Kathy's Valentine's Day


The dark material exposed into view black, curly hair that trailed to the base of his shaft. She worked the boxers further and the waist band slipped further over him, the thick engorged shaft still restrained and bent by the fabric still not down.

Kathy brought her arms lower and the pull freed him, his boxers falling down his legs. She watched as his thick erection rebounded, a couple of heavy up and down movements after the release. Then, it just jutted forward, seeming to strain.

Roy watched her stare at him, and he noticed that she looked surprised. He self-consciously waited as she surveyed him. He absolutely couldn't believe she was in front of him on her knees and he was exposed to her.

Kathy smelled the musky aroma of him, and she fought to contain looking surprised. He looked very thick to her. It was right in front of her face, and rather than pointing upward, it was pointing at her. She marveled at his size, the shaft defined and veined and a large head capping him.

She watched her own hand go to the base of him, and she felt herself almost convulse between her legs when she felt her fist wrap where his cock joined his body. She noticed that her fingers just barely touched, wrapped around him. He twitched in her fist.

With no more hesitation, she brought her lips to him and kissed him there. The smooth, round head wanted to move as she kept her puckered lips to him. She looked when she brought her lips just barely off him, and she was stunned to see a wet string attach from his slit to her lips where he'd already lubricated at her kiss.

She opened her mouth and moved her face forward, her lips circling around him as he went between her lips. She heard him gasp above her as she moved her mouth onto his cock. She immediately was impressed with how full and stretched her mouth was with him there. Her head was brought up and back with the move of his hips forward.

There were a couple of rocking movements where Kathy's mouth moved to Roy and Roy's crotch moved to Kathy, but Kathy heard him moan and she stopped him. Kathy thought about how she had no idea of his stamina. Kathy let go of him and moved her face away.

Roy was standing and confused as he watched Kathy seemed to recoil. She moved backward, and Roy concluded that she had decided to stop everything. He almost had moved to pick up his jeans, when he saw her move in a way he didn't expect.

With a smooth and delicate manner, Kathy looked up at him and just sat back. Her bottom came to rest on the carpet, as her knees went from the floor to arched upward and off the floor. She seemed to unfurl backward, her arms going to her sides as her back uncurled to where it was flat against the carpet. She was soon laying back and looking up at him. He stood over her there in the living room and took in the sight of her.

Her black skirt now hung fragile to her outstretched legs that were held together. Her feet in the black heels still rested on the floor, but there was no weight on them and they barely connected to the floor. She had laid back below him, and she waited.

Roy continued to stand there, breathing hard and with only his sports shirt on. His cock throbbed. He shifted impassively. It was like he didn't really believe she was laying there in front of him. Her eyes darted from his eyes to his cock and back again. She wondered if he somehow needed some signal from her.

Still looking up at him, she acted. Slowly and deliberately, she brought her hands over her head and let them rest on the floor behind her, aware of how vulnerable this made her seem. Then, with his full attention on her, she surprised both of them and moved her legs.

Roy watched as Kathy lifted one black heeled foot. She brought it out to the side and beyond her hip, and then the other black heeled foot lifted and moved over to where it was far apart. The black skirt couldn't help but raise up Kathy's hips, as she was spreading her legs far apart. The skirt collapsed to her hips, and her thin white satin panties were in plain view to Roy.

Roy moved quickly between her legs, and Kathy moaned in anticipation. Roy saw the dark patch in the center of the panties, and he furiously yanked them down her hips. No sooner had she lifted her bottom, the panties were on her thighs and Roy manuvered her legs to get them all the way off. Roy slung them away and stripped his shirt.

Urgently, Roy got between Kathy's legs. Kathy watched, in awe now at how determined and fixed Roy was at getting where he wanted. His hands went behind Kathy's knees, and in one swift lift he had moved Kathy's legs up and toward her.

Kathy squeeled with the suddenness and surprise of his moving her. He put her legs further forward and started working himself over her. Roy's hands grabbed Kathy's calves, and the next thing Kathy knew she was watching as her black heels were propped above Roy's shoulders and beside his head. Kathy felt her ass propped away from the floor.

Kathy cried out when she felt him there. Roy had managed to position her legs on his shoulders, but he had also brought his hips to her's and Kathy cried out when the head of him lodged at her there. She thought of his size, his thickness. She knew she was very wet, but she hadn't had a man this endowed, she knew. She cried out again when she thought of exactly what this last thought meant.

Kathy brought her hands to grip Roy's shoulders, and she tried to brace herself. She watched Roy look into her eyes and move himself to her, and she heard herself scream out. It was like her lips had clapsed to him and clung even as he stretched into her. She grunted and arched her back.

Roy withdrew just a bit, and immediately slid further forward. She cried out again, and Roy rotated his hips. Kathy felt as though she was being taken as Roy began pumping at her. She was grunting in time to his thrusts. He brought his hips back and lingered, only to push deeply into her. She groaned as a wave spasmed over her, her hands holding onto his arms as he pushed into her.

He started giving long full strokes to her, and she rolled her head back. She had never felt so completely taken. She felt so open to him. She surprised them both, when she started moving her hips, too. She found herself not only accepting him deep inside her; she started moving herself back onto him to meet his thrusts.

She knew there was no other way to describe it but that she was fucking him back.

When he brought his hips and his cock down into her, she brought her hips and pussy up and to him. She wantonly fucked him back. As he picked-up on her moving to him, it noticeably changed him. Another wave of pleasure rolled her as she saw him open his mouth and pick up his pace. His head tilted just back as she saw his climax approach. His whole body was rocking back and forth, and his cock was pumping at her furiously.

"UNNNNGGHHHHH," he started groaning from his throat as his orgasm kicked in.

"Yes, Roy. Yes, baby," she encouraged him. "Give it to me."

The sound of her saying that sent him over the edge. "AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" He screamed as he released inside her.

"Yeah... yeah." She told him as he slowed and spasmed in her. She could feel him pulse there.

He slowed his body to a stop over her. For a brief moment, they looked at each other as he held himself propped on his arms over her. She brought a hand to the back of his neck and brought his head to rest against her. The effect was to have him relax on top of her, and even though he was still positioned between her legs, her legs were now prone on the floor on either side of him instead of tilted up.

They laid and relaxed together. Her hand stayed at the back of his neck and his head rested at her chest. She was very aware of how his cock felt still inside her and, while flaccid, remained thick. She quietly chided herself for liking the feeling.

The quiet of the afternoon was broken, when the unmistakeable sound of a key working a lock startled them both. It was at the front door of the apartment. Panicked, Roy clumsily struggled to get to his feet. He searched frantically for his jeans. He had bent down to retrieve them when the door opened.

In the one swift movement one would expect, the door swung opened and then it went swung closed. It was only a second before the young woman stepped into the front of the living room.

The young woman froze as she saw Roy first, who was desperately trying to get his jeans upward and secured. She looked straight to where Roy was tucking his cock into his jeans. Her very next movement was to turn her gaze to Kathy on the floor, who was sitting up and tugging her skirt down from her hips.

"Beth, wait!" Roy tried to sound calm, but the very next sound was Beth's shrill scream piercing the air.

Beth's hand covered her own mouth in shock, and she was immediately trying to back out of the room, bumping into things as she struggled to leave. Before he could reach her, she was running from the doorway and leaving the door swinging open.

Roy got to the door and could only watch her drive hurriedly away.

Kathy was panicked now. She tried to straighten her skirt, but it was impossibly wrinkled. She felt unsteady on her feet, as she snatched up her purse. She wasn't exactly sure what to do, but she felt it was very important to at least leave and get home.

She hugged Roy briefly, as she left. "Listen, she was just confused, that's all." Roy still seem stunned. She shook him a moment. "Hey, that's the way it's got to be, okay? She's just mistaken. Alright?"

Roy just nodded his head and looked to be getting a hold back on himself. Kathy squeezed his hand and then was out the door to her car.

Kathy started driving the car toward home, and she began analyzing the situation. She surveyed their choices quickly. She was heavily decided on what she had just told Roy. It'd have to be that Beth just got it wrong. And, that was if she said anything anyway, Kathy thought. Maybe it'd just be that Kathy and her family would never hear from Beth again, that Beth would want no contact.

Kathy drove and fought a swirl of emotions. She stole a glance at her very wrinkled skirt and images of the afternoon flashed through her mind. She let herself think about how she felt right then between her legs. There was an unmistakeable wetness still there, and she thought about how some of that wetness was from Roy. She also realized how her thighs and her crotch still felt a soreness from his having taken her as he did. 'Freshly fucked' was the raunchy phrase that enetered her head and she winced from her own dirty thought.

Her thoughts were interrupted by her cell chiming. It was Steve, her husband. She nervously answered the phone.

"How could you?" His voice was very emotional.

"Wait a minute, Steve."

"What?" He was incredulous.

"Beth was mistaken." Kathy knew her flat tone didn't match what she was saying, but it was the best she could offer.

"Oh, is that right?"

"Yeah, it is." She tried.

"Let's see. Beth saw Roy stuffing his dick back in his pants and you getting up from the floor."

"It's not what you think." She desperately tried again.

"Oh, it's not? Because what I think is that you fucked our son." She heard him make a choking sound like he was struggling not to break down.

"Steve... ." Her voice trailed off.

"Listen, go home and get some clothes." He directed her. "I don't want you there when I get home. I'm coming home at seven."

"What?" She was shaken herself now. "You're not kicking me out."

"If you are home tonight, I'm calling the police, Kathy."


"I mean it, Kathy. I will have your sorry, pathetic ass locked up."

There was an awkward silence where neither said anything, and then she heard him hang up on her.

She was shaking as she drove on home.

In a blur, she packed clothes and toiletries as if she would be gone a week. She couldn't think straight enough to really plan anything. It was surreal and completely unsettling. She realized it was probably best not to be around him tonight.

When she left, she thought of going to a friend's place to try to stay, but the thought of even trying to explain to anyone right now felt impossible. She thought of a hotel, but she really didn't want to be alone as upset and as rattled as she was. She thought of Roy. They should at least talk and try to figure something out. She called him and then headed there.

Roy brought her inside his apartment, and an eerie quietness engulfed them. They were both stunned. Kathy told him that Steve had made her leave. Roy told her he was sorry. Roy suggested she just stay with him. She didn't immediately answer.

She went to his bathroom and tried to splash water on her face and get a grip. The whole afternoon seemed unreal. She came out and Roy was leaning on the door frame to his bedroom. She looked at him, and they stared at each other a while.

It was like they were together in a horrible mess, but there was something more, too. There was the strange and intense feeling from having been sexual and intimate that afternoon, and the acknowledgement of that seemed to pass between them.

Kathy walked over to him and they embraced. It was a strong hug and they both felt very emotional. There were so many implications for everything, and yet they didn't know what to say out loud.

Their hug was comforting to both of them. While they didn't talk out loud about it, they both thought of all the pain and damage they had just done that day. Roy was having a hard time even imagining it, while Kathy had started wondering about all the practical implications of it.

While they were quiet though, Kathy sensed a subtle move from Roy. He had shifted slightly in their stance, and it dawned on Kathy why. Their nearness was beginning to have an effect on Roy it seemed.

Kathy couldn't supress a grin. "Even with all this happening, you can still get excited?" She said it in a low and playful voice, disbelieving it.

He seemed to blush. He didn't look at her and he seemed very embarrassed. When she stayed embraced with him, it was like this emboldened him. He surprised her. His hand went to her's and he placed her hand on his bulge. It felt formidable and growing. She gently squeezed him. It in turn started to arouse her.

She kept a low voice. "Roy. You're bad, you know?" He didn't answer and she rubbed him through his pants. "I mean, you're very bad." She felt her face flush and a familiar warmth. "I think I know what it is, too. I mean, I don't think it's just remembering today, is it?"

He kept quiet, but his crotch throbbed.

"I think it's a power thing now, isn't it?" She brought her hand tight, and she moved it up and down him there. "Yeah. There's Beth, your father. Probably your sister will know soon, too. They all know. ..."

He let out a heavy sigh and she knew she was getting to him.

"Yeah, Roy. They all know, son." She smiled a devious smile. She backed her face to look up at him as he held her close.

She still spoke low, but this time she took her time getting the words out for maximum effect. "They all know... that... you fucked me."

He started moving her, placing her so that her back was to his bedroom door. She kept talking, following her thought.

"They all know... that... I let you... fuck me... ."

He immediately brought his mouth onto her's and his tongue went into her mouth. He kissed her hard and deeply, and before she could even kiss him back, he moved his mouth from her's. His hands swiftly lifted her and she instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist.

His hands went under her skirt and bunched it to her waist. Expecting to find panties, his hands only found her bare exposed skin. She kept looking into his eyes. She saw his excited surprise.

He freed himself quickly and he positioned her. They shifted to where she was just over him, and she started panting in anticipation. He brought a hand to her lips and his fingers roughly parted her. She was hanging onto him, and he arched himself, penetrating her.

She gasped but didn't look away from his eyes, as his cock opened her lips further. She felt herself ease more onto him, and she could feel her expression change to one of pleasure as he started lifting her up and down. She felt herself impale on him more and she quivered with ripples of an orgasm at what was taking place.

She found herself moving her legs to where she was straddling up and down on him, and his own thrusts with her moving made her bouncing up and down on him. They both grunted at each other staring at each other as they fucked again.

He loved how she openly looked at him and was obviously getting into bouncing at him. She was very wet and riding him. Her arms were around his shoulders and her legs wrapped around his waist. They were bucking hard at each other.

"Yeah, yeah." She tilted her head just back but kept his look as a powerful orgasm shook her. Her mouth opened and her eyes half-closed as he drove deeper into her and she spasmed on him.

She felt dizziness as she continued to be lifted by his thrusts and her back slid up and down against the door. He was very hard in her. The thickness was stretching her and she was clinging to him. He was almost jumping with upward pushes and he started to cringe.

She kept watching him, and he squenched his eyes. She watched as his face betrayed a twisted look of ectasy and he started grunting. He was loud this time as he stroked in her and came hard. He tried to hold her look and she kept looking at him, wondering if it made it more intense for him to know she was seeing him like this.

After several slower plunges, he came to a stop and just held her. She was pressed onto the door and aloft. Her legs loosened around him. When his arms loosened too, they let themselves slowly untangle, and she moved to her feet again.

They kissed and moved to the bed, both collapsing against it. They were clearly in a very strange and unnerving situation. Yet, they were together, and something was happening with them.

They laid there together.

He looked to the side at her. "Hey," he said getting her attention.

She moved her face toward him to look back at him.

He smiled a wicked smile. "Happy Valentine's Day."

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