tagInterracial LoveKatrina Meet John Ch. 04

Katrina Meet John Ch. 04


author:i hope you enjoy this


Katrina woke up with a major headache, and she could feel a strange sensation in her lower body. Did she oversleep? She'll be late for work she thought. She tried to roll onto her back, but felt a wall preventing her to move any farer. Katrina being who she is started to panic. She knew someone was in her bed but she couldn't think who. So she turned completely around and came face to face with her dream man, who just happens to be awake and looking right at her. She thought he was a dream.

John, been up for a while, watching her body rise and fall with sleep. "Hey, love I've been waiting for you to get up" he said, moving to get her back in bed.

"What are you doing in my room" she said to him. As she searches around for her dress and shoes, she mumbles she was going to kill Trish for letting her go with a stranger.

John took a good look at her and decides he would have to put his foot down. "Where in the hell do you think you are going" he said, walking towards her. "Do you really think this is one of those one night stands where you can just leave?"

She wasn't even paying him any mind, because she was force on getting the hell out of there. "Hey buddy I don't even know you so back the hell up". She said become a little aggravated with him

He looked her in the eye and a roar of laughter bust out of him, moving his chest. She was getting angrier by the sec; because she didn't know what he thought was go funny.

"You are so funny baby doll, acting like I give to shit's about your act right now" he stated with a cold glair. Did she not get the message he sent to her last night. "I guess I have to show her" he said, while walking toward the closet to grab lubrication.

Katrina really didn't know what he was talking about. "Crazy, I'm not acting and what are you going to show me, I hope it a way out of this hellhole" she said, while waiting for him to come here.

Yes! He said, happily when he found the tube of lubrication. Throwing the bottle on the comforter, He says to her, "Come here". But from the look on her face he could tell she wouldn't cooperate with him. "Come here and don't make me tell you again" he repeats to her.

Even if she was inexperience, her body was not. Last night when his voice would have a hint of danger (which a normal person would run the other way) she would get aroused and transform to another person; that carve rough, sweaty, shameful sex. She didn't know if women like when their lovers groan, moan, and growl dirty words to them but she didn't think she could live without it. Well the sex driven women inside of her wanted to go to him so he can do the thing he did to her body, but the rational one wasn't having it; even if her pussy was moist.

"Baby doll I don't like repeating myself" he said, While standing there waiting patiently for her to make you her mind.

"You will just have to come get me because I not........." she didn't get to finish her sentence, when he moved in action. Picking her up and lunching her onto the bed he said "I told you not to fucking play with me". He climb on top of her, " Now she was going to get a nice pussy spanking for a punishment, than ill fuck her good just because I can" he though. He tried parting her legs but she wasn't allowing him to his belongings.

"Open up your fucking legs", he demands. "Or ill open them for you". He just couldn't understand why she was acting like she wasn't his she belongs to him and him only!

"Fuck you I don't own you shit" say yell to inches from his face. She really was irritated by his cockiness. Katrina didn't get who in the hell he thought he was. She was crazy going to his house with him right?

"Own, own I own each fucking piece of your body sweetheart that what I own" he said, while yanking a patch of skin below her ear. "Baby open your legs for me, I know you want to". He feel her legs part slightly but not enough to satisfy him. So he though if he rise the sexual tension she would forget to fight him. He inserts his hand into her hair and uses his thumb to push open her mouth, and shoved his tongue down her throat. He then slides a little up and takes hold of her pussy and squeeze feeling her juice rolling through his hands. Baby you want it? he asked

"Yes I want it, please give it to me, john please" she beg, thinking that what he wanted to hear because she remember all night long he was trying to make her beg.

John could tell she didn't get what he was doing until he smacks her pussy the first time. "Didn't I tell you I don't like repeating myself baby" he said. On the third smack, smack, Smack on her pussy he could tell she was into it because we heard her begin to moan. "You like that" he said, while still smacking her pussy. He knew what he was doing giving her just the right amount of pain and pleasure. He listens for an answer and all he got was a groan and moans, "answer me" he growl than he rammed his two fingers into her pussy, and lowing his head to nibble on her clit.

Katrina was in her own heaven, he was driving her crazy in a good way. "Yes I like it, I love everything you do just don't change what you're doing" she said feeling so close to Cumming.

"You don't want me to change it up not even like this way" he said, than reached up pinch a nipple and suck on her clit. He was proud if himself because when she came she spurted on his face. After he licks her clean he went up and takes her mouth hole with a soul eating kiss. He lean forward and rammed all 10'inches of his monster dick into her pussy. Her pussy was so tight, it was squeezing the fuck out of his dick but he loves it.

Katrina arches her back with the power of his thrust. "Hmmm baby that feels so good" she said, even if she was feeling a little pain at the start. As he rammed his dick into her, she was in a new place every time he thrust into her pussy. Katrina was so turned on that she just couldn't help herself so she took one of her nipples into her mouth and suck, while she was groping the other. She felt him pick up the speed and looked up. She moaned because the look on his face while he was watching her play with her breast was turning her on. Katrina was feeling bold and sexy so she reached down and pinches and pulled on her clit.

"Hmm" she moans.

He pushed her fingers away, "I'm the only one that can touch your clit, its mines". if you want me to play with it than ask but don't you dare touch it, now ask "please can you touch your clit baby" he stated

"Please baby touch your clit" she said groaning, and played along

"Will it make you come if I play with my clit" he said

"Yes it will" she said, moaning back

"Then come sweetheart" he simply said and pinched her clit and sucked on the same patch of skin below her ear.

"John..........." she screams, while she cum's. Almost after she was done, and squeezing his dick with my inner muscle he went still than she heard "shit, baby I am Cumming too".

When he was spent every last drop of him into her depths, he falls back on top of her until he had the strength to roll off.

He slides his right hand into her hair and say, "stay with me today baby" he whisper in her ear.

She kisses him back than say no I got to go to work remember

"I don't care just call in sick" he begged her

"No I am not that type of girl, I take my job seriously" she told him

"Ok I'll take you to work but if I let you go than you have to meet with me after your finish" he said

"Ok baby" she said

John, for some reason knew she was lying but he wasn't going to say anything because when he drop her off he will have you work address and home, and she is going to need some work clothes. John knew he would chase her to the end of the world if he had to.

"Ok get dress baby doll, and I'll take you to your house so you can change into your work clothes" he said, and kissed her on the forehead.

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