tagNovels and NovellasKat's Story Ch. 04

Kat's Story Ch. 04


I watched in amazement as Raoul grabbed a stool from the corner of the storeroom, walked to the center of the room next to the mats we had just fucked on, sat down and saw Naomi submissively laid herself over his lap. Immediately he started to spank her. She didn't make a sound. The only thing I heard was the echo of his slaps bouncing off the walls. As he turned her ass into a bright red platter, I thought I saw a tear run down from her eye, but still she didn't say a word or scream in pain.

After Raoul was satisfied with his spanking, he told her to get on her hands and knees on the mat. I was still sitting on the mat having been too shocked and too interested in the proceedings to move. Raoul stood up. I could clearly see the outline of his hard penis in his pants. The sick bastard is enjoying this I thought. Raoul walked over to Naomi's cabinet and returned with a paddle and the cuffs.

"Kat would you like to help me with this part?"

I didn't know what the next part was, but I nodded anyway.

"Good. Pull Naomi's hands behind her back and cuff them there."

I looked for a sign of approval from Naomi. She let her head drop to the mat and placed her hands behind her back. She's obviously OK with this, I thought, so what the hell. I cinched the cuffs onto her wrists.

"If you want to feel how hot her ass is, go ahead."

Having never been spanked as an adult or seen anyone spanked I did want to know, so I tentatively touched her.

"Come on Kat. We're all friends here. Really touch it."

I applied more pressure and Naomi began to rock her ass slightly.

"She she likes it Kat. If you're not convinced, check her pussy."

I did and it was clear that she did enjoy being spanked.

"It's time for the paddle. How many times did you cum today slut."

I almost answered him for myself, but Naomi lifted her head slightly and said 8. Holy shit. 8 cums today. That means she was busy before I got there.

"8 illegal orgasms. I think 40 whacks with the paddle are appropriate. Five for each one sounds fair to me. Kat, she's going to be a little louder this time and we don't want anyone to hear anything. Be a dear and sit down in front of her so she can eat you while she gets her punishment. She'll be quieter if your pussy can muffle the sound."

I was ready to cum again so I didn't need to be asked twice. Raoul explained that Naomi was required to count the strikes of the paddle and if she failed to do so, he would have to start over. He told me to hold her head up and slide my pussy under her mouth. If she wasn't performing to my satisfaction I should signal him and he would devise another incentive. I was excited by the gorgeous woman in front of me. She was freshly spanked, about to be paddled, dripping love juice down her thighs and about to suck my pussy. This was the best resort I had ever stayed at and at that moment, I didn't care that Bill was sitting in an airport.

Once I was in position, Raoul let fly the first paddle swat to her right cheek. Naomi screamed into my pussy. I lifted her head and she said "1." I pulled her head back down and she immediately drove her tongue back into my pussy. I saw Raoul raise the paddle again and this time strike the left cheek. Again a scream, muffled by my dripping pussy and then the number 2. As the punishment went on, Raoul took longer between strokes giving Naomi more time to concentrate on my pussy. She was doing a fine job and by the 20th swat, I came. Raoul took the opportunity to push two of his fingers into Naomi. As I knew they would, they came out coated.

"Typical slut behavior. You're getting punished and it turns you on."

Raoul reached over and took one of her vibrators, turned it on low and slid it into her pussy. He then picked up the paddle again and resumed his punishment. I knew the vibrator must be driving Naomi crazy, at least as crazy as her tongue was driving me. At swat 29 I came again and Raoul reminded Naomi she had not been given permission yet to do the same. I could tell by her tongue action that she had become distracted in the last several minutes and I hoped she could last until the end of the paddling. After swat 35, Raoul removed the vibrator, turned it up to high and reinserted it. I thought I felt Naomi say "shit" into my pussy. I was really worried about her making it to the end. I also wanted to grab the vibrator and jam it in my own pussy.

For the last five hits, Raoul had Naomi add "thank you master" to her count. She also began to beg for permission to cum. Permission that was denied. I was building to another orgasm, although I too was trying to hold off since Naomi was being denied. I'm sure that was part of Raoul's game, to have me receive what she was being denied. After stroke 39 Raoul asked Naomi if she was going to be a good girl and follow the rules from now on. She nodded. Through the tears of pain and arousal I saw on her face, I also saw a look of peace and satisfaction in her eyes.

I was still holding her head just looking at her when Raoul delivered the final blow.

"40" was all she said. She didn't cry, she didn't beg and unlike I'm sure I would do, she didn't swear at her tormentor. Raoul stood up and grabbed some lube from Naomi's cabinet. He dropped his pants showing an angry and erect penis. Holding the lube in his hand he walked back to the mat. I had no doubt where that cock was going and again I was anxious to see it happen. He surprised me, a least a little, when he bypassed Naomi and instead aimed his cock at my mouth. I didn't need any convincing to take him in my mouth and begin servicing him.

"I'm not allowed to punish you, Kat, but I'm sure some of Naomi's transgressions were your fault. Instead you can watch me fuck her. She'll get what you need and that will be your punishment."

I didn't respond concentrating on giving him a superior blow job. After a couple of minutes sucking on his cock, with my hand on my pussy I might add, Raoul pulled back and got behind Naomi. He opened the lube and spread her ass cheeks. I twisted around to get a better view as he liberally coated her asshole and then spread the remaining lube from his hand onto his cock. He positioned the head of his cock at the entrance of Naomi's ass and then pushed just the head in until he was ready.

"I want to hear her now so I would prefer if you didn't stuff her mouth. Feel free to use the toys if you want."

With that, Raoul grabbed both her ass cheeks and pushed. He pushed hard and Naomi groaned as he buried himself in one stroke. Once in, Raoul didn't let up. He pounded her relentlessly while verbally abusing her about what a slut she is and how she needs to control herself. Naomi was in her own world at that point. I doubt she heard his words, or at least understood them, as she moaned, squealed and begged to be allowed to cum. My fingers were deep inside my own pussy, but I was too mesmerized to grab a toy. My attention kept snapping from Naomi's face back to the cock pulverizing her ass. Raoul told her not to cum or she would be punished again. She called him an asshole but he just laughed.

"Just to show you I'm a nice guy, when you feel me fill up your ass with cum, you can climax."

Naomi was still spitting obscenities, moaning, shaking and desperately trying not to cum.

"Here it comes bitch. You can cum now."

I watched Raoul pull Naomi's hips tight against himself as his body stiffened. For her part Naomi looked like she was having the biggest release in her life as her body began to convulse as she buried her head in the mat and howled. After about 10 seconds, Raoul pulled out of her ass, gave her a final swat and stood up. Naomi slumped to the floor, her body still shaking. I still had my fingers in my pussy. I had forgotten I was masturbating. I leaned over her prone body and saw his jizz starting to leak out of her ass.

"If you want to scoop that up, I know she would love the treat," Raoul said while he was getting dressed. I'd come this far so I did what he said. Naomi greedily slurped the come from my fingers so I went back for a second scoop. And then a third. Finally about five minutes later I uncuffed her hands. Naomi struggled to sit up and then she gave me a hug.

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"For not freaking out and staying here. It turned me on to be punished in front of you."

"How often does he do that?

"Not that often. He makes sure I blow him at least once a day somewhere in the resort and he probably fucks me three or four times a week."

"So how often do you cum."

"I told you. At least four or five times a day but sometimes more."

"So was the punishment for cumming just for by benefit?"

"No it was for me. You being here was just a side benefit."

"I think I had better head to my room."

"Sure. Stop by and see me before you leave. I'll have a present for you."

"OK. I will."

I walked out of the storeroom and made way out of the spa. I was in a daze over what I had just experienced. Even though I had cum not half an hour ago, my body ached for another climax. Bill had left and Raoul showed no interest in me after he punished Naomi so I headed to the sports bar. I figured there were enough guys at the resort just for golf that I would have my pick of partners, but alas the pickings were slim. I was ready to accept a less than acceptable mate for the next hour, but even by those reduced standards there wasn't much to choose from. I decided to head back to the room. I charged a bottle of wine to the room and went to the front desk to arrange a ride. My driver was a cute boy, about 17 years old. I contemplated bringing him in, getting him drunk and taking advantage of him, but I thought better of it. Instead I thanked him with a big smile, gave him a $5 tip and headed inside.

I collapsed on the couch. Never before had I gone into a bar to hunt for cock, at least not without expecting dinner and dancing first. If there had been a man who struck my fancy I was ready to simply walk up to him and tell him what I wanted. No games and no expectations to see him after tonight. I suddenly felt alone and wished I had the guts to take advantage of the driver.

I needed to chill so I put the wine bottle on ice and drew a bath. I lit a couple of scented candles instead of using the lights and stripped down. As the tub was filling, I went back to the kitchen and retrieved the wine. I didn't bother with a glass. I sat back in the very warm tub and took a big swig of the wine. This certainly wasn't how to enjoy the taste of the wine, but I was more interested in the alcohol content. I took a washcloth and soaked it in the water. I then leaned back and placed the cloth over my eyes. The bath was very relaxing. The warmth of the water, the wine and the scent of the candles conspired to relax my body into a most pleasant state. My mind was another matter. As soon as I put the washcloth over my eyes, my mind raced back to the vision of Naomi being spanked.

I lounged in the tub for at least half an hour. I replayed my time with Namoi and Raoul over and over in my mind until I realized the bottle of wine was gone. I figured I would probably pass out soon as I opened the drain in the tub. As the now luke warm water drained and my body became exposed to the air, I felt a slight chill so I lifted myself up and staggered back into the bedroom. I had thought I would head back to the bar so see if the choice of guys had improved, but my head was swirling from the wine and my toasty bed was calling so I crawled beneath the covers and promptly fell asleep. I woke up a few hours later with a bad headache. I instantly remembered why I don't drink that much wine very often. I wandered back into the bathroom to look for some aspirin but didn't find any. So I headed to kitchen. Luckily I found some Advil so I took two and poured a large glass of water as a chaser. Looking at the clock I saw that it was 1am. "If this was Vegas I could go find a man," I thought. But here, not so much. I drank another large glass of water and headed back to bed.

Now that the effects of the wine were wearing off, I didn't have a restful sleep. I kept tossing and turning, my mind ravaged by the visions of Raoul punishing Naomi and for some reason, Naomi punishing me. Each time my dream would reach its climax, I woke up in a sweat. I was shaken the first time and decided I needed to go to the kitchen and drink another glass of water. After waking after my second dream, I noticed I was breathing hard and that my pussy was slick. I didn't want to masturbate thinking of Naomi, so I attempted to just turn over and go back to sleep. But my subconscious wouldn't allow it. It was as if Naomi was controlling my mind. Now I pictured her wielding the strap-on and fucking me up the ass. Then Raoul came in. He spanked me and made me sit on Naomi's fake cock while he took my pussy. I'm sure I was masturbating in my sleep because when I woke the sheets were wet with my juices and my hand was sticky. It was now 4am and I was afraid to go back to sleep.

I went into the living room and turned on the TV. There wasn't anything on of interest so I flipped to the resort's PPV movies. Again nothing much appealed to me until I found the adult section. In my fragile state I convinced myself that I needed to watch some good old fashioned fucking to get my mind off Naomi and Raoul. I looked for the plainest vanilla title I could find and turned it on. I lay back on the couch and began tweaking my nipples and then as I started to get aroused fingering my clit. The movie was OK. The actors were well hung and the actresses were pretty enough, but I just couldn't bring myself off. I was really getting frustrated. I was determined not to think "naughty" thoughts but my body was betraying that desire. After about 40 minutes of the vanilla porno, I went back to the list and found an old movie called Latex. The description said "beautiful women in fetishware submitting to their wanton desires." I turned it on and immediately things picked up. The first scene featured Sunset Thomas being screwed hard on her kitchen table. God that was what I needed. She was bent over and got what she needed. My fingers on my pussy were definitely making progress as I pictured myself in her position.

During the second scene I finally came. I knew I should sleep because I had a long drive home, but I couldn't turn off the movie. I continued masturbating as scene after hotter scene kept my engine running full speed. My wrists were sore by the time the movie ended. I pictured myself in a latex catsuit being hammered up the ass by anonymous huge cocks and came one final time. The sun was coming back up as I crawled back into bed and promptly fell asleep.

At 10am the phone rang. I had not moved since 6 and groggily picked up the receiver. It was the front desk asking if I needed a porter as check-out time was fast approaching. I asked if they could send one at 11 and headed to the shower. I couldn't remember how many times I came last night, but my body was definitely sore, although thankfully, not hung over. After a quick shower I put on some make-up and fixed my hair. Then I quickly packed before making a cup of coffee and enjoying it on the patio for the last time. Promptly at 11, the doorbell rang. My short vacation in paradise had come to an end.

The same young man how drove me back to the villa yesterday gleefully picked up my bags and gave me a ride down to the main complex. I turned in my villa keycard and was happy to find there were no charges of any kind just as Bill had promised. I don't know if there was a record of my movie habits, but if there was, it wasn't mentioned. I was ready to leave when Naomi appeared in the lobby. She asked me to stop by the spa before I left because I had left something the day before. She gave me a knowing wink which I hope the desk clerk didn't see. I told her I would and took my bags out to my car.

I made my way back to the spa and met Naomi. She said she had a little gift for me. She said it was back in the storeroom. Immediately I had a vision of one of us fucking the other. I followed her back to the storeroom. Once inside she again locked the door.

"Don't worry about Raoul. He's off today."

The truth was I wasn't worried about Raoul. I kind of wished he was there.

"I only have a couple of minutes, but I wanted to give you this. Hopefully you will be able to come and see us again soon."

Naomi went to her cabinet and pulled out what looked like a cigar box. She handed it to me and said she thought I would enjoy it. The cover was blank giving no hint as to what was inside. Opening it up, I wasn't sure exactly what it was.

"It's an ass stretch kit, silly," exclaimed Naomi.

Now that she said that, it made sense. I wasn't entirely naive about such things, especially after my movie experience the night before. The box contained six different tapered butt plugs. Each one was slightly larger than the one before it. There was also a bottle of lube.

Naomi explained, "It's simple. You start with the smallest one. Wear it today when you drive home. Tomorrow wear the next one and so on and so one. A week from now you'll be ready to fuck a porn star with no problem."

"I can't do that," I responded.

"Sure you can. Trust me. You saw how anal sex makes me cum. Don't you want that?"

"Well, yes. But you also let Raoul tie you up and paddle you."

"Didn't you enjoy watching? It looked like you enjoyed watching."

"I did, but I could never let someone do that to me."

"That's cool. I prefer being a bottom, a submissive if you prefer the term. But maybe you were born to be the top."

"Maybe this is all sick I should just leave."

"Don't go away mad. I know you enjoyed your time with me, Raoul and Bill. I'll make you a deal. Try the first plug. If you decide you like it, try the second. Come back and I'll teach you more. If you don't like it, no problem. I will not bother you again."

Secretly I did want to try it, but I didn't want to seem too eager. I hesitantly agreed. Naomi was ecstatic and told me to drop my pants and panties. I was just over 12 hours since I had done this in her storeroom. It seems to be becoming a habit. Naomi had me sit down on the bench again. I was surprised when she knelt down in front of me and began to lick my slit. She paused long enough to tell me it would help if I was turned on the first time. She took her time and ate me to a very pleasant orgasm. It wasn't soul crashing or anything, but it was nice and certainly an unexpected pleasure. Naomi then opened in the case and took out the small plug.

She described how the shape would stretch my anal ring and once it was large enough, it would snap shut around the tapered side to hold it in place. I nodded, but was still very nervous. I watched as Naomi spread the lube over the plug and the lubed up my asshole with her finger. She then pushed her finger inside my ass. I squirmed at the sudden invasion.

"See that's not so bad. I could just wiggle this around and turn you on all over as these nerve endings start to get the attention she deserve."

I was starting to think she was right. Also, although my body was shocked when she first did it, the sensation wasn't entirely bad now that I adjusted slightly. After about a minute of wiggling it around, Naomi pulled out her finger and positioned the plug at my backside.

"Just relax. This thing is smaller than some of the shits you take. Just try not to clench."

There was a command which seemed easier said than done. I did my best just to lie still and let her do it. I felt like she was tearing me apart and then, nothing. My ass did just as she said it would. I snapped shut around the end of the plug. Naomi pushed it in a little further so the base would be even with my butt cheeks and told me to stand up. As I did, the fullness hit me. My legs buckled and Naomi had to grab my wrists. She pulled me back up and helped me stand.

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