tagLoving WivesKatie's Awakening: Prologue

Katie's Awakening: Prologue


I’ve always had a thing for Tom Selleck. When I was a girl I’d watch Magnum P.I. and afterwards I’d lie in bed fantasying about being kissed by him. I didn’t masturbate; well I did later, but not then. I was far too romantic at that age. I just wanted him to look longingly into my eyes and tell me how special I was before he kissed me sweetly on the lips. When I got older, I dreamed about him fucking me.

My name is Katie and if you’ve read what my husband had to say about my “awakening” you know that I’m 29 years old and teach school. I have very dark hair and I’m about 5’5” with a 34c-24-34 figure. There’s not much else to say about that. He’s sweet to think I’m pretty, but I really don’t do much about it. I don’t show off my figure much and I don’t usually wear makeup.

I do like sex however. I actually like sex quite a lot. As he says, I’m no prude. I enjoy my husband’s hard prick and I actually like giving head. I even have some fantasies that he doesn’t know about.

We tried for several years to have a baby. That’s really the kind of woman I am. Husband, baby, nice home, job as a teacher, Sunday School and church. Prim and proper except with my husband in bed. Only, no baby. I was crushed at first with the news that his sperm count was too low to conceive. Actually, I don’t know if I ever got over it. I told myself that that was the way it was and to go on with my life. It wasn’t his fault, it was nobody’s fault, I tried not to think about it.

Our sex life fell off after I learned about the low sperm count. I tried, I really did. I wanted us to be happy, and I wanted him to know that I was still in love with him. When he suggested the fantasies and the role-playing, I went along gladly. I wanted to put some spark back; I was as desperate for ideas as he was. We’d always been very close to each other and I wanted that feeling back so badly.

I was very excited when he brought up the fantasy of me making love to another man while he watched. I would never consider actually doing it, of course, at first. The more he used that particular fantasy, and the more I saw how it excited him, the more the possibility of actually doing it became to me. I had had an experience, while I was in college that I had never shared with him.

It was my senior year, not long before we married. I was at a party in a large house rented by a bunch of guys that I knew. There were a lot of people at the party; the house was so full that most of the party had spilled outside.

I went into the house to the use the bathroom, not because I really had to go but just to take a break from all the noise. The bathroom on the ground floor was occupied so I went up the stairs to the second floor.

As I reached the top of the stairs I heard a noise coming from one of the bedrooms; it sounded like a girl whimpering. I crept to the door, which was opened only a crack, and peeked in. What I saw was amazing!! It was Lynn, a small blonde that I knew only by sight. She was naked on the bed surrounded by 3 of the black members of the school’s football team and 2 of the white members, huge football players, also naked. One of the guys was fucking Lynn from behind while she sucked on another’s black cock.

I’d never seen a sight like this. The guys were all cheering her on and she was sucking on that cock with real enthusiasm while making that whimpering noise I had heard.

When the guy fucking her from behind came inside of her she briefly took the cock out of her mouth and let out a loud moan of pleasure. When the cock was pulled out of her pussy another quickly took its place.

The sight of this, so unexpected, went right to my belly. I stood in the doorway for a long time watching these football players taking this slight young blonde girl. I know I was panting and I couldn’t tear my eyes away. She was being watched while having sex!!

Finally, the most remarkable thing happened. One of the white guys laid down flat on his back on the bed and the others lifted the girl and impaled her on his cock. All the while they were talking to each other about what a fine hot bitch she was while squeezing her tits or running their hands over her cunt.

When the white cock was fully into her she leaned forward to kiss the guy she was fucking. One of the black guys walked up behind her ass, his cock hard and bobbing as he walked. He put his fingers into a jar of Vaseline and smeared a big glob right on her puckered anus.

As soon as that was done, he was on the bed running the head of his cock up the crack of her ass and slowly easing it into her.

Lynn’s head came up and a shriek filled the air. “AHHHHHH….MY ASS….”

When his cock was full inserted they both started to fuck her, one in her ass and one in her cunt. Lynn was going completely crazy now.


I watched in amazement as both sets of balls contracted and the guys shot their cum up inside her holes at the same time.


I heard a noise on the stairs behind me and, tearing my attention away from the scene in front of me, rushed into the upstairs bathroom and slid the bolt home as quietly as I could. A moment later the knob turned as someone tried the door.

“In a minute,” I said. I could hear the footsteps of whoever it was turn and walk away.

I leaned against the sink to try to catch my breath, which was whistling in and out of me in big gulps. A moment later I decided I might as well use the bathroom since I was there, and I didn’t want to leave before that door was fully closed.

I lowered my jeans and panties and sat on the toilet. As I lowered my panties, I was greeted by the most astounding sight. My panties were completely soaked with long ropes of pussy juice hanging from my cunt to my panties. I reached between my legs to feel my pussy and was shocked to find my cunt gaping open and flowing with my excitement. I knew the sights had excited me but I didn’t realize how turned on I was.

I started to stroke my erect clit with the first two fingers of my right hand. That’s how I masturbate, I stroke my clit in circles with those two fingers. I couldn’t get the sight of Lynn being fucked in the ass out of my mind. With my left hand I reached behind me to feel my own asshole. I felt so dirty doing that but I had never thought of my ass as being a turn-on before.

It felt good, I was surprised. I reached a little further and, wetting the index finger of my left hand with the flow from my cunt, I slowly inserted the finger into my ass. All the while stroking my clit the way I really liked.

The feeling was intense and almost immediately I was cumming. The finger I had planted in my asshole felt so good and so dirty that I exploded into orgasm. I could only picture Lynn with both cocks in her and all those guys watching her while I came.

After I calmed down and wiped my pussy as dry as possible I carefully washed my hands, twice. I’d had my finger in my own asshole!! I was suddenly ashamed of what I had done and what I had seen. But there was no denying how it had excited me.

I thought about that scene a lot. I fantasized about and even masturbated to the idea of being Lynn as the two men took her at the same time. I was confused by my feelings and I tried very hard to deny them. But the sheer sensuality overcame me and, in spite of my denial, the fantasies would not stop.

It was a month or so later that I was studying in the campus library. I was wearing a school sweatshirt, 2 sizes too big for me, no bra and just a pair of jeans. I felt the table shake slightly as someone sat down in the chair opposite me. I looked up and my eyes must have opened in surprise to see that it was Lynn. We smiled at each other and she asked if the seat was taken. I, of course said no and we both bent to our work.

I was distracted by her presence, of course. I would peek at her from time to time from the corner of my eye. She caught me looking one time and smiling said, “I’m going for some coffee. Would you like some?”

“Sure,” I answered. “Wait, I’ll go with you. I need to stretch anyway.”

We walked out of the library and over to Union, which was next door. As we got our coffee, we ideally chatted; girl-talk. We sat in the Union talking and laughing and getting to know each other for some time. When it was finally time to leave I felt like I knew her a lot better. I liked her.

Lynn offered me a ride home and I accepted. When we got to the house I was sharing I invited her in. None of my roommates were home and I offered Lynn a beer. We sat on the couch together and continued talking.

It was after about the third beer that it happened. I felt that I had to be honest with her and I told her that I’d seen her that night at the party. Her hand flew to her mouth and her eyes opened wide. “You did?” She was shocked. “Oh no. How could you not say anything? How could you just watch?”

I was mortified. Words wouldn’t come and in frustration I ran into the kitchen. As I looked out the window above the kitchen sink, my arms across my chest, I felt tears wetting my face. I was so ashamed. I’d watched her getting gangbanged and I’d just confessed it.

As I stood there, I heard her come up behind me. I didn’t want to look at her, but I felt her hand stroke my hair.

“I knew you were watching that night,” I heard her say.

I whirled around to look at her.

She was smiling, still stroking my hair. “I saw you outside the door. It turned me on to be watched. It made it even hotter for me.”

With that she leaned forward and kissed me. On the lips! No asking, no working up to it, she just kissed me. Softly, running her tongue lightly over my mouth.

I’d never been kissed by another girl before. I’d never thought about it and this was so unexpected that I just stood there while she continued to kiss me. First my mouth and then my cheeks and throat. All the while stoking my hair and softly pulling my head into hers.

I couldn’t help myself. I’d fantasized about what I’d seen Lynn do so many times that I just moaned and kissed her back. It was completely different from kissing a guy. Softer and more erotic.

Lynn ran her hands up under my sweatshirt to my breasts and my breath caught in my throat as I felt her touch me. She softly stroked my breasts, lifting them gently as if to test their weight, and running her thumb lightly over my aroused nipples. I kissed her more passionately, groaning my approval.

We made our way to the bedroom kissing and undressing each other as we went. On the bed she kissed and licked her way down from my mouth. First to my nipples, taking each one in her mouth in turn, she sucked and lightly bit each of them.

When she reached my pussy, I felt the flood flowing out of me to meet her sweet mouth. She licked and sucked my erect clit until I was on the very verge of cumming. I was almost there when she stuck her index finger into my pussy and started to fuck me with it. I exploded in orgasm when she eased her middle finger into my ass and pumped both my pussy and ass at the same time.

The feeling was incredible. Fingers in both holes rubbing against each other through that slight membrane while my clit was being so sweetly caressed by her tongue.

When my orgasm had passed, I returned the favor. For the first, and so far only, time in my life I made love to another women. I kissed her as she had kissed me. I played with her tits and made love to her nipples until they were so erect that they must have ached.

When I reached her blonde pussy, I did the same things to her that she had done for me. I inhaled the wonderful aroma of a fully aroused cunt as I greedily sucked up her flowing liquid. I licked and sucked her clit until finally, just before she came, I shoved fingers in both her pussy and her asshole.

With a loud groan, Lynn came in my mouth. Her belly heaving from the pleasure that ran through her body. I continued to softly suckle her clit until, with a deep sigh, she signaled that she had calmed down.

Lynn and I never made love again, but we’re good friends. She lives in another town now, married with four kids. We talk on the telephone several times a year and visit each other whenever we can.

As I sat on the couch looking at my husband, I wondered how much to tell him. Should I tell him about Lynn’s gangbang? More importantly, should I tell him that the guy who was fucking her in the pussy while the black football player fucked her in the ass was named Tom, and he looked a lot like Tom Selleck?

When my husband started the fantasy of me being fucked by a stranger while he watched I could only think of Lynn and the football players.

It was incredible how the fantasy excited him. I was careful not to let him know how much it excited me. I acted like I was just going along to please him, but inside I was way ahead.

I was ashamed of my feelings. In public I dress and act very conservatively. The good school teacher. Inside I wanted to be Lynn with the football players.

Now here I was sitting on the couch in my own living room. I’d been missing for a couple of days and I was trying to tell me husband what had happened and why. I didn’t know if I should tell him everything or not. He knew quite a lot of course. I’d just finished cumming not long before while he sucked the loads of a number of other guys out of my pussy.

I love my husband. He means the world to me and yet he’d actually watched me fuck Tom. I suppose that’s where the truth needed to start.

To Be Continued...

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