tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKat's Adventures Ch. 01

Kat's Adventures Ch. 01


Kat was bored. At nineteen, most of her friends were in college, but Kat hadn't yet decided what to do with her life.

Spending the dreary day wandering around the local park wasn't much fun. Light drops had fallen on and off all day, and the grey, swollen, afternoon sky threatened rain. So far though, it hadn't made good on that promise.

It was chilly day, and Kat had hung a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt on her smallish frame. She also wore her favorite ugg boots and a windbreaker.

She sat at picnic bench across from the playground in the deserted park. It was a weekday afternoon, and most people were either at work, or scared away by the crappy weather.

It was getting on in the day, but in spite of her boredom, Kat had no desire to go home. She didn't have a boyfriend she could call. Even if she did, she thought, he'd probably be at work or in school.

Hanging one leg off of the end of the bench, she leaned on the table and exhaled. She had to find something to do with her life.

The wind picked up a bit, blowing her shoulder-length hair from behind. Pushing the dark brown strands from her face, she noticed the swings in the playground moving back and forth with the wind. They looked as if they were being ridden by ghosts.

"Oh god," she said aloud, "I MUST be bored crazy."

Out of the blue, she had an idea.

Glancing around, she scanned the park for signs of life. There were none.

Quietly, she slipped a hand inside of the front of her jeans...lightly running her fingers over her crotch.

Kat often filled her bored time with masturbation. Of course, she'd never done it out in the open...and the thought of playing with herself in the park was exciting. Besides, she thought, twisting her head around again to take stock of the park...there was nobody around to see her.

As the wind blew another light gust her way, Kat pushed her fingers at her clit, rubbing it gently through her panties. A wet spot formed at the front of them, indicating her growing excitement.

It felt good, but it wasn't enough. Her growing hunger demanded more attention than she could give it with her hand jammed tightly inside her jeans.

Glancing around again, just to be sure she was alone; Kat opened the buttons on the fly of her jeans, allowing better access to her now wet crotch, and slipped her hand inside of the waistband of her damp panties.

Her pussy felt warm and wet. Spreading her legs just slightly on the bench, she slid two fingers inside of herself. Her clit swelled and pulled, and she used her other hand to spread her lips, exposing it to the cool air.

Bending forward slightly, she lightly thumbed over her clitoris while moving her fingers slowly in and out of pussy.

Slowly masturbating her pussy on the bench was thrilling. Her nipples stiffened.

But it soon became apparent that she needed even better access to really get herself off.

Taking another look around the park, the playground was still empty, and beyond it, the small concrete restroom building sat alone in the middle of the park. Her right side was bordered by a tall, vine covered, concrete fence. Turning to look behind her, she saw nothing but open park, all the way to the edge of the parking lot.

She apparently had the park to herself.

Lifting herself slightly, she grasped the waistband of her jeans, and pulled, moving them and her panties down, over her hips to her knees.

Sitting down again, with her pants and underwear at her knees, she jumped a little at the feeling of the cold bench on her bare skin. Returning her fingers to her pussy, she noticed how her bare ass cheeks on the bench served to clarify the fact that she was exposed in the park.

The idea fueled her fire, and she rubbed at her clit with a fist between her legs while constantly observing for the slightest indication of human presence.

Kat had never done anything like this before. The feeling was so naughty, so hot and dangerous. She couldn't believe that she was masturbating in the open park with her pants around her knees.

Fingering her clit, she pulled and pinched lightly at it. "God," she said aloud to the wind, "this is so dirty."

The voice inside of her was telling her that this was insane. Anyone could come along and catch her masturbating...but her feelings wanted more. Ignoring the voice of reason, she pushed her pants and underwear down further until they bunched at her ankles.

Looking down at herself, she saw her bare legs and exposed pussy. The thrill of it drove her on.

If someone were to see her, she thought, she wouldn't be able to get her pants and underwear back up in time.

She rubbed herself faster with her fist.

Turning on the cold bench, she crossed her legs in front of her, and sat Indian style.

That would make it even more difficult to get her pants back up.

As the afternoon waned, the sky grew darker with thick, dark clouds. A light wind blew between Kat's bared thighs, caressing over her naked pussy with cool fingers. It wasn't uncomfortable; in fact, it turned her on...making her more starkly aware of her situation.

With her pants and underwear around her ankles, sitting cross-legged, she masturbated to the thrill of being out in the open, where she could be seen...but thankfully, there was no one around.

Eyeing the playground again, she wondered what it would feel like to walk over there with no pants on.

That was insane.

Or was it?

The very idea of what she was doing was insane. Someone could walk up from any direction at any time and catch her. If that happened now, she would never be able to get her pants back up in time anyway. She would be just as busted...what difference would it really make whether she actually had her pants around her ankles, or whether she wasn't wearing any?

In her mind, walking around with no pants on in the park was too thrilling to resist.

After making sure she was alone again, she pushed one of her boots off with the heel of the other. It fell to the ground.

Using her sock covered foot, she pushed the other, until it fell, landing next to the first boot.

Gathering her courage, she exhaled, and then used her feet to push out of her jeans and underwear. They ended up in a pile on the ground next to her boots.

Kat was now completely bottomless in the park.

Her clitoris pulled and tingled, begging for attention.

Pulling her socks off one at a time, she dropped them on the ground as well, and stood up.

Taking a few pensive steps, she looked around...aware of every sound, every movement of the wind. She spun her head back and forth, trying to see everywhere at once.

So far so good.

She set out slowly towards the playground, her bare feet sinking slightly in the damp grass. It felt wonderful...delicious and dangerous.

From the picnic bench, it was but a hop, skip and jump to the playground...twenty yards at best, Kat observed. But when you're walking through the park half-naked, it seemed like miles.

As she reached the playground, she turned, taking in her surroundings. She was completely exposed to the open park. Anyone within sight distance would have been able to see her. Thankfully, the park was empty.

On a whim, she pulled off her windbreaker and dropped it on the ground.

In just her sweat shirt, she padded across the redwood chip covered floor of the playground, selected a swing, and sat down.

Kat couldn't believe she was doing this.

Her pants, underwear and boots lay in a heap on the ground by the picnic bench. Eyeing them, she felt small electric shocks race through her. Her hand went to her pussy....she could have cum right at that moment...but she didn't want to. She wanted to enjoy feeling like this for as long as possible. She wanted to make it last.

Her nipples were like steel, poking hard nubs through her sweatshirt. Running her hands over smallish breasts, she tweaked them, feeling them through the material. Her inner thighs were wet with her excitement. It ran down her legs, pooling on the rubber seat of the swing.

Kat was so turned on that she could hardly breathe.

Taking hold of the swing, she pushed off, swinging back and forth, spreading her legs wide to the wind, exposing her naked pussy, legs and ass to the park. It felt incredible. As she swung, her sweatshirt rode up, baring her midsection to just under the curves of her apple-sized tits.

She felt so free, so alive, and so naughty.

What if someone came along and caught her like this? What if one of her friends saw her? What would they say?

Putting her feet down, she stopped herself, feeling the sharp wood chips digging into her bare soles. Everything about this was so indescribably exciting.

She speculated whether she could make it to the restrooms.

The restrooms were quite a bit farther away than the playground. Still, there was nobody else in the park. It would be getting darker soon...which would provide more cover. She could just walk quickly over there and back to her clothes.

Part of her rebelled against the idea...but her clitoris throbbed at it.

Losing out again, she set off in the direction of the restrooms. Once more, leaving the safety of the playground, she was totally in the open, and could see in all directions.

About halfway along, she started to regret her decision. The building seemed much farther away than she'd first thought. But it was too late...turning around now would mean that she wouldn't get to experience the thrill of making it...and it was just as far back to her clothes as it was to the building. At least she could hide in the restrooms if she needed to.

Glancing back towards the picnic bench, she spotted her clothes on the ground. Steeling her determination, and egged on by the thought of a hard orgasm, she decided to walk on...but first, almost without thinking about it...she pulled her sweatshirt up over her head and off, tossing it on the grass.

Kat stood a moment, totally naked, halfway between the restrooms and the playground.

Looking down at herself, she saw her hard, straining nipples and sopping pussy...her entire, nude body was exposed to anyone who might happen by. She had no way to cover up. The thought of it made her dizzy with desire. She tickled her pussy lightly...then stopped, wanting again to make it last.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she reached the restrooms.

Turning to face the way she came, she leaned back against the building, and closed her eyes...running her hands slowly over her naked body.

She tweaked her hard nipples, pulling on them and pinching them. Every nerve tingled...every sense was heightened. Keeping her eyes closed, one hand snaked down between her soaked thighs. Pressing her palm into her clit...Kat masturbated...deliberately...forcing herself to go as slowly as possible.

With her eyes closed, she took a few steps away from the building, pressing her palm into her clit as she walked.

The grass was soft and wet beneath her feet. Her pussy was hot. She rubbed it hard and slow, pulling on a nipple...feeling the deliciousness of being completely naked, masturbating out in the open park...so far from her clothes.

The cool wind blew over her nude body, raising goose bumps on her skin, playing at her hard nipples. She was so aware that she was naked.

Kat felt her orgasm build in her belly.

Rubbing harder, her muscles started to contract...her clit stood out, swollen and throbbing.

"Oh god," she moaned out loud...pulling hard at her nipples.

Her orgasm started, washing over her like a wave.

"Oh god....oh...god..." she moaned again, loudly, rubbing her clit faster. As her orgasm took her, Kat was lost in it...cumming harder than she ever had before.


A distant voice suddenly broke the silence.

Kat's eyes flew open.

She was still cumming.

There were two girls, about Kat's age by the picnic bench.

"OH MY GOD!" One of the girls yelled, pointing at Kat.



Kat was in the middle of her orgasm...she'd been caught, and couldn't stop.

Watching the two girls, she rubbed her clit fast and hard, feeling another wave of orgasm hit her.

"Oh god...I'm...cumming..." she breathed out loud, unable to stop.

The two girls stood by the picnic bench, watching her in shock.

"Whatta fucking whore!" one of them said to the other.

"Look at her! Rubbing her dirty cunt...naked in the park!"

The girl's words drove Kat further into her orgasm. She grabbed her clit and pulled, buckling her knees. She was moaning loudly enough for the girls to hear her.

"FUCKING PERVERT!" One of the girls yelled at her.

Kat was helpless to stop...in fact; getting caught only made her cum harder. Turning her fingers over inside of her pussy, she pressed against her g-spot and screamed...squirting her orgasm far out in front of her in long ribbons of hot juice.

"Oh my god!" one of the girls said.


Suddenly, to Kat's horror, the girls scooped up her clothes.

"Look!" one of them said pointing at her windbreaker by the playground.

The other girl ran over and grabbed it.

"Let's leave her fucking naked!" she laughed.

Coming down from her second orgasm, finally, Kat panicked. Turning, she ran to the restroom door and pulled.

It was locked.

Spinning around, she saw that the girls now had her sweatshirt too.

"FUCKING WHORE!" one of them yelled at her, approaching.

"Now whatt'er you gonna do?" the other one teased, meanly.

"Now you have to go home naked!"

Both girls laughed, then turned and ran with her clothes.

Helpless, Kat leaned naked against the building, her thighs still wet with her cum, watching them disappear.

Her heart pounded in her chest.

In a minute, the girls, and Kat's clothes were gone.

She was stunned.

Looking around...she was at a loss.

How would she get home?

Would she have to walk through the park, and the six blocks through her neighborhood completely naked?

In spite of herself, Kat felt her clitoris pulling again.

She tried to ignore it...but it refused.

Taking a step away from the building, she couldn't help touching herself a little.

She was totally naked and had no clothes anywhere.

"Fuck..." she breathed...pressing her palm into her clit again. She wanted...needed to cum again.

But what if the girls came back? What if someone else showed up?

She was already naked, and had already been caught, her mind tried to rationalize it.

Cumming, completely naked, in front of the girls had been the most exciting moment of her life.

She shook it from her head. She was in real trouble now.

It was getting dark and colder. Kat felt a single drop of rain strike her naked skin...she shivered a bit. Her nipples pointed straight out, aching for attention.

With no other choice, Kat tore her hand from her pussy and set out, completely and utterly nude, wondering if she could make it home.

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