tagIllustratedKaty's Reluctant New Look Ch. 02

Katy's Reluctant New Look Ch. 02


Katy, the heroine of the story, is a fun, sexy and flirtatious young woman who is overly concerned about her own, and her husband's, status as an up and coming conservative couple in their community. Yes, she is very impressed with herself; but in an innocent and very likeable way! Katy is caught in a dilemma....She wants to present a respectable image, but she is naturally flirtatious and playful....What to do? I hope you enjoy the story as she works her way through her competing urges each time her husband puts her into an uncomfortable situation!

I want to thank Cheryl and Bob (H-C Studio) for their artwork! They are incredible at providing photos to match the plotline of the stories! Cheryl seems to be a natural at playing 'Katy'!


I can't describe how much I regretted letting Jake get away with his little prank. As I drove home I found myself getting more and more upset and by the time I arrived I was so upset with him that I thought about not letting him make love to me!

I was determined to give him a piece of my mind! When he arrived home I brought him a martini; stood in front of him with one hand on my hip; the other one wagging a finger at him and proceeded to let him know exactly how I felt. "I'm not your little trollop, to show off to your buddies, Jake Rogers! I'm a proper lady, well thought of in our community and .....Whoa!"

He pulled me over his knee and gave me three firm spanks on my bottom!

"Yeow! Jaaake...That hurts!" I squealed and kicked my feet like a little schoolgirl! He loves it when I do that! Jake always knows when to take charge and I just love it when he gives me a spanking to let me know who is boss! Afterward, we made love and Jake fucked me hard and long, just like I want it.

"My goodness! That was nice!" I said afterward. "But I'm still made at you! Do I need to remind you that we have an image to protect? Proper ladies do not find themselves prancing about a racquetball court showing off their body in a see-thru outfit!"

"Relax, Sweety! It wasn't that big of a deal," he said.

"Not a big deal?" I said incredulously as my temper began rising. "It's not a big deal when your best friends see your wife's....your wife's....boobs and pussy?" I asked bluntly.

It was kind of hard to force tears, but I managed to get a few to roll down my cheeks. Jake held me tight and apologized again. "I'm sorry, baby. I love you and I promise not to do it again."

I just melt in his arms when he holds me tight and tells me how much he loves me. I let him know how much I loved him too! And, I emphasized how important our image is in the community. We're an up and coming conservative couple. The way we present ourselves and act in public is very important and these little games of 'Showing Off My Sexy Wife' could ruin everything we've worked for.

"Good gracious, darling! I'll dress any way you want in the privacy of our home. I'll be your nasty little wife in the bedroom. But, I'm a respectable lady, and respectable women don't flaunt themselves in public."

Two months have passed since our talk and everything seems to have returned to normal. The holidays are fast approaching and the weather here in Dallas is turning cold. I just love fall and winter because I can wear all of the pretty outfits that have been in my closet all summer!

Jake surprised me with an announcement at breakfast. "Katy, you and I are going shopping today. We'll leave the kids with a sitter all day. We can have a nice lunch together, maybe dinner too and I'll buy you all the outfits we can fit in the car!"

I told him how thoughtful that he was and how much I'd enjoy it! "But, we've a scheduled luncheon to attend at the country club," I reminded him.

"Cancel out, Katy. We're going to have some fun today! Just you and me!"

Well, it's a bright, sunny day; perfect for shopping! So, I called up Amber to let her know we wouldn't make it to the luncheon and arranged a neighborhood teenager to watch the kids.

As we waited for the sitter to arrive I showered and dressed for the day in a pair of sexy jeans and wedge sandals. I wore a pretty top that was sexy but not too revealing. I'm trying my best to dress the way Jake wants but I can't relax my standards too much just to please him! Jake wore his jeans and a pullover golf shirt. This was going to be so much fun!

We spent the entire day shopping, only taking a break for a late lunch where we both agreed to go to more of my favorite stores and even have dinner out before heading home. The day had been so fun that against my better judgment, I let him buy me two rather risqué' dresses. But, only after he agreed they were for the privacy of our home and not for me to wear in public.

I have to admit; they were both very beautiful. One was a classic Little Black Dress. The other was a slinky little blue number that wrapped around and tied in the back. Both were very sexy and definitely not for public consumption!

During dinner, Jake suggested we take my pretty dresses into SOL, a trendy lingerie boutique, and pick out some delicates to match them. "What an exciting idea!" I told him, agreeing wholeheartedly and suggested we leave right away as they close in an hour. SOL was only a few blocks away so I had the chance to shop for almost a full hour.

Trendy was the right description the boutique. They served us wine while we shopped and they made sure Jake was comfortable in the modeling area set up next to the dressing rooms. They even had a stripper's pole! "Hmmph! You can just forget that!" I told Jake knowing his imagination was beginning to run wild as he stared at it. "I know what you're thinking, Jake Rogers! I'm not about to!"

Fifteen minutes before closing, I walked out of the store with lingerie for each of the dresses Jake had bought me earlier in the day. I looked at him, arms full of packages and smiled brightly! "I love you, Jake," I told him and lifted onto my toes to give him a kiss.

"Hey guys!" Larry yelled from a few feet away.

Imagine my surprise at seeing Larry and Phil as we walked out of the lingerie shop. Uugh! What a bad way to end a perfect day.

"Looks like you two have been busy!" Larry added.

Much to my displeasure, Jake went on and on telling them all about how we had spent the day buying dresses and shoes. I thought he went too far when he then told them how much fun it was to help me select lingerie. I lifted my eyebrows up and to the left, giving him that "stop it" look, but it didn't seem to faze him! He didn't even flinch when I kicked him in the shin!

Larry and Phil commiserated with Jake about how hard it was to choose what to buy their wives for holiday gifts. I felt bad for them and I especially felt bad for my girlfriends, Nicole and Amber. After all, it's not like they have a husband like Jake that is so thoughtful and attentive! I don't mean to say they aren't great guys. They are! And, we're all best of friends. We hang out together all of the time. It's just that they're not Jake! They aren't even close.

Phil chimed in how much he would love to buy a dress or some other sexy outfit for Amber, and Larry added that he'd like to do the same for Nicole.

"Then just go shopping for them and don't be afraid to take some chances on what you buy them," I suggested as I proudly held all the packages Jake had let me acquire during the day.

"I'd probably pick out something that made her look like an old hag," Larry responded and Phil agreed.

That's when Jake suggested we go back into the boutique and show them what we'd bought that day. "Just to give them some ideas!" he assured me.

I wasn't at all sure that was a good idea. It was a lingerie shop, after all. And, what would my girlfriends think? It seemed a bit awkward and I gently let Jake know how I felt about it; while trying my best not to offend Phil and Larry.

Well, Jake had made up his mind and wasn't going to change it. So, he held the front door for me as I scurried rather reluctantly back into the boutique and tried in vain one last time to dissuade him by reminding him it was about to close.

"Nonsense, they'll stay open for us," he replied and followed Phil and Larry into what was soon to become my "Little Shop of Humiliations!"

Jake led us to the back of the shop where the modeling area was located beyond the checkout counter and well out of view from the front windows. Phil and Larry made themselves comfortable, sitting in comfortable chairs; surrounded by sexy lingerie and looking ahead, across the coffee table at me as I hung my dresses on the hooks that were placed on the wall on either side of the dressing room door; a door with only widely spaced downward tilted slats to restrict the view behind it.

I pulled the plastic bag off the first dress, and then the second, as I instructed them on the art of choosing clothes for their wives. I felt sorry for them, and my girlfriends to, as they didn't seem to have a clue of what Nicole and Amber would like. Jake suggested I put the matching shoes under each dress to help; which I did.

Then, he suggested I hang the matching lingerie beside each dress so that his buddies could get an idea of what a complete package would look like. I wasn't happy to hear this; as Larry and Phil already had a habit of flirting too much with me when we all got together for cookouts and pool parties. I wasn't very keen on the thought of them seeing the lingerie I had intended for only Jake to see.

But, I felt sorry for them and agreed to let them see my delicates. "Besides, every girl knows that how good you look in a dress starts with what's under that dress!" I cheerfully said.

I was nervously pulling my lacy delicates from their packages; anticipating one of those wide-eyed reactions from the boys, when the rather dowdy looking store manager walked up and advised us the boutique was closing. Being the smart girl that I am, I saw this as an opening I could take advantage of and let Jake know that it was getting late in the day and wasn't it time we be getting home.

"Nonsense, Katy!" he answered. "It won't take us long and the guys need your help."

Well! I gritted my teeth but didn't say a word as he walked the manager back to the checkout counter. I saw him hand her a few bills and they must have been Grants or Franklins because she locked the front door on her way out, saying she'll be back in an hour; leaving me all alone with my husband and his two lecherous buddies!

Larry asked if he could feel the lingerie and of course I told him "No, thank you. I don't think that would be appropriate. If you want to touch, it's on display on the rack just over there."

Larry was busy fumbling through the lingerie on the rack and Phil was still sitting comfortably in his chair when Jake suggested I model my dresses for them. My eyes opened wide as my jaw dropped toward my chest when I heard his suggestion.

"Jake! That would probably not be a good idea," I said incredulously, nervously wondering what Jake was up to.

Jake countered with reminding me that I was a model during our years in college and I'd entered several beauty pageants. "What's the difference, Sweetheart?"

Larry had heard Jake's suggestion and as he walked up I explained to Jake very forcefully that there was a big difference! "My girlfriends would not approve! That's only one of the differences. There are lots more!" I said with my voice rising at the end.

"Katy, that's silly. It's only Phil and Larry. Besides, they need your help in order to figure out what to buy Amber and Nicole. Hell, you'd be doing your girlfriends a favor. But, if you'd rather be selfish....." He didn't finish his sentence; choosing to let it sink in for a moment.

Jake had maneuvered me into a corner and I was more than a little bit upset about it. He knew I didn't want my girlfriend's husbands to see me in the dresses I had assumed he bought for his eyes only. But, I wanted to help them out. And, if modeling these outfits for Phil and Larry would help out my girlfriends then I shouldn't be selfish about it.

I made eye contact with Phil first and then Larry. "Promise me you won't say a thing about it?" I asked them. "Jake bought these dresses for me to wear only at home. I'll do it if it's going to help. But, keep it to yourselves. Okay, guys?"

Both of them agreed to keep quiet about it and assured me several times that Jake and I could trust them. They aren't bad guys and I felt sure they would keep their word. Besides, if they didn't then they would have to answer to Jake. And, he wasn't the type of man they wanted to mess with.

Off into the dressing room I pranced...A day's worth of shopping in my hands!

I was more than a little embarrassed when my body began reacting to undressing with only a thin door protecting me from the lecherous gazes of Phil and Larry. How's a girl's body supposed to react to undressing so close to three good looking men? The dressing room door was short enough that my legs were visible below my knees and if I reached up on the balls of my feet I could look over the top. What I didn't know was that since they were sitting well back in the cushioned chairs they had a of view of the dressing room between the downward angled slats and could see small slices of my body as I undressed! If I'd known, I would never have agreed to this idea. At the very least, I would have turned off the light in the dressing room.

"Damn, Jake!" Phil said softly so I couldn't hear. "It's just like that scene from 9 1/2 Weeks when Kim Basinger is stripping behind the miniblinds. This is awesome!"

Jake agreed and a smile curled onto each of their faces as they watched me undress; exposing my breasts to them before wiggling into my sexy black dress. Thank goodness I was wearing a pair of black panties! I'm sure they enjoyed it immensely when I sat onto the bench and slid my thigh highs up my legs and slipped on my thin stiletto heels. I popped open the door to three admiring men and sashayed about in front of them, doing a few twirls on the stripper pole and letting my dress float high on my legs as I spun around.

I was getting lost in the moment and hearing them compliment me as though I were an erotic dancer was making me hot and I didn't even notice my nipples harden like little pencil erasers and poke out of the thin silk fabric. I don't know what got into me! This was completely out of character, enjoying this kind of lurid attention.

Several times they got a full look up my skirt as I spun around the pole, forcing naughty thoughts to rush through my head as they craned their necks to see more of me! "Oh my god!" I said to myself and my face flushed red!

My nipples were still hard as little rocks when I reentered the dressing room to change. My mind was awhirl with excitement and my judgment wasn't as sharp as it should have been as I took off my little black dress. I still wasn't aware of my exposure, thinking I was safe behind the door. But, I wasn't; and the three of them watched me naked except for my panties and stockings as I slid my sexy red dress over my shoulders. I debated for a moment whether to keep my black stockings on or take them off. Deciding on the latter, I spent some time slowly rolling them off my legs and carefully placing them back into the package. I noticed some moisture on my panties from my excitement; and decided to take them off as well because I wanted to keep them nice and clean for when we got home. I didn't know I was unintentionally letting them see my pussy!

I was so excited to be modeling again and it took my mind back to our days in college when Jake was the sports hero and I was modeling to make a little extra money on the side and I smiled as I thought of it. Jake has always told me how beautiful my body is, how my beautiful face, perfect breasts, and long lean legs are the envy of all of my girlfriends. We have such a perfect marriage! He will always be my hero!

I'm quite sure I looked very sexy as I opened the door for a second time to show the men my outfit which consisted of the short, skimpy blue wrap-dress and a pair of peek-toe pumps. The dress clung to every curve I had and the men didn't waste any time letting me know how much they liked it. I'm not proud of it, but I admit to camping it up for them and acting rather risqué' without them even prompting me. After all, I was doing this for my best girlfriend's benefit. I wanted their husbands to get a very good idea of what type of dress they should look to buy them. If I had to show some extra flair in order to inspire them, then so be it!

Besides, nothing at all had really happened, had it? I was just modeling a couple of outfits for the boys. "Grow up Katy," I told myself. Jake is always urging me to relax and enjoy myself. So just relax....and enjoy it! Well, I did just that and might have relaxed a bit too much for a respectable woman.

I think I remember Phil asking me to pull my dress up, saying something to the effect of, "Beautiful, Katy. That's it; now pull it up a little more so we can see your pussy!" Oh my goodness! I wasn't about to do that but I did give them a show of my legs, stopping only an inch below my pussy and prancing about in front of them. I watched as they both stared at my legs, only averting my eyes when Larry looked up at my face. Phil wouldn't stop encouraging me; asking me to pull it up "just a little more." God, this is fantastic, I thought even though my legs were on display for Jake's friends to see.

For a sexy effect, I stepped my stiletto heel up onto the coffee table. I must have been really caught up in the moment, because as I set my foot onto the tabletop my red dress fell open to my waist. "Oh my!" I worriedly said as I reached to pull my dress closed. It was only open for a second but without any panties to cover me I'm sure Larry and Phil each got a glimpse of my pussy. I was so embarrassed; but titillated at the same time; and my excitement of them seeing me only added to my embarrassment!

"Well, that's the end of that," I said to myself as I regained my moral compass and hurried back into the dressing room to change. Jake was concerned for me and let me know it wasn't a big deal. "Don't worry about it, Katy" he said to assuage my feelings. "It's only Larry and Phil."

As I was taking my dress off, Jake looked over the door. "Come back out for us," he said rather matter-of-factly.

I gulped and asked him incredulously, "In my lingerie?"

"Sure, Sweetheart! Show Larry and Phil how sexy their wives could look if they bought them lingerie."

"I....uhmmm....do ahh..." I stammered for a reply with my pussy still on fire from the boy's comments. I really wanted to show them how attractive I was in my boy shorts and top….but, it wouldn't be right.

Phil broke in before I could form a sentence. "Don't worry, Katy. We both promise not to say a word to anyone. You'd be doing us a favor."

And, Jake added his endorsement. "It's only Phil and Larry. They've seen you in a bikini. Come on, Sweetheart. Don't be a spoiled-sport."

As I continued to voice my displeasure with Jake's suggestion he interrupted me. "Don't forget the heels Katy."

"I ahh...I suppose uhmm...I guess I could do it for just a moment," I answered with a lump in my throat.

"That's a good girl," Jake replied.

"Awesome, Katy!" Larry added.

By the time I swung open the door my heart was racing in my chest. I was so nervous and excited and very apprehensive at the same time. I knew my girlfriends wouldn't approve of their husbands seeing me in my lingerie. But, I was only going to show them for a minute or two and then get dressed again. Besides, I knew Jake wasn't going to take no for an answer. So, I decided to strike a sexy S-shaped pose in the doorway; do a quick runway walk in front of them; maybe spin around the pole a couple of times, and that would be it!

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