tagGroup SexKatie's New Job

Katie's New Job


The alarm clock barely had the chance to make any noise before Katie reached out to switch it off. It was 6am on Friday. Time to get up.

"Almost one week in..." Katie thought. She had been employed at her new company for almost a full week now. Upon graduating from university, Katie had landed herself a great job in the advertising sector.

Following a short vacation, and then a few days getting her orientation, the early mornings were gradually becoming less of a shock to her system. Despite having to get up a full two hours earlier than she was used to back in university, Katie had managed to stay faithful to her ritual morning regime. She got up, stretched out and began to pull on her running kit.

Half an hour later, Katie returned home from her run. She kicked off her Nike's and stripped, allowing herself a smile as she checked her figure in the mirror. She worked hard to keep herself in good shape by running every weekday morning, and often received compliments regarding her athletic body... not just from men either. Although it embarrassed her immensely, Katie's friends often confessed their jealousy of her beautiful long legs, toned body and shapely 32C breasts.

Despite her obvious good looks, Katie remained fairly shy and easily embarrassed. Especially when sex was concerned anyway.

Following a long shower and breakfast, she dressed. Discarding her robe, she picked out an expensive white lace bra and a pair of matching french knickers. Katie enjoyed dressing well, and secretly took extra pleasure from the thought that no-one besides her knew she wore extremely sexy lingerie under her everyday clothes. It was her secret though.

Sliding the french knickers up her slender legs, she wondered if she would ever pluck up the courage to say yes to one of the men who asked her out. She kind of knew she was good looking, but she cursed her lack of confidence!

Katie took time to style her shoulder length blonde hair and apply her make up and, having finally selected a black trouser-suit she dressed herself and slipped into a suitable pair of black heels. Upon leaving her flat, she jumped in her new-shape VW Golf and drove to work.


Katie entered her office and sat down behind the desk. "Morning Cameron!" she said, greeting her new friend with whom she shared the office. Cameron who was seated behind her own desk, was slightly older than Katie and had been at the firm for a year already. She was attractive, with light brown hair and had a good figure, similar to Katie.

"Hey Katie" replied Cameron, "Last day before the weekend! Do you have any plans..?"

"No, not really" Katie sighed "Probably just catch a movie with my friends or something."

"Well, a few of us from the office are going out tonight if you fancy joining us? It'd be a good chance for you to get to know everyone properly?" Knowing that Katie lived just outside the city she added , "If you want to, I have a place in town, so you could crash in my spare room?"

Cameron's offer seemed to be a good idea. Katie had been there a week and barely knew anyone besides her small team and her boss. After some persuasion from Cameron, Katie nervously accepted the offer. Social gatherings weren't exactly Katie's strong point, but she knew she should make the effort.

Katie was cc'd in on a group e-mail from Cameron shortly, letting her know the plans for the evening and Cameron's address. The rest of the day passed without much excitement; a full schedule of meetings and research. Finally, Katie turned off her computer and gathered her files into her briefcase.

"See you later!" Cameron said, reminding Katie of her commitment to the evening. There was no backing out now.


Almost precisely at 8pm, Katie pressed the button for Cameron's doorbell. A few seconds passed before the door was answered. "Wow, right on time!" exclaimed Cameron "Come on in!"

Katie stepped into the foyer of the apartment building where Cameron lived, and followed her friend up the stairs and into the flat.

"Just put your stuff on the table for now" directed Cameron. "..Glass of wine?"

Katie accepted the offer of a drink, hoping it would give her some dutch courage for the evening. She was nervous about meeting everyone in a social setting, hoping she would pass approval.

"Is it ok if I quickly change?" Katie asked, having been worried she might crease her 'going out' clothes during the drive into the city.

"Yeh, go for it!" answered Cameron "Your room's just by there. I'll go and get your wine."

Katie moved into the spare room and closed the door behind her. Opening her overnight bag she removed her neatly folded skirt and top she was planning to wear for the evening. She slowly undid her jeans and pushed them down, stepping out of them. Next, she pulled off her top, throwing it on top of her discarded jeans. She stood in a provocative set of matching pink bra and panties.

Suddenly, Katie heard a knock on the bedroom door and it opened immediately! Cameron hadn't waited for a response as she came into the bedroom. "Here's your wine!" she announced, coming in and sitting on the bed!

Katie blushed, embarrassed she was stood dressed in so little as her friend entered. "Oh.. Thanks.." she managed to say as she hurriedly put her denim skirt on.

"That's some really nice lingerie you're wearing!" exclaimed Cameron "They look so good on you too. You look really hot!" Cameron looked up and down Katie's toned body.

"Oh...oh yes.. thanks" stammered Katie, kicking herself she didn't change quicker. Her face hot from blushing so much. Thankfully Cameron didn't stay on the subject and Katie dressed, albeit too late!

Half an hour and a few glasses of wine later, the girls left Cameron's apartment ready to head into town. Katie's mind was only just letting go of the embarrassing situation that had occurred.


An hour later, Katie had met the crowd that was out for the evening. Fortunately, as there were only eight people joining them, there were not too many names to remember. Katie recognised four or five members from her own small team at work. The wine she had with Cameron was taking effect and Katie found herself almost relaxed amongst her present company!

Throughout the evening, Katie managed to overcome her shy personality and spoke to virtually all of her new colleagues.

Upon moving on to a different Bar, Katie managed to find herself having a nice conversation with Steve and Jeff, two colleagues whom she hadn't met before the evening. She didn't know if it was the effect of the alcohol, or just the congenial manner of the two men, but finally her nerves had all but gone.

Cameron was seated close by, involved in what seemed to be a very private discussion with Georgina and Evan, a couple whom Katie had not yet had the chance to meet properly. Finally they stood, having appeared to have reached an agreement regarding whatever they had been talking about.

It was late by this time, and Cameron approached Katie. "Hey you!" she chimed "Evan and Georgina have agreed to walk home with us for a nightcap at mine. Are you ready to go?"

Katie turned to Steve and Jeff and answered Cameron by saying her goodbyes to the two men. "Lets go.." Katie motioned to Cameron and followed her towards the door.


It was now dark. Katie convened with Cameron, Evan and Georgina on the sidewalk outside the Bar, raising her eyebrows and smiling to say hi to the couple. Evan was tall and well built with dark fairly short hair. He was wearing a smart black jacket and jeans. Georgina, who was arm in arm with Evan, was fairly petite, and had long black hair pulled back in a ponytail. She wore a closely fitted strapless red dress. Katie had to admit, they were a good looking couple.

"Katie. Hello" Evan introduced himself and his partner. "Cameron tells me you're new to the firm. We apologise for not introducing ourselves earlier, but hope we can get intimately acquainted this evening..."

"That would be lovely" answered Katie, not entirely sure what Evan had meant by 'intimately acquainted'. She passed it off and the group began the short walk back to Cameron's flat.


Upon arriving home, Cameron offered drinks to everyone. Georgina joined Cameron in having a Malibu and Coke, whilst Evan opted for a Scotch. Katie declined the alcohol - She knew she had drunk too much already and requested a glass of water. Following a relaxed conversation about work and how she was finding the company, Katie felt herself becoming slightly uncomfortable, finding herself the topic of conversation. She tried to divert the conversation away from herself by asking about Evan and Georgina.

"So, are you guys married?" Katie asked?

"Who, Evan and me? Goodness no!" Georgina answered. "We just get together occasionally and have great casual sex..!"

Katie suddenly found herself wishing she didn't ask the question she did.

"What about you Katie? Do you have an other half?" inquired Evan.

Katie was about to politely reply when Cameron quickly answered for her... "You must be joking! Considering the lingerie she's wearing, she was obviously hoping to make a good impression on whoever she was trying to get with tonight!"

Although it was meant as a joke, Katie was mortified. Cameron had just brought up the incident that occurred earlier that evening.

"Um... I think I'm going to head to bed." Katie wanted to get out of there fast. She was so embarrassed. "Its been really nice meeting you, but its been a long day. Goodnight!"

Katie stood, and didn't wait for anyone to say goodnight. As she quickly walked to Cameron's spare room she found herself wishing for the ground to open up and just swallow her up! She rushed into the bedroom, closing the door behind her. Her face was hot and red from blushing so much!

She quickly pulled off her skirt, changed into a tight fitting T-shirt and got straight into bed. A thousand voices screamed at her inside her head as she regretted so much what happened in that very room not a few hours earlier. Finally, as the day caught up with her, Katie fell into a light sleep.


Katie slept for what seemed like an eternity. She woke up, but it was still dark. She recalled a dream that she had just had, where Steve and Jeff whom she was speaking to earlier had been kissing her and touching her. She remembered Cameron walking in on her, and then Cameron's comment to Evan and Georgina.

"Shit..!" Katie cursed as the memory flooded back into her mind. Sleep had allowed her to forget the evening's incidents momentarily.

Katie realised why she had woken up. Her mouth was really dry and she needed a drink of water. In her haste to get to bed she neglected to bring her glass with her. Slowly she pulled back the covers and got up.

"What time was it? Surely Cameron won't still be up." Katie decided it would be safe to get herself a drink without getting dressed. Just to be safe she opened the door quietly..

Upon opening the door the sight Katie witnessed staggered her... Katie's three colleagues were having sex! Katie quickly and silently closed the door as far as she dared so as not to make a noise.

Katie could now hear the trio clearly through the crack of the door.

The image was now printed on her mind. Cameron, her friend, was kneeling on a chair, with absolutely no clothes on. Her butt was pushed backwards towards Georgina who kneeled on the floor behind her. Evan was stood behind the chair, Cameron facing him.

"Holy Fuck!" Katie said to herself silently. "Did they see me?" She thought... Obviously not, she concluded as the soft moaning continued. Katie knew she shouldn't, but she had to look again. She was drawn to the crack of the door..

Sure enough, through the crack of the door Katie could see Cameron taking Evan's hard cock deep into her mouth. Cameron had one hand around the base of his shaft, controlling how deep Evan could push into her mouth, into her throat even. As Evan rhythmically moved his hips back and forth to fuck her mouth, Cameron moaned and sucked, using her lips to stimulate his wet cock.

Evan was talking to Cameron, commanding her. "That's right, fucking suck it you slut! Ohh yeah.." The concentrated look on his face told Katie that Cameron was obviously doing a good job. Evan tightly gripped the light brown hair on the back of Cameron's head and started to pull her mouth down, further over his stiff cock, forcing her to take more of his shaft into her already full orifice. "Come on you little whore, fucking take it!"

Cameron didn't complain. Instead she removed her hand from Evan's shaft, allowing him full control over how much of his cock he wanted to push into her. She was now taking the length of his cock into her throat.

Katie wanted to see more. Although she didn't want to take her eyes from the sight of Evan's hard cock penetrating her friend Cameron's mouth, she just had to see what else was happening. She was witnessing the scene from side-on, but because she was peering through a crack in the door she would have to move slightly to see what was happening lower down Cameron's hot body. Without opening the door slightly more, Katie wouldn't see the entire scene. It was too great a risk though. What if she was caught?!

Katie moved her head slightly, the view allowed to her through the narrow crack in the door moving further down Cameron's naked firm body. Past her ample, pert breasts. Down to her waist. Her hips were moving slightly. "What was happening?" Katie wanted to know.. She soon had her answer.

Katie's breath faltered as she gained a view of Cameron's ass... And Georgina's hand. "Oh god" Katie exclaimed to herself as she realised what was happening.

Whilst Cameron was kneeling on the chair, Georgina kneeled behind her slowly pushing her fingers deep into Cameron's shaven pussy. Georgina's dress had been discarded, and she remained in an expensive looking pair of red panties. One hand holding Cameron's firm ass, as the other hand worked at least two fingers inside Cameron's obviously soaked cunt. Georgina was finger-fucking Cameron's willing pussy in time to Evan's thrusts!

The realization suddenly dawned on Katie that she had been gently touching herself as she took in the scene before her. The lacy pink panties that Cameron had been so impressed with earlier were now soaked, as Katie rubbed herself through the soft fabric.

"Fucking Hell!" Katie thought. She was close to coming she realised.

Suddenly Katie became scared. In a fit of clarity, she quickly considered the consequences of being caught in her predicament. It was obvious Cameron couldn't, but what if Evan or Georgina realised they were being watched? Katie thought she was embarrassed earlier -- that would be nothing if she was caught spying!!

Very gently and silently, Katie eased the door fully closed and tip-toed back to bed. She got in quietly, and lay there for a moment. Her ears were on overdrive, trying to make out the moans and grunts that were coming from just outside the door. The images of the threesome she had just witnessed were still exceptionally clear in her mind.

She had to come.

Katie moved her hand down her body. The room was suddenly really hot. She could feel the waist of her panties. Still her hand travelled further down. She was so wet! Slowly, Katie started to rub her clit. She bit her bottom lip. It felt so good. She thought about the scene she had just witnessed. She thought about being where Cameron was, sucking Evan's cock and taking Georgina's fingers in her wet pussy. She thought about Cameron.

It was too much. The orgasm that had been building suddenly presented itself, washing over her, her pussy tightening as she came from the attention of her now soaked fingers.

Katie came round, unsure of how much noise she had just made. "Did they hear me?" she thought? She couldn't hear anything. She was still trembling, but felt satisfied. She hadn't come like that ever before.

She relaxed. Her heart gradually slowing down as she recovered. Slowly she drifted off to sleep once again. Sleeping all the way through till morning.

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