tagMind ControlKatrina's Letter

Katrina's Letter

byJay Dee©




Dear Irena,

I was recently faced with this neat problem: should I try to hypnotize this great looking guy even if doing this could lead to my losing everything important at Cornell and being thrown out of school if word got out.

But first things first. I've just decided to turn this letter into a journal describing my experiences up to the time you come to stay with me over Spring break. If all goes well, I'll mail this to you before you come. If things don't work out, I'll just can this document.

This started the Friday before the end of intercession in January. The weather was cold and snow was predicted for later that evening. Frank and Helen Johnson were having an informal gathering at their apartment. Several of Helen's grad student friends were dropping in and out. Frank, who had been a star on the swimming team before graduating last year and starting Law School, had invited some of his friends from the team. One of the latter group was David Madison, the star backstroker. He lived at his fraternity. His coach had asked the scholarship swimmers to stay up over intercession for extra work David stood about six foot one with sandy brown hair, a buff body (but not overly muscular like the weight lifters or the wrestlers) and these dreamy brown eyes. In addition, he seemed kind of shy, something I find very attractive. I got a glass of wine and sat down to talk to him.

Now I know I must sound like a love sick teenager, but you have got to realize I've been living like a nun for several months now. My apartment mate, Rosa, quit school last November and I've been living alone since. My dissertation dealing with second grade student learning styles has been all consuming for several months. Finally, that dumb move, probably out of boredom, that led me to hypnotize some of the kids in one of my control groups almost got me thrown out of the University. Only the intervention of my advisor saved me and my Teaching Assistant job. But I was warned not to do any hypnosis again or I was out!

David seemed very discouraged, so I encouraged him to talk and I just listened. His grades had fallen off badly last semester and his swim times were falling too, despite his best efforts. Then he said, "You're so easy to talk to, somehow I feel I can really trust you."

That caused me to think he could be hypnotized easily. I would so love to have him in my power! I yearned to feel his arms around me yet with me calling the shots! I had to test his suggestibility. I said, "You know, with all these people in this small apartment, it's really getting quite warm in here. I know you feel it, too."

"Yes," he replied, "now that you mention it, I can feel myself begin to sweat." He then took off his sweater.

"Yeah, and with the warmth and the wine, it all makes you feel sleepy, too."

Then, he actually yawned! I had to try! But I needed to do things carefully to set David up without anyone knowing my ulterior motive. I whispered, "I'll get us another glass of wine. I'll be right back."

I went over to Helen and talked quietly. "If anyone is interested, I'd be glad to demonstrate hypnosis. A demonstration might brighten things up." She knew of my skills in this area.

I returned to David with the wine. After a bit, Helen spoke up and asked if the group would like me to give a hypnosis demonstration. I acted a little reluctant so as to increase the group's interest, then agreed provided that no one mention my name to any outsiders in connection with this demonstration. I was on! This would be step one in my improvised plan to ensnare David. I know I'm a bit dowdy, overweight and I need to do something about my hair, but handsome David, I thought, you will be mine!

I had to be careful with the hypnosis session so that no one, especially David, could guess my hidden agenda. I started with the "pretalk" to put everyone at ease and establish my authority. I explained that anyone could be hypnotized, that the more intelligent you were, the easier it was to go into trance. I discussed how hypnosis can improve both physical and mental abilities (dropping the first shoe). In answer to a question, I explained that I don't humiliate people by having them cluck like a chicken or bark like a dog or anything like that. I will just demonstrate the positive aspects of the art. Just let yourself relax and go along with me and I'll be your guide.

I was ready to begin. I arranged the room and had my three volunteers pick a spot to stare at on the ceiling. I then launched into a standard induction with some special tweaking for David. A condensed version went something like this:

"I want you to imagine that all your fears, worries and tensions are draining away from the top of your head. Let them drain through your face, down through your chest, through your back and waist. Feel these fears and tensions slip through your hips, and now through your ankles to your feet. Now all the fears, tensions and worries are draining out your toes, and you are relaxing more as they leave you.

Now feel the relaxation grow ever more stronger as it moves up through your body. Feel how your toes and feet are so relaxed. You feel wonderfully drowsy as the relaxation moves up your legs. You feel so relaxed, so light, so good. As you continue to look at the spot on the ceiling, you feel your hips and stomach become so restful and relaxed. Now your chest and now your shoulders are so relaxed. It feels so wonderful to let go. Now your face becomes so very relaxed. Your eyes relax, you feel them want to close. Just allow your eyes to close, they are so heavy and tired. That's right. In a moment I will ask you to open your eyes but your eyelids are so relaxed and lazy they will not work. But you know that. Now try to open your eyes. Now stop trying and fall deeply into your trance. Just listen to my voice, obey my voice and fall even more deeply into your trance. You are doing so well. Now just listen and obey my voice as I take you down a flight of stairs. With each step you will become ten times more relaxed. When we reach the basement, you will be in a deep, hypnotic trance, free of worry and tension."

When I finished the ten step deepening process, I could see that David was very deeply hypnotized. The two others had not gone under but that didn't matter. The next step was to implant a trigger since I couldn't be sure how long it might be before I could get David alone. "David, I want you to open your eyes. (He was still entranced, but the onlookers didn't know that.) When I touch your forehead and say 'sleep now!' your body will relax, your eyes will close and you will return to this deep hypnotic trance. Ready, SLEEP NOW."

David went all the way under. The trigger was installed. I felt so excited. If I had David alone now, I would love him to death.

But now I needed to put on my show. I had David's arms float up attached to helium balloons. I made his arm stiff as a steel pipe and had people swing on his arm or attempt to push it down. Standard stuff. The last thing was to have David sit at the table and write his name on a large poster board with a magic marker. I had him sign his name, then regress him back in time. He signed at age 15, 12, 8, and 5. Of course each signature became more childish. Then I woke him up. David seemed amazed at what had happened and, more important, he did not feel as if he had been humiliated. I've accomplished step two! My knees were weak from the excitement!

The audience asked lots of questions, mostly of David. "How did you feel? What do you remember?" etc. Then Helen said, "look, it's starting to snow pretty heavy."

David, his shyness reemerging, blurted out, "I need to go. It's a long walk back to the fraternity."

The others crowded around, asking more questions, but David sounded firm. Maybe this was my chance. I yelled to Helen and Frank, "Thanks for having me over, but I must run. I forgot I was supposed to meet someone at the Union. I've got to go now." I grabbed my coat and gloves and fled before anyone could engage me in conversation.

Outside, I started my car, turned on the heater and moved to the front of the apartment building. I turned off the lights but kept the motor and heater running, warming the car nicely. After another three or four more minutes, David emerged. As he neared my car, I pushed the door open and yelled, "David, hop in and I'll give you a ride back to your fraternity. Besides, the car is nice and warm."

David slid into the front seat. After he closed the door, I reached over, touched his forehead and said, "Sleep now." He sighed as his body slumped and his eyes closed.


I parked by my apartment building and leaned close to David. "I have deeply hypnotized you. You love the feeling and you love letting me take control. You may answer me and tell me if this is so."

"I love the feeling and I love letting you take control, Katrina." He said.

"Now listen carefully. When I wake you, you will not remember me hypnotizing you in the car. You will remember that we talked of using hypnosis to greatly improve your grades and your athletic performance. You thought it was a great idea and want to explore it further tonight. I will now count to three. On three, you will become fully awake. One, two, three."

His eyes opened and I began talking as if we had been conversing, "Yes, I can work with you using hypnosis to greatly improve your grades and swimming performance. Why don't you come up. I'll make some hot chocolate and explain how it all could work."

Upstairs I put cups of cocoa in front of us. This is the time where I really needed to enchant him. He seemed so hot to me, just sitting there. I was getting so aroused that it was hard to concentrate.

"I need to run an experiment to see if we can reach the deep hypnosis needed for us to accomplish our goals. Now take a big drink of cocoa. Good. Imagine that I have laced it with a powerful hypnosis drug. Stare at that abstract picture on the far wall. Feel the warmth spread through your body. Feel how relaxed you become as the drug takes control. You want me to hypnotize you. You welcome the wonderful feeling of warmth and laziness. Just let my voice guide you as you drift and float. Your eyes are so heavy. When they are ready, let them close. Yes, that's right. You are doing so well, so relaxed. Your eyes are closed and you are floating. You hear only my voice now and you love this feeling.

We're on an elevator, descending towards the basement. You can see the numbers appear over the door as we descend. I will say each number as it appears. With each number you will become ten times more deeply hypnotized than ever before.

TEN. You feel so good when you submit to my voice and my commands. When you are hypnotized, you want more than anything to please me.

NINE. You are going deeper. You love letting go and letting me take command. It feels so right to do this.

EIGHT. You are drifting deeper and you love this feeling. You love letting Katrina put you into a deep trance. Katrina is so wise.

SEVEN. You take great pleasure in obeying Katrina. You love it when she takes control.

SIX. You know deep down that Katrina is wise. You want to carry out her wishes. You want to submit to her desires.

FIVE. You have come to realize that Katrina is a powerful, beautiful, desirable woman. Every time you see her you will feel desire for her.

FOUR. Katrina is beautiful and powerful. You can't help but want to please her.

THREE. Katrina's thoughts will become your thoughts. You will submit to Katrina's will. She can control you with just a word. You become submissive before her strength.

TWO. You are nearing floor #1. When we reach that level, you will exit the elevator and belong to Katrina.

ONE. You are deeply hypnotized. You are leaving the elevator and have fallen completely under her spell. You love submitting to Katrina.

I, Katrina, can take you to this deep level of hypnosis with any hypnotic induction or when I use my hypnotic trigger. Will you obey, accept and be entranced by me? You may answer."

He said, "I obey, accept and love to be hypnotized by you, Katrina."

Lord, I was so turned on. When I heard his words, I felt the throbbing deep inside! I've never been so ready!

"When I bring you up to a mild trance level, you will see me as the most beautiful of women. You will make love to me in your best, yet most passionate manner. :You will remember our love making as wonderful. You are now at a mild trance level and in full control of your body and love making abilities. Now, open your eyes."

Irena, I've never experienced anything like this before. I've never climaxed like this before, even in fantasy. After we caught our breath, we showered together and cuddled. I think it was at this moment that I fell in love with him. I resolved this day to start that diet I've had but not used. Also, on Monday I would get the gym people to take me through their highly regarded exercise/firming program.

Well, it's been a few weeks and you wouldn't believe how much weight I've lost or how firm I've become. In another week or two I'll look better than I did in high school. Then I'll be a match for him when we go out.

But, back to that first night. I tranced him a couple of more times. I introduced a few simple things that I could build on later to help him with his studies such as proper note taking for lectures, how to analyze an novel, etc. Also, I briefly introduced a self hypnosis "mantra" to better deal with pain in swim practice. I would need to expand on these later and repeat them often

Things were going so well, that I introduced something I've always wanted to try: THE VOICE. I put his mind into deep hypnosis and said that whenever I speak with "this VOICE" (I changed my voice to this deep resonant sound), his body will carry out the command without his conscious mind being aware. He would do this fully awake or in trance. David is such an exceptional subject, and I think I've trained him so well this night, that this could work.

Later, when he was awake and we were talking, I said "KNEEL IN FRONT OF ME." While still talking, he walked over and knelt before me! I then said, "RETRUN TO YOUR CHAIR.." Still talking, he rose and resumed sitting in his chair! All I could think of was WOW!

The next morning I was up before David. I was making some breakfast when he walked up behind me. He wrapped his arms around me and I could feel his hard penis against me. I smiled because he sees me as his beautiful woman (captor?). I said, "NO SEX NOW." And felt his desire ebb. I love being able to do that!

"We need to talk."

After breakfast, we agreed he needed to move in with me now. I gave him my car keys and he went to his fraternity to pack up. He was fully moved in by lunch.

Irena, these first few weeks have been so great that I plan to teach you how to do what I have done. I know I don't plan to mail this to you until a week or so before spring break, but let me add something here while I think of it. There are two books you should read. They may not be the best on hypnosis, but they are great for someone starting out:



BEST IN YOUR SEX LIFE by Peter Masters.


Damn! Damn! Damn!

I'm losing my control over David. It's just slowly slipping away. I didn't know why this should happen.

In the beginning I would use the trigger to put him under. I did this almost every night. I used this time to reinforce the lessons to improve his grades, his concentration, his analytic abilities and his writing ability. His grades have taken a giant leap upward. I also worked on his swimming. I believe I greatly improved his tolerance for pain and his endurance. These lessons he would remember from our sessions. By the end of the season (early March), he had broken several records and will get a ranking in the top ten in at least one of his races.

I also included things his conscious mind would not to remember: That I am beautiful, that he desires me, that in any disagreement he submits to me since I am older and wiser, and I reinforced THE VOICE.

But now, to get him deeply hypnotized I reverted to using a full induction in place of the trigger. I had him stare into my eyes, stare at a pendant, watch a pendulum etc. Each new induction technique would work well one or two times, then fade as a useful tool.

What angered me most was that my spell over him was weakening. He now talked of how he looked forward to going home over spring break and looking up his girl friend, Mary, and some other girl named Greta. I know he wasn't being malicious, just thinking out loud to someone he deeply trusted. Still, it really pissed me off! He should totally belong to me.

How to solve this. There was no way I could talk to anyone about my problem. Then I remembered that I was at a university with one of the best libraries in the world. I applied my research talents and found a possible answer deep in the stacks in the main library building. I found a large tome entitled, Hypnosis Experiments and Experiences by Littlefield and Johnson. It was a collection of articles by various people. I found an interesting statement in an article by a Doctor Morris:

"In a prolonged therapeutic relationship, the subject often removes himself from that relationship when he feels his needs have been fully met. When this occurs, it is usually, but not always, a slow process." He didn't expand any further.

David's needs had been met. Swim season was over and he had been a great success. In addition, his grades were much improved and, I believe, he didn't really need me anymore to get through academically. So, is there an answer for me?

I found the solution in an article in the same book by a J. R. Leffingwell:

"In order for a long term relationship to continue until the therapist believes it should end, the hypnosis process must be anchored to a patient's primary need or desire that drives his behavior. Thus the anchor invites the hypnosis and increases the bond between hypnotist and patient when used properly."

Now I had my answer. I just needed to find something that for him symbolized submission, preferably to a woman, and relate that to my hypnosis. That night I took a long time to put him into deep hypnosis, then began to regress him back in time. The answer came surprisingly quickly. He had quite a story to tell me.


It was the end of the summer after David and Greta graduated from high school. They both worked the summer at nearby Wordsworth State Park. It was the last Sunday in August and the last day for both of them at work. David, despite being only 18, was head lifeguard. He was scheduled to leave on Tuesday to go to orientation at Cornell. Greta toiled as one of the security guards.

Greta was set to leave Monday for induction into the Army. She had volunteered right after graduation. Standing at five feet eleven, 135 pounds, Greta was something of a Tomboy. She was more introverted that David and didn't date all that much. You seldom saw her in a dress. She was also a superior athlete, quick and strong. She was the second highest goal scorer on the soccer team, a starter on the basketball team and the pitcher with the best record on the softball team.

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