tagGroup SexKatie's Birthday, Part C

Katie's Birthday, Part C


Katie got up from where she was sitting on the couch and noticed that there were wet spots on the cushions. When Pat and Chris set her down, they forgot to put a towel under her and cum was leaking out of her ass and pussy and had caused a wet spot. Also, the load that Chet had dumped between her shoulders had trickled down her spine and left a long, wet spot on the back cushion too. Katie needed to go to the bathroom, which is why she had gotten up and when everyone saw the mess, they just laughed and Pat said:

"Oops! Guess we'll have to have that cleaned."

While Katie was in the bathroom, Pat and the other men went to the kitchen and fixed fresh drinks, including one for Katie, who was really feeling the effects of the alcohol, not to mention the fucking. Pat took a moment to remind Chet that this was Katie they were all fucking, not his ex. Chet said he had just lost it for a second or two, and that he was cool now. Pat said it was all good and that they had to have a plan for round two.

About that time, Katie returned from the bathroom and took the champagne cocktail that Pat handed her. He then pulled her to him and gently kissed her and caressed her back and shoulders. He looked at his fingers and said:

"I think I have Chet on my fingers."

Katie took his hand in hers and licked her husbands' fingers and, with a smile, said:

"Yes, that's Chet."

They all lost it and began to laugh. They laughed so hard that they had tears running down their cheeks. Pat noticed that Katie had cum running down the insides of her thighs and that there was dried cum all over her face, tits, and ass. Chet's cum was still damp, because he had dumped so much of it on her back. When Pat went into the living room to put a fresh CD in the camera, to record the rest of the night's festivities, Chet leaned over and kissed Katie on the lips and snaked his tongue into her mouth. He looked at her and apologized for being mean to her. She said:

"It's okay, I understand that you were thinking about Jill."

Then, she dropped to her knees in front of him and started sucking his cock again. She looked up at him from where she was kneeling and smiled around his cock, which was beginning to stir to life again. While she was sucking away on Chet's dick, she reached up with her right hand and took Chris' cock, which was stirring from watching Katie on her knees, and began to stroke him back to life. She also reached up with her left hand and began to fondle her husbands' already hardening manhood. She smiled again when she realized that Frank was standing behind her and had wrapped her hair around his cock and was stroking his reviving dick.

When all four men were hard and ready to go again, Katie stood up and happily walked into the living room. She realized that the coin clothes had come off at some point and she bent over to pick them up and put them back on. Once she was "dressed" again, she turned to face the men who were about to begin using her plump body all over again. Looking at those four hard cocks, she knew that this was going to be a long night.

"I think there is a problem here. The Birthday Girl doesn't have a cock I her."

Katie smiled sweetly as she said this and winked at the guys standing there with hard cocks. Pat walked the few feet to her and took her by the hand. He led her back to where she had been dancing and restarted the music she had been swaying and gyrating to earlier and turned the tunes back on. Katie smiled at him and started to move her hips again. It was like she had never stopped, she just swayed and, with the beat, dump, dump, dump, her right hip shot towards Pat. Chet, Frank and Chris were back in their chairs as Pat went and got three bar stools. And arranged them side by each. He sat down on the center stool and called his wife to him.

As soon as she realized what he had done, Katie got a huge smile on her face. She walked to him and bent over, showing her ass to the other three men, took her husbands' cock in her mouth and began sucking on it again Pat gently stroked her hair and face as her head bobbed up and down on Pat's dick. As she was bobbing on his dick, her ass was swaying from side to side and the three men got up and moved towards her. Chris slipped two fingers into her exposed pussy and she moaned a deep, guttural moan and her knees buckled a bit. Chris moved in behind her to slide his 10 inch cock into her waiting twat, but before he could Pat spun her around with her back to him, grabbed her hips and sat her down on his cock. Katie groaned again as her pussy slip down over her husband's cock and drove her hips down until the head of his cock hit her cervix.

Chris, Frank and Chet, were amazed at the way Pat had moved her and Chet said:

"I think he has done that with her before."

"You think? I was just about to bury my treasure in her pot of gold when he snagged my target."

Chris said with a smile.

"I was really looking forward to it, too."

He said this last with a faked pout that caused Katie, who was still bouncing up and down on her husband's cock, to laugh.

"Poor baby! I guess I will have to take care of that for you."

She said this while trying to catch her breath as an orgasm built up in her body. . Each rise and fall of her body on Pat's lap caused her large, plump tits to bounce on her chest. The coin belt and vest was jingling and chiming like the cymbals in the music she had been dancing too. Her husband's cock was hitting all the right spots in the position they were in and she suddenly just dropped her head so that her chin was resting on her chest and began to pant. Then she started making little noises:

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Oooooooooooooooooooooo. Ahh, ahh, shit...SHIT!"

With that, her pussy erupted in a squirting, liquid, messy, jaw dropping orgasm that literally caused her to grab both of Pat's legs to keep from collapsing. She couldn't even move anymore and Pat dumped his balls into her flooded cunt. With him in orgasmic bliss, she could no longer support her own body weight and she slid off of Pat's lap just as his cock spurted out its last three squirts. These landed squarely on her back at the waist and then, as she slid to the floor and landed on her butt, the last one ended up in her hair.

Chris, said:

"DAMN! That was worth not getting my dick into her just to watch. Her pussy must have let loose a pint of juice!" She's a "squirter"! I HAVE to get her to do that on my cock!"

Frank and Chris looked at each other and then at Katie, who was still sitting on the floor recovering from her orgasm. She had a soft, dazed look on her face and a sweet, lustful smile on her face as the y lifted her to her feet and moved her towards one of the overstuffed chairs. Franks looked at Chris and said:

"I already tapped that pussy once, now I want the fat little ass."

As he said this he sat down in the chair and grasped Katie by the hips, moving her backwards towards where his hard cock waited to impale her again. She realized what was expected as she moved backwards and slowly sat down so that Frank could guide his dick into her asshole.

"That's it baby, come on down. There we are, oh yeah. Oh crap your ass feels good."

Frank had guided the head of his dick right to its target and then slowly lowered her ass down onto it. As his cock slid p her ass, he just closed his eyes and laid his head back onto the chair back.

Chris got down on his knees and scooted towards the chair where Katie was impaled on Franks cock. Franks legs were spread so that Katie's were in between his. He was right on the edge of the chair so that her crotch was exposed to Chris' advancing 10 inch, swollen purple cock. It was so swollen that when he took it in his hand, he could barely close his fingers around it. It was at least three and one half inches in diameter. Katie looked down at it and said:

"Oh my God! Where do you think you are going to put that beast? Oh GOD! I don't know if my poor little pussy can take all of that! It looks even bigger than it was last Saturday night. "

This being only the second time in her life that Katie had taken part in group sex; she suddenly realized that she had just admitted that she had had sex with Chris the weekend before. Frank and Chet started laughing at the look on her face as she actually blushed. Pat looked at her, saw how embarrassed she was about letting Frank and Chet know this was not the first time she had done this and started laughing himself.

"Katie! What are you embarrassed about. You are sitting on Frank's lap with his cock up your ass, Chet has cum in your mouth and on your back, Chris is getting ready to ride you like a cheap pony, and you are worried about Frank and Chet finding out you fucked Chris' brains out last Saturday night. They don't even know about the other four guys who fucked you silly."

Suddenly, Pat was embarrassed that he had let that slip. He looked at the group all looking at him and said:

"Oops! Guess I shouldn't have let that last bit slip."

Laughter again overtook the group for a second or two and then Chris got a devilish gleam in his eyes as he realized that Katie's legs were still splayed wide over Frank's and her pussy was still his primary target for the moment. He scooted the last couple of inches towards Katie's unprotected vagina and put the swollen head of his dick against its open hole. Katie was jarred back to the moment and her head snapped straight forward. She first locked eyes with Chris and then lowered then to where his cock sat, waiting to slip into her well used cunt.

As Chris began to push his dick into her, Katie began to moan and whimper again. She was fixated on it was it slowly disappeared into her vagina. She had a flashback to last Saturday and then came back to reality as it caused the same sensations of pleasure and pain in her pussy. It was stretching her beyond anything she had ever felt and she could feel her pussy walls rippling ahead of its hugeness again. She groaned a deep, deep groan as Chris flexed his hips forward the last three inches and the head of his prick slammed into her cervix. She let out a yelp of pain and then bit her lower lip as she fought to accept this massive intruder.

"Um, um, um, ah, oh!"

These were the only sounds that came out of her mouth as she felt her vagina relax a bit and accept Chris? Frank, who still had his cock buried deep in Katie's plump ass, felt every inch of Chris' dick go into her. The two were separated only by the walls of her ass and vagina and Frank thought it was great feeling. Chris began to slide in and out of Katie with slow deliberate movements. She leaned back against Frank's chest and Frank reached up and took both her breasts in his hands and, cupping them, offered them to Chris to suck, nibble and bite. Chris leaned forward and wrapped his lips around her right nipple and began to suck on it like a starving baby. After a minute or two of this, he moved to the left nipple and repeated his actions. Katie opened her eyes and looked at Chris and said:

"Oh yes, baby. Suck my titties. They have been neglected tonight and want more attention."

Chris cupped both hands around her left tit and began to suck and chew on the nipple in earnest. All the while, his hips kept moving and his cock kept sliding in and out, getting a little deeper with each thrust. Katie was rubbing his head and purring like a kitten with little mews and other noises of delight. She dreamily said:

"Should I get a tattoo on my titty? What about on my ass. Um, it would be sexy, wouldn't it guys?"

All four men agreed that her getting a tattoo on her tit was a grand idea, but Chris only sort of commented as he was becoming more and more focused on fucking Katie. Frank was on the verge of his own orgasm from the sensations created by Chris' dick sliding in and out of Katie and transferring to his blood engorged dick. Suddenly, Chris accelerated his hip movements and closed his eyes for a second. Katie's breathing was becoming very ragged and fast and her eyes were closed. Her breasts were swollen from the handling and sucking they had been receiving and her face was flushed bright red. Frank let out a huge groan and his cock squirted a giant jet of cum up Katie's ass.

The expansion and contraction of Frank's cock transferred itself to Chris, who let out his own groan and he slumped forward on Katie's tits as he shot several jets of cum into her stretched out, waiting cunt. And Katie, who couldn't move because she was sandwiched between Frank and Chris, had another one of her squirting orgasms that nearly drowned Chris' cock as it ran out all around his shaft and down her legs and Franks cock and legs and made an enormous spot on the chair cushion.

Pat and Chet, who had been watching this whole scene of fucking sat down, covered in sweat. While they had not actually taken part in the fucking, they were so involved in watching it that they were exhausted themselves. Katie was drenched in sweat and still breathing heavily. Her breasts were still swollen and her nipples were still rock hard, even though they were covered in Chris' saliva. She slowly opened her eyes and said:

"I think I am about done for the night, boys."

It was now three A.M. and they had been at it for nearly six hours. The three older men, Pat, Chet, and Frank, had cum more than they had been able to in years and Chris wasn't sure if he could get hard again. Katie's pussy was almost raw and her ass wasn't far behind in feeling that way. Her tits, were doing okay and her mouth wasn't too sore, but she was exhausted from six hours of fucking and sucking.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes and said:

"Since I am not sure if I will want to do this again, I want us all to finish with a nice "Bang", so to speak."

The four men looked at her, stilling pinned between Frank and Chris, and said, almost in unison:

"Oh, we WILL be doing this again."

Pat said:

"Baby, you are a natural at this and I wish we had started years ago, when I could still get it up four times in a night. Now that we have found your inner slut, we need to make up for lost time."

Chris and the other two men said it would be a terrible waist if she stopped now, but added that they were more than willing to fulfill her request for one last fuck that night.

Chris got up, his now limp dick slipping out of her twat with a sucking sound and he helped Katie to her feet. As she stood up, Frank, who was semi-hard from the thought of one last fuck, felt his cock pop out of her ass. Katie looked at them all and said:

"Okay boys, into the guestroom." And with that they headed for the king-size bed in the guestroom.

"We have to work out the logistics here" said Katie.

She took Chet, who had yet to stick his dick in her pussy, on his back on the bed and leaned down to suck him hard. Chris, who was now nearly rigid again, began to finger her dripping pussy. She mewed again and whimpered at the pleasure and twinge of pain in her cock ravaged cunt, but made no move to stop him. Chet was hard with in no time, as re realized that he was about to stick his dick up her cunt. He moved her to where her hips straddled his and she lowered her pussy down over his cock. She was still stretched out from Chris, so she had to concentrate to achieve what she wanted, which was to milk Chet of the last of his two year supply of cum. Chris looked at Pat and Frank and Pat just nodded towards Katie's ass, which had Frank's cum dripping out of its slightly stretched hole.

Chris got behind Katie and eased the head of his dick up to her waiting asshole and began to push into her plump, dimpled butt. She looked back over her shoulder and begged for him to be gentle. Chris just smiled and said he would think about it, but if this was the last time he would ever get to fuck her in the ass, he might just have to let loose and ride. Pat move up so that his ass rested on the headboard and his cock was directly in front of Katie's talented tongue and Frank, who would have loved to have tit-fucked her again positioned himself so that his cock was by her right hand.

With a cock in her ass, cunt and mouth, Katie began to move her hips up and down and bob her head. She tried to balance on one hand, so she could stroke Frank's cock, but was having trouble with that maneuver. Pat handed Frank a pillow and he slipped it between Katie and Chet's stomachs. Chet positioned his arms so that Katie's tits rest directly in his hands so that he could support her weight. Pat took her head in his hands to help her bob her head on his cock, and Chris grabbed her hips so he could control the stroking.

They were groaning, sweating, slobbering, suck, pinching, pulling and stroking away like they had all done this before. Katie was being used for the exclusive pleasure of these four men who were rapidly becoming lost in her plump, sex driven body. Chet was driving his hips up and slamming into her pussy lips as Chris did the same with her ass. Slam into her, yank it out. Slam into her, yank it out. Each time he yanked out and then slammed back into her asshole, she yelped around Pats cock which she was busily trying to suck. She was stroking Frank as fast as she could, trying to ensure that he got to come on her again.

The pace was picking up, getting faster, faster, and faster as the sweat poured off of them. Chris realized that Katie had so much cum in her ass from Pat and Frank, that he had not even used any lubrication on her. It was seeping out with every stroke and he suddenly wanted to dump his in with it and just impale her ass on his cock with one last thrust. To that end, he began to jackhammer her ass, causing her to cry out in pain. The sound of her agony as he split her ass with each stroke just spurred Chris on to harder thrusts. Frank had reached down and had gotten hold of one of her nipples as it peaked out from between Chet's spread fingers. He was pulling on it, pulling her battered tit through the fingers holding it. She was looking at him out of the corner of her eye with a look that clearly asked for mercy for her tit and its milk bud. Frank, whose eyes were closed tight, could have cared less at that moment if she wanted mercy for her nipple or not. He had a death grip on it and was enjoying life enormously.

Pat had taken over the work load for her by grasping her head with both hands, pulling her head up his cock and then sliding it down again as fast as he could and Katie could feel her own orgasm, she had no idea what number for the night, approaching. All five of them became lost in the moment as they worked and stroked and sucked for their own orgasm. Faster, faster, faster. Groans, yelps, whining, all combined with nearly incoherent spoken verses:

"Oh my God."

" Suck it baby."

" Fuck my ass."

" I am going to impale you, bitch."

" I am going to squirt in her snatch!"

" I gonna cum all over her."


As a single entity, Chris rammed his cock into her ass to his balls as Chris drove into her cunt so hard he lifted her hips up with the force of the impact. Pat, who had had the best bird's eye view of the whole thing, drove her mouth down over his dick and all three exploded into Katie's bruised and battered body. At eh same time, Frank began spraying sperm juice all over Katie's side and up onto her back as Katie wailed in her own orgasm mixed with pain in every hole. Each man pumped the last vestiges of his juice into her willing openings and then they collapsed in a sweat-soaked, sperm and pussy juice covered mass of tangled flesh.

In the end, Katie had collapsed on Chet, whose dick eventually quit squirting into her gaping pussy, but staid semi-hard for another hour as they lay tangled. Chris' cock remained in her spread asshole even though it was limp as he fell on top of her sweat and cum soaked back. Pat literally fell off the headboard and lay next to his wife who was still double impaled by Chet and Chris and Frank fell on the other side of her, so that she was the cum filled center of a human sandwich that reeked of sex.

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