tagInterracial LoveKatrina Meet John Ch. 05

Katrina Meet John Ch. 05


Katrina felt like she was going crazy. One moment she wanted him and the next she didn't. John was driving her mad. All she wanted was for him to leave her be even if he did amazing thing to her body, and how he kisses her like he's known her forever, and how he look at her like he knew her every secret.

Funny how the world works she was rise to never depend on a man for anything; they are worthless after they get what they want. But how can she live by those words, when He all but looked at her and she was hypnotized. She was under something, because she just gave a complete stranger her virginity. She swears she was losing her mind and from this day on she will not ever drink a day in her life, and she will store this secret in a dark corner in her mind never to be open again.

"Ready to go," he says with a secret smirk on his face. He didn't know why he felt so out of control around her, she made him want things that just couldn't be. His life didn't allow him to have permanent relationships, he knew the rules never ever get caught up because somewhere even if you're not aware of them they are there waiting and watching for it. But what surprised him the most was she didn't know who he was, everyone knew who he was even her friend who gave him that 'oh shit' look, than communicated a 'go ahead' to Katrina. At first he thought she knew who he was and was just trying to play stupid, but when she ask if they could go sit she he notice that she seem generally confused about why she let a stranger she didn't even know get so intimate with her on the dance floor, that's when he knew she didn't know or heard of him before.

"I'm ready to go," she replied while walking from the bed to the door.

"You're not going commando in my car, so you can put on one of my dress shirts."

"I know what I was doing." she said while holding her head up high she didn't want him to think she was unintelligent and inexperienced at the same time. A girl has to have some pride leave.

John didn't respond back because he was too busy watching her hips sway from side to side, ass rolling, and tits bouncing. Shit! He had it b— what the hell was he thinking this relationship wasn't about him getting caught up, it was about them getting plenty of sex than calling it quits when he was tired of her, and was ready to go on to the next, or maybe he should just take her home and forget her for her own good.

"Can I borrow this one" she said holding up a white expensive looking shirt without a single winkle in it.

Katrina turns around after a while when he didn't answering the question. She twists her neck to ask the question again, but didn't speak because he seem like he was having a inner battle with himself. She was trying to figure out what he could be thinking about that would cause the frown on his face. She start towards him but stopped herself because she needed to keep her head on straight and get out of this house and away from him.

She clears her throat, "I'm ready to go now."

"Yeah, let's go," he said while holding open the door for her.

"Thank you" she said, while walking towards the car.

After John finished locking up his house he got into the car unlocking her door than started up the car driving off. It was about twenty minutes since they drove from his house and not one word spoken by him; he didn't as much look at her since they left the house. Well good she thought he got the message loud and clear I don't want anything to do with him. Than after another 10 minutes of silent, she was getting a little irritated with him because she felt like he was acting different. One minute he's taking over her life, and the next he's distant and cold towards her.

"What's your address" he says cracking the silence.

Two can play that game he didn't want to talk and ignore her than she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of knowing deep down she liked when he gave her attention. So she sat looking out the window pretending not to hear him.

"You don't want to anger me sweetheart. Now what is your address?" he asked through clinched teeth.

"1525 14th street Flagler in palm beach does that answer your question."

He didn't say anything, because he knew if they got into an argument his body will do the talking for him and that was a major no-no on his part even if she was beautiful, sexy, and adorable when he looked at her. Before He was never attracted to black women, but it was something that caught his eye when he was walking out of his club's V.I.P section and that's when he saw the smallest beautiful ebony goddess alive. She was about 5'6 or 5'7 in a black dress that was like a second skin on her, and some high heels, it was a simple outfit but on her it was downright dangerous. His goddess had her hair down in huge curls, the closer he got he could see it was natural and smell like those girly shampoos. How she was moving in front of him set him off and he put his arms around her moving with her. After a while they slowed down and she turn with a deer in the head lights look and he saw the sweetest face, she had large brown eyes, the sexiest kissable lips he just wanted to suck off. And there's the skin, her skin looked like someone poured Carmel on her. His beauty had a body that would put anybody to shame she had an hourglass figure, that flair out to her hips, he seen a sexy women before, but, she was the hottest with an ass that was so perfect it was a hand full that could fit in his palm so perfectly.

"You don't have to take me to work, I can drive myself from here" she said as he was pulling up to Trish's house.

"I said I'll take you," he said not looking at her while he spoke. Really he could care less if she fucking walked, he just didn't care for the way she spoke to him like she was in control.

"I know that's sweet of you and all but I'm a big girl, I can drive myself." She replied trying to get him to go away. The faster he is gone the happier she will be.

"I'm taking you and that's finial," he said filling a little annoyed with her.

She took notice that talking wasn't his department; well that's when he's not seducing you. She can bet he seduces anyone that fall under his charm. He was most girl dream lover, but not hers and she can live with that. It doesn't matter anymore anyways this was the last day she was ever going to see him. It was a one night stand that was bad and good for her and she was done being irresponsible, now she needed to go back to her life as it was before. That didn't include him. She got out the car and walked to the door, not thinking and went up to her tiptoes reaching for the key Trish told her were there.

"Fucking liar," he mumble in the car, the one thing he hated most was someone lying to him and he knew this house wasn't hers when she reach to get the key someone probably told her she can use. She didn't know that he was train to see little things, but she'll learn soon enough.

While he was in the car thinking about what he was going to do. She was in Trish's closet trying to find the suit and her clean thongs she left at Trish's house. When she found her thing's she went into the bathroom to clean herself up. When she turned on the cold water it ran down her nipples swelling them than down towards the juncture of her legs, she felt a twist in the pit of her stomach and her pussy clinched several times wanting to be filled. She squeeze her thighs together to try to ease the pain, only thing that did was make her arousal grow more. She grabbed her breast imitating what John did to her last night, throwing back her head she than stuck two fingers into her pussy moving them in and out rolling her hips to create friction. She couldn't take it anymore so she thought of what John did to her, and she came calling out his name. After, she felt embarrassed she couldn't forget that night and she had an orgasm to the images. She rush out the shower and died off than put lotion all over her body and got dress, trying to forget what just took place in the shower she walked out of the house and locked the door.

He was getting frustrated waiting for her, he was on the verge of getting out the car to go get her, when she rush out with her face flushed and glowing like when she had an orgasm . He knew she came without him and she will pay for that and for lying to him.

When she got into the car and settle in he didn't seem ready to drive her any soon, so she asked, "are you going to take me to work or not?"

He didn't speak for a moment than he said, "did you come in there?", he saw that she was going to tell another lie, "This time don't fucking lie to me, did you have an orgasm while you were in that house?"

"I don't¬¬¬¬¬¬¬__," that's all she got out before he yanked her by the neck toward him and kissing her. "Wrong answer, baby girl" he growl and pushed up her suit skirt to her waist, reached for her thong and rip them off. "Did you stick your fingers in my pussy or shove a dildo up here," he asked biting her neck.

" No stop, please stop," she tried twisting and pushing him off, even if he had about 130 pound more than her 123 pounds and not an inch of fat, it was pure muscles.

He seem to not hear her and latch onto the secret patch of skin that had her obeying his every command, than he roughly shoved two finger into her moist creamy sensitive pussy. He watches the lust consume her body, "you wanted me to stop?" he question her, while moving his fingers faster hitting something within her pussy she didn't even know exist.

"Oh my god, oh my god, no don't stop please." She begged. Whatever he kept hitting was driving her to the edge. She was going absolute mad, her toes curled up in her heels, her hands made a mad grab for her breast and her head was thrown back onto the seat.

"Do you need an orgasm angel?" he asked still tormenting her with his fingers.

"Yes I do! Please John" she whine, she was getting desperate she needed to cum.

All he said was "cum" and he bite down on her neck and squeeze on her left nipple hard.

"John......," she screams arching her back off the seat.

He pulled his finger out of her and rub her bottom lips, she open them up and sucked her juice clean off he's fingers. She was so sexy moaning while cleaning he's fingers off.

"Kiss me" she asked grabbing his shirt so she can pull herself over his lap. "Kiss me" she moans again rubbing her waiting pussy on his jean thigh.

He grabbed her around the waist and sat her about his jean covered penis. He was still holding onto her hips showing her how to rotate her pussy in small circles, grinding her on him. He extends his neck to latch onto her lips. Growling he shoves his tongue into her mouth and tasted the juice from her sweet pussy on her tongue.

"I have to have you right know," he said and reached down undoing his button and zipper. He lifts her up a little and took his penis out sliding it up and down her wet slit.

"Ride my dick," he groans next to her ear.

"Umm, I don't know," she said feeling a little panic.

"Just slide it in and ride it like you would do a horse," he felt her start to push on his penis so he grabbed tight on her hip and let her do the work. When she got half of him in her depths she cried out from pain and pleasures his dick was giving her, his groans showing his gratitude toward her tight cunt. His groans, growls, and heavy breathing pushed her to slam her pussy down on his dick ripping tissue her way to heaven and hell. When she looked up, his eyes were like cat eyes and the color was a strange bluish green. Watching her watch him, he heard her moan at the way his eyes change with his emotions. She than hears a growl so inhuman rip from his chest. The noise was so dangerous, but it didn't frighten her like it should, it only added more fuel to her aroused body; she yanked up his penis than slam back down.

"Hmm," she moans "baby that feels so g-----." Leaving his right hand on her hip guiding her on his penis, he put his fingers around her neck and squeeze. She thought he was going to kill her; Funny death by pleasure wasn't how she thought was a good way to go so she tensed up ready to fight back.

He could feel her tense and he could smell the fear coming off her body. "Relax, focus on breathing," he said while he ramming his dick up several times into her. He pushed forward, "put your legs around me baby," he said with sweat running down both their faces.

She wrapped her legs around his waist while making circler circles on his penis. He leaned in and bite down where her shoulder meets her neck while still squeezing her neck.

"John, oh john please," she cried and pulled on his hair.

He stops moving and lets go of his hold on her neck and asked, "Need to cum love?"

"Yes, Baby I need to cum bad," she whines trying to twist her lower body to get some more of him.

He needed the release, but he had to make one thing clear. "When I ask you something, you answer with the true and nothing less and this is the last warning I'm giving you if you ever lie to me again you won't be able to sit for a week." He said to her in this dangerously low growling voice.

She didn't know what was wrong with her, because the more he got mad at her; the more she was getting turn on.

She nodded her head, "yes I understand"

With that he roughly yanks her hair and shoves his tongue down her throat and jackhammer into her pussy like there's no tomorrow. Her pussy started to pulse around his dick, every time he pulls out her pussy try's to suck him back in. She bites his bottom lip and he felt his sacks strain up. He was about to cum, but not without her. he reach down and grabs her butt cheeks playing with her small bud until she was comfortable enough to push back on his fingers, he inserted a thick fingers into her hole and she started to cum "John....... John," she yelled while Cumming all over his penis. "Fuck!" he growls and shot his load. They both leaned against the steering wheel breathing hard and thinking about what just happened.

"Now where is your workplace," he said pushing her off him and fixing his jeans.

"You can be a heartless piece of shit." She was reaching to fix her suit in place.

"Yeah, I can be," he said and started up the car.


He drove off so fast that all she saw was a blur and black smoke. Good riddance she thought. When she got to work she didn't say hello to anyone she just walked by with her head held high and speed walk to the restroom. She went inside yanked some tissues out wetting it under the sink and step into a stall to clean herself. When she was done cleaning off her body but not able to clean off her memories she went to clean her hands. Now she was ready to work, she opens the door and walked to her office.

"Good morning Katrina," said one of her co-worker name Kelvin "How was your night out"

"Good," she said trying to not be rude

"I see someone didn't get laid because you're still the same stick up the ass bitch," he mumbled under his breath.

"What was that?" she asked, because she could have sworn he called her a ......

"Katrina, how did it go with Mr. Dark, sexy, and dangerous last night." Trish, whisper closely to her ear.

"What happen, what happen was he kidnapped me and he, he........." she didn't get to finish before the images of last night, and in the car came rushing back.

"Oh my, he really put it to you girl spill," Trish happily grabbed a seat in front of her desk

She lied badly, "nothing happened, he just took me home and that's it."

"Don't you nothing me; remember I knew you since college you can't lie to me." She said to Katrina.

"Whatever I'm going on a coffee run," she said while getting some money in her desk. "Can I borrow a wallet from your office?"

"Yes, you can borrow one and then you can tell me what really happen." Trish said while walking to her office and getting a wallet for Katrina. "Here you go"

"Ok let's go" Katrina said, ready to go and get some caffeine in her system.


"I'll be you're waitress today. What are you having?" the waitress asks holding her order pad in her hand.

"Can I have two black coffees, please" Katrina told the waiter

"So what happened with the guy," Trish continues with the conversation in Katrina office.

"Look I don't want to talk about it; he was an asshole that I wish I never met." She explain to Trish

"What happened I'll kick his ass if he did anything wrong to you," Trish said, she was getting all worked up.

Katrina looked up laughing at how mad Trish was getting over something she didn't know, but she had to love her for being a great friend. She wouldn't know what to do with herself if she didn't have Trish by her side.

"He didn't do anything, it's just I want to forget that night happened that's all." she said with a small reassuring smile.

"Ok" Trish said, she could tell Katrina wasn't being honest with her, but she let it go.

"Here's your order," said the waitress.

"Thanks" they replied.

After they paid for their coffee, they went to the office to start the day. Neither of the girls took notice that someone was lurking in the dark waiting.

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