tagLoving WivesKayla and Their Friend

Kayla and Their Friend


The late afternoon's light had just given way to a gentle dusk of early evening as Jake looked through the lens and checked on the camera view of his young wife.

She was standing on the far side of their bedroom, leaning slightly away from him as she struggled to pull the T shirt over her head in response to his last request.

"Go on Kayla; just lift it over your head and lose it, so I can see your breasts properly."

Her vision of the room was temporarily obscured by the garment and she lost her balance for a second or two before taking a sharp sideways step to steady herself.

The movement instigated a delicious jiggle of breasts in a black half-cup bra' which only just managed to contain the outline of two small but beautifully hardened dark nipples which were thrusting hard against the lacy top. Almost immediately, she pulled the 'T' shirt clear and threw it down in the corner of the room beside their washing basket. She shook her head as she did so and her long streaked auburn hair swung free to drop down below her shoulders.

For just a moment before she turned around fully to face him, he had a chance to admire the shapeliness of her rear. With the exception of a thin bra strap, her back was completely bared and he could just make out the faint but slightly heart shaped birthmark to the left of her spine at waist level.

His eyes immediately dropped down to centre their gaze on his favourite part of her body. The slits at each side of a checked grey mini skirt allowed the material to rise up her thighs, so the twin bubbles of her ass strained deliciously against the tight cotton - not large and not small; but just beautifully rounded and flaring slightly sideways in a distinctly feminine way. He wasn't aware that he was holding his breath; but he did feel a slight growing in his jeans at the sight of her butt's delicious firmness.

"God, I'm so lucky to have her;" he thought to himself. "I wonder what our friends and all the other teachers at school would think if they could see their demure little colleague stripping off for me like this."

For a long moment he stared at her semi-nakedness and not for the first time over recent months, thought about how sexy she looked when he contrived for her to expose even part of her body to the gaze of some of those other guys whose eyes always lusted after her whenever she and Jake were out together.

Like when they went up the stairs at the Mall that very afternoon. He had his arm around her waist and surreptitiously lifted her skirt to expose a panty-clad ass for the benefit of those lower down.

Or perhaps the time when he contrived a quick exposure of a nipple, by laughingly pulling at her towel one day as she changed on the beach.

To Jake, it wasn't the same when someone was completely naked or just topless, because to him it seemed less titillating - better a quick 'accidental' glimpse and the possibility of further to come, that was much more likely to encourage the viewer to keep looking.

Unbeknown to him, Kayla's own mind was wandering even more extravagantly in excitement at what she was doing until, not hearing any further direction from him, she turned around to face her young husband with the beginnings of a sheepish grin on her face.

"And just what are you staring at then? Oh yeah ....as if I didn't know .... it's my ass again isn't it! Oh well, each to his own I suppose!"

She winked at Jake and thrust out her butt in cheeky provocation, knowing the effect it would have on him.

"And now for my next trick, I suppose you want me to take off my bra' as well do you?"

Her voice was shaking slightly, perhaps with rising lust at his detailed scrutiny but mostly at this stage, from a nervous embarrassment at once again being the object of his seemingly insatiable desire to photograph her as often as she would allow,both fully clothed and stark naked - nobody could say that Jake didn't both love and appreciate his pretty young bride and her beautiful firm body - both in equal measure.

"Well it would help" he responded with a lewd grin; and once again dropped his head to the tripod-mounted camera at his side. He lowered his eye to the viewfinder and through the lens she immediately became the beautiful framed star of his own private sexy strip-tease.

'Go on then, let's have a look;' he enthused, his jeans trying to constrain a still growing erection.

He knew his darling young wife would gradually expose herself to the camera at his direction; and her obviously growing enthusiasm for the task over the last few minutes was making him hotter than ever. He had known before they started that she would become aroused as she stripped - she always did - and once she discovered that her actions were controlling his arousal, she would be further excited into a desperate need to expose every intimate detail of her beautiful 25 year-old body to his eyes and camera.

He had first realised this hidden exhibitionistic streak one day at the beach the year before, when he'd enthusiastically encouraged her to go topless like so many of the other girls who were lying on the sand, confidently sunning their lithe bodies without any hint of modesty or shyness.

When they first arrived at the beach, she had initially been reluctant to take off even the thin cotton shirt which covered a tiny bikini he'd bought for her the week before, let alone remove the bikini's spaghetti strapped top.

'It's too revealing,' she'd protested, 'You can't really want me to let everyone see what I've go, can you?"

She looked at him for a moment and when he didn't reply but just continued grinning at her, she expanded,

"Suppose some of the parents are down here - or even some of the kids themselves; how on earth could we explain away the sight of their conservative little teacher flashing her goodies on the sand in front of everyone? Hell honey, it's not even a nudist beach.

'I don't know about the kids,' he'd said flippantly, 'but I know some of the dads who'd give a fair amount just to see a little more of their childrens' conservative and particularly gorgeous little teacher down on this beach! Go on darling -- just take it off and lie back in the sun; nobody's going to look too hard; there're too many other girls topless'

And then as an afterthought, 'Ill tell you what, if you agree to do it for me, I'll volunteer to rub sun oil all over you, so you won't burn!'

In the face of his determined encouragement, she'd eventually relented and despite considerable initial embarrassment, Kayla had firstly removed the shirt and then, after further extensive persuasion and not a little secretive fondling of her nipples by Jake's fingers, had finally removed the bikini top and laid back in the sun.

After a while, she'd actually found herself enjoying the freedom of semi-nudity and with the sun and a warm breeze caressing her breasts, she'd soon become sleepy enough to drift off into erotic fantasies in which her nakedness became the object of deep lust for various males.

So when she sat upright an hour or so later to reach for a drink, she'd not really been too surprised to experience a modicum of excitement upon noticing a good looking boy in his early twenties staring fixedly at her naked breasts from just a few yards away.

Sliding her own gaze down his lean body in reaction to his stare, she'd been gratified to observe a significant swelling in his swimsuit and correctly assuming this to have been caused by sight of her partial nakedness, she'd blushed heavily and felt a considerable dampening of her pussy underneath the two microscopic triangles of her bikini bottom. She may have felt slightly embarrassed by her partial nudity - but there was a novel thrill attached to it and she was finding it an exciting experience to be seen so exposed.

Jake had turned around at her movement and witnessed the reddening of her cheeks as she'd realised what the boy had been enjoying. He'd looked over to see the cause and the young man had guiltily turned his gaze away to look at the sea ahead of him. Not however, before Jake had fully understood the situation and felt an immediate reaction declare itself in his swimsuit.

Since then she'd opened up quite a lot and Jake noticed that whenever she was even mildly aroused - but particularly when she'd been drinking - she would often become uncharacteristically less cautious about what she wore - and how she wore it.

Previously, he would have been upset at any man having the opportunity to view her charms - even at a modest level - but he hadn't failed to notice a slow but strong change in his approach to such things over the year since the beach incident; and he now found himself excited by the thought that others might benefit from the occasional hint of what lay beneath his demure little wife's clothes. It was a kind of bitter-sweet thing in which he was highly aroused by the eroticism of sharing views of his lovely young wife's body, yet at the same time, atavistically protective of her modesty.

The latter sensitivity had however been steadily overcome by his growing need to excite himself (and hopefully Kayla) by displaying her at every opportunity.

Many times over the last months he'd purposefully played around with her body before they went out together. He would work at her pussy until she began to writhe on their bed in the early stages of orgasm; and then he'd leave her aroused by abruptly stopping his ministrations - as if he'd only just realised the time - and telling her that they really had to go, or they'd be late.

His aim was to get and maintain her in an aroused state while they were out, so he could enjoy the sight of his gorgeous young wife gradually surrendering to the mood and becoming more than a little exhibitionistic - particularly when he managed to ensure a further lowering of her inhibitions by plying her with a few drinks.

Despite her natural modest conservatism, she nonetheless appeared to enjoy the attention paid her by virtually every man in sight on such occasions; and would become increasingly 'careless' about how she sat and what she showed. It was amazing just how much could be seen of her legs if she sat down in a particular way; and she always seemed to wear tops that could hang seductively outwards if she wanted them to; and thus display a large part of her breasts whenever she leaned forward to laugh or whisper a point in someone's ear.

There was certainly no shortage of both young and older men alike (plus the occasional girl) who would flirt with her when such opportunities arose. Some would be overtly predatory in their approach; and these she would divert with a charming but quelling ease which came naturally with her teaching skills. Others would make visual suggestion with their eyes from a distance across the room; and secure in the safety of that distance, she would often react positively with her own looks and body language until they looked as if they may come over to progress their intentions. On such occasions, she would smile sexily at them and then deliberately turn away to engage others in obviously deep conversation.

Sometimes at the bar, when she repositioned her posture on a stool, her invariably short skirt would rise up her thighs to disclose a border of stocking tops which offered the suggestion of a wonderfully sexy place above; and they would look hard, hoping for a further movement to disclose just a few more inches of tanned thigh.

Then, whenever hard looks indicated that their significant others had witnessed their lust, they would turn away and try to hide their interest from wives or companions.

Whichever their approach, nothing could hide the lust they were all feeling and Jake was always excited by the idea that so many other men had been able to see at least some of his sexy wife's intimacy, yet been denied sight of her all.

There was no doubt about it; if Kayla had a few to drink, she knew exactly what she was doing - and neither was there any doubt that she was perfectly aware of the devastating effect she could have on those around her. He loved witnessing every second of it -- sometimes to the point that he wouldn't dare move from his seat for fear of embarrassing himself by the growing erection in his pants.

He was particularly turned on by the sly behaviour of some of the fathers of her students who would surreptitiously lean forward to have better sight of her trembling cleavage when she sat on a bar stool -- particularly when she laughed with vigour at their jokey conversation. Yet he knew they would always be denied full view of her aroused nipples by the skimpy bra' which just managed to save the final inch or so of her modesty.

The downside was that the limitations of view, whilst offering a security to his natural protectiveness, also formed a bar to his new found urge to share those very charms that he knew he should be protecting.

His background and marginally inhibited upbringing meant that despite the deep arousal he felt at other men seeing hint of his wife's body, he also had the inevitable side reactions of nervousness and fear.

In his nervousness, he would worry that someone else may realise his growing fantasy - perhaps worst of all, his wife? After all, he had never discussed with her the actuality of what was happening; nor had he dared share with her his conviction that she was now being deliberately provocative through drink or prior sexual arousal. Maybe in the cold light of the next morning she was ashamed at the effect such loosening up had had on her behaviour and perhaps she didn't want to dwell on it herself, let alone openly discuss it with him.

Also, did he really want anyone to know that he loved seeing them try to glimpse her charms, or was it something that he should discourage in himself before he went too far down the road of fulfilment? Yet in his heart he knew that it had got too far already and that he would be unable to hold back from seeing the thing through if the real opportunity ever arose.

Thinking further, did he actually want any of them to progress the situation by trying to surreptitiously fondle her ... say when dancing? It was a matter of simplicity for a guy to reach around to clasp her butt in the heat of a dance and even easier for the hands which held her waist to slowly caress their way up to her breasts in a darker corner of the dance floor. The thought was erotic in the extreme but in the cold light of day he knew he was fearful lest somebody else might actually become too attractive to Kayla and in so doing, create a threat to their loving relationship and marriage.

Now though, such negative thoughts were banished from his mind by deep arousal as he watched his wife posing through the camera lens. Kayla turned half towards him again and smiled sexily. She reached upwards behind to undo the clasp between her shoulder blades and then allowed the freed bra to slowly slide down her upper arms until its straps were resting on her elbows - still hiding all but the very tops of her cleavage. For a few seconds she let him enjoy the tantalising sight and then with a gentle shrug, she shook the bra off to completely expose two firm and slightly tanned breasts whose nipples were already hardening into little stalks of eroticism.

Jake's now rock hard erection reflected his mounting excitement as his wife turned slightly away from the camera and with a seductive film star pose, looked backwards at him over her shoulders, the tip of her right breast and nipple just visible between her crossed arms.

'Oh my god but that's sexy.' he said, reaching for a miniature video camera 'Just hold that pose for a little longer .... Yes, that's it .... Now gradually let your arm down and turn slowly back towards me until I can see your nipple properly .... I'm videoing this part and I want to get the whole 'tease' bit' on record.

That's it, now slip one of your hands into the front of your jeans and slowly move it down .... yeah, that's incredible .... Oh wow Kayla, if only you could see the look on your face!'

Despite a natural shyness, Kayla was herself becoming incredibly excited by the situation; and instead of modestly hiding her breasts, she now found herself pushing them out at the camera with one hand, whilst with the other she started to slowly rub the top of her stomach beneath the jeans.

She pouted at him and seductively slid her open left hand further below the waistband of her jeans until it touched the top of her tiny panties.

"Oh my," said Jake, "If the Dads could only see you now - the little teacher, all demure and conservative, suddenly stripping off and playing with herself in front of my camera!" A further thought came into his head,

"Just imagine one of them's looking in between the cutains and watching what you're doing now!"

Kayla's finger tips had found the top of her sex and as Jake made the suggestion, she gasped and pushed hard at herself in automatic reaction. She obviously liked the thought and Jake watched her frantically move the other hand from beneath her breasts, to undo the waist button and allow it full access down between her lips.

'Hey, don't go too far just yet,' laughed Jake with a nervous grin, 'I want to get you on video undoing your jeans and taking them off with your panties until you're completely naked and showing me your pussy - and perhaps show the guy outside as well! Then you can play away to your heart's content and get both him and me really excited!'

Kayla reluctantly pulled her hand out and undid the zipper until she could stoop forward and lower the jeans to step out of them. Just for a moment he made her stand in her panties alone, while he panned the camera lens all over her body, stopping at her crotch.

Without further direction, she gripped the sides of her panties between finger and thumb of each hand and lowered them slowly to her knees. Lifting up one leg and then the other, she very sexily slipped them off and held them out towards him in invitation, her legs sufficiently apart that he could see the full lips of her pussy. One hand went downwards to slowly slide up and down her sex. She gasped and stared at him through half closed eyes as her fingers began to massage in and out, sliding between her lips and just touching the growing hardness of her exposed clitoris.

Now she was in charge.

Again adopting the film star pose, she turned slightly sideways to him and cradling her chin in one palm, she thrust her ass out towards him until her sex was pouting backwards in invitation. It glistened with her arousal and she couldn't stop herself bending right down to slip a finger onto her puckered dark hole and then draw it forwards between her lips and deep into her vagina.

'Do you like that darling?' she asked huskily. 'Do you want to come over here and feel it yourself my babe? Or perhaps you'd rather just keep filming while I work away to make myself come?'

She closed her eyes for a moment, as if thinking deeply and then in an even huskier whisper came out with a blindingly sexy suggestion,

"Or perhaps you'd like to pretend the camera's another guy ... one of the fathers maybe .... Yes, one of the fathers looking at me completely exposed ... naked and available ....and seeing me masturbate! Would you like that darling?"

Suddenly Jake was shaking and he took his hands off the camera to reach down and press at his crotch. Had she really said that?

Not for the first time, he was amazed at the increasing change in his normally perfect wife when she became aroused. The heart of the Junior School and the demure guest at parties, here she was - so sexy he could hardly contain himself. Without thinking, he gave in to his thoughts and suddenly blurted out in lust,

'Oh shit Kayla, I wish some of the dads could see you now! God, can you imagine how sexy that would be - their own little teacher lady standing here stark naked for them and ready for the taking? Oh hell, I wish a couple of them were here right now; I'd just love them to see you like this! Oh yeah, I could let them look away to their heart's content and ....'

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