Katy's Reluctant New Look Ch. 05


I knew Jake wouldn't want me to do it, but I slipped a thin white camisole over my bra. Otherwise, everyone would be able to see it through my blouse. "There, that'll show you who's boss!" I said.

I put on the skirt and admired it's fit. "Very nice!" I complimented myself. The skirt matched my jacket precisely. Charcoal gray pinstripes and a hemline that was short, but very well tailored. "It's beautiful," I added.

"And, no one is going to get a peek up this skirt if I'm careful," I assured myself as I pulled down on the hem. The skirt wasn't cut to fit tightly. Instead, it fit comfortably, but loosely across my hips and would flare out with every turn. When I stood, it covered the tops of my stockings and if I was careful sitting down it would cover them when I was seated. I finished my outfit with a pair of black 3 inch high-heel pumps.

I was feeling much more positive about my outfit as Jake drove us to the dinner. "I'm sorry, Jake," I told him as we pulled into the country club parking lot.

"Sorry? For what, Katy?"

"For being such a prude! This suit looks incredible with the skirt instead of the pants," I told him. I also confessed to feeling a bit naughty wearing the sexy lingerie underneath my conservative suit. "I'll just have to be careful when I sit down!" I cheerfully said.

"You'll do fine, honey. I've arranged for us to sit with Bob Townes and George Hastings."

"Oh, how wonderful! We'll be the center of attention, Jake. How much better can it get than sitting at a table with the president of your brokerage and the Senator of our great state of Texas, George Hastings." I told him as I walked around the back of the car.

"Just the way you like it, Katy," Jake said as he grabbed his briefcase from the back seat and shut the door to the car.

I gave my husband a quizzical look when I saw his briefcase.

Jake read my face and explained that he had volunteered me to present a 50-minute video on the upcoming campaign. He nodded toward the briefcase and said, "Brochures and CDs for the guests."

I gave him a soft punch in the shoulder and asked what else he had volunteered me for. He said something about tending a charity bar with the Senator. I smiled, satisfied in knowing I had finessed myself into an entire evening spent with the power brokers of the state.

The dinner was outstanding. I sat in-between Jake and George Hastings. Just as I suspected, our table was the center of the social scene, with guests introducing themselves to us throughout the meal.

Both the Senator, and Bob Townes, seemed to enjoy my company. They flirted with me as all men do. But, they did so in a tactful way; for which I was very appreciative.

My skirt rode up my legs a few times, but I managed to keep it covering my stocking tops. There might have been one or two times when Mr. Hastings caught a glimpse of my garter straps and stockings; but only for a moment. I was very impressed that he didn't stare. He chose to remain a gentleman even with his wife absent for the evening.

Truth be told, there might have been a couple of other times when I relaxed a bit too much and forgot to pull my skirt down. "A woman cannot possibly be on guard 100% of the time," I told myself.

After dinner Jake, Bob Townes, the Senator and myself made our way to the elevator. We were the last group to leave the dining hall. I was so pleased to be in the company of these powerful men! This is where I'm at my best! My image as a clear thinking, conservative woman pays dividends during these important functions.

"Just watch me in action upstairs introducing the campaign video," I whispered to Jake as we waited at the elevator doors.

"Such an elegant setting," I thought, as the doors slid open. The four men graciously allowed me to enter first.

"Thank you very mu......Oh My!" I knew something was wrong as I felt the back of my skirt rise up my legs.

Something had hold of the hem of my skirt! I turned sideways, looking back at Jake and made the situation worse. "Goodness, Dear," I said and felt cool air brush past the bare skin of my legs above my stockings.

A wardrobe malfunction is every girl's nightmare. Something sticking out of Jake's briefcase had somehow caught on the hem of my skirt. "Jake, your briefcase," I shrieked. I was mortified! Looking down, I could see my garter straps and stocking tops. And, if I could see them, the men could to.

All I could think to do was hurry into the elevator to hide myself. But when I took a step, the only thing I accomplished was to pull my skirt away from my hips, showing everyone my panties. Jake's briefcase was still hooked to my skirt, pulling it up and away from me, exposing me even further.

I panicked! Mistakenly thinking I could hide my exposure I instinctively lowered my hips and squatted down onto my heels. That only provided the men a better look. Now, they could see both my garter belt and panties.

I briefly looked down. "Oh, my god!" My pussy was showing through the transparent silk panty as I sat, looking helpless on my haunches below the control panel of the elevator.

"Oh, god no!" I said and stood up straight. This didn't help one bit. I couldn't get my skirt to cover myself because it was pulled tight around my waist by my husband's briefcase. Jake wasn't helping things at all and a thought crossed my mind that this little briefcase malfunction hadn't been an accident. I mean; how does a briefcase latch catch itself on a lady's skirt?

Jake bend over slightly and lifted the briefcase closer to his face so he could get a better look at the problem and successfully exposing me up to my waist. "What is it caught on?" he asked out loud.

"Just hurry!" I exclaimed through clenched teeth, while I pushed my skirt down with my left hand and held my right hand over my crotch to cover myself!

"Jake! You're pulling up my skirt! Stop that!" I shrieked.

"Katy! I'm just trying to get this loose," he replied with frustration.

I couldn't believe this was happening. Not this. Not my skirt lifted above my hips in front of these men.

I could see them leering at me. They had a nice clear view. "Why did I have to wear see-thru panties," I scolded myself.

"George, can you help me with this clasp?" Jake asked calmly, seemingly unfazed by the fact that his pretty wife was exposed from the waist down. After that, I somewhat accepted the situation, stopped struggling and stood patiently, pushing my skirt down but resigned to my humiliation.

There I stood, backed into the corner of the elevator, my skirt above my waist, pushing as much of it down my legs as possible and several important men leering at me. How embarrassing.

Mr. Hastings, ever the gentleman, was quick to help. He succeeded in freeing my skirt from that terrible suitcase clasp. But, the effort took an excruciatingly long time.

"I'm so embarrassed," I said to them.

"Don't worry your pretty little self, young lady," George Hastings said as the doors closed. "You look mighty sexy in those panties."

The ride up two floors took forever. Jake didn't make it any shorter; joking about the situation by carrying on about his "Hungry Briefcase" and "Victoria's Secret Lingerie Model Wife."

I spent the ride making sure my skirt was pulled down and attempting to regain my composure. It's not every day that a lady has three powerful men leering at her pussy. "Finally!" I whispered as the doors opened to the banquet room.

"I understand that we'll be tending bar together, Katy," Mr. Hastings said as we walked in. It felt good talk about something, anything, other than the embarrassing situation with Jake's 'hungry briefcase'.

The bar he was referring to was a charity fundraiser. All tips and profit went to the local orphanage. It was set up at the back of the room facing the tables and dance floor. The white screen for the campaign video was on the opposite wall.

"I hope we're a good team, Mr. Hastings," I answered, already feeling more comfortable after the episode a few minutes ago. I was anxious to get to work, and knowing that George Hastings was a gentleman sure helped my state of mind.

"Finally, all of my hard work is paying off," I told Jake as I pulled him to the side. "I don't stay this smart and pretty by accident, you know."

"You're right, Katy. You never disappoint me. Enjoy the attention tonight, Sweety. You deserve it." Jake gave me a kiss and an affectionate pat on my behind as I headed for the bar.

Jake made the rounds, doing the 'meet and greet' with the crowd. I went to work behind the bar with our current and future Senator. The bar was about six feet long and L-shaped, with the short end of the L against the wall. The level of the bar was surprisingly high, being even with the bottom of my ribcage.

After thirty minutes we'd raised quite a bit of money for charity. Everyone had purchased drinks and our tip jar was overflowing. The guests were grabbing their seats, preparing to watch the campaign video, leaving us an opportunity to talk.

"I'll have to leave for a few minutes to introduce the video, Mr. Hastings," I said.

"You're husband was right, Katy," he replied.

"Oh? What about?" I replied, hoping we were about to engage in a substantive conversation about the campaign issues.

"You're a very attractive woman in your lingerie. Your husband's description of you as a Victoria's Secret lingerie model is spot on."

I gulped hard and paused for a moment to make sure I heard him correctly. How do I respond to this, I thought nervously. Mr. Hastings has been a gentleman all evening and I'm sure he was giving me an innocent compliment. "Don't take unnecessary offense," I told myself and replied, "Why, uhmm....thank you, Senator Hastings. I'd better get to work. We need the video started."

"You're welcome, honey. Before you go, lift that cute skirt of yours and show me your ass again," he demanded quite nonchalantly as we both stood behind the bar, facing the guests.

I was outraged at his suggestion and told him quietly through clenched teeth that, "I will most certainly not lift my skirt. Furthermore, you had best count your lucky stars that I don't want to create a scene. Otherwise, I'd slap you!"

Unfortunately, he didn't seem fazed by my threat. "Katy, I've been very impressed with your husband's performance tonight. Don't spoil it for him," He said and let me know that if I didn't do as he suggested he would make sure Jake and I regretted it. "C'mon baby. You were showing me your stocking and garters all through dinner. And, you made sure I got a nice look at your pussy in the elevator. Stop your little righteous indignation act and lift up your skirt."

Jake was at the front of the room, about to introduce me. I was confused, and in such a tither that I didn't know what to do!

I decided that given the situation, discretion was the better part of valor. I kept my eyes fixed on Jake, placed both hands under my skirt and lifted it up to my waist. Thank goodness the bar covered my indiscretion. As my husband was introducing me over the loudspeaker, our Senator copped a nice feel of my behind and gave me one good hard spank.

"Thwaakk!" it sounded and caused me to jump forward. I hoped the clapping covered up the sound.

"Go get em, Katy," he said. "And hurry back afterwards."

My behind was stinging all through the introduction of the video. I dreaded the video starting up because I knew I was committed to returning to the Charity Bar with Senator Hastings. I had to go back because I'd cause a huge scene by refusing.

"I'll just make sure he minds his manners," I told myself as I reluctantly assumed my place beside him. It could be worse, I thought. At least George Hastings wasn't an ugly, repulsive man. Quite the contrary, he was tall, large man and in very good shape for a man of fifty. He was very distinguished looking with gray temples and chiseled features. He's quite handsome, I thought to myself. And, he certainly has big strong hands! My behind still tingled from the spank he had given me earlier.

"You were terrific out there, Katy," Mr. Hastings told me as he placed his big paw under my skirt and onto my slender behind.

"Thanks," I said rather timidly. "Now, please behave yourself. Let's not cause a scene." I pushed his hand away, but within a moment or two he put it back onto my bottom.

I pushed it away again, and again it returned. I tried to push it away again. But, I couldn't budge it. He was too strong for me and since I didn't want to bring attention to my situation, I quit trying.

"Hmmph!" I snorted to show my displeasure with him. I told him that he could leave his hand on my bottom as long as he cared to. "I'm not letting you get the better of me, Senator," I said.

Thankfully, he seemed satisfied just massaging my behind and playing with the back of my panties. This isn't too awful, I thought. I tried to keep a cheery attitude, convincing myself that a massage is not really crossing the line of proper decorum. Just to make sure everything stayed under control, I talked about the issues that were important to my Conservative Women's Voting League.

He seemed to give lip service to our conversation while he continued to fondle my behind. Just when I thought he might be settling down he ratcheted up his rambunctious behavior by pushing his big fingers under the top band of my underwear and pulled them off my bottom.

"Mr. Hastings," I whispered angrily, as I wiggled and squirmed, trying to pull up my panties and still look normal to the crowd watching the video.

"Oh, don't get yer panties in a wad, little darlin," he replied.

"Mr. Hastings! It's very difficult to maintain a lady-like, professional image while you're attempting to take liberties with me."

With a strong jerk of his hand, he pulled my panties further down; all the way to my stocking tops, bunching them up under my garter straps. I felt the air touching my pussy and thought of how embarrassing it was that this man's actions had caused my pussy to moisten.

"Please, sir! Keep your hands to yourself and.....Ooohh!" I moaned as his hand reached under my behind and he pushed his thumb into my wet hole. "Whoa, Senator!" I whispered and wiggled my hips on his large thumb. It's a natural reaction to the teasing he had given me.

"Spread your legs for me," he instructed.

What was I to do?! My pussy was on fire! "Ooohhh my!" I moaned and asked myself what have I gotten myself in to?

"Just relax and enjoy yourself, little missy. Nobody'll notice a thing. They're all busy watching the campaign video. Besides, they're not about to show any disrespect to me by leaving their seat."

I could hear him unzip his pants. I reached down to stop him. But, he grabbed my hand and forcibly placed it on his penis. A quick rush of air escaped my lips when I touched him.

"No," I told him. "You can't do this, sir." I was telling him no, but my pussy was sopping wet.

"I'm not asking your permission, Katy. I'll only tell you one last time. Relax and enjoy it."

Our current and future Senator was now fingering me in front of 200 guests and my hand was wrapped around his cock. "Oh, my goodness," I whispered as his fingers sloppily stroked in and out until my juices were all over my crotch and the inside of my thighs.

"Please, just don't let anyone see us," I pleaded with my hand massaging him. "I...I don't think I could stand to have someone see us."

"Just keep looking out on our guests and act normally. They'll never know."

I tried to do exactly as he instructed. I kept smiling and watching the campaign video. But, it was sooo hard to do. He was finger-fucking my pussy just the way I like it. He closed two of his fingers together and fucked me hard with them. Then, he tickled and pinched my clitty while one of his fingers massaged my G-spot.

"You sure know how to finger a girl, Senator," I said with my voice cracking slightly as I balanced one hand on the bar and began enjoying the attention he was giving me.

I spread my feet wide apart to give him more of myself. Then, I stroked his cock harder and faster as my body began an early orgasm. I hope none of the guests saw me look upward and moan!

"Do you realize how difficult it is to be lady-like under these circumstances?" I asked him as my body tingled.

George Hastings assured me that I was doing just fine. "I think your husband is convinced. Look at him," he said.

Across the room, Jake was giving me a smile and thumbs up sign. "Hmmm...Is that thumbs up for the video or a thumbs up for being fingered to an orgasm by our Senator?" I asked coyly.

"Perhaps it's for the job your pretty mouth is going to do on my cock, little missy," Mr. Hastings answered while I attempted to pull up my panties with my free hand.

"Leave them down, Katy," he demanded and gave me another hard spank on my behind. "Thwaack!"

"Ouch! Senator Hastings!" I scolded him again; this time through smiling lips.

My emotions were all over the place. I didn't know if I wanted more of the Senator's attention, or my husband to rescue me. A tear welled up in my eye as Jake turned to watch the screen for the remaining ten minutes.

"What? No white knight to save you, Katy?"

I sniffled a bit and explained to him that if Jake caught on to what was going on he would beat him senseless. "Senator or not, my husband would pummel you, sir."

"Then, for his own protection you had best not let him catch on. The room is full of 200 witnesses and all of them either owe me a favor or want to impress me. If he tries anything, I'll ruin him. Keep that in mind as you suck my cock, young lady."

I felt like a little schoolgirl in the principal's office; Helpless and powerless, but desperate to please him! I squatted down and took him into my mouth.

"That's it, Katy. Sit back and enjoy this big cock of mine," he said vulgarly.

What's a lady to do? I wasn't about to tell him my little secret. I loved the thought of sucking a powerful man's cock. Ever since the interview with Marc Amiri it was all I had thought about. But, I wasn't about to let the Senator know it.

I pulled his balls out of his underwear. As his cock hardened in my hand I turned my head, moved my mouth onto his balls, and licked them clean of the day's musty sweat. "Mmmmm," I moaned a my tongue licked slowly up his shaft and circled the head of his cock.

I could see precum oozing out as I closed my mouth on him and sucked in my cheeks. "Nice cock," I said after backing away; stroking him with one hand and massaging his balls with the other.

"Gimme a double scotch, Senator," was the voice I heard from the front of the bar!

I immediately tried to pull away, but Senator Hastings's strong right hand was on the back of my head; and he pulled me back onto his hard tool and started fucking my mouth.

"You bet, Bob. A double scotch it is," George Hastings replied, poured the drink with his free hand and held my head on his staff with the other. "How's the evening going, Bob?"

Oh, my word! It's Jake's boss, Bob Townes. Will my humiliation never end? Maybe he won't see me, I hoped.

"Not quite as good as yours, George," Bob Townes answered and they both laughed. He leaned over the bar and added, "Looks like Katy is taking good care of you, Senator."

My heart sank as they talked about me while I sucked off the Senator's cock. Will he tell Jake? Will he tell everyone? Thoughts of running away ran through my mind while my head was bobbing on Senator Hastings.

I had to do something. I knew I couldn't let him leave without an explanation. So, I jerked my head back and freed myself from the Senator's grasp.

"Bob, this isn't at all how it appears," I said. "It's....It's.....Oh, Bob...Please, don't tell anyone. Please!" The Senator nudged my head back toward his erection. I crave being manhandled like this and I eagerly went back to work on his cock, awaiting a reply from Bob Townes.

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