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Katy Perry's Ass Man


On Aug. 13, 2012, I was enjoying a nice day at the Raging Waters water park in San Dimas, California. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I got waterlogged after a while, and decided to walk around for a bit. I took my cell phone with me to check the time and take pictures of the scenery -- before knowing what kind of scenery was out there.

It was by luck that I got my phone out before I saw a growing crowd. It was by luck that I got there in time to see a celebrity riding the boogie boards. It was by even greater luck that it was Katy Perry in skimpy bottoms -- or maybe her proportions just made them look skimpy.

In any case, I had my phone out and ready to take her picture -- at the luckiest time imaginable.

It didn't seem lucky when a wave knocked her off her board and out of view. But I was still ready to take her picture as soon as she emerged. And emerge she did, with her entire rear end exposed for a whole second -- long enough to take a picture of it.

Other than doing that, I could only react in shock, amusement and a few other things. It did stop me from savoring her exposed backside while it was in front of me, however. So when my astonishment wore off, I left the crowd to....examine my picture.

The bathroom probably wasn't private enough -- and there was no guarantee I'd find available stalls for long enough. So I settled for a relatively empty corner of the park, where I could look over my phone and its content couldn't be detected by prying eyes.

After making sure I wasn't being watched closely, I turned my back from everyone and discreetly pulled up my new picture. And despite being stunned in the moment, I still caught the perfect picture of Katy Perry's exposed ass.

I got it right as her bottoms were down, her ass was sticking out and it was dripping wet with water. Her back was turned, so her more famous body parts weren't on display, yet it seemed like her bikini was down too. However, her famed boobs were still covered up enough -- unlike her less famed but still quite mouth watering behind.

My body had been wet most of the day, but now my mouth was watering as I studied her ass. And judging from the growing bulge in my trunks, my cock would leak at any moment. So now would probably be a good time to head for the bathroom. And yet I only squeezed my thighs together and kept staring at my phone, oblivious to the world around me.


Well, maybe I was too oblivious. At least that was my only coherent thought when I turned and saw Katy Perry herself.

When I backed away and stopped stammering, I saw Katy was wearing a sun dress over her bikini attire, whether it was back on or not. She also had sunglasses on, yet I recognized her right away. God, if she changed and got here in such a short time, how long had I been standing there? And how deeply would she sue me into bankruptcy?

With that in mind, I tried to play dumb and spare myself, if that was possible. "Sorry, ma'am, I thought you were someone else," I got out.

"Like who, Katy Perry?" Katy Perry questioned. "You ran when you saw her in person, so how would you know?"

"You noticed that?" I asked, giving myself away -- like I hadn't done that already.

"I did pay extra attention to the crowd today," she pointed out. Though she didn't sound angry, I still talked as if she was, just to be safe.

"I am so sorry, Ms. Perry. I'll delete it immediately," I offered.

"Well, it's probably on the Internet already," she sighed. "So there's no way you could sell it anyway."

"No way, I wouldn't sell this at any price," I blurted out.

"But you just said you'd delete it for free," Katy nitpicked.

"Yeah...." was all I had, caught with no other options. There was no selling this, no blackmailing her -- if that was even my thing -- and I had no blog to post this on and get Internet fame.

"God, it's something," Katy exclaimed, distracting me from deleting her naked ass. "This is the first time they'll drool over something other than my boobs. And it's for this!"

"Clearly they should have noticed it earlier," I blurted again, forgetting the situation and who I was talking to.

"Well, I guess it'll be a good consolation prize for them," she predicted. With that, my selective memory and common sense left again.

"I wouldn't call it a consolation. Far from it," I revealed. "I'm not disappointed it wasn't your boobs at all. What I saw was just as impressive."

"You're just saying that so I won't break your phone," Katy figured, although there was a tiny bit of joshing in her tone.

"Well, there's that, but I still mean it," I joshed back. "I kind of wished you'd show that thing off more often. Even with clothes on! I mean, sure, the boobs are awesome, but it's great they're not your only super hot part! There's still your eyes and your regular brunette hair too, of course. But trust me, your front and back are equally mouth watering. And now the back will finally get bragging rights for a little while. About time."

I ran out of words and just prayed I didn't go too far. Katy stood still, and since she still had sunglasses, I couldn't see if her lovely eyes looked mad or touched or anything else. Finally she said, "You did leave in a hurry to study my ass...."

"I guess that's been established," I recounted.

"I gotta say, I haven't heard that stuff about my other body parts before," Katy noted. Then after a pause, she finished, "You know, I was planning on sneaking out of here quietly. But I can't do that if we're making a scene. How about we go somewhere else and figure out what to do with this picture?"

I thought we'd figured out what to do already. But before I knew it, I was following her to her limo and we were both being driven to her home in Los Angeles. It was a 90+ minute drive, so I had more than enough time to wonder what the hell was going on. And my theories were getting dirtier as time went on.

But that couldn't be it, right? Those tabloid rumors with her and John Mayer were heating up, so it just couldn't be. Plus if she wanted her way with me, she could just do it in the limo and not go to this much trouble. Yet all she did was strike up regular conversation with me when I wasn't quiet as a mouse -- or trying to get calm without crossing my legs.

Still, we wound up talking like regular people, without even mentioning the picture or what Katy wanted for it. It almost made me forget the whole setup, until we got to her giant house. Russell Brand let her keep it in the divorce, so at least he wasn't a total wanker.

I turned off my skepticism again when I got inside her humongous rooms. Well, they were humongous for an outsider, anyway. There was even a brown leather couch in the dining room below a huge mirror. Katy let me sit there as she got some bottled water, since we really needed refreshments.

But I thought about the business at hand again once we quenched our thirst, so I joked, "Is this you softening me up for a better deal?" Softening was perhaps the wrong choice of words, but I was relatively contained for the moment.

"Even if you delete that thing, you'll just drool over everyone else's copies online," Katy pointed out. "But I'll bet that one means more to you because you took it. Because it proves you saw my ass, which you love so much, in person."

"That is a plus for it," I played along, as softening became less of a problem for me again.

"Right, but you were pretty far away," Katy reminded. "But if you had a more vivid memory of my ass, you wouldn't need a picture, would you?"

Now I didn't know if I'd ever be soft again. At least not without exploding first -- which might be an option now. I tried to stay cool at that prospect, since I didn't even know if she wanted to touch me. Me touching her, however....

"I....see the logic in that," I sputtered. "So you're offering yourself for blackmail, then?"

"It's pretty dumb blackmail, since my ass is going online anyway. There's no time to let those other people with a camera fondle me," Katy voiced, which took away my voice at the end. "But they'd probably just go for my tits and be done with it. You wouldn't, would you?"

I wanted to ask if the tits were an option at some point. But my tongue was too frozen to move -- especially when Katy got up and removed her sun dress. She was only in her bikini again, with the bottoms now completely over her ass -- for the moment.

With her sunglasses off, her hair no longer wet, and with most of her skin now exposed and right in front of me, I could have burst then and there. That'd be a problem if she was going to touch me, but it looked like I'd be doing the touching here.

That wasn't so bad -- and maybe I could cum in my pants and recover in time for later, if there was a later. But since my trunks weren't hiding my erection, they wouldn't hide anything I did in there.

Katy was no help, letting me drink in her gorgeous, increasingly lusty blue eyes, her dry but still soft looking hair, her sweetly curved figure and deliciously exposed skin. And yes, it was a challenge not burying myself into the deep, delicious cleavage right in front of me.

But she was doing this because I didn't focus on her boobs, so I had focus on something else for now. Once I left the couch, Katy bent over and put her hands on top of it, arching her back and ass as I got behind her.

I examined her ass on my phone for some time, but seeing it in front of me -- and apparently mine for the taking -- was even hotter. Now I had time to savor its lovely heart shape, perfectly thick cheeks and soft curves in front of my eyes. But she probably wanted me to do more.

"How do you want me to do this?" I asked, since it had to be lady's choice.

"Get it wet again," Katy answered as she handed me her bottled water.

"Oh," I voiced as I got the gist. "Should I take off the bottoms first?"

"They were off last time, weren't they?" Katy reminded me.

With that go ahead, I dipped my fingers into her bikini bottoms. I didn't want to start fondling -- or pouring -- until her ass was bare, so I exposed it quickly. Although I had her naked ass cheeks fairly well memorized by now, this was a whole new perspective.

Then for the second time today, I saw Katy Perry's bare, full round ass covered in water. Only this time I was pouring bottled water on it. Katy shuddered and moaned a little bit, then I put the half empty bottle down and got more hands on.

I saw water run down the left side of her ass, then I rubbed it on myself. After doing the same to her right cheek, I let myself handle both sides at once. The water made her skin even smoother and silkier than I imagined, although I was drying it out too quickly. So I picked the bottle back up and poured the rest of my water on her ass -- and on impulse, I bent down to lick the water up as it ran down her behind.

I heard Katy breathe deeply as I licked the water from her backside. The combined taste of the water and her supple buttocks made me breathe heavily as well. I peeked to see how Katy was reacting, though she was still staring at the mirror. But so could I.

As I licked the curve of her hip, I could see Katy's aroused face in the mirror -- and the reflection of her tits jiggling in her bikini. That fueled me to attack her ass further, even though I'd licked up more than enough water. Yet her ass was still wet -- and I made it wetter by kissing, licking and suckling on her peachy rear.

I was just working on her cheeks, as I hadn't even approached her holes yet. I didn't know if they were on the table, so I experimented by licking down to her inner thigh. The closer I got to her pussy, the louder her moans got, however. So I kept licking her thigh as my hands played around with her ass -- then I let my tongue tap her wet pussy for a split second.

I didn't wait long for a reaction, as Katy all but purred and backed her ass up against my face. This put my tongue level with her pussy again, which told me to go in for more. But I kept her ass into play, as my hands rubbed and pinched her globes to match my tongue work.

When I dug my tongue deeper into Katy's pussy, I lifted her ass cheeks up higher, then dropped them down when I licked her outer lips. I pulled her ass apart when I licked her up and down, and pressed it back together once I found her clit. Then I just squeezed her bottom and pinched the shapely flesh as I ate her out.

Katy kept cooing and gyrating her ass against my face. Yet I broke away and dipped my fingers against her pussy, so I could see her reflection again. Her eyes were halfway closed and getting cloudy with lust, and one hand was even pinching her glorious tits.

I had to will myself back onto her ass, where I upped the ante by approaching her asshole. But I just teased her by diverting my tongue back to her left cheek instead. "Oh, you little fuck," Katy gasped out, wiggling her ass again. Perhaps she had been teased enough now.

With that in mind, I put my tongue in her crack again and got closer to her asshole, circling around it. When I dipped in, I heard Katy groan even sexier -- then she put her hand on the back of my head as her ass grinded harder on my face.

That was all the encouragement I needed, as I thrusted my tongue into her hole while still squeezing her apple-shaped rump. Katy kept thrusting her ass back, fucking herself with my tongue as much as I was fucking her.

The only thing distracting me from the taste and feel of Katy was my straining cock, still trapped in my trunks. If I didn't do something, it might cum before it could rub against Katy. But there was one kink I could try to help it go off the right way.

I licked up and down Katy's asshole and crack to lubricate it, then reluctantly pulled away and got on my feet. I exposed my engorged cock just as Katy's head turned around -- and promptly saw me drop it into the wet valley of her ass crack.

I didn't put my cock in her pussy or ass, yet I squeezed her cheeks against my cock and fucked them as best I could. My best sounded like it was good enough, judging by Katy's reaction.

Since I was standing, I could see Katy's reactions while fucking her globes at the same time. It was hot enough to see Katy moan and call out, "Oh that's good....work my sweet ass like that." Seeing her arch her back and stick out her bouncing tits were very big bonuses.

Katy's ass thrusted against my hips as I held onto her plentiful behind and her big blue eyes zeroed in on my trapped cock. "Oh, that looks so good....feels pretty good too," Katy praised. "No one's ever fucked those mounds before."

"Glad to....break your cherry," I joked while groaning.

"I wanna see you cum all over my ass. Break that cherry too," Katy demanded. In response, I fucked her crack a little faster, although I didn't really want to end this too soon. Katy seemed to have other ideas, urging me, "That's it, fuck me....I want my ass to be drenched in cum this time....spray that cum all over me...."

I was getting closer to doing it, but I wanted a few more minutes to enjoy it. Yet as I slowed down, Katy played even dirtier by lowering the cups of her bikini.

Now not only was I squeezing her sweet round cheeks against my cock, her sweet round tits were on display in the mirror as well. She made them bounce, jiggle and shake while I felt her ass jiggle and shake against my thighs and cock, which really wasn't fair.

"Oh, fuck, Katy!" I spurted out as my cock got closer to spurting. I dug my fingers onto her ass, humping it harder and letting the friction consume me. The sights weren't bad either, as I went back and forth between eying her tits and ass. By the time I settled back on her ass, Katy pushed it back rapidly and brought me overboard.

"Fuck! Fuck, I'm gonna cum! Back away!" I warned.

Katy stopped wiggling her ass and pulled it away from my cock, leaving me with room to jerk myself off. She then looked back and eyed my cock hungrily, while I eyed her face and tits the same way. That was finally enough to make me go off and make her ass wet again.

I shook my cock so my cum could cover as much of her as possible. Otherwise, I just groaned and was drained out, as all the cum I built up over the last few hours landed on her. When I was done, I threw my head back and caught my breath, yet Katy only gave me a second before ordering, "Get a picture, quick!"

My legs were jelly, yet I could at least reach down to get my phone from my trunks. I put it back on picture mode and aimed it at her ass again -- only this time, it was indeed drenched with cum as I took the snapshot.

Katy stayed bent over as I showed her the picture, which seemed to captivate her as much as the last ass picture captivated me. "All right, then. Send me that picture and you can keep the other one," she offered. Suddenly the last picture didn't look as valuable compared to that -- but it made all this possible, so I owed it that much.

First, Katy had to give me her number so I could send the picture to her phone. Once I took care of business, she finally walked off and cleaned up her ass with a paper towel. I settled for collapsing onto the couch, with my trunks around my ankle and my spent cock still hanging out.

Katy didn't say a word, so I closed my eyes and tried to take this all in before I had to go. Reliving it probably would have gotten me hard if I wasn't so drained. Yet it was so vivid I could recall Katy's mouth on me.

Which never actually happened. But I opened my eyes to see it was happening now.

Since my cock was still sensitive, Katy wasn't actually sucking it. Yet she was licking my balls to get the process started. "Katy, what...." I faded away as she took a ball into her mouth.

"Have to start somewhere," she rationalized as she teased my balls further. She was on her knees in front of the couch, but she could still stick her ass out and wiggle it to tease me further. Seeing it all dry while knowing my mouth, tongue, cock and cum were all over it moments ago helped me stir up faster. As did Katy's mouth and tongue washing my balls.

Her right hand gripped my shaft when it got stiff enough, yet her left drifted down to her crotch. I forgot that I'd forgotten to finish her off, but she wasn't complaining. In fact, her hand dipped below her ass so she could finger her pussy -- and push her ass back against her finger.

Katy was gyrating her ass again while fingering herself and sucking my balls. That was more than I could have asked for -- until she topped herself again by putting her mouth on my cockhead. She got right down to business -- and if my cock wasn't fully hard again before, it was after just a few seconds in Katy's wet, moaning mouth.

Once again, I struggled to go back and forth looking at two stunning sights -- Katy's ass going up and down while she fingered her pussy, and Katy's face burying itself into my crotch. But I stuck to her face once I saw her sparkling, doe-ish eyes look up at me. And the juxtaposition of her sweet, gorgeous face swallowing my cock was something to behold as well.

But she stopped swallowing long enough to grab my cock and smack it against her tits. So there was that too.

"I thought we weren't focusing on those," I joked, hoping she took it as just a joke.

"You earned a little treat," Katy informed, as she treated me by rubbing my cock head against the bottom of her boobs. With her other hand still fingering herself, she couldn't give me a real tit-fuck, yet she did rub my head and shaft against her ample chest. Once she tapped my cock against her nipples, I used what little brain power I had left to focus on not going off again.

Yet Katy kept me raging by taking her other hand out of her pussy, and smearing her juices onto my shaft. With my cock lubricated, she finally put it between her tits and squeezed them together. It took all my remaining will power not to throw my head back, so I could take in the sight of those tits fucking me.

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