tagInterracial LoveKatrina Meet John Ch. 02

Katrina Meet John Ch. 02


~Author: I'm new at this writing thing I might miss spell something or have so much run on sentence just bear with me and tell me if you like or don't like the story~


Trish and I got to the club, and the line seems to take forever to move, it was so freak long.

While, they waited to get in, Katrina could see a guy that wouldn't stop looking at them for some reason. He was starting to really piss her off.

Katrina just knew this wasn't a good idea, but she had to do it or he wasn't going to quit.

"Trish, play along, please "she begged

"Do you know there is weirdo's, crazier, loser, and want a- baby- daddy's, out there. I hope I get to use my stun gun tonight". Katrina said

"Really I just can't wait, I know a weirdo when I see one, there always watching you" Trish said while looking around

Katrina, looked around pertain like she was looking for victims but she really was looking if the man was still staring at them.

He wasn't so they laughed, and kept moving in the line.

It felt like centuries to them, before they got to the front of the line.

The bouncer at the entrance of the club took one look at them and licked his lips. Then he let us throw the door and handed Trish and Katrina his business card with his number on it.

"Katrina, you look a little tense we need a drink to loosen you up," Cheered Trish.

"What would you lovely ladies like to drink?" Ask the bartender.

"Katrina, we need to get this party jumping" yelled Trish.

"We would like to have gin on the rock, and a manganite and two shots". Trish shot back to the bartender.

"I'll serve it right up ladies," Bartender smiles.

"Trish, you know what happen the last time I was drinking, I can't hold me liquor". Katrina cried.

"Ha! I'm not listening to you. Tonight you're not the good girl or the workaholic you're the party girl ok," Trish said.

"Ok, but if anything go's wrong I'm going to be mad at you for a long, long time". She said.

"Whatever babe, now put some salt on the back of your hand and drink the shot than suck the juice out the lemon." Trish instructs.

"Shit! That was sour," Katrina said.


Six shots later........

"Trish, let's dance." said Katrina.

They got on the dance floor. Shake and grind their asses in the air to the song love in the club by Usher.

Katrina, dance so much, that she felt like the world spinning, but she kept on dancing.

She went stiff for a moment, when she felt a pair of strong arms grab her from behind.

She was starting to panic and looked up for Trish. But Trish wasn't frowning at the person she gave her thumbs up, and a smile.

That was all the courage Katrina needed to try something new, and have fun. She was going to have fun tonight, then worry about the rest tomorrow. Started to dance, and grinding her bottom against his crotch.

She could feel him getting a hard on, from the way she was dancing on him.

She was also getting excited from knowing, she could turn this mystery person on.

Katrina, was feeling bold so she turned around to grind her pussy on his leg, and was shock out of her skin, when she got her first look of her dancing partner. The mystery man was the sexiest creature she has ever cross.

He had the dark, sexy, dangerous image down pack. He had the bluest intense piercing eye she have ever seen, and the darkest hair out there; His hair reminds her of black coal with a pinch of blue in it. He could have been about 6'3 to her 5'7. She always loved men above average height; and he was way passed that he was big like he worked out four or five time a day.

While she was checking him out, she know he was doing the something because he wasn't hidden the lust in his eye either.

"So baby girl you ready" he asked.

"Ready for what" she asked.

"For your life to begin, your mine now" he said.

He grabs her hand and spins her around, and started up dancing again.

Well he was doing most of the dancing because, she was still trying to get in her head what he just said too her.

"Sweetheart," he said in a warning voice.

She didn't know him, but she felt like if she didn't obey than he wouldn't give up that easy so she started dance and grinding, shaking, twisting her ass on him.

She danced, until she could feel his hard on again.

Katrina, dances with him like that for that song and halfway throw another.

He said, "Baby if you don't stop moving your ass like, that than I'm going to punish that pussy on this dance floor."

"You wouldn't dare sexy," she said.

He then leans forward when she was pushing back on him, and pushes her dress up her thigh.

"Really don't do that," she panics.

"You dared me baby girl," He breathe in her ear.

He pushes her thong aside, and slid a finger in her.

Then, he kisses up her neck; she never had someone do that to her before.

And she never ever thought she would feel this kind of pleasure.

"Ride my finger baby." he whispers in her ear "And show me what this pussy can do for me."

Katrina rode his finger hard trying to get it in deeper. She than start to grind on his penis, She thought to give him as much pleasure as he was giving her.

"Oh baby like that, ride my finger!" he moans.

Another finger joins the first. He could tell she was close to Cumming so he slides his other hand under her shirt; and pinches her nipple an seize up her beast in his hand

"Do you want to cum love," he growl's.

"Yes I do!" she moans.

"Ok," he said and bites down on her ear.

She cum so hard, that her eyes roll to the back of her head.

"Damn! I have to taste you" he said.

He takes the fingers he had moments a go in her tight junction of her thighs, and sucked off all the honey, while looking her straight in the eye.

She tried to pull away but he wasn't letting her go.

"You taste like; sweet strawberries and honey" he comments.

"Here taste," he said.

He put two fingers back in her and scooped up some juicy fluid from her slit.

"Taste," he said again, when she back away slightly.

He put his finger in her mouth, and she sucked it off his finger moving her mouth up and down slowly teasing him.

"Vixen," he said.

"Let's go sit at the bar," Katrina said.

When they got to the bar, and sat down she looked up at him.

She said. "I don't even know your name, and I let you do that to me."

"Well, sorry about that sweetheart my name is Jonathan Rodriguez but you can call be john." He introduced himself.

"And am Katrina," he replied.

"Can we talk outside its hot in here, and I want to get a grip on what just happen. "she said.

"You don't need to get a grip on what happen. Don't you know your body, pussy; and everything that comes with you is mines now. Come home with me I'll take care of what's mine." he said.

The way he said that made her pussy tighten, but she ignore.

"I don't know who in the hell got that shit into your head, that you can talk to any women like that, but bitch I am not the one." She curse him

He looked at her, and was a little surprise by her outburst. But he already could tell she was a feisty one who doesn't take bullshit.so he tried again trying to get her to see his way.

"Katrina, baby you keep lying to yourself, saying you don't want me but I know your cunt is dripping wet for me right now. I can smell it." he said

"Whatever you cocky bastard," and she said.

Katrina, turned to leave, but he grabbed her arm putting her in the fireman hold and walks out the back exit.

"Where the hell do you think you are doing, are you kidnapping me because if you are my friend is in there and she will get worry and called the FBI, the COPS, CIA, everyone. You're going to be locked up forever, you hear me!" She yelled at him.

He didn't say anything until he located his all black tented Camaro, and put her in the sit.

"Stay put!" he said to her.

"Now, I will show you what I think I'm doing, and after don't question me about what mine or you will be punish good." he said.

She didn't so a word, because she heard the threat in his voice a mix of violence and lust.

He pulled off her dress, and then her thong sticking them into his pocket, than the bra.

She didn't feel him move or breathe, she started to grow self-conches, and put up a arm to cover up her breast from his view.

"Don't you cover yourself from me, your beautiful every part of you, and I can't wait to lick you up and down from head to toe." He said.

John started by given each of her nipples a kiss than sucking a nipple and to his mouth, and twisting the other with his rough patterned hands.

She felt like she was going to pass out from the treatment he was showing her breast.

Right when she was going to ask him to stop, he sticks two fingers into her.Her hips rose up to meet with them, begging them to go fasten, harder, something ,anything .

"Do you need something?" he asked.

"Can you help me out?" she asked.

"Help you out with what." he said.

"Please!" she begged

"Say it Katrina, tell me what I want to hear." he said.

"Make me come. Make me fucking come please baby," she begs.

He bites her neck at the pressure point that connects the neck to the shoulder, and pushed a third finger into her.

"Cum" he said.

She exploded and it was harder than before.

"Now, get dress. So I can take you to my house and show you how good I can make this pussy feel, and how loud I can make you scream my name." John said not too patiently.

He waited for her to finish putting on her dress, than took off to show her who she belong to.

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