tagLesbian SexKatie's First Lesbian Sex

Katie's First Lesbian Sex


Katie is a waitress in a local upscale bar downtown, she made good money, and always received good tips from her male customers, she had the right look for her job, she is young, only 23, and she stood 5'10, 6'0 when she wore heels, with long brown hair and a nice c cup chest. Tonight she was dressed to impress, with a nice pink satin button down blouse, with a nice long floral pattern skirt, matching heels, and even went so far as to match her bra and panties with her skirt as well.

Tonight just seemed to drag for Katie, it was a slow night, just the usual customers filtering in from time to time, the only thing that seemed odd was this blonde haired woman, sitting at the end of the bar, she's been in the past few nights, and each night Katie swears she can feel her staring at her, Katie convinces herself that it's all in her head, she's not a lesbian, she has a great boyfriend at home, and this woman is not flirting with her.

After a few hours, Katie takes a break and heads for the ladies room, she finishes up, and takes a moment to wash her hands and fix her make up, when she looks in the mirror and sees that blonde, Katie shuts her eyes, "This isn't real, this is all a dream... " she can smell her perfume, and she gasps when she feels her put her hands on her hips. Then the blonde leans in and whispers in Katie's ear, "Ever been with a woman, sweetie?"

Before Katie can even respond, the blonde turns her around to face her, pulls her close and gives her a long, deep, wet kiss. Katie tries to pull away at first, but soon begins to enjoy it, and starts kissing the blonde back, Katie doesn't even protest when she feels the blondes hand squeezing her tits. Katie fights back a gasp as she hears the buttons of her blouse being torn and hitting the floor. She can't believe how turned on this is making her.

"Does that feel good, sweetie?" The blonde asks. All Katie can do is nod, and the blonde pulls her in and begins kissing her again, pushing her tongue into Katie's mouth and sucking on her bottom lip.

She begins squeezing Katie's tits harder and harder, until finally she slides her hand under her bra straps, and breaks them, pulling her bra down and exposing her beautiful tits, she leans down and begins sucking on them, biting the nipple, making them rock hard.

Katie's mind begins racing. "What is wrong with me? This is wrong, I'm not a lesbian... I'm not, but this... feels... so... fucking... GOOD!" She thinks to herself.

The blonde kisses her way to Katie's belly button, and gently runs her tongue around it, she grabs Katie by the hips again, and turns her around again, so this time she's facing the mirror.

"Bend over the counter, girl." She orders.

Katie can't help herself as she complies with the order. The blonde begins squeezing Katie's ass, and soon lifts her skirt, and begins running her hand over a very damp wet spot on her panties.

She wastes no time grabbing her panties and tearing them from her body, exposing Katie's hairy mound, she spreads Katie's pussy open and pushes her tongue deep inside, making Katie moan and wiggle, but then she ran her tongue a little further up, and licked the rim of Katie's asshole, making her squeal.

"OOOOHHHHH... I've never had anyone do that." Katie says.

She continues to tongue Katie's ass, at the same time she slides three fingers inside her wet pussy, with her free hand she begins rubbing Katie's clit, rubbing it in slow circles.

"OH MY GOD!!!!!!" Katie screams as the orgasm overwhelms her. She squirts and soaks the blondes fingers, but she doesn't stop, she continues fingering her, licking her ass, rubbing her clit.

"OH GOD, YOU'RE SO FUCKING AMAZING... OH GOD!!!!!" Katie screams again as another orgasm rushes through her body. After that orgasm, Katie can barely stand up, she begins to fall to her knees, but the blonde catches her, she helps Katie over to the couch, and they both sit down.

She puts her arm around Katie, and they begin kissing again, Katie can taste the mix of her sweet juices and her ass on the blondes tongue, and once again Katie can feel herself getting turned on. The blonde works her hand down between Katie's legs again, and begins rubbing her pussy lips again, slow at first, getting faster and faster.

Katie can't help it and she has one more incredible orgasm, soaking the couch, leaving herself totally drained.

The blonde leans over and kisses Katie softly on the cheek. "I have to go now, precious, but here is my business card, call me, and we will do this again."

Before Katie can even protest, she's gone, but she holds the business card in her hand, and softly says the name that's on the card. "Ashley!"

After a few minutes, Katie gets herself together as best she can, tells her boss she's sick and makes her way home, the entire ride home all she can think about is the next encounter with that beautiful stranger.

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by liz33nd11/24/15

This is good but needs more build up.

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