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Kay The Jogger


Here in western Pennsylvania it is till cool at seven in the morning even in June. But I Mrs. Leon Easter (Kay) am big into early morning jogging and here of late I have begun bird watching. So the morning this all started I was out the back door at seven AM dressed in my red/white / blue jogging out fit with a pair of binoculars on my hip.

My routine takes me through the back yard down the hill (fifty years) and then I turn east a long the rail road tracks (not used any more) for three miles and then I get of the rail road bed and follow a narrow cow path through the woods to a small stream where I take my first rest. I do this two or three times a week depending on how busy it is in my little dress shop.

This June morning the sun was bright it was warmer than usual and I was feeling good as I rushed head long into an adventure that has changed my life. I should back up and say a few thing about myself. I am a forty six year old married lady of twenty years and I have never give birth to a child. However it has never bothered me that I am childless because my loving husband has filled my life with more than enough to keep my busy and the feeling of love. We do get on well and we make love maybe once a week or less depending on how we feel. This has been our routine for many years and seemed to work well for us. I never thought of sex as being a big part of my life on a need unfulfilled.

I turned off the tracks and followed the narrow path along he gully to right up to the stream where I slow down and after few minutes I sit on a large rock in the sun and rest. This morning I reached my rock slowed down by just shaking my arms and legs in place for a few minutes. It was only a minute later that I heard voices coming from the other direction. As far as I know there has never been any problems with females being harassed or rapped in this area. But just the same I kind of ducked below the edge of the rock till I saw who it was coming through here this early in the morning. Normally the only thing I see this time of day are a few cows.

First I saw a tall handsome young man I did not know nor had I ever seen him before. In our small community even if you don’t know every body you in most cases have seen them at lest. He was followed by a lady I did know. Mrs. Jean Watson was a customer of my store and I had talked to her many times but did not know her socially. The young man had her by the hand and seemed to be pulling her along faster than she wanted to walk. However as soon as they reached the clearing he pulled her to him and they kissed. This she seemed to do willingly. He was moved his hands to her breasts and It surprised me when she wiggled her hand into his open fly. They were going some where fast and I really did not need to hide here and watch such a spectacle.

But there was no place for me to go with out being seen. So I turned my back to the rock slid down and sat there like a dummy. I may not have been able to see what was going on by they were vocal enough to set a vision for me to think about.

The male voice said “Well God damn Jean; Bill said you were a good cock sucker but damn you’re a hell of a lot better than good.” Then he laughed. It was a dirty laugh more of a degrading laugh than a happy joyful laugh. He said “Enough you fucking wore cocksucker. Now it time for some serious fucking. Get you cloths off so I can see this hot fucking body Bill has been talking about. Come on bitch get fucking naked.”

“Please let me finish you and let me go home. I really don’t want to have sex with you. But I will give you a climax if I must.” She said in a frail faltering voice.

He came back with a roaring laugher all most yelling at her. “No my sweet, I bought and paid for you and you will do as I say. I will fuck you, you will suck my cock and maybe later I will give some special attention to your sweet ass. Bill said your ass is not virgin. So Bitch for as long as ( I ) please you will stay right here and service me as I see fit.” He sounded nasty and malicious with no regard for her or her feeling in any way. But I did wonder what her mean by ( I bought and paid ) is she a prostitute? I did not think so but what on earth could he be talking about.

“All right nice tits, now let me see the rest of it. Come on bitch we don’t have all fucking day. (pause) well alright you do have a great fucking body, turn around so I can see that ass I am going fuck. Well aright I am going to enjoy this.” He laughed again. I wanted to jump up and toss a rock at his head. But I was scared so I held my position and cringed like the coward I am.

Over the next ten minutes I heard the girl moan and even once she cried out but I did not think in pain. I sounded like maybe she was responding to his advances even if they were unwanted. “OK bitch turn around here and suck my cock I am going to cum and I don’t need any little bastards running around. Yes baby suck it. Ohoooo ohooooo god damn suck it all drink it. Yes that’s the way lick it clean.”

Then there was nothing fro a few minutes. I was temped to take a peek to see if they had gone. But just then I heard a noise coming from behind me. I was sure to be a cow and maybe it would cause the couple to move away. But when I looked up I saw a young man no more that twenty dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. He stopped at the edge of the clearing and watched me hiding there. He was about to speak so I put my finger to my lips and tried to hush him. But he smiled and called out. “Hank, Jean we have a visitor.”

He quickly moved to me grabbed me by the arm jerking me to my feet and pushing me into the clearing beyond my hiding place. Jean was naked resting her knees. It looked like a sweater under her knees.

The tall man was standing there naked also with a horse cock hanging in a great curve with the bulbous head pointing down toward the ground. It was long thick and I thought stupidly “I wonder if it is coming up or going down.”

The man had me by the arm and he had my arm bent up behind me. He applied pressure and nearly lifted me off the ground. I yelled out in pain. For my efforts he smacked my on the side of m y head and said “shut up you spying bitch.”

The tall man asked “What the fuck is going on Bill?”

“Hank I caught this old bitch hiding behind that rock. She must have been here all the time. What all have you done?” Bill asked Hank.

‘Not much Jean sucked my cock and I fucked her doggie style standing up and when I was ready to cum I had her suck me off. That’s all. But now we have a new player we can get a nice foursome going. The old bitch don’t look to bad. I bet she is hot from watching us fuck.” Hank said.

I squealed back at him “I’ll have you know I was not watching you. I was her first and you came into my space. I only hid there behind the rock so you would not see me.”

Jean said “She is Mrs. Easter she owns the dress store down town. I know her from there. Guys why don’t you let her go and I will do you both. No problem. OK?”

But Hank said “Oh, no I like what she had hidden under her jogging outfit and I bet she is a cocksucker too. Aren’t you Bitch?”

Bill took me and forced me over with my face toward the ground. Hank reached over me and pulled my top up over my head. Bill now held me by the rib cage as Hank pulled my sports bra off with the top. Hank grabbed me by the hair pulling my face into his crotch. It smelled like sex and the hair above his cock was thick with gobs of sperm.

“Take a look at this cock bitch. You ever see one this big?” Bill moved away and was now over near Jean. The poor girl had tried to help me and only gotten her self in deep peril. Hank reached under my face and grabbed his cock and lifted it so it slapped my cheek. There was no doubt now it was growing hard and pointing up with the large bulbous head turning deep purple. I had never seen one that large or with such a large pointed tip. But I was not about to let Hank know what I was thinking.

From my face down vantage point I saw Bill’s shorts drop to the ground.

Followed by him saying “Jean honey suck this and get me hard. I want to fuck you and watch Hank ripped open the old lady.” I think Jean was about to say something when there came the sound of a open hand striking flesh. I was sure Bill had smacked Jean in the face.

Hank hooked a foot behind my knee and forced me to the ground. He still had a hand full of hair as he jerked my face up so we were seeing eye to eye. There was meanness in his eyes and I could see he would hurt me I if refused anything he wanted me to do. He held his cock swinging it back and forth. He jerked me forward and the head of his cock struck me on the mouth. I tried to pull back but he only jerked me closer. I started to speak and as soon as I open my mouth he jammed his cock in running it to the back of my mouth cocking me. My eye were bugged out and I could not breath. But the bastard would not pull his cock out of my mouth. He said “Breath through your nose bitch.” I did as he said and with some self control I got to where I could breath.

Bill said “ Wow we got ourselves a couple of real healthy cock sucker. By the way Hank Jean still need a fuck in the ass. She loves that. Don’t you baby?” they laughed and Hank started to jerk my head back and forth forcing his cock in and out of my mouth. He now held my head between his hands working slowly so he could watch his cock moving in and out. I looked up at him and saw he had his eyes closed but on his face was a smile of satisfaction. Somehow for one instant it gave me a measure of female satisfaction of doing some thing right and well. I a forty six year old woman was able to give this mush younger rough mean son-of-a-bitch something to soothe the beast in him for a few minutes.

I was thinking I had to do something to get away before this went too far. Maybe I could bit him and then run. I am faster than many men. I had to do something but what? Well maybe if I make him climax he will for a second of two he will be week kneed. Then maybe I could run for it. I reached up cured my fingers around this cock and jerked it as I sucked and rolled my tongue around the smooth pointed head. It was so strong and the vain on the under side was so large I could feel the blood pumping into it. It really as a magnificent cock. I took it deep letting the tip touch the back of my throat. It was much too large to deep throat and I had only tried that once or twice in my life any way. So I really did not know how to do it. Hank was making throaty noises and there was a unsteadiness in his legs. He cock grew thicker and the thudding of the blood seem to make him act more animal than human. I felt his excitement and as I saw how much he liked me ( cocksucking ) I never used that word before. I cupped his heavy balls in my hand and they felt so heavy. I squeezed his cock in my grip jerk him deep into my mouth and moved my head faster. His whole body stiffened and he thrust forward as the first of a long steady stream of sweet warm sperm flowed over my tongue. I thought his balls are so big he will have lots of sweet cum for me to drink. I was milking his cock slowly sucking every drop of sweet cum from him. I had swallowed and licked his cock, milked it and squeezed his balls wanting more.

I was disappointed when his cock started to deflate and slowly shrink back of a quarter of what it was. I did not take is from my mouth even as it become soft and relaxed. I liked the way it felt in my mouth. I was as good a (cocksucker) as any girl half my age. I had given his son-of-a bitch the best fucking blow job he ever had. I was queen of the cocksuckers.

Hank lifted me up by my hair. Not pulling me hard jus enough to let me know he wanted me on my feet. I came up to rest my cheek on his hairy chest. I circled his waist with my arms to stead my trembling legs. Hank hooked his fingers under the waist band of my jogging leggings and pushed them down. I wiggled my hips and they were soon down around my feet. I kicked them away and snuggled my hips into his crotch. Even in a limp state I could feel the great curved cock press me right in the clitoris. I was working my hips into him rubbing my fuzzy patch on his cock hoping it would come alive again. Hank bent down and gently kissed me on the neck. “that, that was “ was all he said and I knew he liked what I had done. I liked what I had done and even as my idea of running faded away I knew I was going to do anything this man wanted and more if I could think of it.

Hank turned my head so I could see our partners in this small clearing. Jean was down on all fours with Bill behind her and I watched as he spread her ass cheeks and rubbed the long skinny head of his cock up and down across the tiny back hole. The Bill looked up at us, made sure we were watching and he pushed his cock head into her tiny asshole. Jean squealed “Oh, Bill, darling it feels so good. Oh, Honey fuck mommy ass. Bill fuck my ass. “

Hank held me circled in his powerful arms and I felt him shiver as Bill’s cock disappeared into Jean’s ass. I slipped an arm down between us and was holding his half limp cock. Even in a relaxed state my fingers would hardly go around it. It was so soft and yet tuner the slack skin I could feel the muscle ready to grow hard at any moment. His cock was so exciting to hold and feel I shivered and felt a tightening in my virginal area. I was having involuntary contraction and there was a wetness I had never felt before in my life. This was more than the normal wetness it was a flow of fluid that actually dripped from me. It was running down my legs as if I were pissing my self. Hank must have felt it too because he reached down and wiggled a finger into my pussy. “Baby your cunt is running like a leaky faucet.” I was embarrassed by this and buried my face into his chest.

Hank turned me around to face the other couple. He pushed me forward till we were just inches away. Then from behind he pushed me over at the waist will I was looking directly down at Bill’s cock going in Jean’s ass. Hank rested a heavy hand on my back holding me in position. I did not know what he had in mind but I was so excited by being this close to the action. Bill looked up saw me looking and reached up to take my breast in his hand. “Nice fucking tits lady. What the fuck did you say your name was?”

“Kay” I said resting an arm on his shoulder to steady myself. Bill reached up took my other hand and placed it between his body and Jeans ass. His cock was rock hard not as big around as Hank but it was surly a nice one too. There was a slim whipped up and it was so slick all over his cock. He pulled his cock back till just the head was in her ass. I let my hand curl around the slimy cock and it felt so erotic I squeezed it letting the slim ooze up between my fingers.

Bill smiled and said “Kay you are one sexy fucking bitch. I an going to look forward to fucking your tight ass.” Then he intentionally rammed his cock forward burying it to the hilt and making Jean scream in joy and pain. I gasped and jerked back only to fine Hank was again hard and his cock was poking my wet pussy. His thumbs were pulling my cunt open to receive him and I did. Hank easily pushed his cock in me as I bent over and needless to say he filled me up. But oh, my god did it feel good. I was shaking all over from pure lust and excitement. I pushed back wiggling my ass to show him how much I was enjoying it. Hank slowly worked his cock all the way in and all the way out till only the very tip of the head was still in place. Then he would run it back in and it felt like it was a mile long. I had let go of Bills cock and with Hank banging into me from the rear it was hard to focus on the delightful sense in front of me.

Then with out a word between the men they changed places. Bill was up behind me and Hank was down behind Jean. Bill had no problem getting his slimy cock in my pussy. But I was so engrossed in watching Hank wet his cock in Jeans cunt and then aim it at the tiny spot where Bill had his. I was amazed at how easy it was for that big marvelous head to squeeze through the dark spot and how wide the outer ring of her ass circled Hanks monster cock. Then I felt it I started to straighten up but was pushed back into position. Bill had the head of his cock in my ass. It did not hurt but I felt stuffed. I let my eyes again fest on Jeans ass and how easily it stretched around Hanks big cock. I tried to relax and give Bill the pleasure he wanted. I also wanted to get the sensation of anal sex as it was kind of exciting to watch and now to feel. Hank bellowed like a bull cow as he cried out “Oh, fuck I am cumming.”

I watched as he jerked and filed Jeans ass with the same thick fluid he had pumped into my mouth. Then I felt the warm sensation filmy lower bowels and I felt Bill jerking in my ass. I was ass fucked, shot full of cum and loving every minute of it. But after a few second my legs gave out and I pulled free of Bill and fell head long across Jeans rump. Hank jerked back pulling his cock fro Jeans ass and Is it still shooting cum so as he moved closer I open my mouth and took his cock willingly the cum a as sweet now as it was before with just taste of some thing slightly distasteful but I did not care this cock was mine all mine.

Fifteen minutes later I came out of the creek all washed up and feeling very refreshed. Well fucked and refreshed. Jean followed as did both he guys.

Hank hugged me and said “Look Mrs. Easter I hope you were not hurt in any way and if you will allow me I would like to see you again.”

I took his now fully relaxed and cooled off cock in my hand and said “Hank; I would like that. You can call me at the dress store any time and we will work something out.”

Bill was kissing Jean and as they turned to face Hank and I Bill said “Mrs. Easter you do know that Jean is my wife don’t you?”

I said “No but I got the feeling you had been together before as you seemed very familiar. But if you don’t mind I heard Hank said he had paid for Jean and was going to get what ever he wanted. What was that all about?

Bill laughed and said “I owed Bill money and one afternoon s we sat in the tavern drinking I jokingly started to talk about Jean paying for what I owed Hank. So when later I told Jean about it she seemed kind of interested in the idea of screwing two guys and that is how it all came about.”

I said “Well let me tell you something. You guys and you too Jean have given me a great deal of pleasure and if you three would like to continue this I have a cabin up at the lake and next weekend we all could meet there for a couple of days of joyful bliss. My husband is going out of town and I’ll be all alone. So what do you think?”

They all agreed to meet later Friday afternoon at the store and we can all drive up together for a weekend of sinful pleasure.

Hank said “If you don’t mind I know a really nice couple I would like to have join us. What do you say.” He was looking at me now more than Jean or Bill so I told him if he thought they were OK then this was OK with me.

Part II : “Six at the lake and one surprise. “

Love you KEaster

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