This is a completely new and not really my normal fare. It is an episode from a series of stories where the hero has his roots in the Faust legend. Much is not explained but will become clearer as episodes take form. They will vary in content. This one is an episode from an imagined visit to the porn capital of America (several more will follow) and is HARDCORE and contains mild, very mild and consensual, bondage. Please enjoy as much as I enjoyed writing (and imagining!). Incidentally, she is real! Check the internet. And please, please remember, THIS IS FANTASY so anything is possible!

I stayed with Katya Kassin for just over a week. It was a great time for someone like me who loves anal sex. Let me tell you this woman is a anal angel. She absolutely loves cock in her arse. I suppose I don't really have to emphasize the fact because her numerous films show the truth of it!

I think I fucked her arse in every way possible both on film and back at her house.

I first met her at Vikki's. I knew I wanted to move on having enjoyed myself with Vikki for a week. She was happy to see me leave having drained me (nearly) dry for her web site. I persuaded her, in my usual manner, to throw a party and suggested, again using my ability to put ideas into her head, who to invite. One person was Katya.

We met and, looking into her mind, I could see that she had watched a couple of Vikki's web-casts and seen me in action. I'd made sure that my reputation was spread about the valley for future purposes.

"Hi," I said with a smile, "I've been waiting a long time to meet you."

She smiled back, "Why?"

I laughed, "Because," I said, "you have a fabulous arse and you know how to use it." Well Katya isn't shy and she does have a fabulous arse. It's not small, it's not the 'bubble but' so beloved of many arsefucking movies, it's BIG. It's big and it's shapely and it's fucking gorgeous! I suspect it looks so good because Katya is only 5 feet tall and only weighs 100lbs so an arse like hers really does hit you. Even more so if the first thing you look at in a woman is her arse. I'd lusted after Katya for ages and meeting her was, despite my newfound skills, a tremendously exciting experience.

She laughed back and replied in her lovely accented English (which, incidentally, I won't try to render), "You are very forward for an Englishman."

"Mmm," I murmured, "but, Katya darling, you are very sexy for a German!"

This brought a big laugh. "I hear that Vikki is very pleased with you."

I laughed, "I wouldn't know but she seemed happy enough. I'm looking to move on." Now I probed her mind and set the idea that it might be nice to experience me for a while.

"How about I come and visit?" I asked.

"That sounds like a very good idea," she laughed back as I punched the positive ideas in her mind.

"Oh, now I only think you want me for my body!"

"True," she said with a smile (she did, after all, have her own web site), "but only for a special part!"

I laughed, "Seems good to me. I mainly want you for a special part! When shall I move in?" Not strictly true, she has a fabulous cunt and a very professional mouth.

"How about tomorrow," she said with a smile, "I'm between men at the moment."

"That," I said with a smile, "is impossible to believe." I bent and kissed her cheek, "You, you angel, should never be between men other than on the set or in the bedroom," I added with a smile.

She laughed, "You are obscene!"

"No darling, just madly in lust with you." I moved close, "I have dreamed of that arse of yours for ages."

"It's too big," she said with a smile knowing full well it was perfect.

"Katya darling," I said seriously, "your arse is the best on the block and, if you let me, I will fuck it for your enjoyment."

Again she laughed, "Who could turn down such a tempting offer," she said, "you know where my house is?" I nodded. "I will see you tomorrow then."

I took a deep breath, mission accomplished! "Yes. With the greatest of pleasure!"

She seemed surprised at my passion but smiled and said, "I'll see you tomorrow.

That night I made my peace with Vikki and fucked her cunt and arse. I knew she had enjoyed our time together so it wasn't difficult to just give her positive thoughts about the future without me.

I won't go into too much detail about my time with Katya, just one episode. This later resulted in a shot scene because she liked it so much. It was about three days after I moved in with her. We'd fucked each other every which way over that time resulting in her easing down her filming schedule so she could accommodate my cock. I was able to enhance her experience by tweaking the pleasure centres of her brain. She was also exceptionally pleased at my powers of stamina (gained at the expense of six months off my life) and the amount of cum I produced (again, costing me time; three months).

The thing she really enjoyed was feeling my spurts of cum hit her insides when I came deep inside her arse. She got little cum there in her films even with the new rage of 'creampie' videos because the studs always shot just inside her arse so it could run out for the cameras. Most other cum shots were either facial or mouth. Don't get me wrong, Katya swallowed cum along with the best of them and enjoyed it – well she did with me but that's not surprising really.

To the scene we 'rehearsed' I suppose. I'd seen a glamour photo shoot of Katya, dressed in a bra and panties and wearing 4 inch heels. Very, very sexy. The material was faintly tiger skin in appearance and covered everything important in a particularly enticing way. One shot showed her laying face down on a table legs apart and bent back at the knees. I thought that this position had great potential for fucking her. Particularly her arse which was so bloody enticing. I showed her the picture on-line and suggested some variations.

"Dirty bastard," she said laughing, "but it sounds exciting. Can I trust you?"

Well what I was suggesting would leave her somewhat defenceless so I suppose I could understand the question. More to the point in this case was could I trust myself? But, anyway, "Of course Katya darling, totally and completely."

She looked at me for a moment then smiled, "OK," she said taking a deep breath, "I'll do it." It was a risk for her because no one else was present then, just me and Katya.

Luckily she had the gear upstairs in her bedroom so I sent her off to dress and prepare her arse for some serious fucking, oh and her pussy as well – wasn't going to neglect that! It's almost as good as her arsehole. Half an hour later she came down dressed in the gear and with her hair straight. Katya has a wonderful ability to look 'different', to almost be a different woman. I suppose it comes from so much experience in the adult industry. Now she looked wanton, almost wild. The panties showed off her fabulous hips to perfection and, as she turned her wonderful arse was superbly displayed.

I swept her up in my arms and kissed her lips, a kiss returned with passion. We had 'connected' over the last few days (not surprising as I'd been filling her mind with positive images and made her orgasms much more intense than usual) and it didn't take long for her to 'heat' up. I ran my hands over her body, her arse, and her thighs before leading her into the dining room where I'd prepared everything.

The table was covered in a duvet from one of her beds doubled up. The position she was going to find herself in would have been even more uncomfortable without the cushioning effect of the duvet. I did sense some apprehension as I directed her to the table.

"Bend over," I said quietly as I positioned her against the table end. She leant forward, her arse pushed out now by the effect of her high heeled shoes. She looked gorgeous. It was all I could do to keep my hands off her so I didn't, just spent a few moments fondling the cheeks of her arse and backs of her legs. Now time to put her 'in position'. I lifted her legs and slid her further on to the table so she was laying flat. Then I showed her the two pairs of silken handcuffs I'd bought earlier in the day. She took a deep breath, this was almost the point of no return.

"OK?" I asked quietly.

She nodded, "It's exciting!" I smiled and agreed – it was!

I fixed one pair of handcuffs to each wrist then executed the next move. Standing to one side I lifted her leg backwards with one hand. With the other I pulled her arm back and slipped the empty cuff around her ankle and clicked it shut. Halfway there! Quickly round to the other side of the table, I did the same there and she was completely shackled.

The picture before me was erotic in the extreme. Her legs pulled back like this opened her completely, stretching the material of her panties across her cunt and arse. Because of the tension, her arms pulled back exposed her face completely. She was totally helpless and, let me tell you, it is hard not to succumb to the most base of desires when you have a woman so helpless like this.

Not only could I see the apprehension, possibly even fear, on her face – and remember this is an experienced porn star who had taken part in some BDSM movies – I could sense it in her mind. Sense the fear and worry at having given herself over to me like this. Remember, the 'mainstream. BDSM films she'd been in were fairly tame affairs in reality, much being simulated. And, of course, there were always plenty of people around. Now she was at one man's mercy and that man was having trouble fighting his desires and those of his master.

I made my pact with Satan after my divorce. I was idly watching some porn on video and I thought how wonderful it would be to have the ability to convince women to have sex with me. I didn't think much of it, it was and must be, a common male fantasy. I'd just finished reading Marlowe's 'Doctor Faustus' which then set me to remembering a comical story I'd read many years ago about a guy who gets a visit from a unique door to door salesman. It's effectively a take on the Faust legend and very funny. I just fantasized at what I would do if it happened to me. Would I sell my soul? Well, I didn't really believe I had one so I supposed I would.

Anyway, back to the task in hand. Because Satan was to be my master he was always attempting to push me over the edge. I resisted. Why? Stubbornness I suppose and the idea that he had me for eternity so I would be my own man while I lived. I wasn't prepared to compromise. Of course what I did could be likened to rape but, in truth, I couldn't make anybody do anything they didn't really want to do. My powers are mainly to do with suggestion, putting ideas into minds already primed for them. I can enhance pleasure, induce a female orgasm – not that I do so often. I am a man after all and I like to think I can do that without resorting to my powers – other than those sexual of course.

Now, staring down at Katya in this position: seeing the apprehension on her face and the tenseness of her body, I was having difficulty keeping Satan at bay. All the evil things I'd ever imagined rushed through my head but I put them, and him, behind me. I moved in front of her and knelt, face level with hers.

"OK Katya love?" She nodded. "Want to stop?"

"No. It's . . . exciting."

I smiled and stood then began to undress. Bit of a relief really because my cock was almost bent in half by now seeing her like this. She watched quietly as her eyes followed clothing to the floor then focussed on my cock. It's pretty good. Part of the 'negotiations' it grew a bit afterwards and now stands 8½ inches at full stretch and just over 3 round. All of the women I'd been with since my pact liked it and they liked the stamina I'd also obtained. I could manage three or four times a day easily; always accompanied by a large dose of cum.

"I want to suck it," she said with a smile, "and taste you."

I laughed, "No cum here Katya love. That is destined for your sweet arsehole." She laughed.

"I love the way you say that," she said, "'arsehole'. It's strange. Better than 'ass'."

"That's the English version," I said smiling, "let's move you up." I eased her up to the end of the table so she was in the right position and offered my cock to her mouth. This is bloody exciting as well. The temptation to fuck her mouth hard was difficult to resist but I just allowed her to suck the head inside and wash it with her tongue. She was looking up at me as she sucked and I began to gently fuck her mouth, sliding slowly back and forth, a little deeper each time. I was totally in control here, able to give her as much or as little as I wanted. She seemed happy just accepting what I gave her, sucking and licking as I fed her cock. My hands moved down to her head, stroking her hair then holding her still. Why I don't know because she couldn't move in this position but I suppose it just gave the whole scenario and edge.

I was fucking her mouth deeper now, getting carried away in the eroticism of the situation. Then I realised that the bastard was sneaking up on me! I slowed then, just the head in her mouth, and allowed her to do her own thing with it. Let me tell you she is good! Bloody good. It wasn't long before I had to pull out, a rope of spittle and pre-cum joining the end to her mouth.

"Bloody hell Katya, nearly lost it then!"

She pouted, "I wanted to taste your cum. It tastes nice." Well I knew it did – another part of the bargain.

I knelt before her again and kissed her cheek, "This load is for your arse – I told you. You know what you'll have to do if you really want to taste it." Well she did but I hadn't seen her drink cum from her arse so I didn't know whether she would do it.

"If it runs out you catch it," she said with a sultry smile, "I might . . ."

"Time to move on?"

"Yes," she said breathlessly. I moved to the side table and picked up the two dildoes. One was about 8 inches long and 2 across; quite large. The other was thinner and an inch or so longer. This one was a vibrator as well as just a dildo. I brought them round to show her.

"I'm going to use these two," I said with a smile.

She looked surprised, "I want your cock!"

I laughed, "Oh Katya darling, you are going to get my cock. I think there might be a tiny bit of DPP and DAP!"

"Oh god," was all she managed as I moved away behind her. Holding her by the calves I eased her back along the table so her cunt was at the edge. I'm quite tall so it was in a perfect position for fucking. For her arsehole, slightly higher of course, I might have to stand on tiptoe – a small price to pay for entering her like this.

The first thing to do was remove her panties. I reached for the scissors on the side then walked round in front and showed them to her. Her eyes widened as I ran the tip over her shoulders then down her back. I heard a sharp intake of breath as I pushed harder over her arse cheeks and down to the back of her legs. He was close then because I felt the intense need to cut her, hurt her, and it was so, so difficult to control. I realised just then how dangerous this kind of play could be for me, and for my partner, so I never did this again – well not without anyone else present.

I stopped for a moment and took a deep breath. He was never 'really' there, just a presence trying to control, to coerce. I fought the desire and it diminished. The trouble was that my cock was so hard now as the images of pain and torture filled my mind, that it was difficult to regain the feeling of enjoyment at giving her pleasure. So I walked round in front of her again and knelt.

She must have realised that something had happened because she looked really scared now, eyes focussed on the scissors in my hand. I took a deep breath and smiled, "Sorry love – need a moment to get control. Fuck Katya you are so . . . so fucking unbelievably sexy like this it's almost impossible to control myself."

"What? What do you mean?"

Another deep breath. "I'll tell you afterwards love," I smiled, "back to the task in hand. I need to get rid of those panties!"

"Mmm," she murmured seemingly happy now.

I moved back and lightly stroked the scissors over her bottom cheeks then slid one blade under on side of the panties and snipped. Not much material to get through so soon done. Then I did the other side and eased them off. What a sight! The cheeks of her arse were pushed together so her anus was not visible like this but her cunt was completely open, lips pulled apart.

I stoked her back and right down over her over her bottom cheeks and down the backs of her legs. Then longer on her bottom, caressing, squeezing, stroking. Katya seemed to be enjoying this from the low moans emanating from the other end of the table. After a while I knelt down and began using my mouth to pleasure her. First kissing and licking the inside of her legs right up to her cunt. Of course she couldn't move at all. She told me afterwards how sexy this was. I couldn't resist her cunt for much longer so teased the outer lips with my tongue before probing deeper. As she was so open in this position it was easy to get right inside and coat her passage with saliva. She tasted great as she began to secrete her female juices. A few minutes of this then I moved down to her clitoris, proud now as she became even more aroused, and gently nipped it in my lips.

"Oh god, fuck! Oh you bastard! Do that, shit, do that some more." So I did, harder this time, and then using my teeth. A shudder rocked her body and her juices flowed strongly covering my face – not that I minded.

Time now to move on to her arse. Still kneeling I began to knead the cheeks of her arse more firmly, occasionally opening them to expose the valley containing her delightfully, and still tight, arsehole. My tongue had been there several times before and, as she was always completely clean and professional before anal sex, even in her private life, it was a pleasure. And it was going to be a pleasure just now, more intense because of the situation.

I started at the base of her spine, running my tongue down the valley and forcing her cheeks apart. I caught the faint taste of the lube she used in preparing her arse for the coming 'assault'; strawberry I thought. This was a good sign she would suck my cock after the sodomy and I must admit I do love ATM – there's something completely filthy about a woman doing that after my cock has been deep in her arse! A while of doing this, tonguing down the valley then I used my thumbs to part the cheeks fully, pulling them completely apart and exposing her now slightly stretched anus. I licked back and forth over the forbidden entrance savouring her complete helplessness. Her total inability to prevent me from doing virtually anything I wanted to her. Luckily for us both, I only wanted to give her pleasure – and me of course!

Now I concentrated on her arsehole, rimming the muscle and teasing it loose. Katya was a 'pro' so she was soon able to take my probing tongue inside allowing me to lick the walls just inside her rectum. No, not disgusting, perfectly enjoyable and safe if properly prepared. I know, believe me, that anal sex can be dangerous, dirty, and completely un-enjoyable but only if the recipient is not ready for it. Katya was ready, willing, and enjoying my tongue. I knew that because her sphincter was trying to trap it there!

I was enjoying this but time to move on, involve Katya in the next move. I stood and, walking round to her head, showed her the two dildoes again. "Which one where sweetheart?" I asked with a smile.

She raised her eyebrows, "No cock?"

"Oh, you get cock and one of these. You get one of these in your cunt and one in your arse. Then you get my cock in your cunt with one of these, then you get my cock in your arse with one of these. Then, when I've fucked your arse for a while, you get a very large dose of cum deep in your bowels. How does that sound?"

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