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Kayla's Poem


Now is a time of all great despair,
The wind blows till skin is stripped from bone,
The monsoon's howl till civilization crumbles,
Where in all this is our Hope?

A famous man who once wrote,
Cherderiess and Wind,
Wrote Soldier or Lover,
Wrote Such Fools and Sacrifice,
Found himself dried up,
Gone, having gambled with loaded dice,

And all around the world this was true,
Not hide nor hair,
Not pack nor fiend,
Not lover nor villian,
In all the world nothing gave him Hope,

When at last the night crumbles from dusk,
And in great archs it soars like a phoenix into dawn,
No longer despair,
No longer hopeless,
But dazed and stunned and unsure,

Half a villian and half a lover,
This man stood between to gain all,
But here was a dawn like him, unsure,
And they stood and stared and wondered,
What the hell is this?!

Looking back I can say it clearly,
Back then the dawn was my dusk as a half-wit,
My survival as a half-wit didn't know what to do,
So I dumbed myself down,
And stared at the ground,
And prayed you'd pass over me for a fool,

Clearly this did not happen,
And in a panic my fears grew,
Would this dawn have its dusk?
Would that dusk become eternal?!

I say nay thus far,
For all I see is sunshine,
In my heart of hearts I embrace it,
But my mind fears it,

That which I cannot explain,
Throws me into a bender,
Where up is left,
And yes is maybe,
Where might is flexing,
And all seems not enough!

But let it be said,
With no mist or fog to cloudy the view,
Let my words shine through,
I love you,

Whether I am obstinate or fair,
Grouchy or mundane,
Inadequate or cocky,
I love you.

So again, just let it be said,
With no mist or fog to cloudy the view,
Let my words shine the brightest,
All the way through,
I love you.

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