Kay & David


"Oh yes Kay!" David cried out and plunged his hands into her silky tresses, "Oh suck my cock Baby."

Kay grew even wetter at David's words; it turned her on when he told her what to do. She grasped his cock more firmly and stroked it faster, bobbing her head up and down with the rhythm of her fist. Kay took David's cock from the warmth of her mouth and bathed it with her tongue, licking every square inch. She slid her tongue down the shaft, snaked it around the base, and then went even lower. She flicked her tongue over his balls and gingerly drew them between her lips. She sucked on them with the utmost delicacy and continued to jerk David off. The yielding flesh of David's balls rolled easily in her mouth and she studied ever nuance of them with her tongue. Kay then slipped them slowly out of her mouth and traced her way back up his dick with her lips. She delighted in the contrast of going from David's soft balls to his hard cock. It seemed to Kay that everything about David was a contrast and she wondered if this was possibly what turned her on about him most of all. She released his cock from her fist so that she could take as much of him in her mouth as she could. She made it all the way to just an inch before the base. Kay could hear David's groans, but they seemed far off to her for she was concentrating wholly on his cock. Her tongue continued to swirl around him as she sucked gently. She reached down and massaged his balls tenderly, with her other hand she lightly stroked his thigh. David's cock tensed and Kay could tell he was about to come. She was so lost in the moment herself that Kay moaned involuntarily and her moan reverberated off of David's dick. That sent him over the edge and David came down her throat, fast and furious. Kay swallowed his salty sweet cum and relished every last drop.

"Mmmmmmm, that was so good." Kay said more to herself then to David. She looked up at him, expecting to see him smiling down at her since for sure she had calmed him down by now. But Kay could not have been more mistaken. David wasn't smiling at her, he was looking at her hungrily. Making him come again had only succeeded in turning him on even more. He was still hard, still hard for Kay.

David's arms shot down and he grabbed her. He lifted Kay up and slammed her against the locker. His cock was between her legs instantly. David literally ripped Kay's panties off. He threw them to the floor, positioned himself, and plunged his cock into her cunt all the way.

Kay cried out in ecstasy. "Oh David!" She entangled her fingers in his hair, his ponytail having come out long ago in all the frenzy. Kay wrapped her arms around David tightly and buried her head in his shoulder. "Oh yes Baby, oh yes." She whispered.

David stayed there, not moving, just nestled in the divinity of her depths. It was so wonderful for David to be inside of her, Kay was certain there was no greater feeling in all the world. But again Kay was mistaken, for then David began to move in and out of her slowly and she thought she'd surely die of pleasure.

"Oh yes," Kay's breath was hot on his ear, "oh please David, fuck me. Fuck me Baby, oh please."

At Kay's words David's cock got even harder and he began to thrust in and out of her at a faster pace. His and Kay's groans mixed together and echoed in the hall.

"Oh David, oh please Baby, fuck me harder." Kay moaned, "Fuck me like you've always wanted to fuck me David."

David began to pound into Kay with all his might. The sweat dripped off his face and landed on Kay's chest, rolling down and disappearing between her cleavage. Now the hall not only echoed with the sounds of their groans, but with the loud banging of their bodies slamming into the locker as well. Kay held on to David tightly, a million sensations flooding over her, each one progressively more intense then the last. She could feel the explosion building and suddenly her body reached its zenith.

"Oh David, David, I'm coming Baby! Ohhh! Ohhh! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Kay screamed out and her fingernails dug into David's back as the intensity of her orgasm swept over her.

"Oh yes Kay, oh yes Baby!" David's climax was triggered by Kay's and he cried out as he spilled his seed deep within her. They slumped against the locker, physically exhausted but emotionally exhilarated. Kay's head still lay buried in David's shoulder. He gently moved back, cupped her face in his hand, and brought her mouth to his. He kissed her then and Kay realized it was the first time his lips had touched hers. The kiss they shared was so sweet and passionate that Kay decided it had been well worth the wait. In their embrace, David slipped himself out of Kay and rolled her skirt back down her hips. When they finally broke apart, David reached down and pulled his boxers and pants up, re-tucking his shirt and getting situated. He spotted Kay's torn panties and picked them up. He handed them to her apologetically.

"Sorry about that," David nodded at the panties while Kay took them from his hand, "I couldn't help myself."

Kay just smiled. "That's all right, I've got plenty more for you to tear off of me in a fit of passion." She winked and drew him back into her arms, resting her head on his chest.

David grinned, by the gods he loved this woman. He stroked Kay's hair lightly and inhaled the sweet fragrance of orange blossoms and honey suckle. Kay snuggled against him and sighed contentedly.

"Tonight Kay," David said, "I'm going to take you to dinner, bring you back to my place, and make the sweetest, most tender love to you. I'm going to eat you out until you come at least three times and pay much, much more attention to these." David cupped Kay's breasts and squeezed them gently. His smile grew sly. "And then I'm going to fuck your brains out again."

Kay smiled back broadly, by the gods how she loved this man.

"Why David," Kay lifted her head, looked in his eyes, and quirked her brow, "are you saying you want me to be your girlfriend?"

"I would have thought that apparent from the working over I just gave you." David replied. He leaned in and kissed Kay again, then whispered in her ear. "Yes of course I want you to be my girlfriend Kay, I am desperately in love with you."

"And I you." Kay whispered back. They held each other close and between kisses made their dinner plans. They finally broke apart and Kay made her way down the hall, humming happily to herself. David watched her go, his heart full of a joy he had never thought possible. He turned his attention to his locker, which was permanently dented now. He shook his head, smiled, and reached for the lock.

"36...24...36." David said the combination to himself as he turned the knob. The lock popped open and David fished inside to get a couple of books. His eyes automatically went to the very back of his locker. There was a picture he had drawn of Kay in art class, portraying her as a Greek goddess. He reached in and took it down, folding it neatly and slipping it into his pocket. He was proud of his artwork - although no attempt to capture Kay's beauty on paper could ever be 100% successful - but he no longer needed it hanging in his locker just so he could get through the monotony of each day. He had the real thing now, the true goddess. His body was her temple, his heart was her Olympus, and his soul was her Elysian Fields. And oh how David was going to worship her, worship her as she truly deserved. After all, he had worshipped her in all his past lifetimes and each lifetime with her was always better then the last.

David shut the locker door and clicked the lock closed. He whistled as he walked down the hall, his happiness flowing over him. He couldn't wait to see what this life held in store for him and Kay, what adventures they'd go on and what obstacles they'd overcome. David knew he could face anything fate tossed their way as long as they had each other. Kay was his soul mate, she always had been and she always would be. And this life was just a point, a single moment in time, on their journey through eternity. But David was going to savor this moment, was going to enjoy it to the fullest, because when he was with Kay, David could be nothing else but his absolute best and by the gods, that is what he loved about her most of all.

* * * * *

My editor's name is BigBlueBoy and he was a real treasure to work with. He responded promptly, was clear and precise regarding his editing style, and was just completely understanding. I am very pleased to have him as my editor and feel that my story was greatly improved due to his contribution.

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