tagLoving WivesKayla and Their Friend Ch. 06

Kayla and Their Friend Ch. 06


Sorry for the delay publishing part six but I've been away again.

For those who don't know, Jake and Kayla are real people.

PREVIOUSLY: - "Oh my godfathers, That's just so much of a fucking turn on to know you've got pictures like that of my wife Peter. Oh hell man, just look at her. You can see why I love her ass, can't you?"

"You sure can Jake. So what do you say - do we go back over tonight or what?"

"I guess we do. Let's see how it goes .... after all, she may never even agree to do it again during the time you're here, so let's enjoy what we can .... but what was the rest of your idea Peter?"

"Wait until later, it'll all become clear. In the meantime, don't let Kayla know you're back. You've only been five minutes, so we've got time in hand."

Peter's cryptic response left a question still in Jake's mind as the pair of them walked back down the road to Jake's house.


When they quietly returned to the yard and looked through the window, there was no sign of Kayla and Jake immediately felt a sense of disappointment. It seemed as if he wouldn't be able to share any further sight of his naked wife with Peter.

He was about to turn to his friend and say something when Kayla came back into view, tidying her hair with one hand whilst with the other she held a band to tie it up. She was dressed again - now in jeans and a sloppy loose-knit top under which her still hard nipples demonstrated that she was obviously not wearing a bra.

"Aw shit," he whispered in Peter's ear, "I thought this might happen - she must have got bored waiting and gone off the idea. I told you we were away too long".

"Yeah, I know what you mean Jake; but don't be fooled mate. We both know what women are like and believe me man, they don't calm down half as quickly as we do when they're feeling horny. I reckon she may have got bored waiting but my guess is she'll still be feeling as hot as fuck!"

Peter chuckled quietly to himself and added, "No pun intended of course!"

He thought for a minute; and then turned back to Jake and whispered in his ear,

"Can't you ring her and make some excuse not to be back for an hour or so?"

Even in the semi-darkness, he could see a look of resigned defeatism on Jake's face.

"For fuck's sake man, if you think I could get away with that while she's in the condition you think she is .... well, I'd be dead meat before I finished explaining!"

"Why don't you say you've broken down on the way back from getting the batteries .... that would fit .... aw come on Jake - I've just had an idea and I want to see if it'll work."

"Man, there's no way she's going to believe me taking any longer Peter," he replied emphatically, "She was already annoyed enough when I had to go out for batteries in the first place and I just don't ...."

Peter looked at him in exasperation and with not a little impatience, he whispered back harshly,

"Jake .... for fuck's sake get real man! Look at it like this – we already know she's feeling more than a little hot .... yeah? We also know she'll have been getting even hotter, knowing that you were outside the window with a camera, perving by arrangement .... yeah? Surely then, she must realise you're feeling bloody horny yourself as well - so is it really likely she's going to think you're putting her on when you say you've broken down?"

Peter looked with exaggerated sympathy at Jake, his head leaning questioningly to one side

"Now come on mate .... Is she really?"

Warming to his task, he continued assertively, "Just ring Kayla and tell her you'll be stuck for at least an hour or so .... er that's allowing enough time for the breakdown company to first of all get there, then 'hopefully' fix the problem. You know the sort of thing - tell her they can't get to you in under an hour; and although you're not really all that far away, you obviously can't abandon the car and get a taxi home while you're waiting. So, allowing maybe half an hour or so to sort things after they get there, tell her it could well be an hour and a half to two hours before you can get back. In the meantime, tell her to keep things on hold and not to go to bed!"

Peter looked at his friend and saw him beginning to waver - so he pressed on, his next remark designed solely to massage Jake's fantasy,

"While you're 'out with your breakdown' I could just happen to call around at your place shortly after and we already know she's receptive to my being there when she's on her own. Then, if what I've got in mind works ....."

He didn't elaborate further. He just let his words encourage Jake's fantasy to expand into the unknown. He waited a minute or so for the suggestion to sink in; and just as Jake opened his mouth to argue, he quickly continued,

"Look, if you do the phone call thing now, I'll just go home and change, then come back to knock on your front door and ask her if you're in. It'll take me about ten minutes to get ready, which'll give me at least an hour or so – possibly an hour and a half - before she expects you to get home; and while I'm doing that, you get back to the window so's you'll be able to witness first hand what I have in mind ...."

Jake thought for a minute and tried to reason it out; but lustful fantasy eventually won. He quietly slipped back through the gate and into the road; and walking a few yards further down until he was out of sight and sound of his house, Jake dialled up Kayla on his mobile and began to explain.


Just over ten minutes later Peter walked up to Jake's front door and rang the bell. In one hand he carried a bottle of wine and in the other, a small pastry box, both of which he'd collected from his kitchen 'fridge.

A few seconds later Kayla appeared at the door and seeing it was Peter, immediately dropped the scowl and smiled broadly at their friend. He noticed her top was almost see-through thin and that her nipples were still prominently displaying a heightened excitement from earlier. Her breathing seemed to quicken as she stood at the door and a flush began to creep up her neck.

"Why Peter, how lovely to see you - I was just thinking about you .... and well, here you are. Er, wow .... is that auto-suggestion or what!"

Peter smiled inwardly, knowing exactly what she'd been fantasising about earlier!

She leaned forward to give him a welcoming hug and kiss on the cheek but knowing how hot she'd been feeling a little while before, Peter took advantage of her mood by drawing her up in his arms and hugging her a little more tightly than normal. He lowered his head and instead of just butterfly kissing her on each cheek, he appeared to misjudge which way her face would lean and his lips managed to make contact with her mouth. She didn't avoid him. The kiss was relatively brief – five or six seconds - but long and significant enough to register perhaps just a little more intensity on both sides than would usually be expected in a platonic welcome.

Drawing back slightly but still retaining a loose hold, he looked down into her eyes and then, with a wry smile and an exaggerated sigh of resignation, he reluctantly let go of her. His face broadened into an innocent grin.

"Oh Kayla .... I'm so sorry! What on earth was I thinking about - I'm really sorry .... but you look just so adorable in that get-up, I couldn't resist taking slight advantage of our friendship!"

He continued smiling at her and the look in his eyes was purposefully lustful as he quickly went on to explain his presence, not giving her an opportunity to comment.

"I actually came around on the off-chance that you guys might be at home this evening and perhaps in the mood to share a bottle of this Chablis I've got. He held the bottle up in support of what he said and went on,

"It's chilled to perfection and must apparently be enjoyed with these blinis and this miniscule tub of pretend caviar I bought from that deli' in Town."

He held up his other hand and went on, "They should be accompanied by champagne really - but well, they hadn't got any of the decent stuff there, so I got the next best thing. Now, where's that Jake?"

At first Kayla found herself surprisingly flustered by what had just happened and her equilibrium went off balance; but she quickly recovered and stood back to welcome him in. The flush continued to rise up her neck and lest he should notice her condition, she moved behind the open door before eventually closing it after his entry and asking him to lead the way through.

"I'm afraid Jake's out at the moment Peter. He went off to get something from the Mall and the stupid sod's had a break-down. I really don't know why we hang onto that car. Anyway, he's waiting for the repair people to come fix it for him and he rang just now to tell me he probably won't be back for at least .... erm ... an hour and a half .... er .... at best, or ..... even two hours or so."

There was a significant pause before she qualified the situation, almost as if to reassure him, "and that was only about ten minutes ago, so he'll be a while yet."

"Mind you," she went on conspiratorially, "If he can't be bothered to stay in with his wife on a Saturday evening, then he won't know he's lost out on wine and caviar if we just sit down and demolish the lot before he gets back, will he! Grab yourself a seat. I'll get some plates and things."

She smiled enthusiastically and went off to the kitchen. Peter walked into their living room but instead of sitting down, he purposely remained standing in front of the long sofa which fronted their central fireplace. He wanted to see where Kayla would sit before he settled down to best advantage. No point making things hard for himself by letting her sit too far away from him!

He knew Kayla was a conventional teacher who normally behaved in line with the expectations of her profession. Jake had told him that despite being the obvious lust subject of certain male staff members and many fathers alike, she'd always smilingly deflected most attempts at seduction. However, Jake had also confided that she'd occasionally played up to their growing bedroom fantasies of late and 'accidentally' given tantalizing glimpses between open legs as she carelessly shifted position on a bar stool; or perhaps taken the excuse of innocently leaning forward in appreciative laughter at a particular favourite's joke, in order to offer brief sight of her unfettered breasts over the top of a loose shirt. But such behaviour was not the norm for her.

Oh no; in most eyes she was normally the polite and conservatively dressed young teacher wife who took her life seriously and was good at her job. So which way was she going to behave tonight?

Peter looked towards the window and checked there was a sufficient gap between the curtains for Jake to see the sofa and witness whatever followed. The window itself was partly open, so he'd be able to hear as well. Perfect! Except he could see no sign yet of his friend.

He turned to examine his reflection in the mirror above the fireplace and thought to himself that for a man in his sixties, he really wasn't wearing too badly at all and if only he .....

Peter's thoughts were interrupted by Kayla's return and in response to her waved direction, he had little option but to sit where she indicated in the corner of the sofa. He was delighted however, when she sat down in the middle – it was on his right side and despite the sofa's size, was quite close enough for what he had in mind.

Surprised, he noted that she'd changed whilst out of the room.

Her sloppy top had been replaced by a high-necked thin white blouse with the top two buttons undone. Her jeans had also gone and in their stead, she was wearing a long flower-print cotton cheongsam. It had three large buttons running from the low waist to a long open slit at the front which began midway up her thighs and descended to just above her ankles. She had nothing on her feet.

Peter's heart quickened and he felt an immediate movement in his jeans as his cock began to wake at the vision. Apart from a different pattern to the skirt and the slightly different cut of Kayla's blouse, the outfit being worn by his hostess was in all other ways virtually a replica of the clothes his own wife had been wearing one evening a few years back.

One of his employees had become a good friend over time and often when both were out for a beer, he'd remarked about how beautiful Peter's wife was and how much he envied Peter going home to her every night. Eventually, in a lustful indulgence of his own long-term fantasy to see his wife Mandy being seduced by another guy - and after considerable alcohol had gone down both throats, he'd pulled out his wallet to pay for a round and 'accidentally' dropped a photo of his nude wife where Greg couldn't fail to see it. The next drink led to many more and eventually Peter had been 'reluctantly' persuaded to let his employee see a selection of similar pictures. Greg had been really turned on at the sight of his employer's conservative wife in the nude and had enthused even more about how lucky Peter was to sleep with her every night. Some months later, Peter had given his unknowing employee the time and opportunity to try it on with his wife while he was purportedly 'out' for the evening; whereas he was in fact, witnessing events from outside their house!

Now Kayla was wearing almost identical clothing as Mandy on that occasion and the sight created a flash-back in Peter's mind which became almost real-time. All the detail of Greg's initially nervous but eventually successful seduction of his sexy wife came back to him – he'd witnessed everything that happened through a partially curtained open window that late summer evening and the recall caused him to get really excited. Now here he was - in the sole company of someone else's wife, with both the window and curtains partly open for her husband's viewing pleasure!

He looked at his hostess and not for the first time, thought how very beautiful she was. His gaze crept slowly down her body and as he lowered his eyes, he saw part of her naked breasts through a gap between the shirt buttons. Although he had earlier seen Kayla completely bared for the camera, the fact that her nipples were just hidden from him by the thin cotton covering, somehow made the vision almost more arousing than her earlier complete nudity. He noticed her flush deepen - a sure sign of arousal.

Kayla herself was not only aroused but was also feeling incredibly nervous. She'd become unusually excited during her earlier performance for Jake's camera and was aware that she may have some explaining to do later when her husband asked about the major role their friend seemed to have played in her latest fantasy. Not only was she a little nervous as to how she'd explain herself but she also had a feeling that somehow Peter seemed to sense her growing attraction to him. Yet thinking further about it, how could he possibly know?

Either way, the coincidence of his arrival so soon afterwards had done little other than heighten her earlier excitement and now she felt an amazing sense of recklessness. For a moment she busied herself with setting things out on a low coffee table and then as if a difficult thought had just entered her mind, she suddenly stopped what she was doing and sat back - her eyes continuing to focus on the table arrangements.

It was at this moment that Jake crept back into their yard outside the window and seeing that both his wife and his friend were seemingly involved in innocent conversation, he didn't bother moving too close in case his wife should look over towards the window and possibly see him looking in - there'd be plenty of time to get closer when she became too occupied later to notice any sign of his presence!

Kayla continued gazing down at the glass-topped coffee table for a moment or two with her hands resting on the sofa. In that position, her shirt was drawn tightly across her breasts so that the outlines of two very aroused nipples were excitingly prominent. Peter saw the sexy sight and took the opportunity of her interest in the table to have a good look. He just managed to adjust the crotch of his jeans, before she shyly turned back towards him,

"Can I ask you something rather personal Peter?"

As she spoke, she noticed where he'd been looking and went into full blush mode.

"Personal?" queried her guest, a little surprised.

"Um, yes." Her reply was drawn out, as if unsurely given - almost as if she suddenly regretted opening this line of conversation. Then she continued in a quiet voice, seeming reluctant to go on, her hands trembling slightly as she reached forward to pick up a glass.

"Yes .... very personal actually .... in fact, I'm not really sure I should be asking you this .... but .... I, er ...." She broke off and looked helplessly into his eyes. She was now blushing furiously.

Peter responded,

"Well, I can't really tell unless I know what you're talking about Kayla honey, so let's see - is your question personal to you or is it personal to me?"

There was a silence as Kayla put down the glass she'd been about to fill. It rattled slightly as she settled it on the glass surface.

"I suppose it's personal to both of us really ..." she replied with a nervous giggle, "but to me mostly I guess .... er .... No, it's no good. Sorry Peter, I don't think I can do this after all."

She said nothing more but occupied herself with the glass again, which she part filled with wine and passed to him. She then reached for the plates and knives, in an effort to divert attention from the subject she'd raised. She set both down in front of them and then reached for her own glass and took a sip.

After a moment, Peter quietly assured her, "Well of course you can Kayla. It's not as if we haven't become very good friends during the last weeks is it?" He felt it necessary to qualify his response, "Er .... you know .... the three of us."

"Peter ...." she appeared to have made up her mind and the sharp emphasis on his name surprised him slightly. Was she going to complain about his earlier behaviour at the front door? She went on,

"Have you seen any photographs of me?"

Peter was completely thrown by both the content and directness of her question. For a moment, had no idea what to say. Then he rallied and came back with,

"Well, yes of course - quite a few actually. I took some photos of the three of us on that beach picnic last week and although I haven't shown the results to you yet, I've seen them myself and I have to say that you really looked pretty damned sexy in that little bikini and as for old Jakey boy, he had a ..."

Impatiently, Kayla interrupted him.

"Not those pictures Peter .... or even any others like them."

There was a strained silence and Kayla had an air of concentration before she eventually looked away from her guest in embarrassment. Suddenly, she turned back and continued in a rush,

"I'm talking about any photos of me without clothes on!"

Outside, Jake shared a shocked moment with his friend in the living room. Both suddenly felt nervous about what was to follow.

With the question now out, Kayla seemed to have overcome her hesitation and with regained confidence, she expanded,

"Jake's taken some photos of me on various occasions in a number of different poses and erm .... in a number of different states of dress and .... er .... well, how should I put it ... er .... un-dress! I think they can only be described as 'bedroom' photos if you know what I mean. You've been married yourself Peter, so I guess you'll know exactly the kind of pictures I'm on about."

She looked directly at him, her stare now unflinching as she determinedly went on,

"Anyway, for some reason, I think you may have seen some of them .... so, have you?"

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