul was unhappy, and she was desperate to help him any way she could. "Yes," she said.

"Paul?" I asked, lying on my back.

He was horny and frustrated, I was offering him a willing vagina, and his girlfriend was giving her permission. He didn't need to verbalize his answer.

I kept fingering myself as he moved between my legs. I knew I was good and wet, which was fortunate because I had a feeling foreplay was the past thing on his mind.

Was this a crazy way to lose my virginity, offering myself to a casual friend who was desperate to cum? Maybe; but what better way to get the experience without dealing with any emotional involvement? I guess I was using him as much as he was using me.

He pushed himself inside of me hard, and it pinched like hell. I think his little head forgot he wasn't finishing what he'd already started, but was going into an entirely different hole -- and one that had never had a penis inside it.

But after a few seconds, the discomfort was gone, and I was enjoying it. A lot. So this is what the fuss is all about! This felt so much nicer than any toy or anything else I'd ever shoved in there.

Of course, as curious as I was, and as good as this felt, I was still attracted to girls. You figure out some way to graft a hard penis onto a pretty girl, though...

Speaking of pretty girls, though, I'd always had a little crush on Berni. I knew nothing would ever come of it, of course; but here she was, sitting on the bed naked, right next to me, visibly aroused, while her boyfriend gives me my first fucking... how amazing is that?

But I also had an opportunity here I might never have again. I reached up and cupped one of Berni's breasts with my hand. She froze, but didn't pull away.

I ran my thumb lightly against her nipple. It was very red and very swollen. And, I knew, very sensitive. Her brain was rejecting the idea that a girl could make her feel this good, even a girl who knew what it was like to have a sensitive nipple caressed,

She closed her eyes, probably pretending it was Paul or some other boy stroking her nipple. That was fine with me: I was having my way with Berni's naked breast.

And thoroughly enjoying having her boyfriend fuck me. Suddenly, Paul's groaning got loader and faster. "Can I cum in you?" he asked between short breaths.

Shit. I hadn't thought about that. I was completely unprotected. Why would I be? "No!" I said. "No, God no."

He pulled out just in time, and sprayed warm cum all over my belly and breasts, stroking his penis to draw out the last few drops.

I certainly didn't expect that. Or Bernie suddenly reaching down and rubbing her boyfriend's cum into my breasts, giving me a small smile and nod of her head that was her way of saying this was payback for making her feel so good a few minutes earlier.

Or Hanna suddenly coming into the room...

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