Katie's Awakening - Her Cuckold


Jonathan sat on the couch and Katie quickly crawled over to him. Running her hand up his pant leg and stocking his cock through the material she said, "But my cunt belongs to Jonathan. He decides who gets to use me. Who gets a turn with me." He smiled down at her as she smiled up at him. "Are you going to make me beg to be fucked again tonight?"

While she was kneeling in front of Jonathan one of the guys got on his back, slid under her, and started to eat her pussy. "Ohhhhh.....he's gooood...." She said as she sat down on his face. The other two guys crowded around her again feeding her their cocks to lick. She was groaning hard as she licked them.

"Jonathan....please let somebody fuck me.....ohhh pleeease....." she whined. "I'm so wet....I need a cock inside of me...." She completely swallowed the guy with the larger cock. I didn't know she could do that.

"Who's whore are you, Katie?" Jonathan asked.


"Are you a whore for black cock, Katie?" Jonathan continued.

"OH YES....YOU KNOW I AM..." Katie was going crazy.

"Say it cunt," Jonathan demanded.


Jonathan started to direct the action. The guy with the smaller big cock sat on the couch as Katie sat backward on him, taking turns sucking on whatever cock was dangled in front of her face. Jonathan reached over to play with her tits, twisting her hard nipples, squeezing her boobs, but Katie was already far gone.

She came at least twice before her pussy was flooded with sperm, Katie was quickly pulled off, bent over the back of the couch and the larger cock was shoved into her dripping cunt. I could only see Katie's face from this position but her eyes were rolled back into her head, her mouth was hanging open and she was making loud grunting noises every time he pushed inside of her. The key to my cock cage was bouncing against her chest in time with the slapping of her tits.

I don't know how many times Katie came, he must have fucked her for 10 or 15 minutes in that position alone. Eventually he came inside of her with a loud groan. They had to carry Katie around to the front of the couch again.

As they fucked her they talked about her. Telling each other what a slut whore she was, how much she loved black dick. They laughed and enjoyed themselves, Katie didn't seem to even notice.

"Please don't stop fucking me," she whispered. "Jonathan, please don't let them stop." I'm not sure she knew where she was anymore.

By this time Jonathan had his pants off and Katie immediately crawled onto his lap and impaled herself on his immense cock. "OHHHHHH.....YEEEEESSSSS....." But she hadn't felt anything yet.

Jonathan signaled for the guy with the average size cock to start playing with Katie's asshole. As he got her wet and worked a finger inside of her to open her up some Katie just moaned louder. That was nothing compared to what happened when he started to ease his cock inside.

With Jonathan's huge cock in her pussy and the smaller one in her asshole, Katie lost her mind, lost it to lust I guess. She was yelling and moaning and begging them to fuck her harder, faster, don't stop. "GIVE IT TO ME YOU FUCKERS...HARDER....FUCK MY PUSSY....OOOOOOHHHHHH......ANYTHING YOU WANT.....JUST DON'T STOOOOOOOOOP.....TWO COCKS.....OH GOD THAT'S GOOD.....FUCK MY ASS YOU BASTARD....HARDER......"

She kept cumming, I know this because she would announce it in a very loud voice every time. "OHHH GOD....I'M CUUUUUMMMING AGAIN....MY PUSSY...IT WON'T STOP...ITS SOOO GOOOD...LIKE NOTHING I'VE EVER...." She didn't finish her thought, I don't think they noticed.

It seemed as though Katie had one long orgasm for the entire 20 minutes or so that the dual fuck lasted. When they pulled out of her Katie collapsed on the couch, cum running out of both her holes and onto the couch and the floor. The couch was soaking wet under where Jonathan had been sitting from Katie's juices mixed with the semen from the other guys.

She thanked them in a soft voice, "thank you...oh god....thank you....I needed that so much...." as her voice trailed off.

They wanted to keep going. The guys that had finished first were ready to go again, but Jonathan just had them jerk off on Katie's face and boobs, and into her mouth. I think she had little mini-orgasm every time one of them came on her. She did spread the lips of her pussy one time and invited the largest guy to fuck her again, but he only lasted a minute before pulling out to shoot his cum on her belly.

Finally the guys left, going out the front door after shaking Jonathan's hand. I thought I saw one of them slip him some money, but I can't be sure.


Katie woke up enough to grab Jonathan by the hand and lead him into the hallway were I was standing, she took hold of my leash and pulled me along behind them as they staggered into the master bedroom. Katie lay down on her back on the bed and pulled me close so I could clearly see the cum on her face and breasts.

"You're going to watch Jonathan fuck me again, Jeff," she said. "You're going to see how he can please a woman with his black cock. I'm going to scream in your ear while he's doing it. Are you ready for that?"

I couldn't speak. All I could do was nod my head and watch her other hand slowly stroking Jonathan's monster back to hardness.

"When we're done you can stay, but you'll have to sleep on the floor. Jonathan owns me and he gets the big bed tonight. Do you understand?" She continued. Again I could only nod, my mouth was too dry and I was afraid that my voice would shake if I said anything.

For the next 30 or 40 minutes I watched, a silent witness, as Jonathan and Katie fucked again. They kissed as Jonathan slowly moved his cock in and out of Katie's swollen pussy. Almost the entire time Katie held onto my leash, sometimes moving me to places where I could get a different view of things. Watching her stretch to accommodate him from only inches away was an amazing experience. I could never satisfy her like that.

Finally, as he fucked her from the rear, she held my hands in hers, squeezing my fingers hard, our faces only inches apart. She was looking into my eyes but talking to him, "....fuckmefuckmefuckme.......fuck me like my husband can't....pleasepleaseplease.....just fuck me in front of him.....Jimmy could never fuck me like you can, Jonathan. I love your big cock. I'm yours....I'm your whore.....thank you for giving me what I need...." That last may have been for me after all.

At the end she cried after she came, first screaming into my ear as she had promised she would. Tears ran down her cheeks as she hugged her lover close, I think she was crying from release.

I found a place to lie down on the floor, on top of the comforter that they had tossed off so that the two of them were only covered in a sheet. My beautiful white wife and her dark lover were using our bed, only feet from my face, holding each other.

In the morning Katie woke me up by lowering her pussy onto my face. She was dripping wet still, red and swollen. I could hear the shower running in the other room as Katie said, "Hurry up, Jonathan will be done soon so we don't have much time. I understand that one of the duties of a cuckold is to clean his wife's cunt after she's had a hard night."

I had to no time to agree as Katie pushed her pussy onto my face. I licked the juices flowing from her as fast as I could, there seemed to be no end to them. I'd tasted her before when she was full of sperm and, while I'm not a big fan, I still found it very exciting. Katie came as I ran my tongue over her much too sensitive clit.

Later Katie told me that I'd kept my end of the bargain and that she was going to 'take care of me' this weekend. As I drove Jonathan to the airport, we started laughing together.

"I'm going to go home, ice my dick and sleep for a week," he said. "I see why you and Katie have an 'understanding.' Hell she's too much for even four guys to handle, she'd kill just you"

I was laughing along with him. As I dropped him off at the terminal he said, "I'll be back in about three months. Maybe I'll stay at your house again." I guess I could get used to sleeping on the floor.


The next day was Saturday and Katie surprised me, waking me up by unlocking my cage. She smiled up at me as she first washed me with a damp wash cloth and then took my aching tool into her month. She sucked me very gently before taking me out and talking to me while she stroked me.

"I want you to cum in my cunt, Jimmy," She said. "I may not be able to feel you but I know that you're so horny that won't make any difference and besides, my cunt only belongs to Jonathan when he's here. Would you like that?"

I couldn't agree fast enough. Smiling Katie threw one leg over me and started to lower herself onto my too hard dick. I was afraid that I'd cum before I'd even touched her, but I didn't.

She was right about feeling me. She was so stretched that I could only feel her outer lips, but that was enough.

"Fuck your wife, Jimmy." She said. "Fuck her hard." I pounded into her for all of 5 or 10 seconds, while she smiled down at me, obviously not feeling me inside her at all, before I exploded inside harder than I've ever cum before. Images from the week kaleidoscoped through my head as I shot off, I was fucking my wonderful wife. Katie belonged to Jonathan but I belonged to Katie.

We cuddled for a long time and then Katie sucked me off. When I came in her mouth it felt even stronger than my first orgasm.

Katie let me out of the cage for several weeks after that but whenever I see it lying out by the sink I know what will happen next.

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by Anonymous04/28/18

Three things I despise are..........

Three things I despise are....... father daughter incest, pediphillia, and cuckold fantasies. Any man giving up control is an idiot. Cock cages are about as stupid as cutting off your own dick or yourmore...

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So this belongs in Fetish

And you know nothing about cock cages. They're toys. He could remove it himself with several tools found in his garage. He could go to a locksmith, have him pick the lock and make several keys that hemore...

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by Anonymous04/06/18

more chapters pls

i loved the fact taht jeff is getting used to it and loved this...i really want this story to go and include more chapters soon ..and includes where she gets pregnant by jonathan or others and maybe includingmore...

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by OOAA02/26/18


Fantastic story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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