tagHumor & SatireKaty's Reluctant New Look Ch. 05

Katy's Reluctant New Look Ch. 05


In this chapter our heroine, Katy, attends a conservative political fundraiser with her husband. As you know by now from reading the previous four chapters, he enjoys getting her into compromising situations. Well, the fundraiser is the perfect opportunity for shenanigans!

BTW, I struggled with how to categorize this story. It's meant to be lighthearted and fun. So, this seems to be a good category for it! Hope you enjoy!!

It had been a week to the day since the interview with Der Spiegel and I was still feeling embarrassed about my shameless teasing of Mr. Amiri. I wouldn't have done it if it hadn't been for Jake's constant pressuring. My goodness, it was all he could talk about from the time Mr. Amiri approached him for the interview.

I just can't believe I was so naughty. All I intended to do was dance in front of him. Jake had the strippers pole installed the weekend before and he was dying to see me twirl myself around it so I thought a bit of harmless dancing would be okay.

I know a lady shouldn't lose control of her emotions, but I couldn't help it. Once I knew how much Marc was enjoying my dancing, I didn't want to stop. I couldn't stop.

And, the things I said! Oh, my goodness! I didn't plan on talking dirty like that. I just meant to say a few flirtatious things about how much he would like it if I played with him. Before I knew it, I was teasing him with phrases such as "You'd love to cum on my pretty face" and once I got started I couldn't seem to stop.

Oh my goodness! My lips came within an inch of his big cock's head before I finally stopped myself. I could feel the heat radiating off his staff and it took all of my effort to pull away. I was so mad at Jake afterward. Sometimes he can be so demanding. But, that's part of why I love him! As for Marc Amiri; He should be happy that I went as far as I did.

To tell the truth, I hope I'm never put in that situation again. I don't know how I'd react. I'm just thankful that it's over and a week has passed and today's my birthday.

"Oh, Darling! You shouldn't have!" I said to Jake as he surprised me with a gift. Jake never forgets my birthday and he always buys me something I love. This time it's a wonderful dark gray business suit!

"Jake, I love you!" I told him excitedly. "You know how much I wanted this! I'll wear it to the Conservative Political Action Committee dinner tomorrow night."

"Try it on, Katy. Let's see how a thousand dollar women's suit looks on my beauty queen."

Jake makes my heart melt every time he calls me that. We were high school sweethearts, homecoming king and queen, and now married with beautiful children! Jake calls me his beauty queen because I competed in a few Miss Texas pageants when we were in college.

I have to admit I get quite a few looks when I'm out and about. I suppose it's my long dark hair and slender legs. Having a nice cleavage and a pretty face probably helps too. It certainly feels good to turn heads as I walk through a room.

As I walked to the bedroom to try on my new suit I thought of how happy I was that Jake didn't buy me anything risqué' or revealing. "Buying me this suit is a nice change for you Jake," I said under my breath as I looked into the bedroom mirror, turning this way and that, to admire my look.

"Much better," I said. For the past year, the only clothes Jake has been bringing home for me are very inappropriate for our image! Short miniskirts, tight low-on-the-hip pants and revealing tops. It's been awful! He seems to want me to dress like a hooker. That's why I'm so glad to open my present and it not be another 'Show Off My Sexy Wife' outfit. He probably got it all out of his system with the interview hijinks he pulled last week.

"I've got my old Jake back!" I said with pride as I slid into the pants. The suit came with a pair of pants and a skirt. A nice women's suit often has both, but I chose the pants because the skirt was a little too short for me. Jake must have given the tailor the wrong measurements because it's hemline is seven inches above my knees! But, the pants fit perfectly; even in the high-heels that came with it!

"Va-va-voom!" Jake said upon seeing me walking into the living room. "Baby, you're beautiful!"

"Why, thank you kind sir. I do try!" I said teasingly and gave him an 'Aw Shucks' pose. "I wish I'd had it for the Der Spiegel interview last week."

The suit really was a nice look on me. The jacket was short, ending just below my waist and covering up the top of my pants. The blouse was made of expensive silk. It was a short, button up blouse that was semi-transparent. "Not to worry," I thought. I'll just wear a camisole underneath to cover my bra.

"You look great in the high-heels! They show off your pretty legs and ass," Jake told me.

"Jake! Don't be silly! I don't care one bit about showing off my legs and behind. If that's what you think, then I'll just wear flats with it."

I was surprised when Jake didn't respond. I expected him to pull me over his knee and give me a nice, firm spanking. That's what he usually does whenever I'm not letting him get his way. He knows how much I love a firm spanking to put me in the right frame of mind.

I kinda tilted my head just a bit, and waited for the response that never came. "Well, well," I thought. My old Jake really is back. What a breath of fresh air! Does this mean he is done with his little episodes of wanting to show me off?

"How'd the skirt fit, Katy?"

"Oh, just wonderful, dear. It's not too tight and not to baggy! Just a bit too short. I'll have it tailored next week."

"No. Don't do that. It's just the way I want it. You can wear it to the County Club tomorrow for the PAC dinner," he said. "And, I expect you to wear garters and stockings instead of those pantyhose."

I quickly explained to Jake how inappropriate it would be for me to wear the skirt to the dinner. "It's too short, honey. All the top conservative political players will be there," I told him. "Including Bob Townes and Senator Hastings. You don't want me dressed inappropriately in front of the President of your brokerage do you?"

"Katy, it's only a short skirt. Oh, and make sure your bra and panties are skimpy and see-thru."

"Hmmph!" I snarled. Then, pivoted on my toes and marched to the bedroom to change. So much for having my old Jake back.

I was still mad at him the next afternoon as I shopped for matching lingerie at Victoria's Secret. "Just who does he think he is," I whispered through clenched teeth as I held my selection of bra, panty and garters at arm's length to admire them.

"Will this be all?" the pretty brunette sales assistant asked.

"Black, lacy and sheer! You're husband will love you in these," she added. "Ma'am, do you need stockings to go with the garters?"

"Oh, silly me! Yes, please. You're best quality stockings!"

She selected a pair from the drawer and wondered aloud if they would fit. Looking at my long skirt she gave me a questioning look.

"I'm sure they'll be fine. That's the size I normally buy," I assured her.

"Yes, but these are a new style. Please, can I convince you to try them on?" She motioned toward the changing room and walked away carrying my stockings.

"Well, crap!" I whispered, I wasn't in the best of moods and I was thinking she was a pushy little hussy to assume I would simply follow her. I wasn't really made at her. I was mad at Jake for making me wear clothes that were not appropriate for a conservative woman.

What else could I do but indulge her? She poked her head back around the corner, seemingly impatient with me as I lagged behind.

"Coming!" I said aloud, forcing a cheerful smile.

As I entered the changing room I met her outstretched arm with the stockings in hand. I forced another smile and a thank you as I accepted them, knowing full well they would fit perfectly, and feeling a bit frustrated at having to go through a useless exercise. I rolled them up my legs while she waited outside the curtain. I was certainly caught by surprise when I discovered they didn't fit well at all. "My Goodness!" I exclaimed.

The next thing I knew, my pretty sales assistant was poking her head thru the curtains, looking up my legs! "Those don't fit well at all," she fussed. "Your legs are much to slender for them. I'll get a smaller size."

She was gone before I had time to stop her and returned with a smaller pair. Well, to my surprise she sat down on the bench beside me and began opening the package. "Let's be sure to connect them to your garters too. We want to make sure they fit properly."

I paused for a moment with the new pair in hand, hinting that it was time for her to leave. But, she didn't take the hint and seemed determined to stay and make small talk as I slid on the stockings, saying, "Ma'am, did I tell you how pretty you are? I hope one day I'm as pretty as you!"

I've had just about enough of this, I thought. So I decided to do something about it. "What's your name, young lady?" I asked somewhat sternly.

"Danielle," she answered. "And yours?"

"Well, uhmmm....Katy," I replied and shook her outstretched hand. I was about to tell her to stop calling me "ma'am" and that I'm thirty-four years old, not fifty! After that, I planned on telling her to kindly remove herself from my changing room!

Before I could get a word out she disarmed me with her kindness. "Nice to meet you, Katy! I hope you don't mind me helping! It's like, you're so pretty and all. I just want to make sure everything's perfect for you!"

My heavens! What can I say to that? I felt as though I had just met a nineteen-year old version of myself. I can't hurt this young girl's feelings just because I'm angry at Jake.

"You're so sweet!" I told her. "I'm just not used to anyone helping me try on my stockings!" I said, feeling better about my attitude. "You're very helpful, Danielle. Thank you!" I was obviously being too hard on this young woman. "Relax, Katy," I said to myself. Let her do her job.

I must admit to being taken aback when Danielle asked me to step out of my skirt. "Excuse me?" I asked quizzically.

"You know...so I can help you with the stockings," she answered.

"Oh, yes, of course," I replied. After my awkward double-take, I reluctantly stood. Just as I was coming to grips with my lack of privacy she spun me around and all in one motion she unzipped the back of my skirt and slid it off my hips!

With my skirt pooled around my feet, Danielle took my hand to balance me as I stepped out. Her hand was soft, warm and slender. I noticed her fingers were exactly the length of my own. "Such a sweet girl," I thought.

"And your panties too, Katy. We want to make sure your new ones fit properly."

As Danielle undressed me, the feeling of her warm hands clutching my hips and her fingers slipping under the bands of my underwear made my body shiver. I was uncomfortable being in this intimate situation with Danielle; but didn't want her to stop. A rush of doubt, anger and excitement swept through me. "Does she notice my goosebumps," I wondered, and held her hand as I stepped out of my panties.

Danielle held my new panties delicately between her thumbs and forefingers as I slipped my feet into them. She slowly pulled them up my calves, over my knees and up my thighs toward my hips; where her soft hands once again made contact with my flesh. The back of her fingers slid up the side of my legs, stretching open the waistband until it fit over my hips.

She tilted her head. "There," she said slowly, as if admiring the look of the panties on my body and she primped and tweaked at the waistband and crotch as she admired me; sending shivers up my spine as I felt her touch so close to my kitty.

I was so glad I had a bikini waxing done yesterday when she complimented me, "Ma'am, your little bush is so beautiful! It's like, perfectly trimmed and everything!"

With a pensive look on her face she continued primping my panties, brushing her fingers across my pussy as she straightened the fabric in front.

Danielle slipped her fingertips under the leg bands on the side of my hips and slid them forward, down the bands and toward my crotch, pretending to be adjusting the fit of the fabric on my legs; and as she reached my pussy they touched the outside of my labia.

Her tongue pushed out, between her lips and she licked them as she moved her fingers up my crotch and through my pubic hair, seemingly unable to resist exploring me, before a look of being caught with her hand in the cookie jar came across her face. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself!" she apologized.

I wondered if she could tell my pussy was tingling and wet. "My goodness! Danielle, you're so attentive! Don't apologize. And, thank you. I don't believe I've ever received a compliment on how pretty my bush is," I replied nervously while trying to figure out what was happening to my emotions.

"Next comes the garter belt," she said with a voice that had changed from cheerful to sultry.

I'm so lucky to have a nice firm behind and shapely legs because Danielle spent a lot of time fastening the garter belt and adjusting my panties.

Danielle then slowly rolled the stockings up my legs. At first, I kept telling myself that she was only doing her job. But, I gave up on the pretense when she slid her fingers under my panties for the second time, her knuckles brushing across my pussy lips, pulling them apart.

"Oooh! That tickles," I exclaimed and pushed up onto my tippy-toes as her fingers tickled against my clitoris.

"Sorry! I needed to make a small adjustment, ma'am," she said.

I was somewhat embarrassed to see the overhead light glistening off my pussy's moisture on the back of her fingers as she connected my stockings to the clasps of the garter belt.

"Step into your high-heels and let's take a look, Katy," Danielle suggested. "Perfect!" she added as I posed in my heels. "You're so beautiful."

"Thank you, Danielle."

"Oh, hold on. There's a loose strand of fabric sticking out of your panty. Please, sit down and let me get that for you."

"Don't worry about that, Danielle. You've been so helpful. I can cut it off at home." I said, but sat down just as she had asked on the bench beside her.

"Nonsense," she responded, lowering herself onto her knees in front of me, pushing against my knees and forcing them apart. The feeling of the inside of my legs touching the soft skin of her shoulders was electric. "I'll cut it free with my teeth. Won't take a second."

"Danielle! I, uhmm..Isn't this highly irregular? Oh, goodness. Mmmmm!" I went from a gentle protest to a gentle moan as she placed her mouth on the thin silk fabric covering my clitoris and sucked the loose strand into her mouth.

Obviously, no woman had ever been between my legs! I looked down to see her beautiful dark hair tickling my upper thighs. I unconsciously closed my legs until they held her shoulders. Her nose was against my bush and only the thin, silk fabric was separating her mouth from my clitoris as she struggled with the loose strand.

"Oohh, my, my! Danielle, did you get it?" I asked with my voice quivering. "Did you get that bothersome little strand?"

As she looked up to make eye contact she answered, "It's a bit more stubborn than I thought, Katy. Give me one more minute."

Danielle's lips kept tickling my clitoris as she tried to cut the strand with her teeth. She brought her hands up inside my legs and pushed them further apart; presumably, so she could better access the troublesome panty thread. I was becoming aroused, not even noticing my pussy flowing with moisture while she completed her task.

I'm sure I just imagined it. But, if I didn't know better I would swear she closed her lips around my clitty several times.

"There! I got it!" she exclaimed, and pulled the little strand from her mouth to show it to me.

Completely flustered, and disappointed she had finished, I properly thanked Danielle and stood to change.

"Oh no!" she blurted. "Katy, I've smudged lipstick on the front your panties! How foolish of me. I wanted everything to be perfect. Now, look what I've done."

"Nonsense! You've been so helpful. You are such a good saleslady," I kindly scolded her and added, "It will come out with little effort. Don't worry about a thing, Danielle!"

Not to be denied, Danielle dropped back to her knees, resting her buttocks on her heels. She quickly began rubbing at the lipstick. "I'll fix it," she replied. With her finger moving back and forth across my clit and pussy lips I began another low, embarrassing moan. She had me so sexually excited I could hardly stand it.

Without even thinking, I lifted my leg and placed my foot on the bench as she tickled my pussy. "Mmmmm, Danielle," I cooed. "Oh, my heavens! Take good care of that pesky lipstick smudge, dear."

"I think I have most of it, Katy. Let me get the inside too." Danielle slid her fingers under my panty and rubbed the inside to erase any possible lipstick. The back of her fingers were now in contact with my flesh, teasing my clitty. When her fingertips pushed out on the fabric her knuckles bent, and moved into my wet hole, spreading my pussy lips apart.

I tried without success to control myself. But, I was melting with lust. "Oh, my goodness! Not now!" I said and felt both embarrassed and fully aroused to be cumming in front of this pretty young woman. I couldn't stop myself. My body convulsed in an orgasm. "Ooooohhhh! Mmmmm, I can't take it anymore, Oooooohhhh!" I moaned aloud.

"You're so thorough and....Oh, god.....Your teasing has me so fucking hot.......Mmmmm, Danielle," I stammered, losing control of my thoughts and unable to stop my orgasm. All the while, running my fingers through her hair.

"Ooooh, noooo!" I moaned and tightened my leg muscles as my orgasm swept over my body.

"Thank you, ma'am. You've made me feel so good!" she responded from her knees as I finished.

"Well, certainly dear. And, I do so apologize for my baudy language," I told her.

I could hardly believe what had just happened! In fact, I am not sure it did happen. It's all such a blur to me now. I would never allow another woman to play with me like that. I wouldn't, and I'm quite sure I must have imagined it!

Danielle waited outside and within a few moments I had changed back into my long skirt and left the changing room. I found myself walking on wobbly legs toward the register. In a desperate attempt to regain my composure, I stopped to pick out several additional sets of lingerie and added an expensive dress to my purchase.

"Thank you so much for your assistance, Danielle!" I said, trying to forget the entire episode as she wrote her telephone number on her card and slipped it into one of my bags.

"You're very welcome, Katy! Call me anytime I can help!"

My pussy felt warm and tingly as I drove home. Weaving in and out of traffic, I complained aloud as I played tricks with my mind in an effort to regain my moral compass.

I looked into the rearview mirror and talking to myself I said, "I can't believe you want me to wear that short skirt to the dinner, Jake!" I added, "You have a modest and beautiful, conservative wife. You should be proud of our image and want to protect it!"

It took the entire drive home to settle down. Jake had left a message that he would be running late and I should be ready to go as soon as he got home. After the children arrived from school I gathered them up and took them to our sitter. Then, I began preparing for this very important evening with some very important conservative movers and shakers!

I thought of Danielle as I admired myself in the mirror, wearing my new lingerie. "You did a very nice job, young lady! I look marvelous in black and it all fits perfectly!" I wore the black lace push-up bra and matching lace panties. The panties were full back but completely sheer. The front was also sheer and my pussy was easily visible through the thin fabric. My garter belt matched and my stockings were black sheer.

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